20 Famous Monuments And Landmarks In Virginia [Must Visit]

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Virginia is well-known for its spectacular and great beaches, but that isn’t all there is to the state. The landmarks in Virginia are all so fascinating and awe-inspiring, you can see why they are famous.

The state is also rich in history and is the birthplace of many American presidents. There is no shortage of tourists in this beautiful state.

If you are planning a trip, here are 20 famous monuments and landmarks in Virginia that will enthrall you with fun, thrill, and adventure. You don’t want to miss the spectacular landmarks of Virginia.

Most Famous Landmark In Virginia

National Mall


The national mall is undoubtedly the most famous landmark in Virginia. It is not only the most visited Park in the US but home to many meaningful memorials and monuments in Virginia.

The national mall is nicknamed “America’s front yard’ because of the monuments and memorials that honor the service of American forefathers and heroes.

The mall is also one of Virginia’s historical sites, taking you back to American history. It is the stage where Martin Luther King Jr. gave the “I Have a Dream speech” Others have given iconic speeches on this national stage. It is truly an awe-inspiring site.

Within the national mall are the Franklin Delano Roosevelt memorial, the Koreans War Veterans Memorial, the Lincoln Memorial, the martin Luther king Jr. Memorial, the Thomas Jefferson Memorial, the Washington Monument, the World war II memorial, and many other iconic monuments of Virginia.

There are lots of things to do at the national mall. Visit the Great green swath in the middle of the capital city and explore what the park offers.

Famous Virginia Beach Landmarks, Virginia

Steven F. Udvar-Hazy

Among the exciting and educational Virginia landmarks is the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy center. It is a Smithsonian National air and space museum that displays an extensive array of space and aviation artifacts.

The spacecraft and aircraft are displayed in two gigantic hangars, all grouped into different sections, which are nicely organized and easy to explore. The museum is filled with many spacecraft and aircraft objects, including WWII military war machines, the space shuttle discovery, Superfortress Enola Gray, and many others.

The Steven F. Udvar-Hazy center is an excellent place to explore innovations in flight throughout the years. Aviation lovers will no doubt have a wonderful and educational experience.

Kings Dominion

Thrill seekers will find lots of wonderful adventures at this popular landmark of Virginia. It is a two-in-one amusement park that promises fun and thrilling experiences.

The 400-acre Park opened in 1975 and features more than 60 rides, many shows, and attractions, including 13 roller coasters. The Park has a peanuts-themed kids’ area and a 20-acre water park.

Kings Dominion is a great place to spend the afternoon with your family and create memories you won’t easily forget. Enjoy an amazing experience at one of the famous landmarks in Virginia that attracts both locals and travelers.

Luray Caverns


Luray caverns are inarguably one of the most beautiful landmarks in Virginia. It is deep below the blue ridge mountains and is the most extensive cavern system in eastern America.

Luray caverns were discovered in 1878 and are speculated to be 4,000,000 centuries old. The gigantic cavern system, some even stretching up to ten stories high, is adorned with crystal clear pools, huge stone columns, stalactites, and stalagmites.

Luray caverns are a must-see among the natural landmarks of Virginia. Its caves are beautifully lighted, and paved walkways lead to the caves.

At this wonder-inspiring place, you can even hear the rocks sing. The rocks produce unique musical tones by tapping different stalactites, and it is the world’s largest musical instrument, “the Great Stalacpipe organ”.

Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center

Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center opened in 1986 and exhibits about 800,000 US gallons of salt and fresh water displays.

The museum is home to over 12,000 aquatic animals representing hundreds of species from all over the world. This destination is suitable for visitors of all ages. There are many activities, such as boat rides, hands-on aquarium experiences, the adventure park, and behind-the-scenes tours.

The aquarium has amazing amenities for visitors, including a restaurant called ‘a bite of Maine,” which serves fresh seafood.

Virginia aquarium museum and science center is an amazing place to spend the afternoon. All the exhibits are unique and offer a great learning experience, making it one of the fascinating landmarks of Virginia.

Famous Arlington Landmarks, Virginia

John F. Kennedy Center for The Performing Arts


One of the most well-known landmarks in Virginia is John F. Kennedy Center for The Performing Arts. Also known as the Kennedy Center, this arts and culture venue opened in 1971. It serves both as a memorial to the assassinated American President John F. Kennedy and the National Cultural Center of the United States.

The Kennedy Center hosts a wide range of genres of performance art, including dance performances, jazz, theater, orchestras, pop, comedy, folk music, and a variety of concerts. The center has three main stages, the concert hall, the opera house, and the Eisenhower hall.

The center is home to the Washington National Opera and the National Symphony Opera, making it one of Virginia’s vibrant and diverse landmarks. Amenities in this destination include; private tours, live music, a full menu, a bar, guided tours, foreign language guides, and many others.

Thomas Jefferson Memorial


The Thomas Jefferson Memorial is a presidential memorial built to commemorate Thomas Jefferson; it is one of Virginia’s historical sites and an iconic monument of Virginia.

The memorial is next to the Potomac River and on the banks of the Potomac Tidal Basin. The building is impressive, and within it is a 19-foot statue to honor the founding father with the words he wrote. It is a must-see site if you’re planning a visit to Virginia.

The Thomas Jefferson memorial is one of the most tranquil sites among Virginia monuments.

Georgetown Waterfront Park

Georgetown Waterfront Park may be small, but it is an extremely beautiful area overlooking the Potomac. The national park was completed in 2011 and is part of the Georgetown Historic District.

The Park is a fun and amazing place to be. You can go kayaking, skating, canoeing, biking, picnicking, and view the river and wildlife. it is located in Washington’s oldest neighborhood offering some great scenery. That, and the wide range of activities available, makes it a frequently visited landmark in Virginia.

Lincoln Memorial


Lincoln Memorial is one of the historical Virginia landmarks where you can learn about history and culture. The memorial was built in 1922 to honor the legacy of Abraham Lincoln.

With a height of over 100ft tall, the memorial is 190-ft long and 119 feet wide. The ancient Greek temples partly inspired its architecture. Architecture enthusiasts and history lovers will undoubtedly have an amazing experience at this monument in Virginia.

In the building of the Lincoln memorial, there are inscriptions to symbolize Abraham Lincoln’s belief in freedom and the dignity of all people. The memorial towers over the reflecting pool and visitors can stand on the memorial’s steps to view it.

Famous Richmond Landmarks, Virginia

Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

The Virginia Museum of fine arts is one of the most visited landmarks in Virginia. It is a great place to spend family time.

The museum opened in 1936 and is home to one of America’s premier Himalayan and greater Indian art collections. It houses a collection of over 5000 works of art from every major culture in the world, including African art, ancient Mediterranean art, East Ancient Art, modern and contemporary art, and many more.

The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts is open every week, and general admission is free. It is among the remarkable Virginia landmarks with lots to offer.

Maymont Park


Maymont is one of Virginia’s historical sites. It is a 100-acre estate and Park that offers unique experiences to visitors of all ages. The estate was a gift given to the community by Sallie, and James Dooley lived there from 1893 to 1925.

It was built in 1890, and within the compound are the Maymont mansion, a historic house museum, formal gardens, native wildlife exhibits, a children’s farm, a greenhouse, and a nature center.

Admission to the Park is free. You can choose to tour the mansion, stroll in the gardens, or watch the wildlife. At this extraordinary location, there is something for everyone to enjoy, making it one of the amazing landmarks of Virginia.

Famous Newport Landmarks, Virginia

Yorktown Battlefield


Witnessing an iconic event in US history, Yorktown Battlefield is one of Virginia’s famous historical sites. In 1781, George Washington allied with the French forces to battle the British army, ending the Revolutionary war and ensuring American independence.

Yorktown battlefield offers amenities, such as a visitor’s center, a ranger-guided tour, museum exhibits, and the orientation film. At this remarkable site, you can see the field tents used by George Washington during the battle of Yorktown.

There are many historical sites in Yorktown, including the Nelson House and the Yorktown victory monument, among the prominent Virginia monuments.

You can drive through the battlefield to view the numerous cannons and fortifications, the Moore house, the scene of surrender negotiations, and the surrender field. Yorktown battlefield is open every day of the week.

Water Country USA

Water Country USA is the largest water park in the mid-Atlantic. If you enjoy water and river activities, this Park is for you. This remarkable destination is perfect for family fun, you will enjoy the mega slides, and there are child-sized water slides, themed play areas, and shallow pools your little ones will enjoy.

The fun activities at the water country USA will have your heart racing with exhilaration. You can also enjoy a lazy day at the river.

Water country has a beach and resort-like ambiance. It offers amenities like a cabana or lounger available on reservation, cool beverages, a gift shop, picnic areas, restrooms, and an amazing water coaster.

There is a reason water Country USA is among the famous landmarks in Virginia. At this peculiar destination, there is so much to do and experience.

Virginia Living Museum

The Virginia Living Museum is an open-air museum that exhibits living plants and animals indigenous to Virginia. The museum combines an aquarium, zoo, planetarium, aviary, and botanical garden.

What makes the Virginia living museum among the most famous landmarks in Virginia is that it represents Virginia’s natural heritage. The museum offers a variety of indoor and outdoor activities for people of all ages to enjoy.

The aquarium provides hands-on experience. Here, visitors can touch the bay’s famous bay creatures. The state-of-the-art planetarium allows visitors to travel the universe, and the botanical garden exhibits one of Virginia’s largest displays of native plants.

There isn’t a dull moment at one of the fun-filled landmarks of Virginia. The museum offers a variety of indoor and outdoor activities.

Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Busch Gardens is a 422-acre seasonal theme and amusement park. If you are searching for the perfect destination for fun and adventure, Busch Gardens is for you.

The gardens offer a variety of activities, including water rides, roller coasters, simulators, and live staged shows.

Busch gardens are family-friendly and provide amazing amenities for visitors to enjoy. It is the place for thrilling and adrenaline-packed experiences, making it one of the most enjoyable landmarks of Virginia.

Natural Landmarks In Virginia

Natural Bridge


The Natural Bridge is among the prominent natural landmarks of Virginia because it looks like something from a fairytale. This is a 215-foot tall underrated natural wonder from geological formations carved out of the limestone mountain by cedar creek.

Natural bridge is surrounded by rolling meadows and beautiful forests. It offers a 7-miles of hiking trails, including Cedar Creek Trail, which leads under the bridge to lace falls at the end of the cedar creek trail. It features plenty of picturesque views and beautiful scenery.

The Park offers amenities, such as a visitor’s center, a store, cedar creek pavilions, and restrooms. That said, this magnificent Virginia landmark is a major tourist attraction.

Burkes Garden

Among the famous natural landmarks of Virginia is Burkes Garden. The garden lies in an expansive bowl formed from a mountain collapsing in itself over time.

Also known as “God’s Thumbprint”, Burkes garden is home to some of Virginia’s most fertile land and fantastic wildlife. The area is enclosed and surrounded by high hills and scenic scenery. You can rent a bike to explore the picturesque scenery and twisty roads.

Visitors can enjoy an array of amenities, such as a general store, a restaurant that sells delicious simple fares and Virginia foods, and an art exhibit. Burkes Garden is one of the most relaxing spots in Virginia.

Other Famous Landmarks In Virginia

Shenandoah National Park


Shenandoah national park forms part of the blue ridge mountains and is one of the things Virginia is most known for.

What makes it a popular destination among the landmarks of Virginia is that it offers a wonderful view of the Shenandoah river and beautiful scenery, including the valley and wilderness areas.

The Park offers unique experiences. At this spectacular destination, you can relax, camp, hike, view the wildlife, enjoy scenic views and good food, and take beautiful pictures.

Shenandoah park is inarguably one of the famous landmarks of Virginia, as it attracts millions of visitors annually. The Park has two visitor’s centers, where you can view the exhibits of the Park’s flora and fauna and history, chat with rangers, watch the park movie, and shop.

Within Shenandoah National Park is skyline drive, which runs through the length of the Park and offers breathtaking views of the blue ridge mountains.

George Washington’s Mount Vernon

George Washington’s Mount Vernon estate by the Potomac river is one of the most scenic and famous landmarks in Virginia. This is because it was home to the first United States president, George Washington, and his wife.

The estate offers iconic and stunning views of the mansion, including the alluring landscaped garden and the tombs of George Washington and his wife, Martha.

The George Washington Mount Vernon Estate attracts an astonishing number of people who want to learn about the history of the estate and its owners. There’s plenty to explore at one of the famous landmarks of Virginia.

Within the estate is a museum where you can learn about Great Washington and explore the wide variety of exhibits and artifacts.

Harpers Ferry National Historical Park


Harpers ferry is one of the historical sites in Virginia. It was originally called Harpers Gerry National Monument and sits at the confluence of the Shenandoah and Potomac rivers.

This Historical Park Is home to several historical monuments and buildings. Within the Park are a museum, bookshops, and hiking trails. The Park also offers a bus ride downtown for visitors to view the quaint historic town.

Discovering Famous Landmarks In Virginia

There are so many places to visit and sights to see in Virginia. The landmarks of Virginia are truly captivating. Virginia is an interesting destination to visit, from historical sites to impressive and beautiful natural landmarks. There is so much to love about the state.



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