22 Famous Monuments And Landmarks In North Dakota

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North Dakota is a vast state in the Upper West of the USA. Clustered with interesting sites, the monuments and landmarks in North Dakota each represent a piece of the state’s long history and heritage.

The state is nicknamed the Peace Garden State, which it earned because of the International Peace Garden Center established in the state to commemorate world peace. The center is home to one of many North Dakota landmarks that pull visitors to the region.

From famous recreations of defining events that happened in the state, to the natural spectacle of the badlands and prairies, these landmarks serve as symbols of the evolution and development of the Northern side of Dakota.

Most Famous Landmark

Fort Union Trading Post National Historic State

Declared a national historic site in 1961, Fort Union Trading Post National Historical State is one of the earliest sites in the United States to earn the title.

This historic landmark in North Dakota is a rich replica of the 1829-1867 fur trade hub in Upper Missouri, which broadly exhibit the history of the Fort Union Trade Post.

A prominent building here is The Bourgeois House. It is a viewing room where visitors can learn more about the Fort Union Trade Post.

Medora, North Dakota Landmarks

The Maltese Cross Cabin

The Maltese Cross Cabin used to be Theodore Roosevelt’s go-to resort before he became the US president. The cabin, which was built in 1883-1884, is located behind the Theodore Roosevelt National Park, a few miles away from Meridore.

The cabin still has some sets of furniture and other items that belonged to Roosevelt, which give visitors a glimpse of the life of the famous president. These items are now some of the most valued artifacts.a

The park itself is a vast stretch of hills and badlands, making this historic North Dakota landmark a great nature escape as well.

Chateau De Mores State Historic Site

Chateau De Mores State Historic Site is dedicated to commemorating the life and feats of ranchman Marquis de Mores, who arrived in North Dakota in 1883.

The top attractions in the Historic Site include the Chateau de Mores, a 26-room two-story building that served as the summer residence of the Marquis’. Other attractions are the de Mores Memorial Park and Packing Plant/Chimney Park.

Big Badlands


Big Badlands is an incredibly scenic North Dakota landmark. Located in the Southwest of North Dakota, the badland is a beautiful stretch of nature, with stunning rocks and other natural features that exhibit the geological history of the area.

The North Dakota Badlands Overlook offers visitors an excellent view of the wondrous geological landmark. Visitors can also have some adventure fun by hiking the trails that wound through the badlands.

Williston, North Dakota Landmarks

Fort Buford State Historic Site

Fort Buford is a beautiful landmark in North Dakota surrounded by a cluster of healthy trees. The site is responsible for preserving the ruins of a military station where Sitting Bull, leader of the Sioux resistance, surrendered. The fort houses a quarters museum which is open to visitors.

There is also the guardhouse which is interesting to tour. From above you can see the obvious proximity between Fort Buford and the Missouri-Yellowstone confluence rivers.

The Missouri-Yellowstone Confluence Interpretive Center is less than a mile away from Fort Buford. Visitors often take the opportunity of extending their visit to the museum to explore the exhibits there.

Sitting Bull

This statue stands just outside the main building of Williston State College. It was erected to commemorate the life and efforts of Sitting Bull. The famous Sioux resistance leader is mostly remembered for winning a victory at the Battle of Little Bighorn in the bid to preserve the traditional lifeways of his people

The statue shows Sitting Bull carrying a rifle while dressed in the Sioux traditional attire. On the base stone of the statue, there is a written short biography of Sitting Bull. It is one of the more imposing and meaningful monuments in North Dakota.

Belcourt, North Dakota Landmarks

Turtle Mountain Chippewa Heritage Center

This North Dakota landmark was established in honor of the Mountain people who occupied the North Dakota region near the Canadian border. The center aims to preserve the rich heritage of the Chippewa, Cree, and Metis inhabitants in the region.

Inside the center’s building are beautiful artifacts and artworks made from wood, clay, and wool, which is a testament to the sculpting skills of the Chippewa people.

Four Arrows Monument

Four Arrows Monument is one of North Dakota landmarks that stands out in the town of Belcourt. The monument was erected in 1985 to mark the town’s centennial, and since then it has been an imposing sight for visitors and people passing highway 5 in the west of Belcourt.

The four giant arrows are planted in a rock cairn that also serves as a base for a crucifixion cross in the middle. There is also a blackened cattle skull nailed to the side of the cairn.

From the intricate details of the monument, you can easily tell that it represents a significant part of the town’s history.

Bismarck, North Dakota Landmarks

North Dakota Heritage Center

North Dakota Heritage Center is a top destination for visitors looking to learn about the rich history of North Dakota. As the state’s largest museum, the center houses four museum galleries that display plenty of relics and ancient items that contribute to the history of North Dakota. The most notable historical reference is The Treehouse which details North Dakota history.

Other attractions in the museum are a 12-foot giant sea turtle called Archelon, a 67-million-year-old Dakota fossil, and the World’s largest giant fossil. This is one of the landmarks in North Dakota that is both fun and educational to visit.

North Dakota State Capitol Building


Without a doubt, the State Capitol is an important landmark in North Dakota. This 20-story building complex is the house of the government of North Dakota. It is over 88 years old and is the tallest habitable building in the city of Bismarck.

Visitors to the complex will find the Art Deco architecture quite stunning, and touring the building takes you on a visual trip into the world of prairie.

There is an incredible number of distinctive trees surrounding the building together with some of the most significant monuments in North Dakota.

Monuments And Landmarks

The Peace Chapel, Dunseith

The Peace Chapel monument is located in the International Peace Garden. The building is very unique, especially because it is one of the North Dakota landmarks that span international borders. It serves as a border marker between the USA and Canada. One part of the building is in North Dakota, while the other half lies in the Canadian Province of Manitoba.

Peace Chapel, as its name implies, was built as a dedication to peace, harmony, and commitment among countries. The garden is about 2,000-meter square and it boasts two lakes, a great serene, and walkways for lazing around.

The Knife River Indians National Historic Site, Stanton

The Knife River Indians National Historic site is a North Dakota landmark that was established almost 50 years ago with the aim of preserving the history of the Hidatsa tribe. The Hidatsa established permanent villages in this place, together with the Mandan and Arikara tribes.

The Historic Site is open to visitors and offers attractions like the earth-lodge homes blanketed by grass, among other attractions.

World’s Largest Buffalo, Jamestown

This 26-foot-tall artwork stands in the town of Jamestown in North Dakota. Obviously a famous monument in North Dakota from its visuals, the metal-built buffalo was created by sculptor Elmer Peterson in 1959. It is even dubbed the ‘Dakota Thunder’.

The monument stands close to the Frontier Village and the National Buffalo Museum.

The Enchanted Highway, Regent


Occupying 51km of North Dakota’s Regency-Gladson road is the Enchanted Highway, an ensemble of some of the world’s largest, finest, and most famous scrap metal artworks created by Gary Greff.

Popular art landmarks along the Enchanted Highway include Geese in Flight(the largest on the highway), World’s Largest Tin Family, Grasshoppers in the Field, Pheasants on the Prairie, Deer Crossing, Fisherman’s Dreams, among others.

If you are on a road trip, these are intriguing monuments to visit and take some interesting photos.

Scandinavian Heritage Park, Minot

Scandinavian Heritage Park is home to structures that were built with the aim of recreating and preserving Scandinavian history in North Dakota. These recreated works feature sites that are familiar in Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Finland, and Denmark.

Some interesting replica landmarks you will find in this place include Dele Horse, Danish Windmill, Sondre Norheim Eternal Flame, Stabbur, Casper Oimoen Statue, Hans Christian Andersen statue, among others.

There is also a marvelous walking trail, as well as a picnic shelter and gift shop that you can visit to grab some memorabilia.

Fort Abraham Lincoln, Mandan


Fort Abraham Lincoln is the oldest state park in North Dakota, dating back to 1907.

In addition to an impressive replica of the Mandan On-A-Slant Indian Village, the park is home to some interesting landmarks in North Dakota. This includes the Custer House and similar reconstructions of other military buildings.

Fort Abraham Lincoln offers a good environment and conditions for outdoor activities like hiking and camping. You can also find provisions like teepees and rental cabins.

Fort Mandan Overlook State Historic Site, Washburn

Fort Mandan Overlook State Historic Site is an impressive site that aims to recreate the fort where the Lewis and Clark explorers saw off the winters of 1804 and 1805. The site offers tours and educational programs about the famous Lewis and Clark expedition.

Prominent replica objects associated with the expedition include the Meriwether Lewis’ field desk, Will Clark’s map instruments, the black forge, the garments the men wore, and the bunks they slept in.

Lake Sakakawea State Park, Pick City


Lake Sakakawea State Park is on the Southern coast of lake Sakakawea, one of the largest man-made reservoirs in the United States.

The State Park, blessed with vegetation and a great climate, is a favorite destination for water activities including swimming, fishing, boating, and angling. You can find some of the best beaches in North Dakota around this region.

There is also the 4600-mile-long North Country National Scenic Trail connecting North Dakota to New York, making it a great prospect for hikers.

Natural Landmarks

White Butte,  Little Mission Natural Grassland

At 3,506 ft above sea level, White Butte is the highest peak in North Dakota. It is located between the North Dakota towns of Amidon and Bowman. Its summit is within the Little Missouri National Grassland which is characterized by spectacular badlands and crooked terrain.

Devil’s lake, known as the ‘Perch Capital of the World’, Devil’s lake is North Dakota’s largest natural lake and one of the best fishing lakes in the country.

Besides fishing, the lake also thrives with water sports. The body of water is also famous for having plenty of walleye, northern pike, and white bass.

It is one of the favorite natural landmarks in North Dakota for outdoor enthusiasts.

Little Missouri State Park, Dunn Center


Little Missouri State Park is located on the west coast of the Little Missouri River. The public state park is open to visitors between May and October.

During this time, you can enjoy spectacular views of the streams and seize the opportunity to hike or go horse riding along the nature trails. The park is also home to plenty of wildlife including Mule deer, coyote, fox, bobcat, and golden eagle.

Pembina Gorge, Langdon

The Pembina Gorge is located 44 miles away from the Emerson border passing between North Dakota and the Manitoba Province of Canada.

The floodwater surge which formed the Pembina Gorge is responsible for the deepest and sharpest river basin in North Dakota. The Gorge is a great spot for activities such as canoeing, hiking, biking, snowmobiling horseback riding, among other recreations. Adventure sports lovers like to visit this North Dakota landmark to get their fill of adrenaline.

Devil’s Pass, South Billings

Devil’s Pass is a ridge route along the Maan Da Daah Hey trail which spans 9 miles across the badlands. In fact, until the oil development in the region, this pass used to be the main route through the badlands.

Visiting Monuments and Landmarks In North Dakota

A trip to the Peace Garden State promises a fascinating exploration of its vast nature and a dive into its deep, significant history. North Dakota landmarks are bold testaments to the richness of the culture and heritage of the state.

And the above are just some of the famous landmarks in North Dakota, and there are plenty more to discover in the state.

The various sites and monuments in North Dakota will leave you spellbound and much enlightened about its natural evolution and history of the natives. Not to mention you can also experience the cultural integration between the locals and the expat Canadians who migrated from neighboring Canadian provinces.



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