15 Beautiful Beaches In Bordeaux, France

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Are you looking for the most beautiful beaches in Bordeaux, which can be accessed by public transport? Then, you are in luck: this guide will introduce you to the best around the area.

Although there are many exciting things to do in Bordeaux; when the sun shines ever so brightly, a trip to the beaches around the city serves as the perfect retreat for both locals and visitors alike.

From the Atlantic Ocean and the diverse sand dunes that surround it to closer lakes with sandy shores, there is plenty of space to discover, admire, and lay a towel on.

Most Popular Beach In Bordeaux

The Small Beaches Of The Bassin D’Arcachon (Les Petites Plages Du Bassin d’Arcachon)


The Bassin d’Arcachon, with a mere 3 km opening on the Atlantic Ocean between Cap Ferret and the Dune of Pilat, is the biggest indentation along the Côte d’Argent. It’s renowned for its oyster-farming areas and the iconic fishermen’s huts that make it a popular spot for swimming.

Visitors can find many beaches in Bordeaux throughout the area. However, the various beaches of the Arcachon basin are only accessible during high tide, as only 40% of the basin remains emerged during low tide.

The beaches of Landes on the Atlantic Ocean, with their endless golden sand and dark pine forests, can be found to the south of the Arcachon basin. Similar scenery can be discovered in the north, with some stunning lakes as a bonus.

Best Beaches Of Bordeaux For Families

Pereire Beach (Plage De Pereire)

Pereire beach is the ideal destination for a fun day at the beach with friends or family. Its strategic position in the Gulf of Arcachon has protected it from the strong Atlantic Ocean waves, making it a safe swimming area.

Pereire beach is one of the most popular beaches in Bordeaux in the Bassin d’Arcachon, and it’s easy to see why: 3 kilometers of pristine coastline and crystal-clear waters await.

On top of that, it’s full of facilities for a more enjoyable stay. Toilets, changing rooms, bars, restaurants, refreshments, and a large car park make it the perfect place to spend your day.

Skateboarders, rejoice: Pereire beach is also home to one of the largest skate parks in the region so that you can show off your skills with other skaters.

So grab your beach mat and get ready to enjoy a beach day with your friends and family.

La Hume Beach (La Plage De La Hume)

Gujan-Mestras is home to one of the most stunning beaches in Arcachon, perfect for a family outing, including with children.

As the undisputed capital of oyster farming, the bay features shallow and tranquil waters, perfect for a relaxing swim without the dangers of the ocean. However, beware of the tides, which change daily. Lifeguards are on duty from July to August to ensure safety in the peak season.

If hunger calls, this is the place to be! Stop by one of the many beach shacks and enjoy the deliciousness of freshly shucked oysters with a dollop of butter and a splash of lemon.

Bordeaux-Lac Beach (La Plage De Bordeaux Lac)

Bordeaux-Lac is the perfect getaway for families wanting a break from the hustle and bustle of the city. Located close to town, this beautiful Bordeaux beach is surrounded by lush forest and offers crystal clear waters.

From June to August, visitors can relax on the sandy beach, take a dip in the lake or enjoy various activities like kayaking lessons, mini-golf, and entertainment. Whether you want to soak up the sun or get active, Bordeaux-Lac has plenty to please everyone.

Hostens Lake Beach (La Plage Du Lac Hostens)

If you’re looking for the closest beaches in Bordeaux, look no further than the five spectacular lakes of Hostens, sitting in the heart of the Gascony forest.

With sand beaches, picnic areas, excursions, and plenty of fun water activities for the whole family, it’s an unforgettable destination. Canoeing, swimming, kayaking, sailing, paddle surfing, and pedal boats are all accessible to people of all skill levels.

Prefer staying on land? Choose from three different hiking paths – 8, 11, and 16 km long – perfect for walking and mountain biking. There are even options for horseback riding and guided tours to explore the area’s flora and fauna.

To top it off, anglers can set their hook in designated areas to try to catch carp, tench, and more. So grab your sunglasses and water shoes; be prepared for a day of fun at Hostens lakes. 


Best Beaches In Bordeaux For Water Sports

Lacanau-Ocean Beach (Plage De Lacanau Océan)


Lacanau-Océan is a paradise for surfers and sunbathers alike. Fifteen kilometers of spectacular coastline are dotted with waves from the Atlantic Ocean and dunes protected by pine forests. It offers a relatively calm Bordeaux beach to surf and takes advantage of bathing facilities and services.

Over time, Lacanau has become a renowned destination for water sports, hosting international competitions like the Lacanau Pro.

Lifeguards oversee the swimming areas during summer, ensuring a safe experience. If you’d rather find some peace and quiet, head to the nearby dunes and enjoy the sound of the waves.

The Beach At Pointe Aux Chevaux (Plage De La Pointe Aux Chevaux)

Lege-Cap-Ferret is a stunning destination located at the southern tip of a thin peninsula between the Atlantic Ocean and Archachon Bay. With its golden beaches, it’s a perfect spot for tourists that want to enjoy a pleasant holiday and have some fun with water sports.

The lighthouse is the main attraction here, standing tall with 258 steps – a challenge for those that seek a good view and beautiful pictures. The area is also surrounded by cycling paths where visitors can take in stunning sights.

Lege-Cap-Ferret is an ideal spot for those seeking a bit of adventure. Surf in the wild waters of the Atlantic, then relax on the calmer bay the next day. There are four beaches to explore: Grand Crohot, Horizon, Truc Vert, and Garonne.

Pointe aux Chevaux is the ultimate point of the peninsula, boasting a fantastic view of the forest and the water. Take a hike here and get a great tan, along with some fantastic photos to show your friends back home. From Pointe, travelers can head to Grand Piquey, the village at the heart of the peninsula.

Cap Ferret is accessible by land or ferry from Archachon Bay and offers a paradise for those looking for nearby beaches in Bordeaux.

Grand Crohot Beach (Plage De Grand Crohot)

Grand Crohot Beach in Lège-Cap-Ferret is one of the most visited beaches on the Cap-Ferret peninsula.

This fine sandy Bordeaux beach is an excellent destination for beachgoers because of its close proximity to the city center of Lège-Cap-Ferret and the neighboring towns of the Arcachon basin.

Grand Crohot Beach stretches for several kilometers towards Le Porge to the north and Grand Piquey to the south at Truc Vert beach.

During the summer months, this nearby Bordeaux beach is supervised and includes a large car park with 1500 spaces and restaurants for a quick bite. In addition, kitesurfing is allowed in the area south of the blockhouse.

Exploring the area around this Bordeaux beach is just as exciting: you can traverse the stunning dune space before the shore via the laid-out paths with duckboards, which takes approximately 10 minutes.

For a curious discovery, you will also see an old blockhouse tucked between the dunes from the Second World War.


Best Beaches In Bordeaux For Surfing

Salie-Nord Beach (La Plage De Salie-Nord)


Salie Nord beach in Pyla sur Mer is a renowned location for surfing. It is located to the south of Pyla sur Mer and is a vast sandy nearby Bordeaux beach kept under surveillance during the summer.

In the nearby forest of La Teste, one can find numerous restaurants. The atmosphere is quite pleasant. However, the access is kind of lengthy as you must get over a large dune. This wharf is located roughly 1.5 km away from the beach of La Salie.

Porge-Ocean Beach (La Plage Du Porge-Océan)

Le Porge-Océan is renowned for its tranquil beaches near Bordeaux. Tourists flock to this surreal and enchanted atmosphere for relaxation. Here, visitors can enjoy the bliss of nature far from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. This is an ideal place to visit New Aquitaine, with nearby towns such as Lacanau, Arcachon, and Biscarosse.

Le Porge-Océan is popular for its sandy beaches, large waves, and strong currents. Holidaymakers can bask in the sun and enjoy water activities such as surfing. It is recommended to stay close to lifeguard stations when swimming. Though Porge-Océan is rumored to be the area of Bordeaux dedicated to nudist beaches, traditional ones are the busiest.

After an action-packed day, you can take a stroll in the historic center of Porge. This region was uninhabited before the 19th century, consisting only of swamps, sand dunes, and moors.

 Andernos Baths (Bains D’Andernos)

Andernos-les-Bains, located just a few kilometers from the iconic Gulf of Arcachon, is the perfect destination for beachgoers who want to experience the district’s famous food and wine.

Here, you can savor some of the best oysters in the area while exploring the Gallo-Roman ruins and admiring the Church of Sant-Eloi, one of the region’s landmarks.

Andernos beach also has plenty to offer for those who want to enjoy the ocean waters. Rentals and classes for windsurfing and surfing are available. So come and explore this soft, sandy, nearby Bordeaux beach and discover the unique culinary experiences Andernos has to offer.


Other Popular Beaches In Bordeaux

Vensac Beaches (Les Plages De Vensac)

Vensac is a small village located in the Médoc region, between Montalivet les Bains to the south and Grayan-et-l’Hôpital to the north. With its 1.8 km of untouched coastline, it is one of the least known and most beautiful beaches in Bordeaux in the Gironde department.

Access to this Bordeaux beach is easy since a departmental road runs along the coast. Unfortunately, the municipality is not able to provide supervision, even during high season. So take extra caution when you go into the water.

Even though the village of Vensac is not located near the ocean, it is close to the seaside resort of Montalivet les Bains.

To the north, it is bordered by the Euronat naturist center, whose beach is blocked off by high walls because of its status as a nudist beach. If you feel at ease partaking in this local practice, don’t forget your sunscreen!

Moulleau Beach (La Plage Du Moulleau)


Moulleau beach is the southernmost beach in Arcachon, at the basin’s entrance. From there, one can enjoy the majestic view of the Dune de Pyla, the Banc d’Arguin, and the Cap Ferret.

The Moulleau district is only a few hundred meters away, allowing one to make the most of the many restaurants and shops in this district of Arcachon. Evenings here are particularly vibrant!

This Bordeaux beach is monitored during the summer. It is worth noting that the sea is always calm here compared to the other beaches of Arcachon, as it is closer to the Atlantic Ocean.

Parking spots in the area are hard to come by, particularly in the high season.

Point Of Cap Ferret (Pointe Du Cap Ferret)


If you’re looking to take in the natural beauty of the beaches in Bordeaux, a trip to the wild and seemingly never-ending shoreline is an absolute must. With picturesque white sand and tall grass, you’ll be able to capture some truly unforgettable photos as the sun sets and casts an orange glow on the horizon.

Although the waters here are choppy and unsupervised, this Bordeaux beach is perfect for taking a stroll and feeling the wind in your hair. It’s not really equipped, so consider bringing a beach tent with you!

After your visit, be sure to try some of the local oysters, a delicacy not to be missed. The surrounding area has plenty of bistros and restaurants with delicious food to offer.

Petit Nice Beach (La Plage Du Petit Nice)

Perched along the road to Biscarrosse in the national forest of La Teste, Petit-Nice beach in Pyla sur Mer is the perfect escape from the city.

It’s a large sandy Bordeaux beach south of the Dunes of Pilat and Gaillouneys that overlooks the Banc d’Arguin. It’s well-equipped with a few restaurants and snack bars, a picnic area, and some games for the kids. Plus, there’s plenty of free parking in the forest.

Some paths are laid out through the dune to make it easier for people with reduced mobility to reach this Bordeaux beach. It even has a lifeguard station that’s open during the summer.

However, due to erosion, the beach is getting smaller and smaller, and nowadays, the locals usually opt for the nearby La Lagune beach instead.

Enjoying The Best Beaches In Bordeaux

There are two main ways to get to the beach from Bordeaux; by train or bus. The train is the fastest option and will take approximately an hour –  depending on which Bordeaux beach you take – while the bus is slightly slower and will take around two hours.

La Hume beach near Arcachon is the closest real beach to Bordeaux. If you choose to travel by car instead, it will take you around the same time as the train or a bit less. We think the travel time is worth checking out the beaches in Bordeaux  – especially the ones on this list!



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