20 Interesting And Fun Facts About Virginia [Explained]

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Virginia is a state with plenty of natural beauty and distinct landscapes. It boasts a rich history, heritage, and iconic landmarks which makes it an attractive destination. Here are interesting and fun facts about Virginia that will give you an insight into the state’s history and cultural diversity.

Overview Statistics And Facts About Virginia

  • Capital: Richmond
  • Population: 8.62 Million (12th Populous State in the U.S)
  • Land Area: 42,775 sq mi / 110,787 kmĀ² (10th Largest in the U.S)
  • Nickname: The Old Dominion State
  • Abbreviation: VA
  • Statehood: June 25, 1788 (13th U.S State)
  • State Bird: Northern Cardinal
  • State Flower: American Dogwood

Historical Facts About Virginia 

Virginia is a historical state among the first 13 colonies that form the United States. Human life in this region dates as early as 20,000 BC. Here are some historical facts about Virginia you should know.

Many Significant Events of the American Revolution Took Place in Virginia

Many important American Revolution stories took place in Virginia. Some examples include the siege of Yorktown, the declaration of independence, the Virginia convention, and the battle of Lexington and concord.

The state played a crucial role in the fight for independence from Great Britain. That deep history makes it an eye-opening and educational state to visit. Here, you will find plenty of interesting facts about Virginia for kids to learn about the country’s past.

The First Permanent English Settlement Was Established In Virginia 

The first permanent English settlement was established in 1607, in present-day Virginia, by a company called the London company in Jamestown, now Virginia. The company settled in this area, hoping to find gold and other valuable resources and establish trade with the indigenous peoples.

Almost Half of the Battles Fought in The American Civil War Were Fought in Virginia

Another historically significant Virginia fact is that almost half of the battles fought in the American Civil War were fought in Virginia. A total of 4,000 battles were fought in the civil war, and 2,200 happened in Virginia. Some examples of the battles fought in Virginia during the American civil war are the battle of Antietam, the first battle of Bull Run, and the seven days battle.

Indigenous People Lived in The Region Now Called Virginia Before the Arrival of the Europeans 

Several indigenous cultural groups and Native American tribes lived in the area known as Virginia today before the arrival of Europeans. These include the Cherokee, the Monacan, and the Powhatan Confederacy. When the European settlers moved into the area, many Native American people were displaced or killed.

Cultural Facts About Virginia 


It Is Home To A Diverse Range Of Cultural Traditions 

That said, one of the prominent cultural facts about Virginia is that it is home to a diverse range of cultural traditions.  

The state’s diverse history has influenced its cultural landscape and contributed to rich and varied traditions. It has a large community of different groups of people, including the native American, African American, Asian American, and European societies.

Many of these groups continue to maintain and celebrate their cultural practices and traditions. You can even take part in some of them when you visit to learn more about the different cultures.


It Hosts A Significant Number Of Cultural Festivals And Events Annually

Virginia hosts annual cultural events and festivals that showcase the state’s cultural diversity and traditions. Some of the most popular cultural festivals in Virginia include the Virginia Beach Neptune Festival, the Virginia Wine Festival, The Virginia Festival of the Book, the Virginia Folklife Festival, and several others. A fun fact about Virginia’s festivals is that they typically all include music and a celebration of art.


Virginia Boasts A Diverse And Flourishing Food Culture 

One of the cultural facts about the state of Virginia is its thriving and diverse food culture. Virginia is home to an abundance of culinary delights.

Several delicious traditional dishes associated with Virginia include peanut soup, Virginia ham, seafood chowder, Chesapeake Bay oysters, Virginia Barbecue, Virginia crab cakes, and many others.

These unique and delicious dishes make the state a popular destination for food lovers. Be sure to sample some of this iconic cuisine on your visit.

Interesting Facts About Virginia For Kids 

With the importance of this state, here are some essential facts about Virginia that kids should know.

It Has Been Home To Many Famous People 

One of the cool facts about Virginia is that it is home to many famous people. The state has produced many famous people in various fields. About eight presidents of the United States were from Virginia.

These include George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Monroe, Zachary Taylor, James Maddison, John Tyler, William Harrison, and Woodrow Wilson. Virginia has been nicknamed the mother of presidents.

Other famous people from Virginia include Pharrell Williams, Peyton Manning, Sandra Bullocks, and more.  


The State Is Known For Its Agriculture 

Another Virginia fact for kids is that the state is known for its agriculture, which plays a significant role in its economy. The state is famous for producing a variety of livestock and crops. Some of the crops grown in Virginia include wheat, hay, corn, tomatoes, snap beans, and sweet potatoes.

It is a leading producer of peanuts, tobacco, and soybeans. The first peanuts planted in the United States were in Virginia. Livestock produced in Virginia includes poultry, hogs, sheep, and cattle.

Fun Virginia Facts For Travelers

Here are some useful facts about Virginia for travelers that are unique and would make a trip to the state worthwhile.


The State Is Home To Famous Music Festivals

Music lovers rejoice! One of the exciting Virginia facts for travelers is that the state is home to many popular music festivals. Virginia is renowned for its rich music history and diverse styles, including rock, jazz, blues, bluegrass, and country.

Some of the popular music festivals in Virginia include the Blue ridge rock festival, Richmond Jazz and Music festival, lockn’ festival, the Bonnaroo music and arts festival, and more. These events draw many international and even local visitors within the United States.

If you are a music lover, you’ll thoroughly enjoy a trip to Virginia, as you can often also find live music in bars and pubs.

It Is Home To Many Historic Cities And Towns 

For history lovers, here is one of several important Virginia state facts. Virginia has a long and interesting history, with many historic towns and cities to show for it. Some examples are Williamsburg and Richmond.

In the 18th century, Williamsburg was the Capital of the colony of Virginia. It was the center of the colony’s economic, social and political activities. Today, Virginia is a popular tourist destination and is known for its colonial-era architecture.

Richmond was the Capital of the Confederacy during the American civil war. It is home to several historic sites, including the American Civil War Museum and the Virginia State Capitol.


It Is Known For Its Thriving Wine Industry

One of the many facts about Virginia that travelers should know is that the state is known for its wine industry. The area is home to several vineyards and has a long wine production history. Virginia wines are high quality and are recognized both nationally and internationally. 

It produces various types of wines, including white, red, and sparkling wines. Some popular Virginia wines include Chardonnay, Merlot, and Franc.


The State Has Many Diverse Landscapes And Natural Attractions 

Virginia has a diverse landscape with a range of natural features and attractions. From beautiful beaches and rivers to mountains and forests, the diverse landscapes of Virginia are something to behold. The state is home to the Blue ridge mountains, the natural bridge, Luray caverns, and Shenandoah park, which form part of the Blue ridge mountains.

Common Facts About Virginia 

Here is some general information about Virginia that everyone should know.


Virginia Is Home To The Pentagon 

The Pentagon, which is one of the most significant office buildings, is in Virginia. The building serves as the headquarters of the United States Department of Defense and is also a popular tourist attraction. The Pentagon is known for its unique shape. It is a five-sided polygon with five concentric rings and corridors radiating out from a central courtyard.


It Is Home To The Most Extended Bridge-Tunnel Complex In The World

One of the common facts about Virginia state is that it has one of the most extended bridge-tunnel complexes in the world. The Chesapeake Bay bridge tunnel is a 37km long bridge that opened in 1964.

The complex consists of two long tunnels of 1.6km each running beneath the bay and a series of smaller bridges and causeways connecting the eastern shore of Virginia to Virginia Beach and areas on the mainland. The Chesapeake bridge-tunnel complex is used by millions of vehicles annually.


The First Thanksgiving In North America Was Celebrated In Virginia 

The first Thanksgiving was very different from what it is today and was two years earlier than the Plymouth thanksgiving of 1621. It was a ceremony of thanks to celebrate the safe journey of pilgrims from England, led by captain John Woodlief in a place located 30 miles upstream from Jamestown.

Virginia Has A Humid Subtropical Climate 

A popular Virginia trivia question has to do with the state’s climiate. Virginia has a humid subtropical climate characterized by high humidity levels throughout the year, hot summers, and mild winters. This makes the state a great place to cultivate crops due to its long growing season and abundance of rain.

Other Interesting Facts About Virginia 

There are many things that make Virginia unique. Some of the most interesting facts about Virginia are weird and would leave you wondering if they are real.


Virginia Is Considered The Oyster Capital Of The East Coast

One of the fun facts about the state of Virginia is its nickname as the oyster capital of the east coast. Virginia has a thriving oyster industry and the largest estuaries in the US.

The state has long been known for its Oyster farming, which has contributed immensely to the economic development of the state. The Virginia coastal waters provide an ideal environment for oyster farming, making it a leader in the oyster industry on the United States’ east coast and producing over 40 million oysters annually.

The State Was Named After Queen Elizabeth I

An English Explorer, Walter Raleigh, named Virginia in 1584 to honor Queen Elizabeth I of England and her status as the “Virgin Queen.” He suggested naming the colony after the queen to obtain her favor and support. Virginia was later adopted, and Sir Walter Raleigh was permitted to colonize the region.

Virginia Is No Stranger To Strange Laws 

Many states in the United States have strange laws, and Virginia is, in fact, among them. In Virginia, it is illegal to tickle women, it is illegal to hunt on Sundays, except it’s a raccoon, it is illegal to spit on sidewalks, it is illegal to curse in public, it is illegal to hint animals with a spotlight, and more. These are some of the weird facts about Virginia. 

Discovering More Fun Facts About Virginia

There are many more amazing facts about Virginia worth discovering and exploring. From its significant role in the American heritage and fight for freedom to its diverse natural and cultural landscape, Virginia has a lot to offer. Whether you are a tourist, a resident, or interested in learning about the state, there’s much to uncover in Virginia.  



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