20 Best Beaches in Kelowna BC To Visit

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There are many beaches in Kelowna for you to have a nice getaway by the water. Most of the Kelowna beaches are located around Okanagan Lake. They are so popular and well taken of that the city has become a go-to location for recreation and retreat.

These beaches in and around Kelowna can satisfy your various beach needs and are a great destination for some family fun. Here are some of the best beaches in Kelowna where you can you want to unwind and relax

Most Popular Beach In Kelowna

Hot Sands Beach (City Park) – An Iconic Kelowna Beach

Located along the lakeshore as you go into downtown Kelowna, Hot Sands Beach is hands-down the most popular beach in Kelowna. The beach’s location is one of the reasons it is very popular. Kelowna’s Waterfall Trails begins at the southern end of the beach, and Hot Sands is also the central location for City Park.

Hot Sands Beach offers some of the best water and mountain views. Naturally known to attract beach lovers, it is a happening place for summer activities. The name Hot Sands should be taken seriously if you are visiting in the summer, do well to bring an umbrella and beach footwear to protect yourself as it can get pretty hot.

As one of the best beaches in Kelowna, Hot Sands Beach has a lot of amenities. There are parking spaces for your vehicles and bikes. There are also restrooms and changing rooms for you.

The Hot Sands Beach is one of the Kelowna beaches for fun activities. There is a skateboard park, monkey bars at the playground, and a water park. You can also enjoy outdoor sports activities like basketball and volleyball, or play games on the lawn bowling greens.

When you take a trip to Kelowna, ensure you visit Hot Sands Beach. You can visit it alone, with family or friends. The goal is to have a great time at the beach.

Best Beaches In Kelowna For Families

Boyce-Gyro Beach – A Family-friendly Spot In Kelowna

Boyce-Gyro Beach is one of the popular Kelowna beaches. It is a family-friendly beach located on Lakeshore Road. It is also the longest beach within the city limits.

Boyce-Gyro Beach is safe for the kids. Its gentle slopes and warm sands are great for children. The beach also has large play areas for kids, shaded areas for picnics, and added protection from the sun.

You can take your family to nearby restaurants for a bite or the ice cream shop for scoops of yummy deliciousness. There is a concession stand and volleyball courts at the beach. There are also well-maintained washrooms for you and your loved ones.

Boyce-Gyro Beach is one of the Kelowna beaches you need to visit with your family. Create fun memories and bond with your loved ones at this beautiful beach.

Rotary Beach – A Fun Kelowna Beach

Rotary Beach is close to and usually called a smaller version of Boyce-Gyro Beach. It is one of the most popular beaches in Kelowna. The beach is located off Lakeshore Road at the 1.5-hectare Rotary Beach Park.

It is a place to have fun with your family. You can rent kayaks and paddle boards at the beach for a great time on the water. There is also a playground for the kids.

It is one of the Kelowna beaches for families with younger kids. The beach has gentle slopes and large areas for swimming shaded grassy areas and a large play area for the kids. The beach also has well-maintained washrooms.

Rotary Beach Park is an ideal place for you to visit with your young family. Anytime you are in Kelowna, BC, you can visit the park for a fun time with your loved ones.


Sarsons Beach Park – A Beautiful Family Beach In Kelowna

Sarsons Beach is one of the Kelowna beaches for couples and families with kids. The beach is located in the Mission area and its access points are Sarsons Beach Park and 4398 Hobson Road. It is within 10km from downtown Kelowna yet it’s relatively quiet.

This is also. one of the no-dogs zone beaches in Kelowna. It has a playground for kids, well-maintained washrooms, picnic tables, and grassy areas. A beach is also an ideal place for sunbathing.

Sarsons Beach has designated swimming areas for you. It also has lots of shaded areas. For a peaceful, relaxing time, consider visiting the beach on your next trip to Kelowna.

Bertram Beach Park – A Kelowna Paradise

Bertram Beach Park is located at the south end of Kelowna city. It is an ideal location for spending the day out with your family. It is one of the family-friendly beaches in Kelowna.

The beach has clear water and offers amazing views in a laid-back setting. It has sandy areas, pebbled areas, and rocky areas. The beach has play areas for children, shaded grassy areas, and swimming areas.

There are picnic shelters at the beach. Nevertheless, you need to bring your lunch because there are no shops around. The beach also has clean and well-maintained restrooms.

The highlight of this beautiful Kelowna beach is its natural walking pier and trails. You can go on fun nature walks with your family at the beach. That combination of nature makes it a nice beach to visit in Kelowna.

Strathcona Park Beach – A Small Sandy Beach In Kelowna

The Strathcona Park Beach is one of the best Kelowna beaches for families with small children. It is a small sandy beach located close to Kelowna General Hospital.

The shallow water, small playground for children with swings, and jungle gym make it a great place for your kids. The warm water is ideal for swimming and dipping your feet. Some trees give you ample shade from the sun.

There is a large space to enjoy a game of catch, a carpark, and grassy areas for picnics. There are also washroom facilities for you. Strathcona Park Beach makes for a great time outdoors with your loved ones in Kelowna.

Most Relaxing Beaches In Kelowna

Paul’s Tomb Beach – A Tucked Away Beach In Kelowna

Paul’s Tomb Beach is secluded from the crowd and the noise. It is one of the most relaxing beaches in Kelowna. It is located in a small bay in Knox Mountain.

The beach has scenic views and clear waters. You can hike there or enjoy some paddle boarding, kayaking, or diving. It is truly a place to relax.

The beach has an outhouse, you can also enjoy waterfront disc golf or some mellow cliff jumping. You can visit Paul’s Tomb Beach for a private and relaxing time. It is an ideal location to soak up the sun and let down your hair.

Lake Avenue Beach – A Kelowna Beach With A Stunning View

Lake Avenue Beach is one of the most relaxing Kelowna beaches. It has lots of weeping willow trees and a stunning view. The access point of this beach is 117 Lake Avenue.

The beach is one of the dog-friendly beaches in Kelowna. There are designated swimming areas for you. You can also have some picnic time at the beach.

There are nature trails close to Lake Avenue at Knox Mountain Park. The beach is a great place for you and your pup to have fun and relax. There are also places around for you to grab a bite.

Lake Avenue is a great place to relax, enjoy a nature trail, and bond with your dogs. It is advisable to not bring your little ones along. Make out time to visit this stunning beach on your next trip to Kelowna.

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Kinsmen Park Beach – An Ideal Wedding Spot

The Kinsmen Park Beach is located in the downtown area yet is very quiet and relaxing. You can access the beach via Kinsmen Park and at 2600 Abbott Street. The beach is also a wedding destination.

Kinsmen Park Beach has some of the best views of Okanagan Lake. Some of its amenities include shaded areas and trees, a tennis court, and a playground. It is one of the beaches in Kelowna that does not allow dogs.

There are areas for swimming and washrooms to clean up at this beach. You can also have a quiet morning walk or picnic in the afternoon at the beach. It is indeed one of the most relaxing beaches in Kelowna.

Sutherland Park Beach – A Mountain Park Kelowna Beach

Sutherland Park Beach is a great place to unwind after enjoying the trails at Knox Mountain. It is one of the dog-friendly beaches in Kelowna and a relaxing location for you.

The park itself covers about two hectares. You walk along the sandy beach, jog, enjoy some yoga stretching or take a dive into its waters. You can also enjoy a boat launch and have fun paddling.

There are swings and slides in the playground, restrooms, and enough spaces for picnics. The beautiful tree-lined beach is a good place to unwind and enjoy the natural setting. You can visit Sutherland Park Beach in Kelowna.

Willows Beach – A Cool Beach In Kelowna

Willows Beach is one of the beaches of Gellatly Bay. It is one of the most relaxing beaches in Kelowna. It is cool and attracts fewer crowds.

This sandy beach is a good place to build a sand castle, walk along the beach or dip your feet in the water. You can have a fun time diving into the lake or enjoy a picnic at the picnic tables. There are also shaded areas for you to lay in the sun and relax your body.

You can play volleyball, enjoy the scenic views or use the roped-off swimming areas. There are also restrooms and a parking lot for your vehicles. You can visit Willows Beach at any time of the year.

Best Beaches In Kelowna For Activities

Tugboat Bay Beach – An activity-Filled Kelowna Beach

Tugboat Bay Beach is located in Waterfront Park at 1200 Water Street, Kelowna. It is one of the best beaches in Kelowna for activities. Access to the beach is free but you will have to pay for street parking.

The beach is a fun place to visit. During the summer, live music shows take place at its outdoor theater connected to a boardwalk. There are food, drinks, boat rentals, and washroom facilities at the boardwalk.

You can find a variety of grassy areas, sandy areas, and picnic tables at the beach. In addition, there are opportunities to enjoy outdoor activities like paddle boating, water polo, and volleyball. Note that you can only bring your leashed dogs to the boardwalk.

Just next to the beach is the 7.4-hectare Waterfront Park. You can visit it to see the art displays, gardens and beautiful lagoon. You can visit Tugboat Bay Beach for a fun-filled day at the beach.

Bear Creek Provincial Park Beach – A Fun Getaway In Kelowna

Bear Creek Provincial Park Beach is one of the beaches in Kelowna for lots of outdoor activities. It is located a couple of kilometers from downtown Kelowna. The beach is within the boundaries of the large 178-hectare Bear Creek Provincial Park.

It is a great location to avoid soaring temperatures and still have a great time. There is a free parking lot, changing rooms, picnic tables, and grassy areas.

You can also rent a kayak, get aboard a stand-up paddleboard (SUP), or fish at the park. Many visitors like to come with tents and RVs to camp. Adventurous nature lovers can even hike up Bear Creek Canyon or take any of its nature trails into the forest. To enjoy the best view of Bear Creek Falls, take the Rim Canyon Loop Trail.

The Bear Creek Provincial Park Beach is a great nature destination to visit when you are in Kelowna, BC. You can either enjoy a fun hike or take in the scenic views of nature. Just you have fun and do what works for you when you visit.

Gellatly Bay Aquatic Park – A Summertime Fun Park In Kelowna

The Gellatly Bay Aquatic Park is one of Kelowna’s beaches at Gellatly Bay. This beach has some of the best views and is a great location for lots of fun. Once a docking facility, the CNR Wharf was created at the aquatic park to improve the experience at the Gellatly Bay Aquatic Park.

There are viewing platforms for you to watch birds, ducks, and other shorebirds fishing. You can enjoy diving from a raised island or swimming on a floating platform. When you get hungry, grab some yummy treats at the Gellatly Bay Aquatic Park.

Tucked between Willows Beach and Rotary Park, the Gellatly Bay Aquatic Park is a great place for fun activities. Visit the park any time of the year to have a good time, and take a lot of pictures!

Cedar Creek Park Beach – A Dog-Friendly Beach In Kelowna

Cedar Creek Park is located at 5200 Lakeshore Road. It is one of the biggest off-leash dog beaches in Kelowna. It is also a place for fun lovers.

There are several swimming areas at the beach. It also features a long waterfront and extensive off-leash areas for your furry friends. Dogs can socialize and roam in areas at this fun beach.

You can visit the beach all year round and even spend some time canoeing and kayaking. There are picnic tables lined up along the lake for a fuss-free and comfortable picnic.

If you need a beach you can take your dogs to, Cedar Creek Park Beach is for you. Take your furry friend out for a fun day out at the beach.

Where To Stay In Kelowna, BC

You might be thinking of a place to stay when you take a trip to Kelowna, whether alone or with your loved ones. Not to worry, there are quality accommodations for you in different price ranges that can suit your budget and needs.

Samesun Kelowna: Homely hostel in Kelowna with a nice social atmosphere. Spacious common areas to hang out and mingle. It has a great location in downtown Kelowna and is just 5 minutes walk to the beach and city park. They have both dorms and privates on offer.

Royal Anne Hotel: Comfy 3-star hotel in the city center offering great value for money at a superb location. Clean, elegant rooms with all the facilities you need for a nice stay, along with convenient surrounding amenities. It is within 10 minutes’ walk to the city park and beach.

Coast Capri Hotel: Another downtown hotel that is just blocks away from Okanagan Lake. It also features its own private pool, on-site restaurants as well a fitness and wellness center. Certainly makes for a great stay in Kelowna.

Enjoying The Best Beaches In Kelowna, BC

Kelowna beaches are great places to create memories, bond with your loved ones, relax and have a great time outdoors. There are more than 30 beaches in Kelowna. However, here are just some of the best that serve various needs of visitors.

Whether you live in Kelowna or you are on a trip to this beautiful city, ensure you visit any of the beaches that suit your taste. Don’t forget to take pictures to capture the beautiful memories you make at the beach. Enjoy!




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