25 Famous Monuments And Landmarks In New Jersey To Visit

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The famous landmarks of New Jersey are rich and wonderfully diverse. From iconic beaches, mountainous natural areas, and waterfalls to world-class entertainment and amusement parks, there are plenty of New Jersey landmarks that offer an incredible experience.

If you are exploring The Garden State, start your adventure with these famous monuments and landmarks in New Jersey.

The Most Famous Landmark In New Jersey

Six Flags Great Adventure And Safari 


The Six Flags Great Adventure and Safari is an amusement park in Jackson. It is the most famous among the landmarks in New Jersey, commanding repeat visits from both locals and travelers.

Six Flags Great Adventure and Safari is a 510-acre park and the world’s largest amusement and water park. It is an ideal getaway place for thrill and family fun and boasts world-class coasters.

The park has three kid’s areas, the Wild Safari and Harbor Water Park. The Six Flags Great Adventure also holds events, like holidays in the park.

This iconic New Jersey landmark offers exciting attractions, including thrill seekers, family rides, children’s rides, an arcade, and wonderful entertainment and performances.

The Wild Safari is a 350-acre African safari, with more than 1,200 animals, including giraffes, elephants, zebras, lions, bears, and several others. The camp Aventura station educates visitors about the animals.

The Six Flags Great Adventure and Safari offers an exhilarating adventure. There is never a boring time at one of the enthralling destinations in Jackson, New Jersey.

Famous Jersey City Landmarks, New Jersey

Newport Center


Newport Center is one of the interesting NJ landmarks. It is commonly known to the locals as Newport mall and is one of the best places in New Jersey to visit.

Opened in 1987, the Newport Center is a major component of Jersey City. It is a three-level modern shopping mall with various restaurants, a movie theater, and several social and entertainment options.

The mall also offers easy access to the waterfront. You should check out the mall when visiting this area to find out why it is among the prominent and most visited landmarks in New Jersey.

Liberty State Park


Liberty State Park is one of the historical places in New Jersey.

Along the shores of the Hudson River, this amazing park offers great views of the Manhattan skyline, Ellis Island, and the statue of liberty. One of the useful facts about New Jersey to know is that the state park is the only location in the state that offers ferry service to Ellis Island and the statue of liberty.

The Liberty State Park features the historic central railroad of New Jersey, picnic areas, playgrounds, the nature center, wide open fields, an outdoor performance area, and many more. The park is a great place to spend leisure time, relax and enjoy the dramatic views of the Manhattan skyline.

You can explore the historic central railroad of New Jersey, hike on the 36-acre nature area of the Hudson River Estuary wildlife trails, and visit the Liberty State Park interpretive center. Whatever you choose to do, you’ll enjoy the experience at one of the most iconic places in New Jersey.

Empty Sky Memorial

The Empty Sky Memorial is famous among the monuments in New Jersey. This is the official New Jersey September 11 Memorial located in Liberty State Park.

The Empty Sky Memorial was dedicated on September 11, 2011, marking the 10th anniversary of 9/11. Twin-brushed stainless steel walls represent the Empty Sky Memorial, with individual names engraved. 

The walls are 210 feet long and 30 feet high. They are an absolutely beautiful reminder of the 9/11 attack. Pay tribute while visiting one of the iconic monuments in NJ.

Liberty Science Center

Liberty Science Center is an interactive science learning center and museum. It is one of the educational landmarks in New Jersey and a pleasant place for family fun.

The Liberty Science Center features twelve exhibition halls, a planetarium, 3d films, and much more. Exhibits at Liberty Science Center and Museum include models of wild animals, the great train set, making mammoths, a dream machine, the 3D World Minecraft, and so on.

Within the liberty science center are a gift shop and restaurant. This is a great spot especially if you are traveling with kids. Enjoy a wonderful family time at one of the spectacular New Jersey landmarks.

Famous Newark Landmarks, New Jersey

Branch Brook Park


Branch Brook Park is the largest public park in Newark. This park is notable among prominent landmarks in NJ because it has the most extensive collection of cherry Blossom trees in the US.

Branch Brook Park is a beautiful park, great for picnics, walking, exercising, and enjoying the stunning scenery. It is best to visit this park during the cherry blossom season to enjoy the picturesque views at one of the green New Jersey landmarks.

South Mountain Reservation

The South Mountain Reservation is a 2,115-acre nature reserve. The park is preserved primarily in its wild state. If you are a nature lover, this park is a haven.

The south mountain reservation has serene surroundings. The park features hiking trails, Washington rock, hills and ridges of the Watchung Mountains, creaks, ponds, and waterfalls. You can view the skylines of New York, Jersey City, and Staten Island at higher points in the south mountain reservation.

This nature reserve offers unspoiled open-space natural environments, beautiful parks, picnic areas, paddle boats, and reservations. Spend an amazing time at one of the natural landmarks in New Jersey.

Turtle Back Zoo


The Turtle Back Zoo is a 20-acre zoo located on a hill outside Newark. This is the Number One zoo in the state and thus a popular landmark in New Jersey.

Turtle Back Zoo is a great place to have family fun. The zoo has large open enclosures for the animals, and here you can have hands-on interaction with the animals, including feeding the birds, stingrays, and giraffes.

The park offers picnic tables and food available for purchase. You can also bring your own food. Turtle Back Zoo makes for a pleasant family experience, and there is even a lake just outside the zoo.

American Dream  

American Dream is a mall in East Rutherford, it is the second-largest retail entertainment center in the US.

As one of the famous New Jersey landmarks, American Dream offers world-class attractions and entertainment, including DreamWorks Water Park, Big Snow, The rink, Nickelodeon Universe, retail stores, and many more.

It is the perfect destination for indoor fun and entertainment. The mall hosts various events, be sure to research before visiting the mall if you want to attend. American Dream mall is a wonderful place for recreation, relaxation, shopping, and fun.

Famous Atlantic City Landmarks, New Jersey

Tropicana Atlantic City

The Tropicana Atlantic City is one of the top attractions in Atlantic City. It offers attractions for people of all ages; and is especially ideal for adults.

Entertainment in Tropicana Atlantic City includes a family fun center, Imax Theatre, and escape AC. The resort offers an amazing nightlife experience, shopping, casinos, and lots more.

You can spend some time on the beach and visit the spa. Altogether, you’ll have an amazing time at one of the exciting landmarks in New Jersey.

World War I Memorial

The World War I Memorial in Atlantic City was built in 1922. It is among the important monuments in New Jersey. The historical site was listed in the National Register of Historic places in 1981.

The memorial is a Greek-like temple structure commemorating the major battles in World War I. In the Center of the memorial, there is a sculpture titled “liberty in distress.” It depicts a nude lady liberty holding a broken sword, screaming at the horrors of war.

At the outer ring of the temple are the names of the World War I battles. The memorial offers free admission. It is an attractive and meaningful destination with great views.

Absecon Lighthouse 


Absecon lighthouse is iconic among the landmarks in New Jersey. It is the state’s tallest lighthouse, with a height of 171 feet.

Absecon lighthouse is one of the historical places in NJ that is over 150 years old. The lighthouse takes you on a journey in time as you climb the 228 steps of the lighthouse. You’ll see the spectacular views of the Atlantic city skyline. It is truly a wonderful place to visit.

Absecon lighthouse also hosts events, educational programs, guided tours, and more. Be sure to check out this spectacular structure when visiting Atlantic City.

Atlantic City Aquarium


For an amazing experience at one of the fun-filled landmarks of New Jersey, The Atlantic City Aquarium is open all year round and perfect for a family outing.

The Atlantic City Aquarium has three floors with different habitats. The Aquarium also hosts activities and events for kids and also offers breathtaking views of the ocean and Atlantic City. It is an eventful place to spend quality family time with your kids. 

Famous Paramus Landmarks, New Jersey

Westfield Garden State Plaza

Westfield Garden State Plaza is one of the largest shopping malls in the United States.

The mall has lots of attractions catering to the general public. It hosts activities and events, including fairs. They have a children’s playground area, a Cinema, and many food options including tasty local New Jersey dishes.

Westfield Garden State mall is great for stretching your legs and just enjoying some relaxing leisure time.

Van Saun County Park

The Van Saun County Park is a 130-acres park ideal for outdoor recreation and adventure. The park offers a zoo, a massive playground, splash pads, train rides, and a carousel.

This is a free-theme park, open all year round, making it a famous landmark in New Jersey. It is a great place to have a picnic among beautiful scenery.

The park also has a pond, tennis court, handball courts, softball fields, and a dog park. It’s a place you want to take advantage of when visiting New Jersey.

Bury The Hatchet Paramus – Axe Throwing


For a thrilling activity, check out Bury the Hatchet Paramus. You can experience the excitement of throwing an axe at a wooden target. The axe-throwing ranges feature multiple lanes in an urban setting.

Bury the hatchet has wonderful instructors and friendly staff. With its unique activity, this landmark in New Jersey draws plenty of visitors. It is a super fun destination, with a nice ambiance and clean environment.  

Berger Town Center

Berger Town Center is a shopping complex consisting of outdoor stores and indoor malls. It is a convenient place to see and find many things. The center offers popular international brands and plenty of restaurants featuring different cuisines.

The Berger Town Center mall is close to many other attractions, such as Paramus park, Berger County Zoological Park, Eaton tower, and many more. You can spend your leisure time enjoying the day around some of the most exciting places in New Jersey.

Natural Landmarks In New Jersey

Peterson Great Falls Historical Park 

Peterson Great Falls Historical Park is one of the beautiful NJ historical places. It is home to a stunning waterfall that New Jersey is known for – the Great Falls of the Passaic River.

This park is a great place to hike and enjoy other outdoor recreational activities. It is one of the spectacular natural landmarks of New Jersey and a great sight to behold.

The waterfall is 77 feet high and offers majestic scenery and a lovely destination to picnic and take pictures. There is a small park area where you can admire the view from the falls and trails where you can hike.

Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area


Among the notable natural landmarks in New Jersey is Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. This natural reserve encompasses the Delaware Water Gap, mountains, and grassy benches.

The Recreation Area spans 700,000 acres offering several options for outdoor activities, including fishing, hiking, biking, dining, boating, camping, and lots more.

The Delaware Water Gap national recreation features waterfalls, kid’s fun, and an opportunity to learn about the Lenape, the indigenous people. This fascinating destination also offers beautiful scenery and an amazing time. It is one of the most beautiful New Jersey landmarks.

High Point State Park 

The high point state park is mention-worthy among the notable natural getaways in New Jersey. It is a popular destination for campers, hikers, anglers, and skiers. If you love any of these activities, this spot is the perfect spot for you.

Aside from being a well-known destination for outdoor recreation, High Point State Park is renowned for its scenic scenery. It covers 15,000 acres along the Kittatinny Ridge, and atop its highest elevation points is one of the monuments in NJ, the High Point Monument, which is a tribute to New Jersey’s Veterans.  

This park offers facilities such as a visitor’s Center, a cross-country ski center, picnic tables and shelters, the Cedar tramp trail, and lots more. Here, you can do mountain biking, swimming, fishing, and lots more. All the activities High Point State Park offers make it among the exciting landmarks of New Jersey.

Jersey Shore Beaches 


Jersey shore beaches form a pleasant spot to relax, soak in the sun and enjoy the atmosphere. There are several beaches on the Jersey Shore; each one offers a unique experience. These are some of the best beaches in New Jersey.

All the beaches on the jersey shore give a vacation atmosphere. There are many restaurants on the shore, great stores, and ice cream places.

The beaches are clean, and the water is cool. This environment is so relaxing. You can surf, enjoy a picnic, and enjoy the scenery and peaceful vibes.

Other Landmarks In New Jersey 

Prudential Center

The Prudential Center is one of the most iconic landmarks in New Jersey. It is a multi-purpose indoor arena, home to the New Jersey Devils of the National Hockey League.

Opened in 2007, the Prudential Center serves as New Jersey’s home for live entertainment. The center regularly hosts popular shows, concerts, and events. The arena is beautiful, and the top of the Center offers breathtaking views of the city. The Prudential Center is a spot built for great experiences.

Twin Lights Historic Site

The Navesink light station, also known as twin lights, is one of NJ’s historical sites that decommissioned in 1949. This NJ landmark serves as a museum and an attraction in New Jersey.

Twin lights are the first lighthouse to use a Fresnel lens; it holds a significant place in American history. It is among the prominent monuments in New Jersey, with unparalleled views of the Atlantic Coasts and New York City. The lighthouse is special because of its twin towers and stands on the highest point on the Atlantic Coast.

This destination has a great history, and there isn’t a doubt why it is among the famous landmarks of New Jersey.

Adventure Aquarium 


Adventure Aquarium offers a one-of-a-kind experience with marine life. It has the largest number of sharks in Northeast America, alongside many other amazing attractions.

Adventure Aquarium exhibits over 15,000 aquatic animals, including penguins, piranhas, and hippos. This Aquarium features a kid zone, Hippo Haven, penguin park, shark realm, and lots more.

Adventure aquarium also offers virtual reality and hands-on experience for an amazing time.

Cape May Lighthouse 

The Cape May Lighthouse is worth visiting among New Jersey landmarks. Built in 1859, the lighthouse has breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean and Delaware Bay; although you need to climb the 199 steps to the top of the lighthouse.

Cape May lighthouse is one of the historical places in NJ. Along the steps to the top of the lighthouse, there are exhibits detailing the maritime history of Cape May and the lighthouse’s history.

The area around Cape May Lighthouse is also a beautiful place to visit. It is close to the beach where you can watch dolphins and birds. It’ll be worth the trip to one of the iconic places in New Jersey.

Discovering New Jersey Landmarks

New Jersey is home to some of the most remarkable sites and destinations. Some are renowned, and others may be less noticeable. But one amazing thing about all New Jersey landmarks is the unique experiences each one offers. They make this one of the most iconic states in the nation.

The landmarks and monuments in New Jersey landmarks tell the story of the region, from past to present. They are worth the experience in discovering what the state has to offer.



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