14 Beautiful Castles In Colorado

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There are many castles around the world and Colorado is no exception. The castles in Colorado have their own unique stories and history. The great thing is you can still visit some of these Colorado castles.

The castles built in Colorado give you an insight into the architecture of the era they were built. You get to learn the history of the structure and the way of life of the people. Although often overshadowed by other famous landmarks in Colorado, these castles is a great way to learn about Colorado’s history.

Here is a list of the interesting Colorado castles you can visit on your next trip, and dive into their stories.

Colorado Springs, Colorado Castles

Glen Eyrie Castle – A Love Nest In Colorado

If you want to visit a castle built around love stories like in fairy tales, Glen Eyrie Castle is for you. Also known as the Palmer Castle, General William J Palmer built it for his wife. Glen Eyrie Castle is located in Colorado Springs and was built in 1872.

This palatial structure is one of the largest castles in Colorado. The castle grounds are about 800 acres. The building itself has 17 rooms and 24 fireplaces, and the great hall takes up about 2000 square feet.

The castle is considered a romantic spot because of the love story around it. You can visit Glen Eyrie Castle when next you visit Colorado and partake in one of its famous tea parties. You can also take a tour of the place and see the conference center and retreat built there.

Miramont Castle – An Architectural Wonderland In Colorado

This is one of the Colorado castles with the best architectural design. The Miramont Castle has nine different architectural designs from different cultures and periods. Now, that’s truly wild!

The Miramont Castle was built in 1895 by Father Jean Baptiste Francolon. It is a 14000 square feet mansion with 40 rooms. It is located in Manitou Springs.

The amazing architecture of the castle carries on into the design of the rooms. The interiors feature eight-sided and sixteen-sided rooms with Victorian furnishings.

The story behind the building of the castle is interesting. It is reported that the Father who built the castle was worried about the troubles in France. He reportedly built the castle as a haven for people and that’s why the castle has many compartments and escape routes.

However, three years after building it, Father Francolon left the castle because of a scandal. The Historical Society of Manitou Springs bought the castle in 1976. Today it is used as a museum.

You can visit Miramont Castle any day of the week to check out 30 rooms in the castle. You can also enjoy the hot tea served in the tearoom and the Victorian fare served daily. It is also relatively wheelchair friendly, there are chairlifts you can use for easy access to different areas in the castle.


Denver, Colorado Castles

Castle Marne – A Breakfast Nook In Colorado

Castle Marne is one of the Colorado castles located in Denver. It was built for Williams Raymond in 1889 and designed by William Lang. Two years after it was built, William Raymond sold the castle.

The castle was bought and resold for a couple of years till 1918 when Adele Van Cise bought it. Her son was reportedly named Castle Marne. Today, the castle is on the US National Register of Historic Places.

The stunning castle features eight bedrooms and private hot tubs. The castle was a bread and breakfast site for over 30 years and hosted lots of dinners and weddings. Castle Marne was sold to private owners in 2019.

Richtofen Castle – A Hand-carved Colorado Castle

This castle was built in 1886 for Baron Walter von Richtofen and was designed by Alexander Cazin. The structure was built in a Romanesque Revival design out of hand-carved rhyolite. It is one of the Colorado castles on the National Register of Historic Places.

The castle is 15000 square feet, it has leaded glass, and stone gargoyles and has 35 rooms. Richtofen castle is currently a privately owned property, you cannot visit it.

Dunafon Castle – A Hidden Colorado Castle

This is a breathtaking castle usually missed by people because of its location. The castle is tucked away in the mountains near Idledale and is 15 miles from Denver. It was built in 1941 and has scenic views of Bear Creek.

These castle grounds are about 140 acres, with several walkways, it has three trout ponds, and a garden. The castle is privately owned, and the owners usually host charity benefits and special events on the castle grounds. From May till October, you can book the garden for weddings.

Westminster Castle – A University Castle In Colorado

Popularly known as the Big Red Castle, this castle is one of the historic landmark Colorado castles. It was initially built as the Westminster University in 1892. However, it is currently used as a classroom for the Belleview Christian Schools.

The Westminster Castle is located very close to Denver. It is also known as the Pillar of Fire because Bishop White of the White nationalist Pillar of Fire Church bought it in 1920. The castle was built with sandstone from red rocks and has a 175-foot tower.

You can visit this beautiful castle in Colorado. You can always book an appointment to take a tour of the structure and learn about its history.

Cherokee Ranch And Castle – A Treasured Colorado Castle

This is one of the largest castles in Colorado, its grounds are about 3400 acres of land. The building of the castle started in 1924 and was completed in 1926. It is located in Sedalia and is less than 30 miles from Denver.

The castle is more than just a beautiful structure. It is one of the Colorado castles that celebrate Arts. The castle is well known for the beautiful art, sculptures, rare books, antiques, and painting it has inside. You can take guided tours, view the art collection, or even attend its art events.


South Broadway Christian Church – A Place Of Solace In Colorado

This is one of the castles in Colorado with a special history. It goes back to the summer of 1888 when John Sutton’s wife Henrietta was injured severely from a fall. Rev. Bayard Craig, the pastor of their church, the Southern Christian Church, became a source of comfort to the Sutton family during that difficult time till Henrietta passed away.

A year later, Rev Craig resigned from the church and was in the process of moving to a church in California. However, Mr. Sutton wanted to honor his wife and told Rev Craig about his plans. He said he would donate $12000 if Rev Craig started a Church in the South Broadway area.

The Rev prayed about it and accepted. The church was formed on the 16th of January, 1890, and was named The South Broadway Christian Church. The cornerstone of the church was laid on the 28th of June, 1891, and Mrs. Henrietta Sutton’s bible was laid beneath the stone. John Sutton went ahead and donated all his assets to the new church. He lived in the tower of the church till he died in 1901.

Today, the South Broadway Christian Church is a historical landmark in Denver. The architectural design of the church makes it one of the castles in Colorado. The church has a 70-foot tall bell tower, and lots of stained glass windows, and the building is clad in rhyolite stone.

The church is dedicated to giving back to the local community. It organizes lots of events and makes donations to the community. You can visit the church anytime you take a trip to Colorado.

The Brown Palace – A Historical Structure In Colorado

Though it is not exactly a castle, The Brown Palace Hotel and Spa is in no way inferior to any of the castles in Colorado with all its grandeur. The hotel was named after its founder Henry Cordes Brown, an entrepreneur from Ohio. This monumental building was built in 1888 and has played many functions in Colorado’s history.

The Brown Palace Hotel cost about $2 million to build in 1888 and is well known as the hotel Titanic survivor Molly Brown stayed two weeks after its sinking. The hotel was built on a triangle-shaped land and stands at 143 feet.

The Brown Palace Hotel has lots of proper high teas and has some of the best holiday light displays you will ever see. The hotel also hosts a yearly showing of The National Western Stock Show’s Grand Champion Steer. It is one of the most luxurious hotels in Colorado.

The hotel has had a lot of VIPs in it including Taylor Swift, the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, President Dwight E. Eisenhower, and Jon Bon Jovi to mention a few. The railings around the atrium of the hotel are made up of 736 iron panels and the hotel has 243 guest rooms.

When you stay at the Brown Palace Hotel, you get terry robes and pure artesian water from its well. The hotel has six restaurants and bars in it. It also has a beautiful spa and a 20000 square feet meeting space.

You can take a guided historical tour of the hotel at 3 pm on Wednesdays and Saturdays. However, if you are an overnight guest at the hotel, you will get a free tour. Ensure you visit the hotel whenever you are in Denver Colorado.

Falcon Castle – A Spectacular Ruin In Colorado

Falcon Castle is one of the ruined castles in Colorado. Although it is a shadow of its previous glory, it still attracts a lot of attention to this day. The castle is located in Morrison, a town very close to Denver.

The castle was built by John Brisben Walker in 1909. Its downfall began when it was destroyed by fire in 1918. It is a major trail for hikers in Colorado.

The castle was supposed to serve as the summer home of President Woodrow Wilson but it was never completed. You can go on a hike to visit the ruin of the castle. It can also serve as a day outdoors in Colorado for you.

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Pueblo, Colorado Castle

Bishop Castle – One Man’s Dedication

Bishop Castle is one of the cottage-style castles in Colorado. It has a unique architectural design and – wait for it – a dragon at the top of the castle!

The castle was bought and built by just one man – Jim Bishop. He bought the land for $450 in 1969 and only wanted to build a cottage. However, he kept working on it until he built this unique castle.

The castle was built by about 60 and looks like something from a storybook. The features of the castle include grand ballrooms and bridges with miles of vistas. The tower of the castle is 160 feet high.

Bishop’s Castle is located in San Isabel National Forest, Rye. You are welcome to visit this unique Colorado castle any time. Nevertheless, you can check the castle’s website for more information on visiting the castle.

Aspen, Colorado Castle

Redstone Castle – A Beautiful Castle In Colorado

The Redstone Castle is one of the Colorado castles listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The castle is also known as Cleveholm or Osgood Castle. It was built in 1903 for John C Osgood.

The castle is located in Redstone, near the city of Aspen. It is a large castle in Colorado and its grounds are about 150 acres. The building itself is a three-story structure and has 42 rooms.

The castle has a stick-style architectural design. Today, Redstone Castle is used as a boutique hotel. Whenever you take a trip to Colorado, you can visit the castle and take a guided tour of the castle.


Conejos County, Colorado Castle

Cano Castle – A Peculiar Colorado Castle

This is hands down one of the most peculiar castles in Colorado, and we will tell you why. The castle is built out of beer cans, metal refuse, and other materials. Cano castle was single-handedly built by Donald Cano Espinoza as gratitude for not dying during the Vietnam war.

It has four towers that are called the king, the queen, the rook, and the palace. The structure of the castle was fashioned after Vitamin Mary Jane and Jesus. Cano Castle is located in Antonito, Colorado.

You can visit Cano Castle and see its peculiar decorations made from metal. You can also take a tour of the castle when you visit.

Summit County, Colorado Castle

Dillon Ice Castles – A Winter Colorado Castle

These are ice castles constructed every year in the town of Dillon, Colorado. They are man-made with hundreds of thousands of icicles. The Ice castles feature frozen thrones, slides for the kids, tunnels, LED-lit sculptures, and much more.

Dillon ice castles welcome people of all ages every winter. You can visit the castles every winter alone or with your kids. Ensure you take lots of pictures of yourself and your little ones as you have a great time there.

The Colorado castles are fun places you can visit. You can take a tour of the castle, learn about their history and how they contribute to their city, celebrate your event there, view their art collection, and have a great time. One thing is sure about visiting the castles in Colorado, it will be an occasion you will always remember.

Discovering Unique Castles In Colorado 

Despite not being one of the things Colorado is known for, the castles in Colorado are stunning and diverse. They provide great opportunities for a trip back in time or just fun family activities. Whether you’re looking to explore the castles’ history and architecture or simply enjoy their beauty and winter features, these Colorado castles are worth taking a look into and visiting.




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