Getting your Ice cream in Buenos Aires

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A large part of Argentina’s cuisine is inspired by the Italians. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that ice cream/gelato or helado is a regular indulgence in Argentina. You can be sure to find time for ice cream in Buenos Aires after a hearty meal.

In this capital city, you will notice the plethora of ice cream parlors for your selection. Now, you might be spoilt for choice with so much to choose from. Here are a few personal favorites to get you started!

Rapa Nui

Rapa Nui is like the Apple (yes, the technology brand) of Argentina’s Ice Cream scene.

The brand is well-known countrywide, and you can find it in many other cities. Prices are to the higher end, and they rarely have discounts. Rapa Nui is more than an ice cream parlor; they are famous for their chocolates. You can grab some of their sinfully good chocolates for souvenirs as well.

The chains are popular among tourists and locals, as you can always count on them for quality chocolate and helados.

There are many great flavors, and I have never been disappointed, so just go crazy! After trying the Pistachio ice cream from a few parlors, I liked the ones from here best; it tastes a bit like Turkish style.

Rapa Nui Instagram
Multitude of Flavors

Antiche Tentazioni

Antiche Tentazioni also produces ice cream of excellent quality and have accumulated their own loyal fan base. The ice cream is also of excellent quality. The Pistachio and other nut flavors are popular. Definitely give their “Michaelangelo” (Vanilla cream with chocolate and berries) a shot as well.

Antiche Instagram
Occo Instagram

Occo Helados

Occo is another chain store that has multiple locations and serves creamy, rich ice cream. The three flavors that stand out for me is their “Cheese Limon” (Lemon Cheesecake), “Te Chai” and “Chocolate con Cerveza Negra y Naranja” (Chocolate with Dark beer and orange)

Tufic Helados

Tufic is an ice cream parlor and café, with a wide range of creamy flavors and sorbets for selection. The fancy-looking paletas are also very popular among customers. The cake portions they serve at the cafe is pretty generous. Bonus: The ice cream parlor is down the street from the famous Don Julio Parrilla, it can be great dessert option after a nice parrilla meal.

Tufic also made it into my list of great cafés to work from in Buenos Aires.

Tufic Instagram – Paletas
Alchemy Instagram


This parlor is where you go to find special flavored ice creams. The whole store has a chemist lab theme with the periodic table as their menu—fun parlor to hang out. Here, you can find exotic flavors like Blue Cheese, Turmeric, Sweet Potato, Avocado with Wasabi (Yes, I am talking ice cream flavors). Having tried a few of them, the flavors are actually very similar to the actual items. And yes, some do taste weird as ice creams.

If you are up for the adventure, go for a try. Furthermore, Alchemy also has many unique alcohol flavors like Heineken, Fernet Cola, Pina Colada, etc.

Daniel’s Helados

Daniel’s Helados has branches around Palermo and Villa Crespo. They have good quality ice creams, and the chocolate-related flavors are what really stand out for me. If you are into sinfully delicious ice cream, definitely check out Dani’s Snicks (snickers) and Chocolate Alfajor. Those are addictive with chunks of goodness in the ice cream.

Daniel Helados Instagram
Dolce Amaretto Instagram

Dolce Amaretto Palermo

There are many individual ice cream parlors in Buenos Aires. Despite passing by Dolce Amaretto multiple times, I have never gotten around to trying it… until I did.

This is a gem with an unassuming storefront. As a big fan of having bits and pieces of stuff in the ice cream, this is what makes Dolce Amaretto for me. The ice creams come with a generous amount of fillings. You get a good serving of chocolate chips in their chocolate ice cream, small cake pieces in Tiramisu. Sometimes you can find big almond chunks in the chocolate almond. Dolce Amaretto comes in at around a mid-price range.

And it seems their signature item is actually the milkshakes.

Grido Helado

Grido Helado is one of those stores with a whole bunch of branches around the city. This is where I go for cheap yet tasty torta helada (ice cream cakes). The Torta Grido is big, delicious, and one of the cheaper ones out there.

Grido Instagram
Goodsten Instagram

Goodsten Creamery

Goodsten’s prices are comparatively higher than other options. They are sort of like Ben’s and Jerry in terms of the product. You can get their ice cream in tubs with flavors like brownie peanut, caramel waffle, cookie mix, amongst others. The creamery also have these small ice cream bites stuffed with fillings and coated with chocolate.




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