20 Beautiful Beaches In Martinique To Visit

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Lovers of the sea will find everything their hearts desire and more on beaches in Martinique. Here, the sand is golden, white, or black and lined by palm trees that offer shade after a dip in stunning turquoise glistening waters.

The beaches in Martinique consist of small or long stretches of coastal bays, islets, and shallow sandy bottoms surrounded by fast expanses of sea. In these waters, you’ll find equally diverse surroundings inhabited by turtles, fish, squid, and corals.

To help you with your adventure on this paradise island, here are some of the most beautiful beaches in Martinique. Whether you pick the wildest and most tropical ones to those equipped with all the facilities and services you could dream of: Equip yourself with snorkeling gear and coconut sorbet and head to the seaside!

Most Popular Beach In Martinique 

Grande Anse Des Salines Beach (Plage De La Grande Anse Des Salines)

This is the best-known beach in Martinique, and it deserves its reputation. This stretch of white sand is sectioned into three parts, all providing a different atmosphere.

On one side, there is the Grande Anse des Salines, lively and crowded. To the west, you’ll find the quieter Petite Anse des Salines where nudism is practiced. And to the East, Grande Terre des Salines remains mostly empty due to its higher and larger waves.

When hunger hits, head to Grande Anse des Salines. This is one of the Martinique beaches that is home to many street vendors and restaurants offering delicious traditional cuisine. But leave before nightfall to avoid the mosquito raids!

If you want to explore this area, consider staying at Goyave, which is close to the ones mentioned above as well as Pointe Marin, Les Flamboyants and Les Boucaniers.


Best Martinique Beaches With Black Sand

Anse Levrier Beach (Anse Lévrier)

For those looking for adventure, Anse Lévrier promises plenty of thrill. You’ll have to hike through abundant nature and small river fords to reach this hidden cove.

Although the reward is well worth the 20-minute hike, plan your trip as you won’t find any facility there. Make sure you pack everything you need for the beach.

This beach in Martinique is remote, wild, and calm and is known to be home to the blackest sand on the island. On its right, you’ll find a small cave known as ‘The Pearl,’ pierced on both sides with waves crashing on the inside: a truly spectacular sight.

Continuing with pearls, check out La Perle Marine. This establishment is situated a 12-minute drive from Anse Levrier and is wrapped in a calm and cozy atmosphere.

Anse Noire Beach (Anse Noire)

Marine wildlife lovers should not miss Anse Noire, a black-sand beach whose waters teem with schools of sardines, squids, and turtles.

You won’t have to swim far to see the best of what Martinique beaches have to offer, and the water is so clear that you’re almost guaranteed to spot a turtle or two. Access to the beach is through a 156 steps staircase. Naturally, this spot gets very crowded during high season.

If you’d like the opportunity to get the beach all to yourself (and a few other guests), consider staying at Domaine de Robinson, a property that lies directly on the beach.

Sinaï Beach (Plage Du Sinaï)


This beach in Martinique is a popular fishing spot and attracts local visitors because of its beauty. Sinai beach is characterized by black sand mixed in with vegetation and oozes tranquility – only interrupted by fishing boats’ occasional coming and going.

It is popular with couples as it offers a beautiful view of the island of Dominica and is one of the rare beach spots with facilities that still remain uncrowded.

If you feel like rewarding your taste buds, consider Tante Arlette, a property that’s a 5 minutes walk away from this Martinique beach. Remember to check out their seafood restaurants specializing in lobster and crayfish!


Best Martinique Beaches For Families

Anse Caritan Beach (La Plage De l’Anse Caritan)

The Caritan beach is one of the most popular beaches in Martinique for young families, thanks to its calm sea. The seabed has a very gentle slope and allows for a leisurely walk up to 30 meters from the shore. On the left of this beach, you’ll come across the Maya beach club, an aquatic park with inflatable game installations for kids.

This is one of the few Martinique beaches with restaurants right next to it, so make sure to enjoy a meal under tall palm trees. We also recommend checking out the area if you’re looking for private beaches in Martinique.

If you want to stay somewhere comfy in a nearby lively area, check out Les Hauts De Caritan.

Anse Figuier Beach (Plage d’Anse Figuier)

Anse Figuier is one of the most popular Martinique beaches for families as it offers diverse amenities and has a small playground. You’ll find showers and toilets on site, a wide range of vendors, and a few restaurants in Martinique where you can eat with your feet on the sand.

For refreshments, we recommend trying out the coconut sorbet. Of course, you’ll also find your fair share of water games, and the seabed is rich.

Edasama is located 500 meters from this Martinique beach and has facilities that will make your stay as convenient as possible. 

Gros Rasin Beach (Plage De Gros Raisin)

This beach’s name translates to ‘Big Grapes’ in English, a title earned due to the grape vines surrounding it. The turquoise water is calm and warm, attracting many young families.

Make sure to visit this beach in Martinique if you happen to be there during the Tour des Yoles de Martinique, a major summer event involving Yoles (i.e., narrow and elongated boats propelled through rowing) competing against each other.

Domaine de l’Anse Ramier is a 13-minute car ride away from Big Grapes beach. This accommodation borders extensive green tropical forests and provides private access to a nearby beach. 

Cap Macré Beach (Plage Du Cap Macré)

If you’re looking for a beach in Martinique that is wild but remains convenient and you don’t mind bumpy roads: head to Cap Macré.

While it managed to maintain a jungle-like atmosphere, it is surrounded by restaurants and various facilities. Here, you’ll find the opportunity to rent kayaks and try your hand at fishing, sailing, or diving.

Thanks to its size, this famous Martinique beach looks relatively uncrowded and is also popular with young families. Although the water is a bit rough on this side of the island, there is a small natural pool surrounded by rocks which allows plenty of safe swimming for kids.

Le flamboyant is 1.9 km away from Plage de Cap Macre; staying there will allow you to go on nearby hikes or use popular walking and running trails towards many Martinique beaches.

Pointe Marin Beach (Plage De Pointe Marin)

This 1-kilometer-long beach in Martinique is very popular with all types of crowds. You’ll find public showers, street vendors, restaurants, and many clubs offering water sports equipment for rental or scuba-diving excursions here.

Besides canoeing, kayaking, or jet-skiing, visitors can enjoy swimming in the shallow waters, usually supervised during high season.

If you get bored with watersports, consider staying at Orcéa & Spa Séjours Ecofriendly where you can play tennis on-site. Those wanting to disconnect will appreciate the absence of wifi and TV. 

Best Beach In Martinique For Camping

Anse Grosse Roche Beach (Plage De L’Anse Grosse Roche)

This is one of the most popular Martinique beaches for camping on the island. There is no infrastructure, but locals appreciate the deserted and inaccessible feel they get from this spot.

Here, you’ll feel like you might spot Robinson Crusoe walking along the white sand and looking for a fallen coconut. This beach is inaccessible by road, and it will take around a 20-minute walk from Cap Macré to reach it.

Check the rocky outcrop on the right of this beach in Martinique: it is pierced by a heart-shaped hole!

If camping isn’t your thing, consider staying at Villa du Cap Beauchene, which is fully equipped with a private pool, barbecue, and garden.

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Most Unique Martinique Beaches

Josephine’s Bath (La Baignoire De Joséphine)

The south of Martinique is home to eight paradisiacal islets whose proximity has created white sandy shallow waters perfect for snorkeling. The most famous of them is the ‘Bath of Josephine’, a small lagoon surrounding the islets of Oscar and Thierry.

Although it can only be reached by boat, kayak, or catamaran, the excursion is well worth the trip: you’ll find yourself in waist-high transparent water in the middle of the sea, sheltered by a coral reef.

Consider staying at Sci jrc if you plan to visit eastern Martinique beaches and the Bath of Josephine. This accommodation is equidistant from various spots and activities.

Madame Islet (Îlet Madame) 

For a more intimate beach in Martinique, head over to the islet of Madame, a small green paradise accessible by boat. It is part of the Robert archipelago, consisting of 10 uninhabited islets, and is the most popular.

Visitors love to lounge by its quiet and relaxing waters or explore the area; a tour will take about 20 minutes. The seabed is also great for diving as it is inhabited by superb marine species.

For those with an adventure penchant, we recommend walking over from mainland Martinique to this islet during low tide. The crossing by foot will take about 45 minutes (the water might reach your waist at most).

Continuing with a spirit of intimate atmosphere, we recommend staying at East Key’s – Lucy’s Bay, an accommodation located in a quiet and private area near the Robert islets and many Martinique beaches.

Pointe Faula (La Plage De La Pointe Faula)


Pointe Faula is one of Martinique’s most unique beaches in which sand gets mixed with a soft meadow that serves as a popular picnic area. Kids can take advantage of the shoreline with their sandcastle building kit.

This beach consists of a lagoon encapsulated by a coral reef that created a 400-meter-long walk of sand in the water. It is also very popular with kite-surfing and windsurfing enthusiasts.

There are two things to remember if you’re planning to visit: it tends to get quickly crowded and sometimes gets colonized by seagrass.

Les Bungalows Couleurs Soleil is located a short 1.4 km from Pointe Faula Beach; this accommodation is known for its warm and welcoming atmosphere. The on-site pool also doesn’t hurt.

Best Beach In Martinique For Surfing

Anse Bonneville Beach (La Plage De l’Anse Bonneville)

Anse Bonneville is one of the most popular beaches in Martinique for surfers, promising large Atlantic Ocean waves all year. Don’t worry if you’re a beginner; this beach is home to many different surf schools.

And if waves aren’t your thing, you can spread out your beach mat and sunbathe on the soft sand, or take advantage of the many small shallow pools naturally formed in the area.

This Martinique beach offers a stunning landscape with its dense and lush surrounding vegetation because it is the last road-accessible beach before the start of the protected Caravelle peninsula.

Au Citron Vert Hébergements is located between l’Anse Bonneville and Breche beach and features a fitness center, water sports and barbecue facilities, a tennis court, and a swimming pool.


Best Martinique Beaches To Escape the Crowds

Beach of the Grand Macabou (Grand Anse Macabou)

 The Grand Macabou area was a sugar cane plantation during the 17th century, but the farm was abandoned, and the jungle slowly reclaimed the region. Now a protected natural site, this beach in Martinique teems with wildlife, savannahs, and soft sand stretching over a kilometer.

Thankfully, the place rarely gets crowded due to the winding and bumpy path that leads to it. If you come here, your only neighbors will be wild crabs and occasional horses: a nearby equestrian center offers horseback rides on this beach.

If you want to stay near this little-known piece of paradise, consider staying at Bungalow Malevault, a 6-minute walk from this Martinique beach.

Mabouya Cove (Plage De l’Anse Mabouya)

If you’re looking for a hidden gem, you’ll find your bliss in Mabouya cove, one of the least frequented Martinique beaches. Although it is hard to find since you’ll have to park in a housing estate and walk about 10 minutes before reaching it, the reward is coconut trees shading blond sand that slowly melts into calm turquoise waters. Most importantly: no tourists!

Mabouya’s seabed is also perfect for scuba diving. However, not much exists in facilities other than showers, so ensure you bring all your essentials.

Hotel Corail Residence is a short walk away from Anse Mabouya and offers stunning views of the Caribbean sea and an outdoor swimming pool if you’re tired of all the saltwater.

Most Note-Worthy Beaches In Martinique

 Diamond Beach (Plage Du Diamant)

With a name like that, expectations will be high, but we’re glad to say that Diamond beach upholds its title with 3 kilometers of postcard-worthy settings.

This place of rare beauty is a safe haven for lovers of solitude as it remains uncrowded thanks to its size. On this beach in Martinique, you can enjoy surfing or scuba diving but be careful: although the water looks inviting, strong currents and waves can sometimes take over.

A short 60 m from Grande Anse du Diamant Beach, you’ll find Diamant les bains – Résidence Hôtelière, an accommodation that offers everything you’d need on vacation.

Anse Couleuvre Beach (Plage De l’Anse Couleuvre)

Anse Couleuvre is often cited as one of the most beautiful beaches in Martinique. To get there, you’ll need to make a detour, far from the hubbub of the cities, and walk for a 10-minute walk from the car park.

Like many beaches on the foot of Mount Pelee, the volcanic sand rubs shoulders with coconut trees. This is one of the many Martinique beaches suitable for diving and snorkeling, possessing one of the most beautiful seabeds in the area.

One of the rare nearby accommodations that you’ll find if you want to stay on this wild and natural side of Martinique is Holidays in a paradise island.

Anse Dufour Beach (Plages De l’Anse Dufour)

Anse Dufour is a beach in Martinique nestled in a charming small fishing village. Although it serves as a point of anchor for boats, the coast is also known for its idyllic picnic setting and calm waters that mirror magnificent panoramas.

As it is smaller than most Martinique beaches, it offers an opportunity to immerse yourself in the day-to-day life of the island’s inhabitants.

Many compare Anse Dufour to Anse Noire because of the teeming aquatic life there. Accordingly, you’ll be able to spot your fair share of turtles if you come to snorkel here.

If you’d like to wake up and swim with the turtles, consider staying at Les Hibiscus, a short 80 meters from Plage de l’Anse Dufour.

The Beach of Pointe Borgnèse (Pointe Borgnèse)

Borgnèse is a beach in Martinique located in a protected natural site, which has turned the seabed into a sanctuary for aquatic life. You’ll need to park your car and go down a steep path for about 10 minutes, and you won’t find vendors or facilities on this beach, so come prepared.

Here, the water is so transparent that you’ll feel like you’re swimming in a lagoon. The seabed has a gentle downward slope and is inhabited by coral beds, gorgonians, sponges, fish, and sea urchins.

Just 500 meters from this Martinique beach, you’ll find Edasama and accommodation with all the facilities to make your stay as convenient as possible.

Enjoying the Most Beautiful Beaches In Martinique

These are some of the most beautiful beaches in Martinique to visit. You can pick your favorite sand color to set up your beach tent on and just relax. Regardless of which one you choose, you’ll be surrounded by lush tropical beauty at the Martinique beaches.



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