19 Best Cafes In Chiang Mai For Working (Incl. Hidden Gems)

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Having prowled through many incredible cafes in Chiang Mai, I can see how they contribute to this Northern Thai city’s rise as a digital nomad hub. 

While hunting for the perfect spot to sip a latte and power through my to-do list, I’ve discovered some real gems. In this article, I’ll share my favorite coffee shops in Chiang Mai to work and relax. 

To be honest, I’ve barely touched the tip of the iceberg as most of these cafes are just in the main expat/tourist zones.

I’ve marked out the payment options for most of them since many nomads prefer to pay with digital avenues as ATM withdrawal for foreign cards is not favorable in Thailand. If you want to understand more, as well as the diff between PromptPay Business/Personal accounts, I’ll explain more in the upcoming Chiang Mai Nomad Travel Guide.

Note that cafe operations can change over time, so you can always ask to confirm.

Best Cafes In Chiang Mai For Work Facilities

These are my top picks 2 in each of the popular districts, specifically for work related factors. The two main considerations here are just the availability of good tables/seats for working, and access to power sockets. 

WiFi speed is not a big factor here because many cafes in Chiang Mai has blazing speed that is more than what most of us will need.

So if you are most concerned about having big tables with access to power sockets, these are cafes to consider. That said, all of them tend to have pretty quiet ambience and good coffee for working.

For Nimman district…

Pai Yan Yai Coffee


A classic cafe vibe, this place can be overlooked as it sits on a rather quiet street. In fact, it took me weeks from when I first noticed the cafe, to actually visiting it.

But it’s a prime spot if you are looking to work or study, and that seems to be a big portion of the cliente whenever I visit. 

The cafe has 2 floors, both of which are filled with standard wooden tables and chairs that are good for working. They also have some couches for the more chill customers.

The first level is brighter with music, the second level is quieter and has a more cozy vibe, so take your pick. Regardless, there’s plenty of power sockets all around the cafe, as well as complimentary water. 

Another advantage here is that they have an extensive menu serving not just cafe food (e.g. toasts, breakfast plates etc) but also lunch/dinner dishes like fried rice, spaghetti etc.


There’s some very interesting drink options on the menu. I love their Gaa-Fae-Kuat (Coffee with concentrated espresso ice cubes). So strong, so delish!

Prices here are really competitive, especially for the food. Some of them are street food prices. Plus the staff here is really friendly.

In addition, the cafe closes only 8pm which is later than many cafes. For more cafes with later closing hours, look further down this list.

  • Payment Options: Prompt Pay (Business), Cash
  • Wifi Speed (Download/Upload): 322/296 mbps



This cafe feels airy and spacious because of its interior decor. It is clean, white, and bright. The marble tables giving it a nice vibe. While it can be plain looking, but when the sunlight shines in, it’s beautiful. 

It is not usually crowded which makes it a nice place for some calming peace. You will usually find people working on their laptops here because the seats are good, tables are spacious and there are plenty of power sockets around.

There’s a 2nd floor space that overlooks the ground floor. Many people like to work from here since it’s pretty chill.

Prices here are slightly more expensive than other cafes but comparable. They also offer a brunch menu for food, along with a good selection of cakes and pastries. 

  • Payment Options: Credit Card, Prompt Pay, Cash
  • Wifi Speed (Download/Upload): 294/128 mbps

If you are in the old town area…

W8 Cafe


This is a bit of a hidden gem as it doesn’t have a ground floor storefront, so you likely won’t see it unless you are looking for it specifically. 

W8 is located on level 2 of an old building, and the entrance is only a small, unassumingly door to the stairs up. 

However, the place is super chill and nice, with a patio full of greenery. The patio is not great for working, but the main area has proper, spacious wooden tables. It feels a bit like a loft style coworking space and the orangey lights gives it a cool, calming vibe.

When I visited, everyone inside was working on their laptops. Probably because of that, it was also pretty quiet with soft music in the background. 

There are not just power sockets around, they even provide extension plugs so you can drag it to your desk. Just return them back to the basket after you are done, 

They have a decent beverage menu including some house signatures. There is not much food options here, so don’t come on an empty stomach. Prices here are normal, maybe even slightly cheaper. 

  • Payment Options: Prompt Pay (Business), Cash, Credit Card
  • Wifi Speed (Download/Upload): 384/417 mbps

The Story 106


Story 106 is actually a coworking space + cafe, so that kind of explains why it is good for working.

The ambience here is nice and it is not really within the heart of the busy district. They have two levels, both of which have spacious seatings. The lower level has more of a cafe vibe while the 2nd level is more catered towards working. 

You can find power sockets by the walls around the room so just look around if you need one. They also provide drinking water that you can help yourself to. 

NOTE: The cafe wifi operates by login code, so you do need to buy something to stay connected. I believe each code is good for an hour, and I got 2 codes when I ordered a drink, which is pretty fair. 


The cafe offers a wide range of beverages from coffee/tea to soda and non-caffeinated stuff. There are lesser-seen options like the Hojicha Latte I got, and even matcha affogato.

The cafe also serves pastries and proper dishes that are good for meals; so if you want to spend a day here working, you can. Prices here are similar to usual cafe rates.

  • Payment Options: Credit Card (No Min. but 3% Fee), Prompt Pay (Business), Cash
  • Wifi Speed (Download/Upload): 304/404 mbps

Coworking spaces ain’t my first choice option especially with all these nice cafes around. However, there are several coworking spaces in Chiang Mai, some of which operates in similar model of food/drink purchases.

Cafes With Added Focus On Coffee

Now, I am no coffee expert and people have different preferences. If I really had to pick, my favorite coffee in Chiang Mai would probably be the Gaa-Fae-Kuat from PaiYanYai.

But these are places which put more focus on coffee than your regular cafes. So if having specialty coffee (I use this term loosely here) is your biggest consideration point while working, these are nice spots to check out.

Akha Ama Phrasingh (Old Town)


Akha Ama Phrasingh is known for serving up some of the best coffees in Chiang Mai. You can even choose your beans for the drip coffee.

As such, they get pretty crowded as well. This is a nice spot if you like a bustling ambience with people chatting and all. Many tourists tend to visit as it is near to one of the iconic temples in Chiang Mai. 


The level 2 space, especially the semi-circular counter table, overlooks the first floor. Only a few of the seats have access to power sockets so you want to be early if you need them. 

Regardless, this is a great place to grab a nice coffee while touring the old town. Similar to most places that specialises in coffee, they don’t have a whole bunch of food options but some baked goodies are available. 

  • Payment Options: Credit Card (Min. 500THB), Prompt Pay (Business), Cash
  • Wifi Speed (Download/Upload): 243/45 mbps



Graph is where you find plenty (and I mean plenty) of very very interesting coffee concoctions. Cold Brew with fruits, Espresso with Activated Charcoal, Coffee with Dried Chilli, you name it.

And no, they are not just random fancy mixtures. I really enjoyed the No.29 (Nitro Cold Brew / Pineapple / Lime). You can ask them for recommendations based on your tastes since the options can get overwhelming. 

Coffee is clearly a focus for them. The branches are all dark themed, giving a chill and relaxed vibe, especially if you were just baking under the blazing Thai sun. 

Coffee prices here are bit more expensive because of the special brews. Although the typical options like espresso and latte is also higher than market rate. So I recommend trying the special ones.

They do serve a few cakes and pastries; prices for these are comparable to other cafes. The carrot cake was tasty and soft!

Last I know, there’s 5 branches in Chiang Mai, 2 of which are Nimman district. One of them is in ONE Nimman mall, and the other (Graph Ground) is just 5 mins walk away at Siri Mangkalajarn Road. Note that Graph ONE Nimman does not have wifi, so head to Graph Ground if you plan to work on your laptop.

  • Payment Options (ONE Nimman Branch): Credit Card (Min. 300THB), Prompt Pay (Business), Cash

Roast8ry Lab


Here’s an award winning cafe brand having won both Thailand and World Latte Art competitions numerous times. 

They have 3 branches right within Nimman, all pretty close to each other. The outlets typically rock a classy, dark vibe like their branding. But if you like a brighter environment, the Roast8ry Lab behind ONE Nimman is bright with big windows that looks out to the street. 

For working though, I think the branch down Nimman Rd Lane 17 (aka Roast8ry Coffee Flagship Store) has the best seatings – Big, long wooden tables. But you will regularly find people on laptops at all 3 branches. 

There’s a range of coffee options from their signatures to higher end beans. Prices here span a wide range but there are comparable prices to other cafes. You can also buy beans here directly. They do not sell food.

  • Payment Options (Roast8ry Lab): Prompt Pay (Business), Cash, Credit Card
  • Wifi Speed Roast8ry Lab (Download/Upload): 521/294 mbps

Chiang Mai Cafes With Special Ambience

Most modern cafes in Chiang Mai features some sort of minimalist decor. I do like that style personally but frankly, it can get dull when all cafes are doing that same vibe. 

So if you are looking for something different, here are some cafes with more distinctive style and ambience. 

Ji Matcha


I’m surprised at how uncrowded this cafe/teahouse is. But good for me, because this is my favorite place for some peaceful time. 

It runs on a Japanese theme, and I got to say, they do it really well. The space is really beautiful; they manage to replicate a traditional Japanese “sitting on floor” vibe without the discomfort of it (i.e. they elevate the floor so you actually have proper leg space like sitting on a chair)


The place is incredibly photogenic and calming, especially since it is usually not crowded. 

I’m not a tea expert but I enjoyed the Hojicha and their cakes are fluffy like what you expect in Japan. 


The wifi speed is not blazing fast like many of the modern cafe, but still high quality. Unless you are doing anything that requires super high bandwidth, you probably won’t feel the difference. 

Most seats won’t have access to power sockets so come charged if you are planning to work here. Nevertheless, the space is suitable for working on laptops.

(Oh yes! They also have a couple of cute cats in the house, so its a bonus if they come say hi to you)

  • Payment Options: Prompt Pay (Personal), Cash (5% discount!), Credit Card
  • Wifi Speed (Download/Upload): 26/12mbps

Fern Forest Cafe


A very popular cafe in Old Town because of its green outdoor space and also extensive menu. They even have a pond with huge Koi fishes. 

The outdoor garden is covered by big trees, making it look like nicely shaded forest. Although the entrance is right next to a road with decent traffic, you feel like going into a whole different environment upon entering the compound. If it’s not for the sound of the motor cars, you might just be fully immersed in nature. 

I came early during opening hours as I’ve heard it gets increasingly crowded as the day goes on (which was the case). The outdoor seats though are not the best for working but ok for a couple of hours. You want to head indoors if you want to be more comfortable on your laptop. 

They have a huge menu which has dishes that are good for meals or snacks throughout the day. The beverage selection is similarly quite extensive and has interesting options that put a spin on different tea and coffee.

  • Payment Options: Credit Card, Prompt Pay, Cash
  • Wifi Speed (Download/Upload): 381/160 mbps

Coffeeshops That Open Till Late (Past 7pm)

I found myself writing about this as a standout point, since most cafes in Chiang Mai will close by 5-6pm, some even as early as 3-4pm. So I decided to just put it as category for all you night owls who still want a caffeine kick at night.

As mentioned above, PanYanYai Coffee operates till 8pm, here are others operating past sunset.

LOT Cafe


Very popular cafe on the main Nimmanahaeminda Road. It gets a good crowd even in the morning once it opens. Needless to say, it gets increasingly busy later in the day. So you might want to go early. 

You will see many people working or studying here, apart from the regular coffee crowd. Most of the tables are circular, which does get a bit cramped with 2 laptops. But there’s also a big desk in the center, which has bit of a coworking vibe. 

A few of the seats do have access to power sockets but with how popular the cafe is, don’t count on always getting those seats. 

There are outdoors seating, but the big glass panels means you can even watch the street hustle while sitting inside by the windows. They also do have a second level which was closed during my period of visit.

The decoration is modern minimalist. Complimented by some chill music, it has a clean and relaxed vibe. 

The cafe opens until 10pm which is good if you are looking for night shot of caffeine. 


The popular signature drinks are the Cloud Latte and Soft Latte (100+THB). If you like creamy coffee, those are good options. Otherwise they also have regular options like Americano that are also cheaper.   

Lot also serve cafe-style food. I tried their grilled ham&cheese (100+THB) for breakfast and I’m a fan. Overall, a cafe that I would visit even if it’s just for people watching with a nice cup of coffee.

  • Payment Options: Credit Card (Min. 500THB), Prompt Pay (Business), Cash
  • Wifi Speed (Download/Upload): 156/47 mbps

Blue Coffee


Right opposite LOT, you find this cozy cafe with a minimal interior. The indoor space might appear quite small but there’s a second level (or level 1.5) with a few more tables. There are power sockets at most of them. In addition, they have some outdoor seats as well.

The cafe offer a range of beans from different countries, ranging from light to dark roast. In addition, they have several latte options. Soft Latte is one of the most popular choices. The Nutella Latte can be a good dessert although they also serve pastries and ice cream.

I often see people working from here both during the day and at night. The seats at the back are rather cozy and quiet, especially that armchair sofa.

There’s a bar (Component) on the actually second storey which opens at 6pm which is the reason why the cafe also stays open. There’s no loud music from the bar so you don’t really hear it from the ground floor.

They operate until 1am and opens at 7am on most days, so certainly one of the cafes in Chiang Mai with the longest operating hours.

  • Payment Options: Prompt Pay (Business), Cash, Credit Card
  • Wifi Speed (Download/Upload): 107/95 mbps

Beans & Liquor


As implied by the name, this spot runs as a cafe in the day and bar at night. 

They have a few floors; level 2 and 3 are good for working with spacious tables. The couch seats on level 2 is probably the most comfortable. But on level 3, you can get a nice view of the street below. There are a good amount of power sockets around the space.

The place rocks a raw, industrial vibe, kinda like a minimalist gallery showroom. It has a spacious feel because of that along with good spacing between tables.

They serve both drinks and food. There is quite a good selection of cafe food from toast and pastries to pasta and rice, so you can do breakfast or lunch here. Apart from the regular coffee options, they also have some signature mixes.


I like their honeycomb latte, and the toast is the big, chunky type that can be filling. 

At night, they serve alcohol. Although the couple of times I have passed by in the evening, it looks very quiet. It is during the low season.

Bonus: They also have a cute cat with blue and green eyes.

  • Payment Options: Prompt Pay (Business), Cash, Credit Card
  • Wifi Speed (Download/Upload): 360/235 mbps

Cafe With The Best View 



One of my favorite cafes in Chiangmai because of the sweeping mountain and city view it offers. Fohhide is located on the 5th floor of a building which gives it the advantage vista point. 

That said, it also means the cafe is not obvious unless you are searching for it. Follow the location on Google maps and look out for the building elevator.  

Despite being pretty small, the cafe has both an indoor and outdoor area. You want to consider coming early because of the limited space, and also the sun can shine unto the outdoor zone quite fiercely in the afternoon.

Nevertheless, the indoor is very cozy with strong air-conditioning so it’s very comfortable. You still get the views from the windows. They usually also put a big fan outdoors to help cool the place down. 

Fohhide offers an interesting selection of signature coffees, with funky names as well. I tried the “LalaLand” which includes espresso with Logan syrup and it turned out to be quite the combination. 

They also have other non-caffinated options like kombucha, and a small menu of pastries. 

Most of the seats here are high chairs/tables. If you plan on working here, either the outdoor tables, or the indoor counter seats will be most suitable. The wifi is very fast.

  • Payment Options: Credit Card, Prompt Pay, Cash
  • Wifi Speed (Download/Upload): 594/300 mbps

Other Chiang Mai Cafes For Working

Here are other coffeeshops in Chiang Mai that are great to spend some time with your laptop. They are by means inferior to the above, just no good way of categorizing them.

Nine One Coffee

This is a rather cozy cafe just off the main Nimman Road. You will often see people here with their laptops. It is good if you like to work on high tables and chairs. 

The indoor space is not big but has a nice vibe, almost like a coworking zone. There are access to power extension plugs in a couple of the long indoor tables.

That aside, the cafe has good coffee and also board games. They also have a few food options that are more breakfast/brunch style. 

  • Payment Options: Prompt Pay (Personal), Cash, Credit Card
  • Wifi Speed (Download/Upload): 762/563 mbps

Iris Garden Cafe


Hidden in a turn off the main Nimman street you will find this florist shop that also operates a cafe. The cafe has a small garden that is well shaded and surrounded by greenery, so you can sit outside even during the warmer days.

There’s a small water fountain, providing that soothing water flowing ASMR. 

That said, they also have an indoor seats with a cool, cozy ambience. Since this is a florist, you can expect plenty of plants around. 

There is a good selection of pastries and coffee; I tried the Vietnamese Egg Coffee which was tasty and strong. They even serve tea by the pot if that draws your interest. 

This is one of the hidden gems in Chiang Mai since the store is located at the end portion of the busy Nimman stretch, so it is usually not crowded. A great space to enjoy some peace and tranquillity. 

  • Payment Options: Prompt Pay (Business), Cash, Credit Card
  • Wifi Speed (Download/Upload): 223/173 mbps

Zohng Coffee


This is a cafe restaurant located as part of a hostel in the old town. It is big with large amount of standard tables. Therefore, quite popular among laptop workers. 

The food and drinks menu is pretty extensive compared to the small city cafes. Many people like to come for the breakfast, although I haven’t tried the food myself. 

I like the second floor area which is also part of the hostel’s common area. The counter tables overlook the ground floor so you get a nice view.

Here’s a tip: If you don’t like the height of counter chairs, just swap in one of the regular chairs in the common area. I find it to be the best height compliment to the table. 

The interior of the place is beautiful, rocking bit of an old charm with the bricks and wooden furnishings. I particularly adore the book shelves.

One of the common complaints like is the lack of air-conditioning with Thailand’s weather. But it is by no means hot with all the ceiling fans. So if you prefer nature airflow, you will enjoy this more “natural” aspect of the cafe. 

Hang & Craft


This is not just a cafe but also a crafts shop which makes it incredibly interesting. The interior is filled with beautiful craft products and wooden furniture. 

There is a variety of seatings for high desk to couches and standard tables. Some of them looks out into the streets. The ambience is nice and chill; the back area is typically darker but quieter, and there’s a big wooden desk.


Some of the tables have access to power sockets. I also spotted a power extension cable at one corner so if you really need it, simply ask the staff. They are very friendly and helpful.

Coffee here is great and they also have a small selection of cakes. I consider the pricing to be mid-range. They are not as cheap as your regular local eateries, but also not as expensive as some of the modern cafes around.

  • Payment Options: Prompt Pay (Business), Cash, Credit Card
  • Wifi Speed (Download/Upload): 158/187 mbps

DeMay Coffeehouse


A cafe under one of the condo buildings. Very high internet speed which makes it great for working. There are also power sockets available to some of the tables outside and inside

The breakfast waffle and mango is very beautifully plated and filling. I also tried their frappe which is not bad.

The indoor space is charming, some of the tables here are spacious and good for working. They also have a nice outdoor garden space with seats. The mosquito repellent by the counter should come in handy if you’re planning to sit outdoors. 

Service is actually fine but a bit lacking after getting spoilt by the passionate hospitality at most restaurants and cafes in Chiang Mai. 

  • Payment Options: Prompt Pay (Personal), Cash, Credit Card
  • Wifi Speed (Download/Upload): 359/227 mbps

Salad Concept


Ok this is more of a restaurant than a cafe but the vibes are the same. If you are into healthy foods, this is the place to come for clean eats. There’s a branch in Nimman, and another bear the Old Town gates.

It’s a relatively popular restaurant but the Nimman branch is quite big. It’s bright and airy which fits the whole health theme. 

The menu is huge, took me ages to make a decision. And don’t worry, they don’t just serve salads. You can still find stuff like burgers, rice, quinoa, soup etc. 

Food prices here are on the higher end of common restaurants which is not surprising. However, if you are really on a budget there are still some options below 100THB when I visited. So it’s not like bank breaking, just not as affordable as your street eats.

Drinks are quite regularly priced if you are not going for something super fancy. And they have a huge selection as well from juices to coffee.

The tables are big and good for working. And many of them even have access to power sockets. If you like to observe the street, there are many tables next to huge windows that give you a nice view.

  • Payment Options (Nimman Branch): Prompt Pay (Business), Cash, Credit Card
  • Wifi Speed (Download/Upload): 356/510 mbps

Cafe Scene In Chiang Mai

The cafe scene is one of the things Chiang Mai is known for, which attracts remote workers to this Northern Thai city. Nice ambience plus blazing fast internet speed just makes logistics easy.

There are actually many nice cafes outside the main areas that I have not been able to check out. If you want to wander a bit further, Chang Moi street leading to Ping River has some interesting cafes I’ve only passed by – not to mention the whole district right across the River.


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