21 Famous Landmarks In Colorado, CO To Visit

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Family-friendly and action-packed recreational activities abound in Colorado. You can create a treasured memory for yourself by exploring the famous landmarks in Colorado. The state has everything you could want for your next trip, including world-famous attractions like one of the state’s many mountain peaks and beach resorts like Breckenridge.

Colorado has some superb landmarks, which greatly add to the state’s standing as one of the top outdoor vacation spots in the globe. Colorado is a no-brainer to visit if you enjoy outdoor tourism. Here are some of the most famous landmarks in Colorado you can discover.

Most Famous Landmarks In Colorado, USA

Breckenridge Troll

The Breckenridge Troll should be on your choice of must-see Colorado landmarks if you’re looking for the state’s most well-known attractions. This amusing artifact is located close to Breckenridge’s center. The region is well-known as a summertime adventure and trekking venue. But a troll is hiding in the surrounding forest close to the city center.

The Isak Hearthstone Breckenridge Troll, created by the renowned sculptor Thomas Dambo, is a no-cost monument. To emphasize the need for conservation, the artist makes trolls out of leftover wood. It used to be next to a community, but as it grew in popularity in Colorado, it had to be moved to where it is now.

Walking from downtown will lead you to the Breckenridge Troll. However, taking the free bus from Breckenridge’s downtown is a more convenient option. It is advised to begin in the city because there isn’t much space at the trailhead. A short 0.25-mile stroll will take you to the troll whenever you reach the trailhead. The Breckenridge Troll is one of the best intriguing sights to explore out of the many landmarks in Colorado.


Million-Dollar Highway

A road trip around Colorado landmarks won’t be complete without experiencing the feeling of The Million Dollar Highway. The amazing vista from Red Mountain Pass, Uncompahgre Gorge, Idarado Mine, Animas River, and Twilight Mountain are just a few of the notable locations along the route.

Although this section of highway boasts vistas worth a million dollars, one of the architects gave it that name because they estimated it would cost a million dollars to develop. The Million Dollar Highway winds it via San Juan hills for approximately twenty-three miles, with several hairpin bends.

Chatfield State Park

Among the most well-known landmarks in Colorado is Chatfield State Park. Visitors seeking a spot to cool down go to this nature reserve, which is situated in the Chatfield Reservoir. The expansive sandy beach is the perfect place to set up your slice of luxury and have a feast by the water. This is one of the many popular beaches in Colorado.

Another popular activity at this Colorado landmark is fishing off the beach. There are walleye, rainbow trout, carp, and redfish in the surrounding waters. With a sizable dog park with areas for your dogs to swim, Chatfield State Park has you and your four-legged companions in consideration.


Pike’s Peak Train

Out of many scenic landmarks of Colorado is Pikes Peak. The railway was built in 1891 after budding entrepreneur Zalmon Simmons traveled up the mountain on a mule. He was so inspired by the breathtaking vistas that he felt a train was necessary to get down the mountain. In May 2021, the train was reintroduced after undergoing a hundred million dollar rehabilitation effort.

The Manitou terminal has the picture and ambiance of a mining settlement from the 19th century, but it also boasts 21st-century amenities including an elevated walkway and a souvenir store.

Pikes Peak, a Monument Landmark and the ancestral home of the Ute tribe, is a granite peak sculpted by glaciers in ancient times. Manitou Springs Pikes Peak Cog Railway can be found at 515 Ruxton Ave.

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Famous Landmarks In Denver, Colorado


Red Rocks, Denver, CO

Red Rocks stand out among the several natural and artistic landmarks of Colorado. Probably everyone who enjoys live music and has ever considered traveling to Colorado is aware of Red Rocks Amphitheater.

This enormous open-air auditorium is carved into the rock formation in Morrison, Colorado, only ten miles southwest of Denver. It not only produces an impressive scenic impression but also excellent acoustics.

The natural auditorium is thought to have formed over 200 million years ago. Denver purchased the site in the 1920s, and the area was expanded to become what it is today. Huge rocks protrude up and down from the stage’s right and left, while a sizable rock protrusion rises beside the theater.

This location, which can accommodate over 9,500 attendees, is undoubtedly one of the most well-known public entertainment venues in the state. It is regarded as one of the top attractions to visit in Denver.

The facility has featured concerts by a variety of well-known musicians, including The Beatles and famous opera singers. But there are other reasons to visit Red Rocks as well. Numerous activities, such as Yoga on the Rocks and Movies on the Rocks, take place frequently in the summer.

The Stanley Hotel

The famous Stanley Hotel appears to be shining flashlights over the Colorado alpine hamlet of Estes Park. Since it opened its doors to guests in 1909, this opulent hotel is credited with establishing Estes Park’s reputation. The Stanley Hotel was in the wreckage in the 1970s, but after spending one night there, renowned novelist Stephen King was motivated to develop The Shining.

The Stanley Hotel was highlighted in the television show based on this book and assisted in bringing it back to its former splendor. Denver International Airport makes it reasonably simple to travel to the Stanley Hotel, which is only an hour outside of Denver.

Visiting this Colorado landmark is among the biggest attractions to explore in Estes Park. On your visit to Estes Park, you have the option of staying there or joining one of the hotel’s tours.

Both a boisterous night cruise and a supervised historical trip are available at The Stanley Hotel. Because of the hotel’s eerie activities, the boisterous night cruise is undoubtedly the most popular.

Summit Lake Park

One attraction that must not be overlooked out of the landmarks of Colorado is Summit Lake Park, which is situated along the Mount Evans Detour Route. One of the best specimens of an Arctic Tundra may be seen in this picnic area, which is also North America’s top metropolis.

With its expansive fauna and forest covering more than one hundred and fifty acres, Summit Lake Park is a great location for hiking and wildlife viewing. Though Summit Lake Park is just around sixty miles from Denver, Colorado, do not assume that you must travel too far from civilization to experience all that the park has to offer.

Famous Landmarks In Durango, Colorado

Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railway

A charming town with everything, Durango is located in southwest Colorado. It can be regarded as the best city out of the myriad landmarks of Colorado in southwest Colorado. The community takes great pleasure in its Old West heritage and works hard to present that heritage to its numerous tourists.

The historic Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railway line, which connects the two cities, is among its biggest attractions. During the period Durango was established in 1882, the train was finished. The rail trip, which is a National Historic Landmark in Colorado, has been named the nicest serene train trip.

The gorgeous San Juan Forest is crossed by the railroad as it travels between the two cities in western Colorado. The historical narration that goes along with the spectacular sights from the train’s windows makes it even more enjoyable.

The historic Statler Hotel is a great spot to stay when in Durango. The Statler Hotel was established in 1887 and has always welcomed visitors. In Durango, lodging at the Statler Hotel is more than just a place to spend the night; it’s an adventure.


Cliff Palace

Cliff Palace is the biggest and most well-known cliff home. The Ancestral Puebloan inhabitants constructed their residences, warehouses, and ceremonial places in cubbies that were already present in the cliffs more than 700 years ago. They grazed on the pinnacle of the mesas and then stepped into their houses using hands and footholds they had dug into the sheer cliff surface.

Cliff Palace, while not being a palace, was given that name due to its grandeur. At their best, the 23 kivas, or spherical ceremonial chambers, which have a hundred and fifty compartments, can accommodate roughly a hundred guests. About CE 1300, the location was uninhabited. Nobody can exactly explain why. In the 1880s, it was revived.

A portion of the area has been reconstructed. When in bloom, you can take a supervised tour of it with a ranger. Although it is more accessible than the majority of the homes in the nature reserve, you will still require considerable transport to get there because you must descend and then ascend upstairs.

Because of the abundance of beautifully maintained cliff houses there, Mesa Verde National Park has been designated out of the top landmarks of Colorado as a UNESCO World Heritage Monument. Colorado’s southwest region is where the park is located. To reach there, you’ll need a car. Durango is the closest major city.


Famous Natural Landmarks In Colorado

Colorado National Reserve

Near Grand Highway, Colorado, there is a nature reserve called Colorado National Monument. On the picturesque circle drive, you may see notable geological features from your vehicle, including sandstone towers, red rocky outcrops, deep gorges, and more. This road’s 23 miles of pavement make it easily accessible.

Both road and mountain motorcyclists can visit Colorado National Monument. You will be in awe of the surroundings whether you are riding or motoring. Exploring Colorado landmarks like the National Monument is a great and breathtaking experience.


Mount Sneffel

One of the most iconic natural landmarks in Colorado is Mount Sneffels, the highest summit of the Sneffels Range. Among Colorado’s most beautiful mountains, the mountain is found in the Mount Sneffels Backcountry in the Uncompahgre National Forest in Ouray State.

Also known as the Queen of San Juans Mountains, it is a popular hiking and climbing destination because of its craggy ridges, flower-covered hillsides, towers, and pinnacles.

The mountain, which has appeared in various programs like How the West Was Won, will be recognizable to viewers of western films. There are numerous hiking trails on Mount Sneffels, all with varying challenges.

The mountain was originally scaled by miners, as well as in 1874 the Hayden Survey squad documented their trip and gave it the name Snaefell after the Icelandic volcano Snaefell.

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Dinosaur National Reserve

Have you ever wished to study, hold, and view dinosaur bones directly where archaeologists and evolutionary biologists discovered them? The best destination for you is Dinosaur Historic Landmark. This nature reserve, which stretches from Colorado to Utah, offers a diverse range of attractions.

Although they may come for the dinosaur skeletons, visitors remain for the breathtaking wilderness. Dinosaur National Monument is a terrific choice if you want to camp out beneath the moonlight or enjoy a day on the water sunbathing and canoeing. This is one of the expansive and intriguing landmarks in Colorado to visit.

Indian Springs Trace Fossil Natural Area

The forty-acre Indian Springs Trace Fossil Outdoor Reserve is a significant piece of natural property in Fremont State, Colorado. Indian Springs Trace Fossil Outdoor Neighborhood is regarded as one of the best places in North America to locate trace fossils. It contains fossils that are more than 450 million years old.

Because of the large number of significant Ordovician Period trace fossils that may be found there, the National Park Management designated Indian Springs Trace Fossil Natural Area as a Nature Reserve Landmark in 1979. Come explore the animals and plants that inhabited the Colorado state before humans at this popular Colorado landmark.


San Isabel National Forest

San Isabel National Forest should be on your Colorado landmarks list for those seeking a unique mountain adventure. Thel National Forest is a fantastic getaway destination that spans over thirty million acres from western Kansas to central Colorado.

Rent a cabin to explore the forests while yet having some modern conveniences and a beautiful view. Hike through the woods on several tours during the day, and you might get to see some local species.


Mesa Verde National Park

Ancient Puebloan cliff homes are renowned for being almost flawlessly maintained in Mesa Verde Nature Reserve. Experience a ranger-guided walk, a self-guided exploration, or a visit to the reception hall and museum as you discover these historic empires that were carved directly into the cliff faces.

Considering its archeological significance, Mesa Verde Nature Reserve is not just a nature reserve but also a World Cultural Park.

To fully appreciate one of Colorado’s most well-known landmarks, explore one of Mesa Verde’s routes after your visit or have dinner at the Metate Room Cafe.

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Hanging Lake

Another wonderful landmark in Colorado is Hanging Lake, which is unique since it is a limestone geological structure. The area’s distinctiveness led the Secretary of the Interior to name it a National Natural Landmark in 2011.

At the peak lies the amazing Gushing Rock where you can see spring water spewing out of a crack in the limestone wall. Approximately 7 miles east of Glenwood Streams, Colorado, in the White River Forest Reserve sits Hanging Lake.


Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument

Among the numerous interesting natural landmarks of Colorado is Florissant Fossil Beds Historic Site. Nestled close to the city of Florissant in central Colorado, this Colorado Historic Site is well-known for its amazing accumulation of insects and plant fossils.

These fossils have an estimated age of 34 million years. The enormous spruced-up woods of Florissant Fossil Beds Historic Site draws tens of thousands of people annually; and is a great complement to the rich fossil bed.

Brown Canyon National Monument

If you’re looking for a blast of excitement in the landmarks of Colorado, you must tour Brown Canyon Historical Site. One of Colorado’s most well-known tourist destinations, Brown Canyon National Monument is famous for its unrivaled class IV and V white river kayaking excursions!

If you’d like to stay on dry land, Brown Canyon Historic Site offers a variety of walking and hiking routes that let you get close to wildlife. You might even catch a glimpse of eagles, bighorn sheep, black bears, or falcons if you’re lucky.

Other Famous Landmarks In Colorado


Royal Gorge Bridge and Park

Take a relaxing journey inside any of the cable cars over the canyon, or stroll 1,053 feet across the bridge that spans the Arkansas River. Get your adrenaline pumping with America’s highest rollercoaster if you’re feeling daring! Due to its proximity to Colorado Springs, Colorado, the Royal Gorge Bridge and Park are easily reachable.

Chimney Rock National Monument

One of the several landmarks in Colorado with historical significance, Chimney Rock was once a thriving civilization of the Pueblo II group. It was designated a historic landmark in 2012 by then-President President Obama.

Nearly two hundred historic dwellings and ceremonial structures may be found at the over 4,500-acre Chimney Rock National Monument, which also contains an old astrological observation and a natural climatic calendar. Travel back in time at this Colorado landmark.




At the foot of Vail Mountain in the Rocky Mountain foothills is the charming small city of Vail, Colorado. This little city is a top choice for snowboarders of all skill levels because of the magnificent Vail Ski Resort.

Vail provides a plethora of recreational winter sports in complement to snow sports, including snowshoeing, snowmobile, and ice skating. Fly fishing is available in Gore Creek throughout the summertime.

Discovering Famous Landmarks In Colorado

If you’re looking for a unique place to take a nature walk, Colorado is the ideal choice. By hiking, riding, or skiing down mountain paths in Aspen or Vail, or the numerous trails of Rocky Mountain National Park, you can get a close-up view of the elements. After all, Colorado is known for its great outdoors.

Since the majority of Colorado’s natural landmarks are accessible by car from major communities like Colorado Springs, Denver, or Grand Road, making a vacation to any of them is simple and enjoyable.

These are just some of the famous landmarks in Colorado that you should not overlook.. There is much to experience in Colorado with all the state has to offer.



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