15 Best Beaches in Cape Town, South Africa To Visit

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Cape Town, which is situated on a peninsula in South Africa, is encircled by gorgeous beaches. These beaches in Cape Town not only have extensive areas of white-gold sand but they are also surrounded by stunning organic backgrounds of high cliffs and mountains.

We recognize that you probably have a lot of options on how to spend your vacation, whether it be just relaxing by the shores of the beach, enjoying a picnic, playing games, or swimming in a tidal pool, so here are some of the Cape Town best beaches, along with some information to pick the one that would best fit your holiday needs and expectations. 

For convenience, there are also tours circling the Cape Peninsula that bring you around some of these popular beaches in Cape Town and engage in activities like seeing penguins and seals. It is a good option if you want to save time and check out a few beaches at once.

The Best Kiddie-Friendly Beaches In Cape Town

Many beaches in Cape Town are known to be quite family-friendly and provide a variety of enjoyable activities. Some of them even go so far as to construct a small beach to ensure the safety of kids. Here are some of the top family-friendly Cape Town beaches.

Muizenberg Beach


At Muizenberg Beach, the Victorian Bathing Huts are a vibrant and enjoyable landmark. Over the years, families have made Muizenberg Beach their top choice of vacation spot. You should set aside some time to visit, unwind, and have fun.

The beach has received the Blue Flag designation, indicating that it is secure, pristine, and environmentally responsible. Swimming in the water and sunbathing on the beach are fantastic ways to spend the day here, but there are numerous other activities available on this Cape Town beach that make it kid and family-friendly. Among them are:

  • A fun trip to the Octopus Garden Restaurant, which features a jungle gym and kid-friendly cuisines,
  • For the sake of your children’s safety, swim at the Muizenberg Pool, which has a huge pool and a smaller kiddie pool.
  • At this beach, you and your children may also learn to surf.

The Muize bed and breakfast apartment is one of the numerous lodging alternatives that are accessible to you if you want to spend some quality time near this Cape Town Beach and it offers a broad range of amenities. It is also the option that is closest to the beach and has received positive reviews from previous visitors.

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Fish Hoek Beach

Fish Hoek is one of the safest beaches in Cape Town and has lovely mountains around it. It has lovely white sand and is a well-liked summer vacation spot for families and is fantastic for swimming.

Typically, you may swim well past the point where the waves are breaking, while your kids can paddle in the shallows. The beach has excellent facilities, including a café where you can get a quick bite, and it slopes quite gently. Emergency lifeguards are also on duty most of the time.

If you wish to just stroll into and out of your apartment, the Calders Hotel & Conference Centre, which is 0.3 miles from this Cape Town beach, is one of the nearest lodging choices out of several others.

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Strandfontein Beach 

Vast expanses of white sand and crystal-clear seas at Strandfontein Beach contributed to its designation as a Blue Flag destination. However, the main draw of this Cape Town beach is the biggest tidal swimming pool in the equator’s south. This makes the beach especially well-liked among families since it provides kid-friendly surf frolicking.

The safety is increased by the careful eyes of the lifeguards, who are on duty from December to March. Its pristine and clear waterways make fishing, biking, and other outdoor activities a top attraction for your kids. If you enjoy plants, it also offers nice hiking trails and biodiversity.

You can stay around the suburb of Ottery for more access to city amenities. The Pelican Accommodation Ottery, about 4 miles away, is good accommodation to stay at and begin your beach vacation from. It is quite cozy and comfortable as well as close to restaurants and shopping malls.

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Houtbay Beach 


The trail from Chapman’s Peak to the Hout Bay harbor is where the Hout Bay beach begins. This beach is well-liked because of the majestic mountains and sand mounds. Since the beach is relatively big, you may play a variety of entertaining ball games, play tennis, or try kite flying. You can even go snorkeling with chances to see seals.

There are several restaurants and stores on the seashore, and the bay is often tranquil and safe for swimming. Visit the Bay Harbour Market for amazing cuisine, music, and even more while at this Cape Town beach with your kids and the entire family.

You also get a peek into the world of birds at Africa’s largest bird park, located at this beach. This is a wonderful site for you and your kids, where you may go around the various cages and witness over 3,000 birds and small animals.

The Chapmans Peak Beach Hotel is right by the beachfront and offers views of the ocean.

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Noordhoek Beach


Noordhoek beach, which is about 8 kilometers long and features stunning and untouched terrain, has a lot to offer the whole family. Horseback riding is a major sport at Noordhoek Beach, where there are long stretches of sand that make it the perfect location.

Sleepy Hollow Horse riding provides an amazing horse riding experience, among other things to do. This Cape Town beach also allows for surfing and kayaking, and is pet-friendly too, so you may take a stroll there with your pets.

Visiting the Noordhoek Farm Village with your family as well is another exhilarating idea. There are many entertaining and thrilling things to do, as well as kid-friendly eateries, parks, and stores.

The Last Word Long Beach is an excellent and convenient place to stay, enjoy this Cape Town beach and get the best view. 

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Most Fashionable Beaches in Cape Town

Camps Bay

Many of the beaches in Cape Town offer great sunset views

Camps Bay is one of the top tourist attractions that Cape Town is famous for. It is gloriously situated on the Atlantic Ocean, at the base of the Twelve Apostles mountain range, and close to Table Mountain.

Camps Bay is well-equipped with more than 20 restaurants, some of which are well-known globally, and more than 20 lodging options that provide welcoming South African warmth and breathtaking vistas.

Camps Bay is a great starting point from which to explore Cape Town, known as the “Mother City” of South Africa since there are a variety of activities and attractions just outside your door. It is unquestionably one of the most intriguing and well-liked beaches in Cape Town.

The Marly Boutique Hotel is conveniently located right by Camps Bay to provide you with a variety of amenities, luxury comforts, great views, and accommodation. 

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Clifton Beach


Another major beach in Cape Town, Clifton Beach is located just across from Camps Bay. The location is convenient for everyone, and it isn’t very far from the city center.

You may pay for and get chairs and umbrellas at the beach, which is also a nice area to watch the sunset. The beach is extremely clean and safe for you and every other visitor. Arrive early to get a good spot on the beach because it may become extremely crowded with both residents and tourists. In the area of this intriguing Cape Town beach, there are also several excellent restaurants and bars.

The Clarendon Bantry Bay is one of the ideal places to stay and enjoy this magnificent Cape Town beach.

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Blouberg Beach 


This is one of the nicest beaches to visit while in Cape Town. It features spectacular rock pools and crystal clear sandy terrain. This along with an unobstructed breathtaking view of some of the most popular landmarks in South Africa, Table Mountain, and Robben Island. The West Coast is stunning, and if the wind isn’t blowing, this lengthy stretch of beach is perfect for strolls, swims, or simply relaxing.

At just 0.6 miles away, Blouberg Manor Hotel is one of the nearest accommodations to Blouberg Beach which provides great convenience if you want to spend more time here. There are also B&Bs like The Sir David Boutique Guest House around the area if you want a different type of accommodation.

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Llandudno Beach


This stunning Cape Town beach, which is close to Camps Bay, is frequently used as a location for photos or video productions. Massive granite boulders and the proximity of the hills to the shore enhance the area’s charm.

Although swimming can occasionally be risky owing to the strong tides, it is a well-liked area for beach picnics and is regularly frequented by packs of neighborhood dogs who seem to enjoy some level of freedom at this beach. Llandudno is well-liked, lovely, and a terrific place to enjoy sundowners and people-watching.

The Twelve Apostles Hotel and Spa is one of the best accommodation options if you are quite concerned about proximity when choosing your hotel. 

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Boulders Beach


If you desire a unique and different twist from the regular beach visit activities, then head to Boulders Beach. This Cape Town beach is surrounded by soft sand and the water is slightly warmer.

It is also home to a large group of endangered species of African penguins. These loving flightless birds have become mini celebrities as visitors troop in their numbers to watch them frolic around the granite boulders—quite a pleasurable sight to see. 

Located about 25 miles from Cape Town’s south, Boulders Beach is just beyond the naval base in picturesque Simon’s Town, which makes it a good enough reason for you to stop by and explore while on your visit. There are day tours that bring you there and surrounding areas conveniently.

It is perfect for penguin watching, family fun walks, and safe swimming. Check for a suitable accommodation at Tintswalo at Boulders, just about 190m away from the beach.

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The Best Beaches in Cape Town for Scuba Diving

Scuba diving entails underwater exploration of the deep portions of beaches with the use of breathing apparatus that is totally independent of a surface air supply. Here are some Cape Town beaches that are ideal for this activity.

Big Bay Beach 

One of the most beautiful sunset vistas on earth may be seen at Big Bay Beach, one of the most natural beaches in Cape Town. It also provides a stunning view of Cape Town’s Table Mountain in all its magnificent glory and a number of pleasant dining and drinking establishments. Additionally, it provides a wonderful surfing experience.

This region is well-known for its amazing kite-surfing and windsurfing, which draw athletes from all over the world to play or watch with wonder. Big Bay is the ideal family beach since it has large lengths of sand and unobstructed ocean views.

Less than a mile from the beach is Blaauwberg Beach Hotel, making it one of the most convenient hotel options when visiting.

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Miller’s Point

The region has several magnificent boulder-strewn beaches with swimming places, as well as a sizable tidal pool. Many aquatic species, including sea hares, will be visible to you right here. The water is calm and transparent, shielded by several kelp forests that are simple to swim to and offer excellent snorkeling opportunities.

There are several places to pitch a tent and have a quiet corner to yourself if you’d like. If you’d prefer not to sit on sand or perch on a rock, there are some patches of lawn that are also accessible. Additionally, it contains a kid-sized slide.

One of the most stunning, closest, and ideal places for you to stay and explore this wonder is the Simonsview hotel.

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Pyramid Rock

In Cape Town, Pyramid Rock is a well-liked diving location. Divers come here primarily to view the unique seven-gill sharks. All year long, diving is permitted at Pyramid Rocks. For less wind and waves, dive in the winter (between June and September).

The location is notable for a granite pyramid that protrudes roughly one meter above the sea. Large reef fish and colorful invertebrates may be seen living in the kelp forest, which makes up the majority of the flora.

There are many water activities around Cape Town to get closer to marine life.

Windmill Beach

This 200-meter stretch of water called Windmill Beach in the naval Simon’s Town is really special due to the jagged rocks that provide covered enjoyment for a small number of guests. Windmill Beach welcomes pets, allowing you to enjoy the sunshine and this unique town’s splendor with your favorite pets.

An abundance of invertebrate and fish species may be found on the rocky reef that is located inland from the shore, which is a well-liked diving spot. Swimming, dog walking without a leash, seeing penguins, fishing, having a picnic, and kayaking are other popular activities here.

One of several hotel options nearest to this Cape Town Beach is Mariner Guesthouse, for a good night’s rest after a day at the beach.

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Justin’s Caves

Several Cape Town natives like visiting Justin’s Caves, a rocky reef outcrop in Oudekraal, Cape Town, which is just across from the Twelve Apostles Hotel (a perfect lodging facility when visiting).

The area has swimmable “caves” that are encircled by a stunning kelp forest. You should expect to witness a variety of aquatic life, such as mussels, tiny shoals of fish, and nudibranch colonies. Many sponges, sea urchins, sea anemones with vibrant colors, and even some hard and soft corals may be found here.

It is one of the most colorful dives in Cape Town because of the variety of colors seen there. At this location, you might occasionally be fortunate enough to catch a glimpse of a puffadder shyshark.

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Visiting The Best Beaches In Cape Town

Beaches are an essential part of any Cape Town vacation. With so many to choose from, these are just some of the best beaches in Cape Town, catering to every type of traveler.

From family-friendly spots to beaches with great surfing and diving, Cape Town beaches have a lot to offer. So, whether you’re looking to relax on the sand or get active in the water, be sure to check out some of these beaches in Cape Town when you visit!




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