Great Cafes to work from in Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Nothing beats a great cup of coffee to kick start your workday. That is why cafes are the work location of choice for many digital nomads. One of the main reasons that Buenos Aires is attractive for nomads is the range of cafes available for selection. Many of these cafes in Buenos Aires are great spots for working and hanging out. 

Most of the cafes I frequent are around Palermo, mainly because they are within proximity of each other. That said, it is easy to switch from one to another if one is too crowded or when I simply want a change of environment. 

Here are some cafes in Buenos Aires that have good internet speed. Upload speed is generally not that fast (below 10mbps) in the city, even for places with excellent internet download speed. 

Some places have regular and high speed internet (2.4 and 5.8GHz). Speed test listed is of the higher speed connection where applicable. Cafe names link to their instagram, this is probably the best way to find out their latest operating status due to Covid

Palermo Soho

Surry Hills Coffee

Surry Hills is one of those cafes in Buenos Aires that you will likely find people busy with their laptops. I have only had coffee there but their breakfast options look fantastic.

I did not really enjoy their hard sofa style chairs. However, they also have regular tables, chairs that are more suitable for working. In addition, there is a bar-style sitting area looking out at the street if you enjoy watching the outside life go by.

Internet Speed (Download/Upload): 50/7 mbps

Google maps: Jorge Luis Borges 1842, C1414 DGF, Buenos Aires

Surry Hills Coffee Instagram
Hacienda Coffee Instagram

Hacienda Coffee

A spacious looking café next to plaza Armenia. Hacienda has a bright and spacious feel, with great coffee and juices for selection. There are many power points across the different tables, and I have never encountered problems with finding a place here.

Internet Speed (Download/Upload): 55/6.5 mbps 

Google Maps: DKO, Armenia 1929, C1414 CABA

Gotran Cherrier

Nice French themed cafe and restaurant right next to the popular Plaza Armenia. They have both indoor, outdoor and rooftop seating. There’s also a small art gallery between the first and second storey. Power sockets are only at the first level seatings as far as I know. Pastries here are awesome.

Internet Speed (Download/Upload): 18.6/4.4 mbps 

Google Maps: Malabia 1805, Buenos Aires

Padre Roasters

Located at the corner of Soler and Jorge Luis Borges, Padre Roasters is comparatively big for a café because it is more of a café bar. Consequently, you get more food and drink options here compared to your usual café. In addition they also open until much later than your typical cafés. If you are looking to go somewhere later in the night, this is a good option. 

Internet Speed (Download/Upload): 89/10 mbps

Google Maps: Jorge Luis Borges 2008, C1425 FFB, Buenos Aires

Padre Roasters Instagram
Libros del Pasaje Instagram

Libros del Pasaje 

For all you bookworms that like to be around books, this is the perfect spot. Libros del Pasaje is a large bookstore with a nice café right inside the store. There is an indoor area and an outdoor shelter area. If book vibes get you more in the zone, this is a great place to hang for a bit. The cafe also has a lunch set and other filling food options so you can be here the whole day.

Internet Speed (Download/Upload): 31/3 mbps

Google Maps: Thames 1762, C1414 DDJ CABA

Dain Usaina Cultural

If you enjoy Libros del Pasaje, Dain Usain will be another great option with a different vibe. Compared to the classic, warm tone at Libros de Pasaje, Dain Usain is a bookstore/event place with a modern, bright tone.

The Internet here is not the fastest internet but there are 3 stories, including a lovely rooftop patio. Sometimes, there are talks held in the café area. Otherwise, it is a relatively quiet space compared to other cafes. The bench in the middle of the room with the sunlight shining through the roof is my favorite spot.

Internet Speed (Download/Upload): 6/6 mbps

 Google Maps: Nicaragua 4899, Buenos Aires

Dain Usina Cultura Instagram
Kajue Cafe Instagram

Coco Boulangerie

Another french inspired bakery cafe with nice ambience. The pastries and coffee here are great There are some seats with power sockets. One problem to note is that ordering is always self service. There’s only 1 counter and usually with queue because takeaways are the same line. So if you are going alone at a busy time, then you might not get a seat. Avoid weekends if you are going alone and there to work, it is too crowded. Internet speed is not very fast but plus points for the food and drinks basically.

Internet Speed (Download/Upload): 10/4.5 mbps

Kajue Cafe

A small café between the famous Don Julio Parrilla place and a huge gym. This is a great place to go if you want to get to know the staff. That said, the staff here are a friendly bunch. Since the cafe is small, you are sure to know them if you visit regularly. 

Internet Speed (Download/Upload): 110/8 mbps

Mulata Cafe

Mulata café is located almost right opposite the street of Kajue Café. You can get very coffee here, and the place can get crowded on weekends. It is not very big. As such, it is best to visit at non-peak hours if you plan to sit down and work.

Internet Speed (Download/Upload): 108/8 mbps

Mutala Cafe Instagram
Dorina Cafe Instagram

Dorina Café

The seating in Dorina Café is pretty standard and suitable for working. However, it is not too common to see people working here with their laptops. The cafe has these thick, fat toasts that are a feast for the eye, and a nice selection of cakes. 

Internet Speed (Download/Upload): 11/3 mbps

Café Flor

Café Flor actually functions more like a coworking space. The cafe charges by time and comes with a free flow of coffee and snacks. Don’t let that fool you though, the coffee here is actually decent. There is also a good variety of seating options for your selection with a meeting table in the basement level.

Google Maps: Thames 1824, C1414 DDL, Buenos Aires  

Palermo Hollywood

Usina Cafetera (Palermo Hollywood)

Usina Cafetera has now opened a branch in Palermo Hollywood and easily ranks in my favorites list. It has a spacious interior with pleasing decor and an outdoor patio as well. The menu is huge, from the regular cafe options to food selections for lunch. There is not a whole lot of power points considering the large space but look out for them along the walls. The internet speed is insanely fast for Argentina standard. I have not found upload speed above 10mbps, and you get 30mbps here.

Internet Speed (Download/Upload): 199/30mbps

Google Maps: Costa Rica 5545

Von Berry House

Situated in Palermo Hollywood, Von Berry House is one of my favorite cafes in Buenos Aires for working. It has nice ambiance, seating, and great coffee. I always go for the almond latte. Von Berry is sort of a combination of a lifestyle store and café. Although the seating area is not big, it has a great setup for working. Moreover, you will often find people with laptops there, so it is quite motivating for hustling. As a bonus, there is a free flow of drinking water.

Internet Speed (Download/Upload): 20/3 mbps

Google Maps: Fitz Roy 2192, C1425FVB CABA

Vonberry Instagram
Cuervo Cafe Instagram

Cafe Registrado(Palermo Hollywood)

Spacious cafe in Palermo Hollywood and nearby great restaurants. Good place for coffee and work after lunch. Menu prices here are slightly higher but popular place with good crowd. There are plugs at the booth seating, which might take some effort to plug in due to the table design, but there are also a couple of other seats with power sockets.

Internet Speed (Download/Upload): 84/8mbps

Google Maps: Costa Rica 5901, C1414 BTK, Buenos Aires

Café Cuervo

There are 2 Café Cuervos in Palermo, one in Soho and the other in Hollywood. The branch in Soho is very small, so go to the one in Hollywood if you want to sit and work. In all honesty, the one in Hollywood isn’t extremely big either. Nonetheless, you will always find people working there, and it is not uncommon to find all the seats taken up.

It can be a good option if you are alone. Apart from the long table by the window, their tables are small for 2 or more laptops. I’m not a big fan of the seating options available. However, their cheese croissant is to die for. And when it comes to coffee, many have claimed that this is one of best cafes in Buenos Aires.

Internet Speed (Download/Upload): 40/5 mbps

Knowhere Collectables Café

If being around action figurines makes you more productive, then Knowhere Cafe is where you want to go. This is a collectables store with all sorts of collectable figurines from Marvel Superheroes to Japanese Anime, and a cafe. The cafe area on the ground floor is not huge but most of the seats by the wall has power points. There is also an open terrace with more seats (but no power sockets here) on the second floor, watched over by a huge raptor.

Internet Speed (Download/Upload): 42.5/9 mbps

 Honduras 5720, C1414 CABA

Vive Cafe Instagram
LAB Coffee Instagram

Vive Café

If Cuervo is out of seats, Vive Café nearby is a good option as well. Vive café is a small rustic cafe with a cozy vibe. If you like a more local and homely décor, this might be your kind of place. 

Internet Speed (Download/Upload): 55/5.5 mbps

 C1414BTH, Costa Rica 5722, C1414BTH CABA

LAB American Coffee

The cafe is located on a relatively quiet street in Palermo Hollywood. It is both a café and a training school, so you can get good coffee here. It is not a huge space. The second level has a large table, great for working with power sockets hanging from the top. You will know what I mean when you check it out.

Internet Speed (Download/Upload): 39/5 mbps

Google Maps: Humboldt 1542, C1414 CTN, Buenos Aires

Other Areas

Santal Café

If you are looking to get out of Palermo, Santal café is a good option with excellent brunch options. The cafe is located near Belgrano. The layout is interesting, with a variety of seating options. Not all are suitable for working, but there are some good ones. It is relatively big and also has an outdoor area.

Internet Speed (Download/Upload): 73/10 mbps

Santal Cafe Instagram
Big Rabbit Coffee Instagram

Big Rabbit Coffee

The Cafe is situated in Belgrano, opposite the spacious public park – Barrancas de Belgrano and Belgrano C station. There are not many power points in the cafe, but they have a good selection of pastries and drinks. Big Rabbit gets very crowded on weekends, so avoid working there on weekends.

Internet Speed (Download/Upload): 53/6 mbps

All Saints Café 

All Saints Cafe has a few branches. I have visited the ones in Juramento and Alto Palermo mall. Both locations have a good supply of power sockets. The one in Alto Palermo has standard seating in a bright modern setup, while the Juramento outlet has more seat varieties and a charming ambience. For the Alto Palermo one, you should use the wifi from the Williamsburg Burger Place sharing the same space.

Juramento Internet Speed (Download/Upload): 35.5/7.5 mbps

Google Maps: Cdad. de La Paz 2300, C1428 CABA

Google Maps: Alto Palermo, Av. Santa Fe 3253, C1425 CABA

All Saints Cafe Instagram
Malvon Instagram

Meli Melo

Located in Belgrano, Meli Melo has both great food and drinks. It is usually crowded around lunch time. There are two levels and almost all the seats have an access to a power plug. The seat variety is also great ranging from sofa seating, tall tables and a nice long desk up on the second floor.

Internet Speed (Download/Upload): 14.3/4 mbps


Located in Villa Crespo, Malvon is a restaurant café worth checking out. Food here is great, there are healthy option and they have fantastic coffee and big cakes. The place has a very charming old school interior, and a great outdoor space. Some of the seatings are not ideal for sitting for too long but there are a variety of options.

Internet Speed (Download/Upload): 54/6 mbps

Google Maps: Alto Palermo, Av. Santa Fe 3253, C1425 CABA


Another good working spot in Villa Crespo is Mazzo Cafe. The food is decent and their daily lunch set is quite a bang for buck. You get an appetizer, main course, dessert and drink for an affordable price. The restaurant cafe is not big but there is a sheltered outdoor patio, an interior space and a small 2nd level platform for selection. The staff here is young and very friendly. There are power points along the wall so look out for them if you need to charge your machine.

Internet Speed (Download/Upload): 53/6 mbps

Google Maps: Gurruchaga 707, C1414DHO CABA

Pltz @ Bosque de Palermo

Located at the famous train arch, right next to the Bosque de Palermo, you will find Pltz (prononced Platz). They have both indoor and outdoor seatings. The good thing about this place is that their outdoor seatings have power sockets, and internet speed is very fast.

Internet Speed (Download/Upload): 141/12.68 mbps

Ocio SnackBar

Old school cafe place at a corner in Las Canitas. This is the typical place where locals come get their breakfast and merienda. Couldn’t even find their instagram (if they have one). Crazy fast internet for Argentina and the seating is good. There are also power sockets are some tables.

Internet Speed (Download/Upload): 211/33 mbps

Google Maps: Arce 499, C1426 BSE, Buenos Aires

Tiempo de Café

If you prefer a more modern cafe, not far from Ocio is Tiempo de Cafe. Spacious, clean design with lots of natural light. Good amount of power plugs around the place. Staff is great and they have a big menu, so there are lots of options.

Internet Speed (Download/Upload): 84.5/5.19 mbps

Google Maps: Soldado de la Independencia 503, C1426 CABA

Cafe Urbano

Finding yourself all the way in Villa Uruquiza? There are some nice cafes around the area. Urbano is popular among locals as I always see people here. Lots of seats and great natural light. There are a good amount of power plugs, the sockets are on the floor for the seats next to the window.

Internet Speed (Download/Upload): 109/10 mbps

Google Maps: Donado 1901, C1430 DRL, Buenos Aires

Tonico Cafe

Relatively new cafe in the Recoleta area. The interior design is modern and spacious, one that I am a sucker of. There’s not a lot of seating though but you can still find a few seats with power points. The menu is not big but the food and drinks are good.

Internet Speed (Download/Upload): 59/29 mbps

Google Maps: Riobamba 1173, C1116 CABA

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