20 Interesting And Fun Facts About New Hampshire

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Don’t let New Hampshire’s relatively small size fool you, this beautiful state is packed full of things to do and see. Everyone knows it’s a stunning place to live or visit on vacation whether you like the outdoors or indoor activities. But there might just be some things that you don’t know about it! Here are some fun facts about New Hampshire to enhance your trip.

Quick Facts And Statistics About New Hampshire

[As of 2022]

  • Capital: Concord
  • Population: 1.39 Million (41st Populous State in the U.S)
  • Land Area: 9,349 sq mi / 24,214 km² (46th Largest in U.S)
  • Nickname: The Granite State
  • Abbreviation: NH
  • Statehood: June 21, 1788 (9th U.S State)
  • State Bird: Purple Finch
  • State Flower: Purple Lilac

Historical Facts About New Hampshire

New Hampshire Was The First State To Separate From England


In 1775, New Hampshire became the first state to declare its independence from England. But it also played a crucial role in ratifying the US Constitution when they were the 9th and last state needed to legalize it.

This tendency to be independent is perfectly described by the state motto, “Live Free or Die”.

Citizens of New Hampshire Have Played A Big Role In Space Exploration


Two people from New Hampshire have made big steps for mankind in space.

Alan Shepard, the first American to ever travel to space, made his trip in 1961. He was from Derry, New Hampshire.

Christa McAuliffe was the first private citizen to take part in space flight but sadly passed away when the shuttle crashed. She was living in Concord at the time of her journey.

New Hampshire Was The First State To Grow Potatoes


Potatoes are available almost anywhere in the world nowadays, but they used to be a bit harder to come by. And the first time that a white potato crop was grown in the United States was in 1719, in New Hampshire.

Recently the white potato was made the official state vegetable of New Hampshire in honor of that fact. Potato production is one of the many things that New Hampshire is known for.

Early Visitors To New Hampshire Likened It To Switzerland


When European people first came to New Hampshire and saw the landscape, many of them said it resembled Switzerland. This comparison was so common in fact, that one of New Hampshire’s many nicknames became the “Switzerland of America”.

The state has been called that for centuries. Many believe the White Mountains in New Hampshire are a key contribution to this likeness.

Be sure to check out the various famous landmarks in New Hampshire when you are there! And of course, you can always soak in the nature with some of the best hikes in the White Mountains.

Fishing Was New Hampshire’s First Main Source Of Income

In fact, the very first settlements in New Hampshire were fishing settlements. The people of these new settlements relied on the fish they caught to trade for other valuable items. So New Hampshire owes a large part of its history to fishing, as fish was its first major commodity.

New Hampshire Facts For Tourists

New Hampshire Is Home To One Of The Top Ten Largest Lakes In The United States


One of the most beautiful places to go when you’re in New Hampshire is Lake Winnipesaukee. It’s the sixth-largest lake in the United States, but its size isn’t all it has going for it.

It’s surrounded by stunning forests, idyllic bays, relaxing beaches, and fun towns to visit. Plus, there’s plenty of great water activities to enjoy there as well.

Apple Based Foods Are Some Of The Best Available In New Hampshire


It’s no secret that the seafood in New Hampshire is fresh, delicious, and popular. But what you may not know, is that New Hampshire is home to some great apple-based recipes as well.

Apple cider, apple cider doughnuts, and apple pie are all great examples of dishes that residents of New Hampshire love, and are great at making! So you should definitely try some of these famous New Hampshire food out if you’re in the area.

There Is A Submarine That Changed The Course of Naval History In New Hampshire

Certainly one of the more exciting facts for history geeks and museum nuts. In Portsmouth, New Hampshire you can tour the USS Albacore Museum.

The USS Albacore was a Navy-built research submarine that was the very first modern submarine to have the rounded, tear-drop shaped hull that we all think of today.

Whatsmore, you can check out this submarine firsthand now that it’s a museum. Everything from its control room to the audio stations where you learn about its history.

One Of The Hardest Hiking Trails Is Located In New Hampshire

When you think of New Hampshire, although you may think of its famous White Mountains, you might not think of the state as having exceedingly high peaks. But actually, Mount Washington is located in New Hampshire.

At an astonishing 6,288 feet high, the mountaintop is the tallest in the entire span of the northeastern United States. Adventure enthusiasts will be excited to know this fact about New Hampshire because you can hike to the peak! It’s a challenging, yet rewarding trek.

New Hampshire Has Some Of The Best Antique Shopping Markets In The United States


One of the most fun facts about New Hampshire for deal shoppers. Between various flea markets, antique dealers, and charming shops there are over 500 dealers in New Hampshire that contain tons of different antiques.

There is something out there for everyone, larger pieces like furniture and smaller pieces like vintage jewelry. And finding the perfect item could ensure you remember your trip forever.

Fun Facts About New Hampshire

The Hit Film “Jumanji” Filmed A Lot Of Its Scenes In New Hampshire

Unlike Hollywood, you wouldn’t readily associate New Hampshire with show business. Nevertheless, the beautiful backdrops that you saw in the film “Jumanji” are mostly made from footage filmed in Keene, New Hampshire.

Note, that we’re talking about the original version made in 1995 and not the remake.

New Hampshire Is The Only State In The US That Doesn’t Require You To Wear A Seatbelt

Although it’s always advisable to wear a seatbelt when in a car for your own safety, New Hampshire is the only state that doesn’t have a law stating that you have to.

Attempts for the state government to adopt that law has been shut down. The only exception is for individuals under 18, who are still required by law to wear their seatbelts.

The Moose Is The Largest Land Animal In New Hampshire


That’s right, predictably there are no elephants or giraffes living naturally in New Hampshire. But they do have moose, and as you know, those can get pretty big. An adult moose can reach a height of around 6 feet! And they weigh around 1,000 pounds.

The Peak of Mount Washington Is One Of The Windiest Places In The World


For over 50 years, the top of Mount Washington held the record for the windiest place in the world. In 1934, the wind was reported to be 231 miles per hour at the peak. That’s faster wind speeds than you see with hurricanes!

However, in 1996 New Hampshire lost the record when an instrument station in Australia picked up on winds higher than at Mount Washington.

It’s Illegal To Operate Machinery On Sunday In New Hampshire

This law may seem a tad specific, but nevertheless, it’s illegal to operate machinery on Sundays in the state. This is obviously an older law, but one that’s still upheld so that everyone can enjoy at least one quiet day a week without the loud noise that emanates from machinery.

Fun Facts About New Hampshire Culture

Stone Walls Are Important To The New Hampshire Community

Stone walls have dotted the countryside and fields of New Hampshire ever since the first settlers began to build their structures. This was originally the best way to separate land.

Although there are alternatives now, New Hampshire folk make sure to still incorporate stone walls into their landscape to keep their traditional aesthetic alive.

Summer Theater Is A Staple Of Summers In New Hampshire


Each state has their own seasonal traditions, and one popular pastime in New Hampshire summers is enjoying the theater. You’ll always be able to find beautiful live performances across the state during this time, and if it’s your first time taking in one of New Hampshire’s plays then you’re in for a treat.

New Hampshire Residents Tend To Love Crafting


Obviously, you can never speak for every individual, but for the most part, crafting has been passed down generation after generation in the New Hampshire culture. And a lot of it stems from necessity.

Popular crafted items like quilts and braided rugs that we simply think are fun to make nowadays, couldn’t be bought when the first settlers came to New Hampshire. They had to make it themselves.

Fishing Is One Of The Most Popular Outdoor Pastimes In New Hampshire


As we discussed earlier, fishing opportunities were one of the main reasons why people settled in the New Hampshire area in the first place. And this traditional fact about New Hampshire has continued to influence today’s culture.

Even now, many local residents and visitors to the state fish quite frequently. And actually, the economic impact of recreational fishing in New Hampshire is over $200 million per year!

New Hampshire Is Full Of Small Towns


New Hampshire is a small state that has over 200 different towns! This means that most towns in New Hampshire are quite small themselves, and there aren’t many big cities.

Overall, the towns are quaint, cozy, and maintain an almost historic feeling. So if you’re a fan of small town living then New Hampshire is an ideal place to live or visit.

There Are Plenty More New Hampshire Fun Facts

These were just 20 interesting facts about New Hampshire but rest assured that there are plenty more where they came from. And especially if you do decide to visit this beautiful state, you’re sure to uncover lots of lovely New Hampshire facts and knowledge during your adventure.



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