20 Interesting And Fun Facts About New Jersey [Explained]

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Step into the enchanting land of New Jersey, a state where natural beauty, ancient history, and modern culture blend perfectly. With the quaint villages, bustling cities, and diverse cultures along this magnificent eastern U.S. coastline, many interesting facts about New Jersey make it an intriguing destination to explore. 

The “Garden State,” as it is known, attracts adventurers and nature lovers with its forests, parks, and breathtaking views. There is a lot to discover in New Jersey for visitors, from internationally renowned boardwalks to celebrated venues to rich historical heritage that is tied to the American experience.

Quick Statistics And Facts About New Jersey

  • Capital: Trenton
  • Population: 9.267 million (11th Populous State in the U.S) 
  • Land Area: 7,354 mi² / 22,590 km² (45th Largest in the U.S) 
  • Nickname: The Garden State
  • Abbreviation: NJ 
  • Statehood: December 18, 1787 (3rd U.S State) 
  • State Bird: American Goldfinch
  • State Flower: Common Blue Violet

Historical Facts About New Jersey

The Atlantic City Boardwalk Holds The Titles Of The Worlds Longest And Oldest Boardwalk


Built in 1870, it was introduced to prevent sand from entering beachside buildings. This wooden walkway was only a single mile long at first, but was gradually extended to its current length of six miles. 

Today, it is a popular destination for those wishing to explore diverse forms of recreation, such as casinos, restaurants, stores, and shows, with a breathtaking backdrop overlooking the sea. Significant upgrading efforts have been carried out to stay true to its historical character while providing visitors with an enjoyable walk.

In The 1800s, Thomas Edison Created A Variety Of Items Still Important Today From His Laboratory In Menlo Park, New Jersey


Among Edison’s inventions were the phonograph and the electric light bulb, which dramatically changed sound recording and indoor lighting. His laboratory became a renowned innovation hub, attracting talented individuals to collaborate with Edison. 

Thomas Edison’s work laid the foundation for electrical engineering and communication advancements, leaving a lasting impact on the modern world and inspiring future inventors.

The Holland Tunnel Is A Famous Underwater Tunnel That Connects New York And New Jersey

The tunnel opened in 1927 and was the world’s first mechanically ventilated underwater tunnel, reaching depths of up to 93 feet below the Hudson River. Before the tunnel was made, transportation between the two states relied on ferries or bridges; now, individuals can freely travel through the tunnel. 

Even after more than 90 years since its construction, the Holland Tunnel continues to recognize remarkable engineering achievements while providing a convenient pathway for travelers.

The Newark Riots Took Place In Newark, New Jersey, In 1967

The riots, which resulted from racial tensions and inequality, caused significant property damage and fatalities, bringing attention to the African American community’s problems. The situation began when an African American taxi driver was arrested and badly beaten, resulting in anger across the city. This incident shed light on systemic racism and discrepancies in wealth in Newark, prompting calls for reform. 

The Jersey Shore Gained Popularity During The Prohibition 


The Jersey Shore gained popularity as a tourist destination in the 1920s, coinciding with New Jersey becoming the first state to ratify prohibition. This initiated an era of bootlegging and gangsters that increased in shows like “Boardwalk Empire,” which was rooted in historical reality. The geographic location of this region made it an ideal place for transporting and distributing illegal alcohol, further boosting criminal activity. 

Although shown in a sensationalized fashion on television, the link between gangsters, bootlegging, and prohibition at the Jersey Shore is rooted in historical facts.

Cultural Facts About New Jersey

Taylor Ham (Pork Roll) Is The Culinary Symbol Of New Jersey


An iconic food of New Jersey, Taylor Ham (or Pork Roll) is a type of processed pork consisting of ground pork, salt, sugar, and spices. There is an ongoing discussion among the natives about the name and cooking techniques used in its creation. In northern New Jersey, it is called “Taylor Ham,” while in the central and southern parts, it is known as “Pork Roll.” 

This rivalry over its name and cooking style has become a topic of pride for locals.

Bruce Springsteen Is A Cultural Icon In New Jersey

Born in Long Branch, New Jersey, Bruce Springsteen has become a notable and celebrated musician. His music reflects the hardships and determination of those living in the state. The soulful lyrics and passionate performances have created a connection with people worldwide. 

Bruce often gives shout-outs to particular sites within New Jersey in his music. He isn’t just renowned for his music; he is also acclaimed for his activism on social justice issues. 

New Jersey’s Boardwalk Culture Is A Huge Part Of The State’s Identity


Boardwalks in destinations like Atlantic City, Wildwood, and Point Pleasant Beach are vibrant entertainment centers. They have amusement parks, arcades, shopping stores, and food vendors, making them attractive to visitors. 

Additionally, these boardwalks provide plenty of entertainment to engage individuals of all ages. The boardwalks hold cultural significance, representing the state’s beach culture and vacation lifestyle while also helping the local economy. It’s one of the specialties New Jersey is known for.

New Jersey Has A Rich Musical Heritage 


New Jersey has a long history in the music industry, with artists ranging from Frank Sinatra and Bruce Springsteen to Bon Jovi and Whitney Houston, representing a variety of genres like rock, pop, R&B, jazz, and hip-hop. It’s no surprise that this region is renowned for its distinctive culture given the plenty of concert venues throughout the state, which range in size from intimate clubs to enormous arenas.

New Jersey Has Different Accents And Dialects

Because of its geographical closeness to New York and Philadelphia, New Jersey displays various accents, ranging from the more subtle New York-style dialect of North Jersey residents to the distinctive Philadelphia accent found in many South Jersey residents. 

Alongside these accents, the state boasts its own unique set of slang terms. For example, “jughandle” refers to a specific type of traffic intersection, and “down the shore” means heading to the coastal area of New Jersey. Other colloquialisms include “Wawa” as a term for convenience stores and “shoobie” for tourists at the Jersey Shore. 

Simple Facts About New Jersey For Kids

Salt Water Taffy Was Invented In Atlantic City, New Jersey


David Bradley, a local candy store owner in Atlantic City, New Jersey, had the unique idea to market saltwater taffy as a novelty item after he found his shop flooded by seawater during a severe storm in 1883. 

This chewy candy soon became renowned for its assorted flavors and delightful taste, and the coastal city of Atlantic City was forever identified with it. Today, saltwater taffy remains a beloved treat associated with coastal regions and beachside boardwalks, with its origins highlighting the creativity and adaptability of candy makers.

The First Miss America Pageant Happened In Atlantic City

The Miss America Pageant first debuted in Atlantic City during the 1921 Labor Day weekend as part of a promotional campaign. Since then, it has grown to become one of the most renowned beauty pageants in the US, showcasing remarkable women who are attractive, poised, and talented. The pageant evolved over time into something more than just a pretty face; it became a learning opportunity that promoted personal development.  

This iconic contest is deeply rooted in American history, with millions tuning in every year, creating a timeless symbol of how far pageants have advanced.

The First Full Dinosaur Skeleton In The US Was Found In New Jersey

William Parker Foulke greatly impacted paleontology when he identified the first full dinosaur skeleton in the US. In 1858, Foulke led an excavation in Haddonfield, New Jersey, where laborers unearthed fossilized remains. His efforts resulted in the discovery of a nearly intact dinosaur skeleton named Hadrosaurus Foulkii in his honor. 

The groundbreaking discovery evoked tremendous excitement and provided invaluable information about dinosaurs. Foulke’s achievement represented an important breakthrough in palaeontological science and established the groundwork for further investigations into prehistoric life.

The Game of Monopoly Owes Its Street Names To Atlantic City


This is thanks to Charles Darrow, the man responsible for creating the board game Monopoly. He was familiar with Atlantic City due to his visits and wanted to make sure the board game captured the true essence of this popular destination; his vision included elements such as Baltic Avenue, Park Place, and the Boardwalk, all located in Atlantic City. These names have since been embedded in our collective memory, forming a crucial part of what makes Monopoly successful across generations.

The First Baseball Game Was Played in New Jersey


Hoboken, New Jersey, left a lasting impression on American history on June 19, 1846. At Elysian Fields, the New York Base Ball Club and Knickerbocker Base Ball Club played in the first-ever baseball game that was recognized as such. 

Although other forms of baseball had already existed, this was an essential milestone in its evolution and success. The event marked the beginning of standardized rules and conventions in baseball, which eventually made it a much-loved nationwide game. Parks and stadiums honoring this game can be found across America as a lasting tribute.

Useful Facts About New Jersey For Travelers

There Is So Much To Uncover In This Fascinating State


The state offers something different to travelers from north to south. From Newark and Jersey City in the northern region, with their buzzing urban culture and attractions, to the Shore and Central Jersey’s famously lush suburbs, there are plenty of places sure to attract visitors. 

Journey further down for iconic fun at the Jersey Shore, with its idyllic beaches and boardwalks in the summertime. And don’t forget about its beautiful northwest countryside with endless acres of scenic landscapes and outdoor adventures. 

The Beaches In New Jersey Are Local Hangout Spots


New Jersey’s beaches may not possess the crystal-clear waters found in other destinations, but they hold a special appeal for the state’s residents. The water is usually a cloudy blue-green shade, yet the beaches remain popular meeting spots for friends and family during balmy summer days, even in springtime. 

What distinguishes these beaches are their adjacent boardwalks, like in Wildwood or Seaside Heights, with an assortment of amusements like restaurants, arcades, thrill rides, and retail stores on the shoreline.

New Jersey Moves At A Fast Pace

In New Jersey, the environment is known for its hustle and bustle, unlike other areas of the country that embrace a slower and calmer pace. New Jerseyans value efficiency and dislike wasting time, leading to a constant sense of rush in customer service interactions and other aspects of daily life. While this aspect may be frustrating for locals, it is a prevailing reality. 

Complaints are also common among residents, contributing to a somewhat negative atmosphere. Furthermore, New Jerseyans strongly dislike traffic, particularly on the New Jersey Turnpike, although they have no choice but to exercise patience.

New Jersey Is A Premier Spot For Diverse Entertainment 


From bustling bars and extraordinary restaurants to zombie walks and spectacular concert venues, the state offers plenty of options for all interests. Atlantic City’s casinos and pool resorts provide a lively scene perfect for adults looking for something thrilling. Younger guests can enjoy a memorable time at Six Flags Great Adventure amusement park. 

To make the most of their trip, research different regions in New Jersey that host events ranging from family-oriented activities to 21+ experiences.

The Best Way To Get Around New Jersey Is By Driving


While NYC may be better known for its well-developed public transit system that provides easy access to stores and other places of interest, cars remain the key means of transportation. Walking to places like grocery stores is only possible if they are nearby. 

Otherwise, traveling by car is needed whenever venturing out to shopping malls, gyms, or other places of interest. Although New Jersey doesn’t have a subway system, people can opt to travel by bus or private car, which is a reliable option. 

Discovering More Facts About New Jersey

There are so many diverse and interesting facts about New Jersey, including its rich historical heritage, famous landmarks, cultural identity, and unique quirks. 

As a fascinating place that offers a variety of attractions and experiences, New Jersey has played an important role in shaping American history and culture. You can never go wrong with exploring and learning more about the wonderful state of New Jersey.



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