20 Interesting And Fun Facts About Michigan [Explained]

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Michigan, known as the Wolverine or Great Lakes State, is famous for its unique geography, diverse landscape, four Great Lakes, and its bustling city, Detroit. However, there is more to Michigan than its geography. There are also fascinating facts about Michigan that you may have yet to learn about.

Here are 20 interesting and fun facts about Michigan that will open your eyes to the uniqueness of the state. 

Overview Statistics And Facts About Michigan

  • Capital: Lansing
  • Population: 10 Million (10th Populous State in the U.S)
  • Land Area: 96,716 sq mi / 250,493 kmĀ² (11th Largest in the U.S)
  • Nickname: The Wolverine State/ Great Lakes State
  • Abbreviation: MI
  • Statehood: January 26, 1837 (26th U.S State)
  • State Bird: American Robin
  • State Flower: Apple Blossom

Historical Facts About Michigan

Michigan has a long history that dates back centuries. It has been home to the Native Americans for thousands of years and was a French colony in its early days. Here are some interesting facts about Michigan’s history.


French Explorer Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac Founded Detroit In 1701 

French explorer Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac was the founder of the French settlement that eventually became the city of Detroit. He was appointed by the French government to establish a settlement in the region.

He founded the fort in 1701 and named it Fort Pontchartrain Du Detroit in honor of the French minister of Marine.

The fort was intended as a French military stronghold and trading post along the Detroit river, but it quickly became a major fur trade center and formed one of the first European settlements in the area. The settlement that grew around the fort was also called Pontchartrain Du Detroit, which over time, was shortened into Detroit.

The Detroit Zoo Introduced the First Cageless, Open Exhibits in America 

One of the proud Michigan state facts is that its zoological park in Detroit is one of the first zoos in the United States to adopt the open-exhibit zoo. 

The Detroit zoo was designed to mimic the extensive open natural habitats of the animals to give them a more natural environment. This is now a popular concept with more zoos attempting to improve the habitats of their animals.

Michigan Played A Significant Role In The Establishment Of Public Libraries In The United States 

Michigan was one of the first states in the United States to legislate for establishing and maintaining public libraries through the library act of 1835. It enabled townships to fund libraries via taxation and helped pave the path for establishing public libraries throughout the country.

Michigan Was One Of The First States To Guarantee Tax-Funded High School Education for Every Child  

Another impactful historical fact about Michigan is that it was one of the first states to guarantee free high school education for every child.

In 1825, Michigan passed a law establishing a tax-funded school system. These schools were known as common schools, and they didn’t just provide free high school education; they also provided free primary education.

Cultural Facts About Michigan 

Michigan is known for its vibrant arts and music scene. The state has a diverse culture influenced by its population. Here are some fun facts about Michigan State and its unique culture.

Immigration History From Europe And The Middle East

One of the cultural Michigan facts is the state has a rich history of immigration, particularly from Europe and the middle east. These immigrants have significantly influenced and shaped the culture and traditions of the state.

In Michigan, you’ll find large European and Arab communities, which means you can also get a taste of those cultures through the festivals and food.

It Is Home To Many Annual Cultural Events And Festivals 

Michigan hosts many annual cultural events and festivals throughout the year. You will find events every month catering to different interests and themes.

The state organizes many general festivals to celebrate local Michigan food, art, and music. However, many cities and towns in Michigan also have their own festivals, which are a celebration of culture and community.

Some popular annual festivals in Michigan include the Detroit International Jazz Festival and the Michigan Renaissance Festival.  

The City Of Detroit Has A Rich Musical History 

Another exciting fact about Michigan is that its city Detroit has a long and rich musical history. For many decades, Detroit has been a major music center and has produced many famous musicians. The city has contributed to developing a wide range of music genres and has influenced American music as we know it.

If you are looking to immerse in the arts and music scene, even if it’s just for entertainment purposes, you know where to go. 

Interesting Facts About Michigan For Kids 

Michigan is an important state to understand more about for education purposes. Here are some fun facts about Michigan for kids to learn about the state.

Isle Royale National Park Is Home to One of the Largest Moose Herds in The United States 

One of the fascinating Michigan facts is that it is home to one of the largest moose herds in the country. The Isle Royale National Park is famous for its large moose herd, said to be one of the largest moose herds in the entire country.


The Kellogg Corn Flakes Originated In Michigan

The Kellogg brothers founded corn flakes in late 1894 at the battle creek sanitarium, a health resort. Corn flakes were initially made for the patients in the sanitarium but soon gained popularity after it proved to be an enjoyable meal. The brothers formed the Kellogg company in 1906 to produce cornflakes in mass for the wider public. 


About 40% Of Michigan’s Land Is Covered With Forests 

Another interesting fact about Michigan is that a significant portion of the state is occupied by lush forests. That is also why the state is known for its great outdoors. Michigan’s forests are mostly made up of maple, oak, and beech trees and are filled with various animals, such as deer, bears, and birds.


It Is Home to Over 260 Bird Species 

The state of Michigan contains over 260 bird species, including the bald eagle, the common loon, the American robin, and the Baltimore oriole. On Michigan’s wetlands, you’ll find various species of shorebirds and waterfowl. Without surprise, the Wolverine state is a popular place for birdwatchers.


Useful Michigan Facts For Travelers     

Michigan is a popular travel destination known for its natural beauty; it is home to wineries, museums, scenic routes, and the great lakes. There are many famous landmarks in Michigan to explore with plenty of opportunities for water activities and sports. Here are some fun Michigan facts for travelers.

Michigan Is Known for Its Great Lakes Coastal Region 

Michigan has about 3 200 miles of shoreline along lakes Michigan, Superior, and Huron. The beaches in the state attract millions of people every year for activities such as sightseeing, sunbathing, fishing, boating, and more.

The great lakes coastal region also features several cities, such as Traverse City, Mackinac Island, and Grand Rapids. These cities are prominent tourist destinations known for their nature beauty and fun attractions.

Detroit Houses Many Cultural and Historical Landmarks 

Another one of Michigan facts to know is the famous landmarks in Detroit that will be interesting to any visitor. They reflect the deep culture and history of not just the city but the state.

The city of Detroit is rich in tradition and heritage, and it has many landmarks and sites to show for it. Some of the most prominent ones include the Detroit Institute of Arts, The Henry Ford Museum, and the Motown museum.

Hop around these landmarks and you will get a clearer picture of the growth of American innovation, architecture, and art. These sites are both insightful and fun to visit.


Mackinac Island Is the Perfect Vacation Spot 

Mackinac Island is a popular place to visit for holidaymakers because of its natural beauty, proximity to the great lakes, and recreational activities. The island offers a unique experience with nature. It is car-free, meaning visitors can only explore the island on foot or with a horse-drawn carriage.

Mackinac Island caters to a wide range of interests, from nature lovers and history enthusiasts to family experiences and those looking for an opportunity to unwind and relax.


The Upper Peninsula of Michigan Is Renowned For Its Outdoor Recreational Activities 

The upper peninsula of Michigan is known for its extensive unspoiled wilderness, diverse wildlife, pristine lakes and rivers, and hiking trails. That said, the landscape offers an abundance of outdoor recreational opportunities. The region also covers several national parks and forests, which are prime for camping and picnicking.

General Facts About Michigan 

Here are some general facts about Michigan to know about.


Home To One Of The World’s Largest Suspension Bridge 

The Mackinac bridge, also called the “mighty Mac,” is one of the largest suspension bridges in the world. The bridge spanning 3,800 feet, has an imposing presence and connects the peninsulas of Michigan.


It Is Illegal To Buy Or Sell A Car On Sunday In Grosse Pointe, Michigan

In Grosse Pointe, it is illegal to buy or sell cars on Sunday. This law was set in place decades ago to maintain peace on Sundays, but it is not widely enforced and is considered outdated.


Lake Michigan Is The Second Largest Of The Great Lakes 

Lake Michigan is the second largest of the Great Lakes after Lake Superior. The lake has a total surface area of 58,016 square kilometers and is a popular destination for water activities such as boating, swimming, and fishing. 

Other Interesting Facts About Michigan 

Michigan is no stranger to weird laws. Here are some fun Michigan trivia and weird facts about Michigan.

 It Is The Only State In The United States With Two Peninsulas

Michigan is the only state in the United States that consists of two peninsulas. The Mackinac bridge connects the upper peninsula and the lower peninsula. Michigan’s lower peninsula is uniquely shaped like a mitten and is easily identifiable.  

The two peninsulas are distinct in their history, cultures, and traditions. So you visit both of them if you get the chance. They will offer relatively different experiences.

Snurfing Is A Unique Sport In Michigan

The Winter sport called “Snurfing” is a combination of the words snow and surfing. Sherman Poppen invented it in Michigan in the 1960s. He tied two skis together and attached a rope for balance. The sport gained popularity in the 1970s and is a niche sport.

Discovering More Fun Facts About Michigan

These are some facts about Michigan that offer a glimpse into the state’s culture, history, and recreational opportunities. It is a wonderful region to visit and explore; there is always more to learn about the state. There are still many interesting and fun facts about Michigan to discover, from its unspoiled natural beauty to its uniquely shaped lower peninsula.



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