24 Interesting Castles In Texas, TX

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When it comes to places with castles, Texas will most likely not be the first place to come to mind. There are many other things that Texas is known for. Nevertheless, there are actually many castles in Texas. And these castles have stories and history woven around them.

Many of the castles in Texas were built in the Victorian era as residences for families. Here are some interesting Texas castles by regions that you can visit the next time you are in town.

Galveston, Texas Castles

Gresham House – A Historical Landmark Castle In Texas

This castle is also known as the Bishop’s Palace. Now a National Historic Landmark in Galveston, Texas, it was originally built for Colonel Gresham and his wife in 1887. The Colonel was one of the members of the Texas Legislature.

The castle was fashioned after the Victorian-style houses. You can visit Bishop Palace anytime in the year, and see the well-maintained interior of the Texas castle.

Trube Castle – A Victorian Castle In Texas

Trube Castle is one of the Texas castles located in Galveston, Texas. It was fashioned after castles were built in the Victorian era. It was built in 1890 by Architect Alfred Muller.

In the past, Trube Castle has been used for different purposes. It has been a private home, it has served as a bed and breakfast to mention a few. Today, you can stay there for a getaway weekend, rent it out for an event, or tour it by appointment.

The Trube Castle is more than 7000 square, has over twenty rooms, and features an observation deck with the most scenic views. It is one castle in Texas you should visit.

Pignataro Castle – A Mysterious Castle In Texas

There are many stories surrounding the history of this Texas castle. Nevertheless, one story that has stuck to this day is that John Christensen’s wife built it in the 1930s. The castle is located in Santa Fe, TX.

The Pignataro Castle is a Spanish villa-style castle. Sculptures in front of the castle were created by the Pignataro family. These days it is privately owned but hikers like to explore near the castle.

Austin, Texas Castles

Falkenstein Castle – The Most Popular Castle In Texas

Of all the Texas castles, the Falkenstein castle is the most popular. This gigantic castle sits on more than 130 acres of land and is enclosed in plenty of lush trees. The story around its construction is amazing.

When Terry Young visited Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany with his wife, he saw sketches for another castle Falkenstein. These sketches were drawn up in 1869 for King Ludwig of Bavaria. Terry Young got the plan and built his version in 1996.

Today, the castle is still owned by Terry Young and his wife. You can rent out this beautiful castle in Texas for your wedding or special event. You can also stay there overnight.

Elisabet Ney Museum – A Sculpture’s Texas Castle

This is one of the famous castles in Texas. It was bought by a sculptor, Elisabet Ney, and was used as her art studio. She passed away in 1907 but her friends ensured that the studio was well maintained.

Elisabet Ney is well known for her sculptures and portraits of famous and influential people. Some of these people include Stephen F. Austin, King Ludwig II of Bavaria, and Sam Houston. The Texas Fine Arts Association was founded in her memory.

Today, this cream-colored castle in Dallas, Texas, is now a museum. You can take a tour of the museum, you can host special events, or take classes. Elisabet Ney Museum is also called Formosa.

Pemberton Castle – A Movie’s Texas Castle

This is one of the prominent Texas castles located in Austin, TX. This castle initially started as a water tower in the 1890s and was built in 1926. Pemberton Castle was featured in the 1994 film, Blank Check and was once the sales office for the Pemberton Heights neighborhood.

The walls of this castle are covered in ivy, and the structure is made of solid limestone. The once simple farmland neighborhood is now one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in America.

290 Wine Castle – A Texas Beacon

Have you seen a stone castle that glistens in the day? Well, the 290 castle is one such castle. It is hands down one of the most spectacular castles in Texas. This castle is home to one of the best selections of wines made right there at the castle by top wine craftsmen from Europe.

The castle has a secret wine selection that people from all over the country go there for. You can book for an incredible wine-tasting adventure and its food pairing. You can also drop by for its food offerings and popular wine.

The General Land Office Castle – A Texas Government Building

This Texas castle has certain credits that make it stand out. It is the oldest government building in the city and also the first building made by a university-educated architect.

Built in 1857, the castle is the current site of many museums. Although it is still called the General Land Office Castle, it stopped housing offices in 1917.

Today, this castle is the Capitol’s Visitor’s Center. If you want to know about the history of Texas and its role as a state, you can visit the General Land Office Castle.


San Antonio, Texas Castles

Castle Avalon – A Secluded Texas Castle

Named after the British Legend of Avalon, this castle is indeed a king’s delight. It has one of the best architectural structures of all the castles in Texas. It has high towers, huge balconies, a ballroom, and windows that are stained glass.

If you want to host a fairy tale event, Castle Avalon is where you should head to. Whether you want an indoor event or an outdoor event, it is the perfect location for both. Castle Avalon is located in New Braunfels, a satellite city of San Antonio, Texas.

Maverick Carter House – A Nineteenth-Century Dream

There are hardly any 19th Century houses left in San Antonio, yet Maverick Carter stands tall. It was designed by Alfred Giles and was built for William H. Maverick, a real estate investor.

The Carter Family received the home in 1914 and has occupied it since then. These days, they use it to host educational events and special parties. The castle is a Texas Historical Landmark.

Dallas, Texas Castles

Old Red Museum Castle – A Grand Castle In Texas

This castle was originally constructed as a government building, the Old Red Courthouse in 1892. Today, it houses a lot of exhibits that celebrate the history and cultural heritage of Dallas. Every year, new exhibits are added to the Old Red Museum collection.

Even though it has undergone a lot of renovations, the bones, structure, and classical appeal of this Texas castle have been preserved. It has an iconic 90-foot tower, over a hundred stained glass windows, and is built with solid red bricks which makes it stand out.

The Castle At Rockwall – Straight From The Storybook

This castle in Texas looks like it came right out of a fairy tale. It is an ideal venue for weddings and has a royal and charming feel about it. The Castle at Rockwall sits on a ten-acre land and the building itself is 8000 square feet wide.

As one of the most popular castles in Texas for weddings, the Castle at Rockwall has six uniquely designed suites famously known as The Chambers. These suites have massage showers, well-decorated sitting areas, and large beds. The Castle at Rockwall is in a class of its own.


Fort Worth, Texas Castles

The Whiting Castle – A Haunted Texas Castle

Have you heard of or seen a haunted castle and how it’s abandoned? There are lots of stories about the castle being hunted. Perhaps it is the hunted castle we’ve all been looking for.

The Whiting Castle is also known as the Lake Worth Castle. It is 6500 square feet in size and is located around Heron Bay. Whiting Castle was built in the 1920s and has always been owned privately.

Over the years, a plethora of famous people has spent nights in the castle. Some of these people include Jimmy Stewart and Dwight D. Eisenhower. Over time, the castle has also gone through multiple fires which have been damaging to the structure.

Texas Pythian Home – A Castle For Honor And Service

The Texas Pythian Home is also called the Castle on the Hill. It is a Texas castle that offers honorable acts of service. The home is a haven for children and ensures that they are well taken care of.

The Texas Pythian Home was founded on the 1st of March, 1909. It was built by the Knights of Pythias for the care of widows and orphans. The famous Castle on the Hill was built on 164 acres of donated land in Weatherford, about 30 miles from Fort Worth, Texas.

Lake Worth Castle – An Investor’s Ambition

The Lake Worth Castle was built in the 1920s and has always been owned privately. This castle is located near Heron Bay and is owned by private investors.

Over the years, a plethora of famous people have spent nights in the castle. Some of these people include Jimmy Stewart and Dwight D. Eisenhower. Over time, the castle has also gone through multiple fires which have been damaging to the structure.

Parson’s Castle – A New Castle In Texas

Parson’s castle is located at County Road, Clifton, Texas. Even though it grand ancient look about it, it is one of the newly built Texas castles. Parson’s castle was completed in 2018 and is a couple of miles from Fort Worth, Texas.

The building has the most charming lake views. You can privately book Parson’s castle for your special events. If you need the once-in-a-lifetime experience, you can book their bridal suite for you and your lover for an intimate newlywed treat.

Greystone Castle – A Rancher’s Solace

If you are interested in a ranch-style castle with all its perks like bird and game hunting, then the Greystone castle is for you. The castle and ranch has a total of 6000 ground areas and offers trophy bass fishing.

When you visit the Greystone Castle, you enjoy safari-style tours, nature trails, mountain biking, water sports, or even take cowboy cooking classes. If you love to hunt, you can go there for some recreational shooting. Greystone Castle is located in Mingus, a little city about 65 miles from Fort Worth, Texas.

Bellville, Texas Castles

Austin County Jail Castle – A Prisoner’s Nightmare

As the name implies, this castle was once a prison for inmates. It is a landmark in Bellevue, Texas. Austin County Jail Castle is a two-story red brick building.

You can visit it on Saturdays between 11 am and 3 pm; make sure to double-check the opening hours before your visit as they can change. When you visit the castle, you will be given an orientation by a museum volunteer, you will be told about the building of the castle, and how the inmates lived and you will have access to educational exhibits the castle offers.

Newman’s Castle – A Texas Treasure

The Newman’s Castle has a medieval feel to it. The architecture of the castle is superb and decked out. It has a 3000-pound drawbridge which is still functional to this day, a moat, a courtyard with five turrets, a portcullis, and a bakery.

You can visit Newman’s Castle as it offers tours six times a week. However, you would have to make reservations ahead of time. Tours at the Newman’s Castle come with lunch.

Other Beautiful Castles in Texas

Shelby County Courthouse Castle – An Irish Castle In Texas, Center

Everything about the Shelby County Courthouse Castle is unique. It is the Irish-style castle in the USA and the more than 2 million bricks it was built with were handmade by J.J.E Gibson, an Irish architect. The castle was built in 1885.

The Shelby County Courthouse Castle is one of the most peculiar castles in Texas. It has twelve red brick towers, fireplaces in the bathrooms (yes, you heard that right), a door in the front hallway which you can only open from inside and wait for it, and an escape hatch near the judge’s chair.

Cottonland Castle – A Texas Glory, Waco

When it comes to Texas castles that have a lot of history, you can confidently mention the Cottonland Castle. The castle was initially built in the early 1900s by John Tennant. He was a stone contractor and it was his residence.

After some years, it became the home of Ripley Hannick, a cotton broker. However, the Cottonland Castle was abandoned in 1907. A businessman named Alfred Abeel bought the home in 1913 but it fell into disrepair years later.

Today, the Cottonland Castle is owned by the owners of Magnolia Farm in Waco, Chip, and Joanna Gaines. The three-story has eight fireplaces and a tower. The interior accents and designs of the Cottonland Castle were brought in from all over the world.

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Captain Charles Schreiner Mansion – A Texas Ranger’s Castle, Kerrville

This historical landmark was built in 1879 by Captain Charles Schreiner. Schreiner was a Texas ranger, a rancher, a merchant, and a Confederate State Army Veteran. This castle is now known as the Schreiner University’s Hill Country Museum.

The features of this stunning two-story castle include six bedrooms and a lot of German and Italian elements throughout the house. You can privately rent it for your special event.

Brown County Museum Castle – An Architectural Piece, Brownwood

This is one Texas castle that was built through a manual and laborious process. It was constructed with a lot of hard work and sweat for eighteen months. As a structure built in the early 1900s, builders had to manually assemble the thick sandstone slabs.

The Brown County Museum Castle is a four-story building that was once a jail and also the home of the county’s sheriff. The castle has been a museum since the 1980s.

Darrell Wolcott’s Castle – An Old Texas Castle, Jefferson

Located in Jefferson, Darrell Wolcott Castle has a quiet and peaceful surrounding. It has a vintage feel to it and is an old castle.

It was once a library used for studying Wales’s ancient history. Named after the president of Wales, it was a monumental building in history. However, it is not particularly well known these days.

Magic Fun House Castle – A Fun Texas Castle, Rowlett

If you are looking for castles in Texas where you can have an enjoyable experience, then the Magic Fun House Castle is for you. The castle is located in Rowlett, Texas. It is an exciting place to let down your hair and have a great time.

The Magic Fun Castle structure covers a wide range of buildings and towers. You can always visit it for an adventure. You can rent it out if you want a birthday party with magic and trick.

The inside of the castle is splendid. It has a lot of magical displays and artifacts. It is indeed a Texas castle you should visit if you want to have fun.

Discovering Amazing Castles In Texas

There are so many castles in Texas that you can visit for a great time. Each of these castles has its own story, history, and appeal. They are all unique in their own ways. You can learn about the different cultures, art, and architecture when you visit these castles in Texas.




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