20 Best Beaches In Toronto, Canada To Visit

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When friends and family hear that you are traveling to Toronto, there are so many things they say you “must do!”— seeing the CN Tower, visiting the Toronto Zoo, attending a sporting event; but one of the most overlooked local adventures is planning a trip to one of the many beautiful beaches in Toronto.

Toronto is known as a major metropolis with tons of famous landmarks. but not many know much about the surplus of beaches near Toronto as well as the magnificent ones right in the city.

Before you plan your trip, consider these Toronto beaches and pick the one—or as many as you like—that suits your trip intentions. Spending an outdoorsy day, or two, at the beach is one of the best things to do in Toronto.

Note: It is also advisable to check any swimming advisory warnings before a beach day as some beaches in Toronto might be unsafe for swimming due to high E.Coli levels. The water conditions change based on various factors including the weather.

Most Popular Beach In Toronto

Woodbine Beach

Woodbine Beach is one of— if not— the most popular beach in Toronto, and for good reason! This attraction is a 3-kilometer stretch of soft, white sand along Lake Ontario’s shore.

There is a beautiful boardwalk for those of you who cannot sit still, and tree areas with trails to stroll through in the shade. 

Its popularity is also due to its easy accessibility and volume of parking; however, these spots fill up quickly, especially on the weekends, so be sure to plan your trip ahead of time.

When you schedule for Woodbine Beach, take into account the many other activities they offer in addition to typical beach relaxation—volleyball courts, a skate park, a playground, a concession stand, outdoor fitness equipment, and an Olympic-sized swimming pool.

Be prepared for an adventure-packed day; this may not be your place if you are looking to settle down and read a good book.

If you decide to visit one of Toronto’s most popular beaches, consider booking a stay at Luxury Home-Upper Toronto Beaches; it is a beautiful holiday home just a short drive away from Woodbine Beach, and has received nearly perfect reviews!

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Best Beaches In Toronto For Families

Bluffer’s Beach

This beautiful sandy beach has shallow water, perfect for young children. Hiking and bike trails provide extra options in keeping the family engaged and busy to fight off any boredom that may creep up.

Picnic areas make it easy and enjoyable to gather as a family. Simply spread your beach mat and relax.

Bluffer’s Beach is a Blue Flag beach, meaning it has impeccable water quality and is one of the safest beaches of Toronto.

A two-bedroom guest suite located only five minutes away from the Bluffer’s is a great place to spend your time away from the beach. It has been a wonderful accommodation for couples or families with children.

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Centre Island Beach

Centre Island Beach on the Toronto Islands is a full-day family excursion and requires both a ferry and some walking to get there. It is quite busy because of all it has to offer; there is a pier, bike rentals, a splash pad, playgrounds, and picnic shelters.

Your children will appreciate the warm, shallow water. You can rest assured at Centre Island Beach as it is also certified with a Blue Flag regarding water safety.

If you decide to bring your family to Centre Island—one of the best Toronto beaches—you will most likely stay somewhere on the mainland. The Westin Harbour Castle is close to the ferry to make it easy for you when you are on your way to the beach. 

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Sunnyside Beach

This beach has depth because of the wide range of activities available; there is a boardwalk for long walks, a treed area, and a green space with picnic tables to stay shaded and enjoy a family gathering.

Sunnyside Beach is one of the most active Toronto beaches because of its volume of bikers, rollerbladers, and skateboarders. For young children, the Budapest wading pool is nearby.  

The Gladstone House is a Victorian-style building that has received many excellent reviews from families. It is pet friendly and in addition to the beach, it is in a district with many sites for you and your family.

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Marie Curtis Park Beach

The Marie Curtis Park Beach is known as a kid-friendly spot. It is a common location for locals who love the atmosphere of the best beaches near Toronto, but this keeps the beach calm and less busy. If you or your family wish to swim, consider using the east beach.

There is a dog park and playground to keep you, your children, and your family pet busy if you decide to bring it along!

If you want to stay right next to Marie Curtis Park, consider booking your stay at the Green Acres Motel. Visitors have rated it highly and it makes your trip to the beach easy.

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Crystal Beach/ Bay Beach

You can use Crystal Beach and Bay Beach interchangeably when describing this location that has beautiful white sand and clear water, hence the beach’s name.

It has an abundance of available activities so everyone in the family can be satisfied: swimming, water sports, shopping nearby, relaxation, and drinking at one of the close bars.

Kids can bring their sandcastle building kit to take advantage of the shoreline. Overall, the whole family has something to do to enjoy a day in the sun. 

The Sandy Cove Cottage is within walking distance of the magnificent Crystal Beach. This location is a ground-floor vacation home with a full kitchen and many other things you do not want to leave at home when you travel. Feel comfortable and equipped here.

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Cherry Beach

Cherry Beach, another Blue Flag beach, is protected from the wind and has ample shaded area so you can last on your day out. The sand is coarse, but the people love spending their time engaging in water sports as well as bike trails.

It is one of the cleanest beaches in Toronto and is the perfect spot for a family picnic.

Just over ten minutes away from Cherry Beach, One King West Hotel and Residence is both an elegant and modern location to stay in while in Toronto. It has many amenities that you may need and is also quite close to many of the other beaches of Toronto.

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Port Stanley

Another Blue Flag beach, Port Stanley provides long stretches of sandy beach on Lake Erie’s north shore. This is one of the best beaches near Toronto, located about three hours away from the downtown area. The water is shallow and protected by a berm.

People often enjoy windsurfing and sailing here, and you can also indulge yourself in one of the many nearby shops, restaurants, and cafes. 

You and your family can stay in Inn on the Harbour and Telegraph House with breath-taking views of Lake Erie. Families with children rated it highly and it is a short walk from the beach.

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Best Beaches In Toronto For Nature Lovers

Lion’s Head Beach

Although Lion’s Head Beach is about a four-hour drive from Toronto, it is definitely worth the travel; it is one of the most beautiful beaches near Toronto. It has soft, white sand and turquoise waters—you may even forget you are in Canada!

When you visit, there are many things for you to do along with enjoying yourself on this gorgeous beach: hiking, rock climbing, canoeing, kayaking, shopping, and eating out at one of the many restaurants nearby.

Come here for a fantastic view of the Niagara Escarpment and enjoy your time outside the city with the outdoors and all it has to offer. 

Less than five minutes from the beach, take a look at the Lionheart Guest House by Elevate Rooms if you plan on visiting this beautiful park. Visitors rated this property highly; it has a shared kitchen and lounge area and provides a shuttle service to the airport to make your trip as stress-free as possible.

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Professor’s Lake

Drive just over half-hour outside of Toronto to Brampton to this beautiful lake. If you love being outside, you will not regret planning Professor’s Lake as part of your trip.

You can spend your time engaged in any of the many available recreational activities, like swimming, volleyball, fishing, as well as a water slide. Rent paddleboats, canoes, kayaks, or paddle boards to make the most of your time with nature. 

Visitors repeatedly book their stays at the Monte Carlo Inn Brampton because their time there is filled with great service and comfort. It is just over a ten-minute drive to Professor’s Lake. 

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Christie Lake

Christie Lake on the Niagara Escarpment is under two hours from Toronto and it is a conversation area, perfect for those of you who cherish the outdoors and all the beauty that it brings.

There are activities like hiking, swimming, boating, fishing, and picnic areas available for you to relish your outside time. The lake is surrounded by gorgeous greenery and will satisfy your urge for nature.  

If you are looking for an elegant, old-fashioned stay to accompany your time away from the city, consider staying at the Osler House, just over ten minutes from Christie Lake’s beautiful nature scene. The accommodation offers gourmet breakfast and dinners to heighten your vacation. 

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Rock Point Provincial Park

This sand and pebble beach stretches for about a kilometer. Nature lovers can count on finding fossils along the rocky ledge. If your children love the outdoors as much as you do, they can take part in the nature programming available.

There are plenty of hiking trails, and Rock Point Provincial Park is known for hosting over two hundred species of birds. It takes roughly two hours to get here, but you will pin it as one of the best beaches near Toronto. 

The Riverview Motel is a great option for you if you decide to visit Rock Point Provincial Park. It is a quaint motel with a picturesque view of the river. Guests have rated it well and it is only a short drive from Rock Point’s beach.

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Beachway Park 

Beachway Park, located in Burlington about an hour and a half from Toronto, attracts visitors for its soft sand and beautiful scenery.

It is one of the many excellent beaches of Toronto that people visit to stroll along the shore, cycle, run, rollerblade, or hike through the trails. It offers great swimming and is a common spot for people who love time outside.

If you are looking to stay close to Beachway Park, look into the Waterfront Hotel Downtown Burlington. Close by is the Spencer Smith Park and Waterfront Trail, as well as the Burlington Performing Arts Center and Brant Street Pier. Along with all of these, Beachway Park is a short drive away and is also within walking distance from the hotel. 

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Most Secluded Beaches In Toronto 

Gibraltar Beach

Gibraltar’s Beach is located between two other beaches in Toronto, Centre Island Beach and Hanlan’s Beach. It is a Blue Flag beach, but it is rarely busy as most people resort to many of the other Toronto beaches the city has to offer.

There is plenty of shade available, but keep in mind that, if this is your choice location for relaxation, there are not many facilities here. Getting to this hidden gem involves both a ferry ride and walking. 

Since Gibraltar Beach is another of Toronto Island’s beaches, most accommodations will have some farther traveling times, but you can still enjoy the ferry ride and walks to the beaches, making it a full experience.

The Radisson Blu Downtown Toronto hotel will provide you with a five-star stay and has some other amazing attractions nearby like the Hockey Hall of Fame and the famous CN Tower.

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Ward’s Island Beach

To reach this beautiful destination, take the Ward’s Island Ferry. Since it is part of a small residential area, the beach is mostly populated by locals and does not reach the agenda for many tourists.

If you come here alone or with other companions seeking a calm day, take part in biking, table tennis, other recreational activities, or a soothing walk along the boardwalk. 

If you are looking for a luxurious stay while in Toronto, consider booking your stay at Le Germain Hotel Maple Leaf Square. It has a 24-hour fitness center and an on-site restaurant and bar to come home to after a long day at the beach.

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Rouge Beach

Rouge Beach rarely gets busy, but not because of any unpleasantness! This beach is serene, yet it provides many opportunities for activities; visitors enjoy kayaking and canoeing, fishing, or watching the different wildlife species populating the marsh.

If you want to get away from the city and experience peace in the outdoors, put Rouge Beach on your to-do list!

The highly-rated Comfort Inn Pickering is a nice accommodation just a short drive away from the relaxing Rouge Beach. In keeping with your soothing time away from home, this hotel is about a half-hour outside of Toronto’s city center— keeps you out of the hustle and bustle, but ensures you are close to one of the most peaceful Toronto beaches. 

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Darlington Provincial Park 

This provincial park offers a long stretch of wonderful sand and great swimming water. Darlington Provincial Park is not overly crowded which makes it a perfect spot for relaxation and unwinding from the city. To get here, drive approximately an hour away from Toronto. 

There are not as many hotels in this area as in downtown Toronto, but a great option which is only a short drive away from the beautiful, secluded beach in Darlington Provincial Park is Courtyard by Marriott Oshawa.

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Other Popular Toronto Beaches

Kew-Balmy Beach

Kew-Balmy Beach, close to Woodbine Beach, is another of Toronto’s popular beaches. However, it is typically less crowded than Woodbine and has a more local feel to it; some people say that this makes it one of the best beaches in Toronto.

Beach activities are popular here like walking the boardwalk, kayaking, and dozing off in wooden chairs along the boardwalk. Since Kew-Balmy is close to Queen Street East, there are many facilities, restaurants, and shops available for beachgoers. 

The Broadview Hotel, just over ten minutes from Kew-Balmy Beach is a popular accommodation choice because of its great location and the many things to do around the area. 

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Sugar Beach 

This beach does not allow swimming, but it makes up for this with its soft sand and cute seating; there are chairs set up all around with umbrellas, available for people who want to get time in the sun or for those looking to finish off a good read.

Since the seating is limited, you will want to get here early for a spot so you can enjoy the social, yet relaxing time Sugar Beach offers. 

If you want to stay within walking distance of this popular beach, take a look at iHost Suites Ice Condo. It has stunning views from the rooms, a great location, and many excellent reviews from guests.

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Wasaga Beach

Wasaga Beach, located about two hours from Toronto, is one of the most popular beaches near Toronto. It is famous for being the longest freshwater beach in the world, measuring fourteen kilometers long. Although it is busy, you will not have a problem finding space.

Wasaga Beach is so long that it is split into eight beaches, each with its own parking lot; beaches one and two tend to be quite busy, while three and four get quieter, and so on as you move down the stretch. It provides safe, shallow waters for people of all ages to enjoy. 

There are many great accommodation options in the Wasaga Beach area. One of these is Wasaga Riverdocks Hotel Suites. It provides many fun activities in and around the area and you can enjoy a five-star stay.

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Bonus Beach In Toronto 

Hanlan’s Beach

Because twenty amazing beaches to choose from is simply not enough, here is Hanlan’s Beach, another of Toronto Island’s attractions, and home to some of the best sand on the island.

Similar to the famous Canadian beach Sandbanks, Hanlan also has its own sand dunes. This is where you’ll want to go for the best view of the sunset. And special note — Hanlan also has a “clothing optional” section, if that interests you!

Close to the ferry, this Luxury Downtown Toronto Condo is a great place to stay for easy access to the Toronto Islands. It is apartment-style with two bedrooms as well as a full kitchen, making it a perfect condo for a long stay.

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Enjoying The Best Beaches In Toronto

You have so many options from popular tourist locations to secluded and natural spots when it comes to visiting the best beaches in Toronto. There is a perfect destination for everyone, and because of the wide variety, you may need to make time to schedule more than one for your Toronto getaway. 

Take your time deciding which of these beautiful beaches in Toronto you want to add to your to-do list and keep in mind who you bring, what you pack, and what activities you want to engage in. Prepare to enjoy these amazing Toronto beaches!




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