20 Historic Monuments And Landmarks In Cleveland, Ohio

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If you’re traveling the U.S., the landmarks in Cleveland should put this beautiful city situated on the shores of Lake Erie at the top of your list. Whether you’re fascinated by history, sports, architecture, or nature, there are attractions in Cleveland that you won’t want to skip. 

Visiting Cleveland

Several things set this city apart from others in the U.S. There are historical monuments and museums that are sure to pique your interest! 

It’s also abundantly clear that this town is a sportsman’s paradise! 

Cleveland is home to multiple world-famous sports arenas and stadiums. 

Also, the people are very talkative and friendly. If you love meeting new and interesting people, Cleveland is a great place to do just that! 

But most notably, Cleveland will surprise you with how much there was to do! We promise, there are more than enough interesting landmarks in Cleveland to keep you busy on your next visit. 

Most Famous Museums And Landmarks In Cleveland

Rock + Roll Hall Of Fame

Cleveland is known for having a rich and innovative rock and roll scene. There really is no better city to house the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame or RRHOF.

There are tons of exhibits and memorabilia that are impossible to find anywhere else. 1-day passes are available as well as season passes. 

Speaking from experience, if you are a true rock and roll fan, you might not be able to see everything you want to see in one day. A season pass to this world-renowned Cleveland landmark isn’t a bad idea, especially because exhibits rotate so you get to see new displays periodically.

>Check Tickets To Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame

The Cleveland Museum of Art

This Cleveland landmark is one of the most visited art museums in the world with over 700,000 yearly visitors! And for good reason. If you’re an art lover, you’ll be in your zone at the Cleveland Museum of Art. It’s easy to spend hours exploring the museum’s 60,000+ pieces of art from all over the world! 

There was a substantial amount of artwork from Asia and Egypt. If you’re interested in those regions and their history, this museum is a must for you. That being said, we recommend this museum to everyone. 

Historical Landmarks In Cleveland

Whether you’re a history buff or not, historic Cleveland has plenty of attractions you’ll love. Established back in 1796, this is one of the older major cities in the United States.

Throughout the years Cleveland has made a name for itself by contributing significantly to the oil, steel, and iron industries and spearheading the growth of waterways and railroads. The city’s accomplishments and history are beautifully memorialized all over Cleveland. Here are some of the highlights! 

Main Avenue Bridge

Main Avenue Bridge is a massive structure that stretches over the Cuyahoga River. Originally this Cleveland landmark was constructed in 1939 and held the title of longest elevated structure In Ohio for 68 years! This fascinating structure has been recognized as a National Historic Civil Engineering Landmark by the American Society Of Civil Engineers.

But more important than all that, Main Avenue Bridge is a beautiful and undeniably impressive structure, iconic among landmarks in Ohio. Spanning 8,000 feet, pictures just can’t do it justice. You can get some really great pictures of Main Avenue Bridge from Flats East Bank.

West Pierhead Lighthouse

The West Pierhead Lighthouse is a beautiful landmark in Cleveland. Built in 1911, this stunning lighthouse is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Although it’s not open to the public, you can get great views of this lighthouse on one of Cleveland’s many cruises.

There are enough lighthouses in Cleveland to do a whole lighthouse tour, but if you only have time for one we recommend West Pierhead. Especially if you’re visiting in the winter months when the lighthouse is totally covered in ice. It makes for a fascinating sight.

Baltimore And Ohio Railroad Bridge #463

Originally this bridge was built to help widen the Cuyahoga River. Now, this historic Cleveland landmark is retired. Nevertheless, it stands as an impressive reminder of the innovation and historical influence Cleveland is known for.

There are a number of other historic bridges in the area, so you can check out multiple prominent monuments in Cleveland at one stop!  

Key Tower

An iconic Cleveland landmark, Key Tower is famous in Ohio for being the tallest building in the state. The tower is almost 1000 feet tall! 

The amenities in Key Tower are a great way to bulk up your Cleveland itinerary. It has multiple highly-rated restaurants; you can try something more upscale with Italian or sushi options hosted in the building, or grab something quick from their cafe. The tower also has a gorgeous ballroom with a lovely view of the city, a barbershop, and even a spa! 

In addition to all its facilities, Key Tower is located in Public Square, downtown Cleveland. Another great place to explore after you check out the tower.  

Hop on an insightful guided walking tour to check out all the downtown highlights and dive deeper into the pulse of the city.

Guardians Of Traffic

These two massive art deco statues are meant to – in the engineer’s words- “typify the spirit of progress in transportation.” The Guardians of Traffic tower on either side of the Hope Memorial bridge in Cleveland. The 43 ft. Cleveland monuments are well worth checking out, especially if you are an art history lover.

There is a lot to learn about the symbolism of these two statues. We would recommend looking into the artist’s intention behind the Guardians of Traffic. Everything about this art piece is very intentional!

Wade Memorial Chapel

This chapel in Lake View cemetery is one of the most beautiful buildings in Cleveland, and a great opportunity to check out some stunning art. The building’s two mosaics on the left and right-hand walls and large stained glass windows create a beautiful and peaceful environment.

It’s also well worth checking if there are any events at the cemetery during your visit. The Lake View cemetery puts on incredible live music events as well as meteor shower watch parties and other unique activities.


If you’re interested in WWII history, this Cleveland landmark is going to be a highlight for you. The USS Cod sailed seven patrols and was used for training exercises before it was permanently retired.

Now, the submarine is a memorial and museum right on the shore of Lake Erie. you can book a tour if you have a bigger group or walk-in. Either way get ready to learn something new about the submarine, its crew, and its service in WWII.

If you’re visiting around Halloween, the USS Cod puts on haunted submarine tours! Make sure to check it out if you’re looking for some festive fun! 

Sports Landmarks In Cleveland

Cleveland is widely known as a sports hub. Fans travel from all over the country to enjoy the events put on in top-tier sports arenas and stadiums. Below are some of the most iconic sports landmarks in Cleveland where you can feel the booming passion of fans. 

Gateway Sports And Entertainment Complex

Gateway Sports and Entertainment Complex is made up of two sports arenas, Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse and Progressive Field! People travel from all over the country to experience this iconic Cleveland landmark!

Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse is home to some notable teams, like the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Cleveland Monsters. Check out their website to see if there are any events that pique your interest. 

In addition to the constant sports events, they also host live concerts with big names like The Jonas Brothers and Greta Van Fleet! Progressive Field is a world-class ballpark and home to the Cleveland Guardians. If you’re a baseball fan, make sure to check if there is a game going on during your Cleveland visit! Progressive Field has great hospitality, post-game concerts, and concessions that can make for an enjoyable visit! 

Cleveland’s Historic League Park

The Historic League Park has a long and impressive history.

This ballpark was built all the way back in 1891! It’s seen a lot of changes throughout the years, and most of the original structure has been demolished or renovated. A few original structures still remain, however, including the ticket office built back in 1909! 

Now this Cleveland Landmark has been reimagined into a museum focused on the history of baseball in America. You will learn a lot about the diverse history of baseball, and how many cultures influenced the sport. 

Cleveland Browns Stadium

Formerly known as the Cleveland FirstEnergy Stadium, the Cleveland Browns stadium sits on 13 acres and can hold 67,000+ people at one time. A game day at the Cleveland Browns Stadium is sure to be unforgettable. 

Stadium staff puts a lot of effort into making the environment safe and fun! Needless to say, if you’re a football fan you’ve got to add a game day at this stadium to your bucket list!

Famous Cleveland Monuments

The monuments in Cleveland are the perfect blend of art and historic education, and photo ops of course! You’re guaranteed to enjoy the artistry of these masterpieces

Fountain Of Eternal Life


This Cleveland monument stands as a symbol of Clevelanders that served in the military. In addition to its meaningful significance, it has an impressive visual presence. This is a stunning accomplishment sculpted by Cleveland Institute of Art graduate Marshall Fredericks.

The monument is located right by the Cleveland Mall, a great next stop after checking out the Fountain of Eternal Life! 

A Christmas Story House And Museum

A Christmas Story is a classic for the holidays, and if you’re in Cleveland, you can see the house from the movie up close!! A well-loved movie in countless American households, visiting the set and the museum will be a dream come true for many!

Even if you haven’t watched the movie, the house, and museum are iconic Cleveland monuments and worth checking out! (but if you haven’t seen the movie, let’s just say you have homework!)

Free Stamp

The free stamp is a striking sculpture in Cleveland’s Willard Park. This giant stamp is a spectacle on its own that is unique and fun to check out, but you might not know the historical significance behind the iconic structure!

The stamp is actually a symbol and celebration of freedom from slavery. It points across the street to the Sohio building which honors soldiers from the civil war and celebrates the end of slavery.

Script Signs

This is the classic Cleveland photo op. Pic at the script sign or it didn’t happen! The original three script signs were so popular among visitors and locals that three more were made in 2016! Now you can find these six script signs at various locations around the city.

There are lots of fun and creative ways to experience the signature Cleveland script signs! If you want to make a bit of a scavenger hunt out of it, consider getting pictures of all six of these Cleveland monuments! 

It’s a fun activity and a great way to see the whole city. Another popular trend is to take a bike tour around Cleveland and stop at each script sign!  

Other Landmarks In Cleveland

West Side Market

Nothing is better than fresh and local food! West side market has the best food and produce Cleveland has to offer, in our opinion.

If you’re a coffee + pastry person, we would recommend Koffie Cafe or West side market cafe. Kate’s Fish is also very highly rated and well-loved by locals. But walk around and explore for a bit and we guarantee you’ll find something interesting. 

West Side Market is the place to find some of the best food in Ohio. You can also join a Cleveland Food Tour that takes you around different districts and sample a bunch of local delights with fellow foodies!

Goodtime III

We can’t recommend a dinner cruise enough, and Goodtime III is the ultimate Cleveland cruise! The Cuyahoga River and Lake Erie make a beautiful backdrop for a relaxing cruise. 

During your sail, you’ll have access to bars, dance floors, indoor and outdoor seating, and much more! This massive boat can hold 1000 passengers! 

Goodtime III offers narrated tours which could be a great opportunity to learn some interesting facts about Ohio! You can also choose from dinner, luncheon, entertainment, and sightseeing cruise options. 

No matter what activities you choose to partake in on a Goodtime III, taking a cruise is sure to be a highlight of your trip! 

Little Italy

Little Italy might just be our very favorite Cleveland landmark. There are so many things to do, you’ll probably want to set aside a full day to explore.

There’s lots of live music, most notably, there are a few trattorias where you can hear professional opera arias being performed. The small art galleries, stunning murals, as well as beautiful architecture are charming and impressive at the same time.

And don’t get us started on the food in Little Italy!! If you consider yourself a coffee connoisseur or a pizza connoisseur, you’ll be pretty busy in Little Italy. Our recommendation on coffee + pastries? We can’t encourage you enough to go to Presti’s Bakery.

For pizza, pasta, or wine you will have countless options. You can’t go wrong when picking which of the many pizzerias to buy from. You can also join a Little Italy Food Tour to check out the best on offer, along with uncovering the history of the neighborhood. 

Botanical Garden

Botanical gardens are common in many cities, but we think the botanical garden in Cleveland is one of the best you can go to!

With waterfalls, bridges, atriums, and even some cool treehouse structures, this Cleveland landmark will keep you busy for hours! 

If you end up visiting – which we couldn’t recommend enough- you’ve got to stop by the garden cafe! Cost is included in admission, so you can grab a fresh snack for no extra cost. 

Discovering More Landmarks In Cleveland

Cleveland is a beautiful city with so much to offer! Where else can you learn something new about American history, go see a world-class sports game, enjoy a live concert and indulge in some authentic Italian food all in one day? 

These are just some of the many famous Cleveland monuments and landmarks that you can visit. The diverse selection of activities will keep you on your toes! 



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