20 Famous Landmarks In Indiana

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Looking for famous landmarks in Indiana to visit? Indiana is renowned for its fascinating past and breathtakingly beautiful vistas. For a weekend relaxation or perhaps a more extended trip, Indiana is a perfect, perfect place.

Indiana offers activities for everyone, whether they choose to explore the great outdoors by kayaking or decide to visit well-known historical monuments. The Abraham Lincoln Boyhood Mansion, Natural History Museum, Indiana Dune Nature Reserve, and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway are just a few famous landmarks in Indiana.

Here are some of Indiana’s most notable places that may serve as inspiration or planning tools for your upcoming visit.

Most Famous Landmarks in Indiana

Cagle Mill Lake comes in first when considering the most famous landmarks in Indiana. Camping next to Cagle Mill Lake, kayak trips, and fishing spots are just a few of the fantastic activities available here. Two cascades surround the region, and there is a short, picturesque trail that connects them with a stunning natural landscape.

Cagle Mill Lake

Cable Mill Lake tops the list of the most famous Indiana landmarks. This stunning wooded setting is a hidden treasure in Indiana. Camping, kayak tours, and hunting activities are available at Cagles Mill Lake.

Two waterfalls surround the region, and there is a brief, lovely stroll between them. The top and bottom cascades have parking, so if you don’t feel like going on a hike, you can still view them. Cagles Mill Lake is in Owen / Putnam counties, Indiana, United States.

Angel Mounds State Historic Site

Out of the top landmarks of Indiana is Angel Mounds. Archaeological marvels and engaging exhibition adventures are found at Angel Mounds State National Monument. You may learn more about the native population that inhabited the region between 1,000 and 1,450 AD and established their metropolis near the Ohio River.

The one hundred and three-acre property is split into a national forest and archaeological preservation. You may tour the foundations of the old city at the historical park and explore the Interpretive Center gallery to know more about the region.

The nature park has primitive camping, hiking, and bicycling trails and an 18-hole disk golf facility. It is a great nature and historical destination to visit out of many other significant Indiana landmarks.

Children’s Museum of Indianapolis

The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis is a famous landmark in Indiana and the world’s most extensive children’s gallery. The national gallery, which has four levels of entertaining and engaging indoor and outdoor displays, is a must-see for anyone traveling with children.

The gallery’s Dinosphere display, which showcases enormous, real dinosaur skeletons, is its most well-liked display. Another significant feature of the gallery is the Broad Ripple Park Circus.

Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore


One of the prominent natural landmarks in Indiana is the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore. Near the southern coast of Lake Michigan, Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore runs about fifteen miles (twenty-four kilometers). More than fifty miles (eighty km) of hiking paths may be found in reserve, which is fifteen thousand acres in size.

The lake’s famous dunes were created from old glacial soil shaped into two hundred and fifty foot (sixty meters) tall dunes by wind action. Due to the abundance of seabirds in the nature reserve, bird lovers are especially fond of the dunes.

The dunes are home to more than three hundred and fifty bird species, along with raptors and Sandhill Cranes. They are making it a standout from the various popular landmarks of Indiana.

Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore is located at 1050 N Mineral Springs Road near Chesterton, Indiana. Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore is part of Indiana Dunes Nature Reserve.

The Quilt Gardens


One of the most artistic Indiana landmarks is the Quilt Gardens, located in Elkhart County. The Quilt Gardens are a beautiful collection of vivid and general murals produced by combining artwork, embroidery, and horticulture and are typically open from May through September.

Each garden is created with a specific narrative important to its environment and neighborhood. Every year, more than one million plant species are planted in the Sixteen gardens. More than two hundred volunteers produce the elaborate designs over two thousand hours.

The Quilt Gardens are spread out all over Elkhart County from May to September each year.

Indianapolis, Indiana Landmarks

Indiana Statehouse


The Indiana Statehouse, situated in the state’s capital metropolis of Indianapolis, has served as the state’s most excellent significant governmental tower since 1878. The state capital building is home to several government offices, such as the Indiana Supreme Court and the governor’s office.

To understand extra details about Indiana’s culture and governance from the 19th century to the present, visit the Renaissance Revival-style structure while you’re in the country’s capital. Indiana Statehouse ranks among the top landmarks of Indiana.

Indianapolis Zoo


When checking out the prominent Indiana landmarks, we must not overlook the Indianapolis Zoo. The Indianapolis Zoo, which began in 1964, is home to over one thousand animals of more than two hundred kinds. You may visit and gain knowledge about wildlife from all over the world at the sixty-four-acre parks.

Explore the Simon Skjodt International Orangutan Center to discover fascinating details regarding orangutans, as well as the Oceans Building to know more about penguins and their environments. Zebras, jaguars, and giraffes are just a handful of the many creatures you can view.

Indiana War Memorial


The Indiana War Memorial, the nearby ancient neighborhood, and the square are important sites in American military heritage. The landscape has twenty-five acres (ten hectares) of lakes, gardens, monuments, and statues, in addition to a museum with an army artifact focus of thirty thousand square feet (two thousand seven hundred and eighty-seven square meters) in size.

The memorial and park were created in memory of World War I veterans. The most well-known landmark on the site is the War Memorial. Walker and Weeks created the statue to resemble the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, a member of the Seven Wonders of the Globe.

Every night, blue lights are used to illuminate the monument. Located at 55 E Michigan St, Indianapolis, IN 46204, lies the Indiana War Memorial.

Natural Landmarks in Indiana

The preservation of the historic natural landmark is a crucial activity, particularly when government money is involved. Indiana is one state that takes advantage of its geographical wonders and maintained them well. Here are some of the top natural landmarks in Indiana here!

Jug Rock

Jug Rock is a prominent natural landmark in Indiana. Its appellation comes from the fact that the rock looks like a jug and is a standalone table rock structure bordered by a forest.

It is the vast unmoving rock outcrop east of the neighboring Mississippi River. The rock is well-known in the neighborhood and serves as the icon of a nearby public institution. Jug Rock is located near Albright Street and Road 50 in Shoals, 47581, Indiana.

Lavender Lane


The lavender plantation at Lavender Road is a cryptic but wonderful place in Indiana. Over seven hundred lavender blossoms from twenty-one distinct types are grown on the site. Lavender Farm adds up to the list of Indiana landmarks.

Tourists have the chance to stroll around the farm’s purple pathways while being overwhelmed by the soothing fragrance of lavender drifting in the air.

Lavender Farm offers services, including beverages, honey, and calming natural sleep enhancers, such as freshly picked or powdered lavender. At 2258 E. Northport Highway in Rome City, you can find Lavender Lane.

Clifty Falls


When in Indiana, you should visit and explore Clifty Falls, one of the famous natural Indiana landmarks. Depending on the time of year and the climate, the fall has different feelings. These modifications enable the streams of water to flow furiously quickly, freeze entirely, or generate a light mist to cover the region.

Since the cascades are in Clifty Canyon, getting there requires a delightful stroll via crags and woodlands. The Clifty Creek bank is studded in fossilized brachiopods and old reefs as the cascades crash. Note that it is against the law to remove a relic from within the location; yet, there are places to find fossils nearby.

2221 Clifty Drive, Madison, IN 47250, is where you may find Clifty Falls.

Seven Pillars

Seven Pillars, also referred to as “The Cliffs” informally, is one of Indiana landmarks with the rarest natural attractions. The pillars border the Mississinewa Creek. They were formed extraordinarily due to wind and water stripping away the limestone cliffs’ layer and gently creating nooks.

The excellent perspective is from the river’s south shore, which is fifty feet (fifteen meters) from the peak of the pillar and provides breathtaking glimpses of the river and its surroundings. The Miami People held the Seven Pillars in high regard and used them to designate the location where they would connect with original European colonists.

The Clan, who holds revered LongHouse rituals on the banks of rivers, owns the land directly across from the pillars. The address of Seven Pillars is 3555 Mississinewa Highway, Peru, Indiana 46970.

Empire Quarry

Empire Quarry is one of the numerous well-known natural landmarks in Indiana. An old limestone mine called Empire Quarry has blue waters inside of it.

The quarry, which previously played a significant role in Indiana’s flourishing construction industry, is now a cause of tremendous joy for the locals. The Empire State House was constructed using limestone from the Empire Quarry.

The renowned skyscraper was built with 18 630 tons of stone quarried from the quarry. Currently, surfers and rock snorkelers willing to risk the quarry’s thin edges are drawn to its waves. Bloomington, Indiana, 47451, is where Empire Quarry is located.

Indiana Caverns

Southern Indiana is home to the family-friendly holiday resort known as Indiana Caverns. The caves are the park’s main lure, even though it has coasters and hidden apartments. Indiana’s most extensive cave network is found in the caves.

In-depth explanations of Indiana’s Ice Age past are provided in guided cave visits using fossils and engaging exhibits. This is one of the fun landmarks of Indiana.

In the caves, you can encounter underground rivers and streams. You can kayak 200 feet (60 meters) beneath by signing up for the Deep Darkness cruise of the refuge. The address of Indiana Caverns is 1267 Green Acres Dr. Southwest, Corydon, Indiana 47112.

South Shore Of Lake Michigan


Among the 5 Great Lakes in the United States, Lake Michigan is shared by the states of Indiana, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Michigan. The Ojibwe term “Michi-game,” meaning “great water,” is the source of the appellation Lake Michigan.

The southern portion of the lake borders Indiana and is a component of the Indiana Dunes Nature Reserve. The South Shore of Lake Michigan is one of the famous landmarks in Indiana.

Due to its abundance of immaculate beaches, the south shore is a well-liked destination in the summer. The water is a well-liked spot for cruising and swimming. But because of its enormous waves and rip currents, the lake’s waters can be hazardous. Lake Michigan’s South Shore is at 46304 Wabash Avenue in Porter, Indiana.

Historical Landmarks In Indiana

Are you interested in learning more about Indianapolis’ evolution through time? There are many historical sites in Indianapolis, such as venerable structures, monuments, mansions, and parks, where you may discover more about the city’s illustrious past. These historical landmarks and museums allow you to experience a trip through Indianapolis’s colorful past.

Harrison Mansion Grouseland

The William Henry Harrison Mansion, also known as Grouseland, is a museum housed in the former residence of Harrison, who served as the Indiana Territory’s first governor. Harrison served as the nation’s ninth president despite dying just one month into his mandate.

This 1804-built house has been converted into a museum and houses an incredible catalog of artwork, antiques, and memorabilia. Additionally, information about Harrison’s achievements is accessible to tourists. You’ll love exploring here out of the many landmarks of Indiana.

West Baden Springs Hotel

The two-hundred-foot (sixty-one meter) dome gracing the entrance of Indiana’s West Baden Springs Hotel makes it a must-see historical site. The region was formerly home to a thriving salt quarry with numerous mineral fountains. In 1832, William A. Bowles acquired the property and built a medical complex there.

The modern hotel, which first unveiled its doors in 1902, is sometimes called the “Eighth Wonder of the World” by writers from across the country. The hotel and adjacent resort had theaters, golf courses, and many dining options.

The modern resort was renovated and relaunched in 2006 after 13 years of being deserted after the Great Depression and multiple sales. You’d love to visit the spa, one of the best landmarks in Indiana.

The address of the West Baden Springs Hotel is 8670 West State Road 56 in French Lick, Indiana 47432.

Lincoln Boyhood Home

Lincoln Boyhood Home should be on your list of must-see landmarks from among the many Indiana landmarks. The Lincoln Boyhood Home is a popular tourist destination because of its abundance of historical attractions.

The house where President Abraham Lincoln lived from age seven to twenty-one is preserved on the premises. Lincoln gained a solid conception of sincerity, good and evil, and ongoing respect for hard work while he was a resident of Indiana. These were all essential values he would carry into his presidency.

The burial of Abraham Lincoln’s mother, Nancy, a cabin site monument, and a reproduction of a frontier farm are all located inside the site. Lincoln Boyhood Home is located at 3027 E Street, Lincoln City, Indiana 47552

Broad Ripple Park Carousel


The Broad Ripple Park Carousel is a stunning and engaging historical artifact that may be found on the top level of The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis. It was built in the early 1900s, making this carousel more than a century old.

The carousel was a local attraction when it was first located in Broad Ripple Village, but in 1956, the house fell and was destroyed. The remaining carousel creatures were used as holiday exhibitions during the ensuing years before being purchased by the gallery in the 1960s. It has been repaired, and the gallery now has it in flawless operating condition.

Family members adore the Broad Ripple Park Carousel, a distinctively recognized landmark out of many landmarks in Indiana. Your children may even enjoy the circus, which has forty-two animals, such as tigers, zebras, and camels.

Basilica Of The Sacred Heart


On the premises of the University of Notre Dame stands the Basilica of the Sacred Heart. The church had 44 studded glass windows built in the neo-gothic form. For more than 17 years, the windows were planned and created by Vatican painter Luigi Gregori.

With a height of two hundred and thirty feet (seventy meters), the bell tower is the tallest bell tower in a university chapel in the United States and an important historical site. The Sacred Heart Basilica is located at 101 Basilica Drive, Notre Dame, Indiana, 46556.

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Discovering Beautiful Landmarks In Indiana

The leisurely Midwestern state is most known for the Indy five hundred race, even though tourists frequently neglect it as a tourist destination. Indiana is famous for formerly thriving industrial towns, Amish settlements, and its persistent love of sports.

However, there are numerous areas of genuine beauty in Indiana. In addition to acres of swaying cornfields, lush protected parks for Autumn walks, intriguing caves, and prehistoric natural sites, it is home to a wonderfully broad spectrum of beautiful landscapes. These are just some of the famous landmarks in Indiana you can visit.



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