What Is Cape Town Known For? 17 Famous Things In Cape Town

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Located along the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, Cape Town is known for its iconic Table Mountain, historic Robben Island, and delicious Cape Malay cuisine. As a result, the city is one of South Africa’s most popular tourist destinations. It is often also considered one of the most picturesque cities in the world. 

What Is Cape Town Known For?

Standing as one of the 3 capital cities of South Africa, Cape Town is famous for its extraordinary beauty and rich cultural tapestry. Its crowning jewel, Table Mountain, offers insane vistas of the city, while the sun-drenched beaches like Clifton and Camps Bay are perfect spots for water sports and getting a good tan.

You can enjoy world-class wines from the nearby Cape Winelands, whilst also indulging in plenty of entertainment options in the bustling Victoria & Alfred Waterfront.

Histories, Culture, And Traditions Cape Town Is Famous For

First European Settlement In South Africa 

Cape Town, popularly referred to as the Mother City, earned this distinction for hosting the first European settlement in South Africa. This settlement, established centuries ago, supplied passing ships with fruits, vegetables, and water to ensure their sustenance and nourishment during their voyages. 

While the original structure has evolved, the cultural impact of these early European settlers still resonates today. For instance, the garden that once supplied sailors now hosts museums, parks, and ponds that South Africa is known for.

Rich Cuisine and Wine Culture


Cape Town boasts a rich and distinct culinary heritage. Cape Malay cuisine stands out with its unique spices and abundant use of fruits. 

Another culinary gem is Bobotie, often hailed as South Africa’s national dish. It combines bread soaked in milk or buttermilk with meat, raisins, or sultanas, creating an irresistible flavor.

Cape Town also excels in wine culture and production. Wine enthusiasts can partake in wine tours to savor various regional wines while learning about the meticulous production processes.

Stunning Mountainous Environment


Cape Town is known for its breathtaking mountainous landscape. Unique landmarks like Table Mountain, Lion’s Head, Devil’s Peak, and Twelve Apostles offer not only natural beauty but also spiritual significance, making them places of reflection and meditation. 

Consequently, you find that activities like hiking, paragliding, and biking are popular in these areas. Outdoor lovers will certainly appreciate the city and, more specifically, the opportunities these natural landscapes have to offer.

Events And Festivals

Cape Town hosts a vibrant array of events and festivals rooted in its traditions and histories. Kaapse Klopse, a music carnival, dazzles with songs, dance, instruments, and elaborate costumes at the dawn of the new year. 

Freedom Day, Cape Town International Kite Festival, and Cape Town Minstrel Carnival are other festivities that offer immersive cultural experiences so you may want to plan your vacation around them.

Diverse Cultural Scene

Cape Town is famous for its cultural diversity. It is known to have a colorful culture and combines the traditions of Malay, Xhosa, English, Dutch, French, and Afrikane. This also explains why Cape Town is distinct and outstanding in its arts, music, dance, foods, and medicines. 

The cultural scene of Cape Town is formed by its history of colonization, migration, and exploration and this brought about its diversity and uniqueness in traditions.

Areas And Districts Cape Town Is Known For



Bo-Kaap is one of the most attractive areas Cape Town is famous for, with lots of things to see, taste, and explore. The neighborhood stands out with its vibrant Cape Malay culture and mixed heritage. 

Nestled on the slopes of Signal Hill, a visit to Bo-Kaap immediately immerses you in a wonderful journey of exploration. Its charming streets brim with brightly painted houses of Cape Malay, Dutch, and African influences. 

In addition to wandering the streets and admiring the houses, you can explore the district’s history at the Bo-Kaap Museum, enjoy aromatic Cape Malay cuisine, and take walking tours to learn more about its past development and culture. 

If you are seeking a bit of color while touring Cape Town, Bo-Kaap is the perfect place.

V&A Waterfront


The Victoria & Alfred (V&A) Waterfront is a bustling tourist destination with plenty of activities to offer, from shopping to entertainment, dining, and sightseeing. 

The charm of V&A Waterfront is accentuated by the backdrop of Table Mountain, which provides picturesque views to visitors dining at waterfront restaurants or strolling along the quays. 

The serene waters and gentle breeze have made V&A Waterfront a favorite destination for sunset cruises, with a catamaran always on standby to take you on a one-and-half-hour cruise of toasting, nature-gazing, and admiring marine life.

The shopping opportunities are incredibly vast, with over 450 shops displaying a wide range of products and crafts suitable for souvenirs. Beyond its shopping delights, the V&A Waterfront also offers a variety of other attractions like the Two Oceans Aquarium, Chavonnes Battery Museum, and Cape Wheel. 


Woodstock is one of the hippest districts Cape Town is famous for. It was once a rundown industrial district infamous for crimes and drugs but has transformed into Cape Town’s creative and artistic epicenter. 

The neighborhood’s streets are adorned with colorful art and lined with art galleries, studios, and boutique shops, which were all converted from warehouses. 

The district also boasts several cultural attractions, such as the Old Biscuit Mill and the Woodstock Exchange. We highly recommend visiting on Saturdays, because the Old Biscuit Mill just comes alive with the Neighbourgoods Market. You can take the opportunity to sample gourmet dishes, local snacks, and shop artisanal products. 

Woodstock holds the pulse of Cape Town’s creative soul. It’s a great spot to immerse yourself in the city’s contemporary arts and cultural scene. 

Landmarks And Architecture Is Famous For 

Table Mountain 


Table Mountain is one of the most prominent natural landmarks South Africa is famous for. If you have seen photos of South Africa, you will almost definitely have seen it. 

Boasting unique flora and fauna, the iconic natural wonder is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Each year, it beckons thousands of adventurers to hike its rugged body through numerous hiking trails that climax with rewarding breathtaking views of the city. 

But don’t worry if you prefer a more relaxing experience. One of the most popular ways to enjoy the views at Table Mountain is through the cable car. You can travel on the aerial cableway, catching panoramic views of Cape Town, the ocean, and surrounding landscapes. 

To thrill-seekers and nature lovers, Table Mountain promises a refreshing experience that will last for a long time. 

Robben Island 


Robben Island is another UNESCO Heritage Site which holds a significant place in the history of South Africa. The island is known for its role as a political prison during apartheid, housing prominent personalities, including Nelson Mandela, for years. 

Today, it is a popular tourist destination brimming with a range of visitor-tailored activities, including ferry and township tours. Catch a ferry ride from the mainland to Robben Island, where you spend the entire day exploring its poignant past and contemporary vibrancy.  

You can wander through the popular prison, visit Mandela’s cell, and absorb the beauty of the natural surroundings. It will give a deeper understanding of the resilience and determination that fueled the fight against apartheid. 

Coming to this hallowed ground provoked humility and somberness that subconsciously allowed us to better appreciate South Africa’s remarkable journey toward freedom and forgiveness. 

Cape Town City Hall 

City Hall is one of the grandest architecture Cape Town is known for, standing as a testament to the city’s rich history and timeless elegance. 

The building, completed in 1905, is a perfect blend of Italian Renaissance and British colonial architectural styles. Its grand exterior features an ornate facade adorned with intricate details, majestic columns, and a magnificent some. 

Cape Town City Hall is not just admired by visitors who will surely take note of its imposing presence on the Grand Parade square, but also a proud landmark appreciated by locals.

Interestingly, it was on this building’s balcony that Nelson Mandela delivered his first public address after his release from prison in 1990, marking the beginning of a new era for South Africa. 

Sports Cape Town Is Known For 


DHL Stormers, better known as the Stormers, is a rugby team widely regarded as the most popular sports team in Cape Town. 

Originally founded in 1883 as the Western Province Rugby Union, the team’s activeness immediately endeared it to the rugby-loving residents of Cape Town. 

Since the franchise was renamed to Stormers in 1997, the team has enjoyed international recognition as a strong competitor in the United Rugby Championship, where they’ve won the coveted trophy. 

You can catch one of the Stormers’ home games at the Cape Town Stadium, where excited fans cheer the team and spark an electrifying atmosphere. 

Cape Town City FC 

Cape Town City FC is another popular sports team based in Cape Town. It is a football club that competes in South Africa’s top-tier football league, the Premier Soccer League(PSL). 

The club was initially founded in 1962, before being reformed in 2016. The club’s presence has given life to the city’s football scene, becoming the second Cape Town-based team currently competing in the PSL. 

The club plays its home games at the Cape Town Stadium, where the atmosphere is always electric and immersive. 

Food Cape Town Is Famous For 

Cape Malay Curry 


Cape Malay Curry is a famous South African food that can be traced back to the Cape Malay community of the city. This savory dish embodies the flavorful heritage of the Cape Malay community. 

It comprises tender pieces of meat or vegetables mixed in a swelling blend of spices, like cinnamon, cloves, and cardamom. The result is an insane symphony of flavors that delight your taste buds. It is typically served with rice, chutney, and coconut to further soak in all that delicious goodness.



Bobotie is another beloved dish in Cape Town. The spiced and minced baked meat dish is believed to have also originated from within the Cape Malay community. 

It features ground beef or lamb, flavored with a blend of aromatic spices like curry, turmeric, and cinnamon. The dish is then topped with rich milk and custard before being baked to a golden perfection. 

Bobotie is served with rice and chutney, enticing every foodie with its aromatic and sweet appearance. 

Famous People From Cape Town 


Kiernan Jarryd Forbes, better known as AKA, is regarded as one of the most popular South African musicians of his era. 

After gaining 

recognition in 2011, AKA quickly became a household name in the South African hip-hop scene, releasing successful albums like “Levels” and “Touch My Blood.” 

Although he passed away untimely, AKA remains one of the greatest-selling South African hip-hop artists of all time. His contributions to the hip-hop scene in South Africa and the continent earned him numerous music awards and nominations, including the South African Award for ‘Best Male Artist’. 

J.M. Coetzee 

Regarded as one of the most critically acclaimed and decorated authors in the English Language, J. M. Coetzee is one of the few people who have put Cape Town on the world map through their incredible literary works. 

Known for his books that explore various themes, including apartheid, power, and morality, Coetzee’s contributions to the literary world have earned him multiple awards, including the Nobel Prize, two Booker Prizes, and three CNA Literary Awards, to mention a few. 

Discovering More Things Cape Town Is Famous For

These are just some of the famous things in Cape Town, and there is an endless list to discover in this South African gem. Despite some security and safety concerns, the city is getting increasingly popular among travelers for rather obvious reasons.

Other things Cape Town is known for include the Castle of Good Hope (South Africa’s oldest colonial building), the savory Gatsby sandwich, and the marvelous Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa, the largest of its kind on the continent.



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