21 Famous Monuments and Landmarks In Oregon [Must Visit]

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Oregon is renowned for its amazing natural scenery and tranquil gardens. Consequently, the landmarks in Oregon are beautiful, and the state offers adventurous landscapes. From Crater Lake National Park to the beautiful Powell’s City of Books, Oregon has lots to offer in making your visit a memorable experience

Here are some of the famous monuments and landmarks of Oregon that will give you an idea of what you experience in the state.

Most Famous Landmarks In Oregon

Powell’s City Of Books 

Powell’s city of books is inarguably the most famous among the landmarks in Oregon. It is the world’s largest used and new bookstore. The iconic bookstore is one of the most visited Oregon landmarks as thousands visit this site each year.

This Oregon landmark has the most extensive collection of books and is a must-visit for bookworms or book enthusiasts. There are hundreds of selections in every category, and the books are well organized. You can purchase lots of books without breaking the bank.

The bookstore has great customer service, great staff, and plenty to explore. There’s also a souvenir store and a coffee shop. It is certainly worth the visit.   

Famous Portland Landmarks, Oregon 

Washington Park 


Washington park is one of the country’s premier urban wilderness areas in the middle of the city. If you’re looking for a place to have family fun, this Oregon landmark is ideal all year round.

The park has loads of attractions for the whole family. It offers a zoo, a children’s Museum, a beautiful rose garden, and an amazing Japanese garden, the park also has one of the best hiking trails in the city.

It also offers a park shuttle that operates daily from April to November. You can spend the whole day exploring one of the best landmarks in Oregon.

Oregon Museum Of Science And Industry

Photo Credit: artyooran.gmail.com /Depositphotos.com

The Oregon Museum of Science and Industry was founded in 1944. It is a great place for fun and interactive learning experiences.

The Oregon Museum of Science and Industry is the state’s largest center for informal science education. The Museum consists of a planetarium, an empirical theater, five exhibit halls, and a US submarine visitors can tour.

There’s much to do at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, including outdoor camping, hands-on activities, interactive display sessions, and many more.

The Museum exhibits are focused on industry, technology, and natural sciences. There’s an area for children. The Museum is a wonderful place to spend an afternoon and is one of the renowned Oregon landmarks.

Famous Eugene Landmarks, Oregon 

Alton Baker Park 

Alton Baker Park is one of the city’s largest developed parks and famous green landmarks in Oregon.

The west Alton park and the Whilamut natural area make up Alton Baker park. It was named after the eleventh owner of Eugene’s The Guard Newspaper, Alton f. Baker Sr.

The park has plenty of special unique features and amenities that make it popular among Oregon landmarks, such as a sports field, dog park, boat launch, exercise stations, disc golf, electrical outlets, and many others.

Alton Baker park is a great place to experience and enjoy nature. At this park, you can fish, feed ducks, take a stroll, bike, take your furry friend on a nice walk, or relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

This wonderful destination hosts several local events yearly, including art exhibitions and the Eugene Rotary Duck Race. The park is extremely relaxing. 

Skinner Butte Park 


Skinner Butte Park is one of the oldest parks in Eugene and Oregon’s historical sites. The park was dedicated in 1914 to honor the city’s founder, Eugene Skinner.

The park is on elevated land and is rich in the city’s local history. There are great historical markers and sculptures.

Skinner Butte Park features a children’s playground, pedestrian and bike paths, public art, picnic tables, and several other amenities. It is a wonderful place to have memorable experiences and lots of fun, with nice scenic views of the city. There’s even a river within the park. 

In addition, the views at the top of the hill are breathtaking so don’t forget to check it out. There’s everything to enjoy in one of the amazing landmarks in Oregon.

Famous Gresham Landmarks, Oregon

Oxbow Regional Park 


The Oxbow Regional Park is a 1000-acre natural park among the scenic landmarks in Oregon. The park is beautiful with a cool ambiance.

With the Sandy River running through the entire length of the park, Oxbow Regional Park provides a haven from the busy urban environment. It features a full-service campground, 12 miles of natural trails, and other outdoor/water-based activities, including picnicking, fishing, hiking, and wildlife viewing.

No dogs are allowed, and the park offers amenities such as a playground, picnic tables, covered picnic areas, showers, a volleyball court, and others.

Oxbow Regional Park is one of the relaxing Oregon landmarks offering an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.  

Sandy River Delta 

The Sandy River Delta, known to the locals as Thousand acres, is a 1400-acre open field located on the western end of the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area.

Sandy River Delta includes forest trails, wetlands, two rivers, and meadows. The main attraction of this park is its off-leash dog areas. Here, your little furry friend can have the best time. However, not all the park areas are open to dogs.

There are lots of things to do at the Sandy River Delta. You can go horse riding, bird watching, mountain biking, fishing, and hunting. The park also offers nice views of the river, making it one of the most spectacular landmarks in Oregon.

Famous Salem Landmarks, Oregon

Bush’s Pasture Park 

Bush Pasture Park is a botanical garden and a public park. It is also the site of the Asahel Bush house, now turned Bush House Museum. This location is on the National Register of Historic Places and is an important historic site in Oregon.

The park was built in 1884 and features lush gardens, open meadows, wooded areas, walking trails, and picnic areas.

Bush’s Pasture Park has a beautiful rose garden, an art center, an amphitheater, a baseball field, and a small reservable gazebo. Be sure to spend some quality time at one of the historic landmarks of Oregon.

Riverfront City Park 


Riverfront City Park is a 23-acre park along the Willamette river. It offers great views of the river, and within it is the Riverfront Carousel, The Gilbert’s House, and the Willamette Queen Riverboat.

The park is a great place to relax and enjoy the natural surroundings. It features wide trails, picnic tables, benches, and water fountains.

The Riverfront City Park serves as a community hub for various events, such as Bite of Salem, World Beat Festival, charity events, and many more.

Riverfront park is undoubtedly among the attractive Oregon landmarks for locals and travelers alike. It is also home to an annual ice skating rink from November to February.


Monuments In Oregon

Oregon Caves National Monument

Sitting at 4000 feet in elevation, the Oregon Caves National Monument and Preserve is a protected area in the northern Siskiyou mountains.

This Oregon monument centers on a marble cave, only accessible during the National park service guided tours. It features camping sites and many hiking trails. There is plenty to see within the cave complex, and it is a must-visit among Oregon monuments.

There are 12 known caves in the Oregon Caves National Monument, including the largest cave in the Siskiyou mountains. The Oregon Caves National Monument may be small, but it makes up for its size with beautiful and majestic caves.

Lava Beds National Monument

The Lava Beds National Monument tops the list of fascinating monuments in Oregon. Located between Siskiyou and Modoc counties, the lava bed National Monument is an interesting destination.

The Lava Beds National Monument encompasses a landscape sculpted by molten Lava. It looks surreal. There are over 500 known caves in this peculiar destination and tubes to explore, with varying difficulties. Remember to bring a flashlight because it’s dark within the tubes.

The Lava Beds National Monument offers lots of opportunities for exploration. The caves promise an exciting experience so be prepared to be impressed at one of the exceptional landmarks of Oregon.

Astoria Column 

Photo Credit: emilymwilson@comcast.net /Depositphotos.com

The Astoria column was built in 1926 and is dedicated to the Great Northern Railway. This Oregon monument sits atop coxcomb hills and reaches 125 feet high, with its walls covered in art.

If you aren’t afraid of heights, you can climb up the Astoria column. The building has 164 steps and offers a great view of the Columbia river at the top.

The Astoria column is an interesting and exciting destination with breathtaking views at the top and bottom. It’s great for pictures, and you can spot the deer. There are also various amenities onsite, such as a gift shop, benches, restrooms, a parking lot, and short hiking trails.

Newberry National Volcanic Monument 


Established in 1990, the Newberry National Volcanic Monument is one of the most unique monuments in Oregon as it sits atop an active volcano.

The Newberry National Volcanic Monument encompasses the Newberry Caldera and a 1200-square-mile volcano. There are three main areas to explore within this National monument, the Lava lands area, Newberry caldera, and Lava cast forest.

Popular activities at the Newberry National Volcanic Monument include boating, cycling, and hiking. There’s a beautiful waterfall within the monument. Newberry is also dog-friendly.

What’s not to enjoy at one of the fascinating monuments in Oregon?

Other Landmarks In Oregon 

Crater Lake National Park 

Crater Lake National Park is renowned among the landmarks in Oregon. This National park was established in 1902 and inspires awe with its clear and pure waters.

It is the only National park in Oregon and the 5th oldest in the United States. It is also one of the most visited landmarks of Oregon. The National Park encompasses the caldera of the crater lake, which is the main feature of the park, surrounding forests and hills, and the remnant of an extinct volcano, Mount Mazama.

Crater Lake National Park offers camping grounds with clear and scenic views and is home to some of the best hiking trails in the state. It is surrounded by the rogue river Siskiyou National Forest and Umpqua National forest.

Portland Japanese Garden 


The Portland Japanese Garden occupies 12 acres of land. It was established in 1963 as a symbol of healing between World War II opponents.This traditional Japanese garden offers a tranquil environment and is also the most authentic Japanese garden outside of japan.

It features five different garden styles: the strolling pond, the natural garden, the tea garden, the sand and stone garden, and the flat garden. Each garden style has a unique purpose; they work harmoniously to create a sense of peace.

The garden also features a tea house, walkways, streams, and an amazing view of Mount Hood. There isn’t a doubt why Portland garden is among the most spectacular landmarks of Oregon.

Silver Falls State Park 


Silver Falls is the largest state park in Oregon, with over 9000 acres of land. Among the various beautiful landmarks in Oregon, Silver Falls State Park in particular is renowned for its majestic waterfalls.

There are about 10 waterfalls within the crater falls state park, but the main attraction is the south falls. The park offers several options for hiking and camping. So pack some tasty Oregon food and head out into head to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Silver Falls State Park features a swimming area, camping grounds, biking, and hiking trails. The views of the waterfalls are gorgeous. Spend a memorable time at one of the wonderful Oregon landmarks.  

Pittock Mansion 


The Pittock Mansion, built in 1914, is a 16,000-square-foot French renaissance-style home. It was originally built as a private home for Henry Pittock and his wife, Georgiana.

At this wonderful destination, you can experience the story of Portland’s transformation through the lives, history, and legacy of Henry Pittock and his wife from a pioneer town to an industrialized city.

The scenery at the Pittock Mansion is beautiful, and the mansion is still in perfect condition.  

Natural Landmarks In Oregon 

Mount Hood 

Mount Hood is the largest mountain in Oregon, which makes it one of the unmissable natural landmarks in Oregon.

The imposing mountain lies within the Mount Hood National Forest, a public space that offers adventure. 

The Mount Hood National Forest is home to alpine lakes, ski trails, and the timberline lodge. It offers picturesque hiking trails and scenic viewpoints of the mountain.

There’s much to see at this amazing Oregon landmark, including reflective lakes and beautiful and majestic waterfalls. It is no wonder that this is one of the destinations Oregon is known for.

The Painted Hills 

The Painted Hills are one of John Day Fossil National Monument units, occupying 3,134 acres of land. It combines canyons and a rolling landscape distinguished by varying stripes of red, gold, black, tan, and orange; the Painted Hills are a beautiful sight to behold.

The Painted Hills are rich in history and are speculated to have formed over 35 million years ago.

The Painted Hills are often considered one of the wonders of the state and unique even among the natural landmarks in Oregon. It is certainly worth visiting. The fun of it is exploring the diversity of this geological site.

Multnomah Falls 

This majestic waterfall is Oregon’s tallest waterfall, with a height of 620 feet, and the fifth largest waterfall in the US. This spectacular Oregon landmark attracts millions of visitors annually. It offers unmatched beautiful scenery and outstanding views of the falls.

There are many trails in the gorge; if you love to hike, this is the perfect destination for nature lovers. Furthermore, ot is open all year round and offers amenities such as a lodge, visitor center, gift shop, restrooms, and a snack bar.

Haystack Rock 

Haystack rock has been featured in many movies, television programs, and novels. Being part of Oregon’s geological history, lava flow formed Haystack Rock millions of years ago. The stack rises to 235 feet high from the edge of the shoreline.

You can find colorful tide pool creatures, including starfish, when the tide is low. However, Haystack Rock is part of Oregon island’s National wildlife refuge and is a state-protected marine environment, so you can’t take any animals or materials out of the environment.

Explore this amazing nature destination to discover why it is among the famous landmarks in Oregon. You can also watch seabirds at this fascinating landmark, such as tufted puffins. The views here are breathtaking.

Discovering Famous Monuments And Landmarks In Oregon

Often overlooked by even the locals, many Oregon landmarks boast spectacular views, and beautiful and tranquil scenery, with the promise of a fun and memorable experience. Spend and enjoy a wonderful time at the amazing landmarks in Oregon. There is so much for you to see and explore.



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