10 Must-Try New Hampshire Food: Most Famous Foods In NH

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New Hampshire is a small New England state, but it packs a big punch when it comes to food. One of the most exciting things about the New Hampshire food scene is an emphasis on locally sourced ingredients. Consequently, many of the famous foods in New Hampshire have some reflection of the state’s history and make it an exciting culinary destination.

What’s Special About New Hampshire Food?

New Hampshire cuisine has been influenced by its unique geography and position on the Eastern coast, as well as its long history of immigration and settlement patterns. This combination of influences creates an interesting cuisine that is at once familiar yet still quite unique.

But it’s not just about the food itself – it’s the whole experience. From cozy diners to waterfront seafood shacks, there’s always an endearing and charming atmosphere to enjoy while you chow down. 

And with so many great breweries and wineries popping up all over the state, you can wash it all down with a locally brewed beer or a crisp glass of wine.

Be sure to check out some of the popular food of New Hampshire and the wonderful flavors this great state has to offer!

Most Famous Food Of New Hampshire

New Hampshire Boiled Dinner


Boiled Dinner may not sound like the most exciting meal out there, but it is a New Hampshire classic. In fact, this would in strong contention as the state’s dish.

At its core, Boiled Dinner is a simple, hearty meal made with corned beef, potatoes, carrots, and cabbage, all cooked together in a big pot. But the beauty of this dish is in its simplicity – the ingredients all blend together to create a warm and comforting flavor that’s perfect for a chilly New Hampshire evening.

This New Hampshire specialty has been around for generations, dating back to the early days of colonial settlement. Back in the historic days, this was a practical meal making use of the ingredients that were readily available.

Today, this hearty meal continues to be a popular option on cold winter days when New Hampshirites need something warm and comforting to fill their bellies. It’s also an easy way to feed a crowd: simply put all the ingredients in one big pot and let it simmer away until everything is tender and ready to eat. 

As one of the most traditional and famous foods in New Hampshire, this rustic dish is a nod to the state’s culture and past history.

Popular Foods In New Hampshire



Oh deer, we cannot forget about venison when it comes to the New Hampshire food scene! This delicious game meat is a true gem of the Granite State.

The lean red meat features a wilder, more savory edge. It has a strong, earthy flavor that is similar to beef but with a more rustic quality. 

Venison’s rich taste pairs wonderfully with other food of New Hampshire like apples and maple syrup, so the possibilities are endless when it comes to creating mouthwatering meals.

And because New Hampshire is home to a large deer population, the meat is often locally sourced and super fresh. You can buy cuts straight from hunters or pick up fresh deer sausage at local stores.

Venison is also a great choice for the health-conscious carnivores out there. It’s lower in fat and calories than beef, and a great source of nutrients like iron and vitamin B12.

This protein-packed meat can be cooked in a variety of ways – from hearty stews to juicy steaks to tender roasts. They even make for great burgers, but don’t forget about traditional dishes like venison chili – there’s nothing quite like a cozy bowl on a cold winter day. 

So if you’re looking for one of the truly special foods in New Hampshire, this is it. Whether you’re a seasoned hunter or just a curious foodie, it’s definitely worth trying – you might just discover a new favorite meat!

Fried Lake Bass


When it comes to fish in the New Hampshire food scene, you can’t go wrong with fried lake bass! 

New Hampshire is known for its beautiful lakes and abundant fish populations, and lake bass is one of the most popular fish caught and eaten in the state.

This local favorite can be found in almost every seafood joint in New Hampshire and beyond, served on a plate with some tartar sauce or over a bed of crisp lettuce.

Fried lake bass is typically made from freshly caught fish that are cleaned, battered, and fried to golden perfection. The light and flaky white meat of the bass pairs perfectly with a crispy, golden brown coating.

And when you add just a hint of lemon juice, it brings out the amazing flavor of New Hampshire’s fresh lake bass.

Apart from its availability in the state, another reason why Bass is popular is its nutrient profile. This is a low-fat fish that’s high in protein and omega-3 fatty acids, making it a nutritious and satisfying meal option. 

You’ll find this delicacy everywhere from casual restaurants to fine-dining establishments. As it’s such a staple food in New Hampshire, most places serve up this classic dish with their own special twist. Whether it’s a unique dipping sauce or a creative presentation, it’s easy to get hooked on this delicious dish.

Maple Syrup


An old New England tradition, New Hampshire’s maple syrup has become a sweet favorite that both locals and visitors know and love. It is made by boiling down the sap from New Hampshire’s sugar maple trees to create a heavenly sweet and sticky syrup.

This pure New Hampshire Maple Syrup is often used for other treats like candy and ice cream, with its distinct flavor becoming an essential part of New England cuisine. You can even find it in some famous New Hampshire dishes like Indian pudding.

And of course, not to mention all the amazing foods we put maple syrup on! Pancakes, waffles, oatmeal, bacon, you name it.

You will find local maple syrup at many places, even roadside stands, throughout the state during the spring months when the sap is running. This is definitely something you won’t want to miss while visiting New Hampshire! 

You can even pick up a bottle or two to take home, it’s the perfect souvenir. New Hampshire is after all one of the prominent maple syrup producing states in the U.S.

Snack Foods In New Hampshire

New England Clam Chowder


Having been around for decades, the clam chowder is a true classic comfort food of New Hampshire.

This rich and creamy soup is made with potatoes, onions, celery, cream, and of course, clams! The combination of these ingredients gives the soup an incredibly satisfying flavor that will warm your soul during the chilly winters.

Although much of New Hampshire is inland, it still has access to plenty of delicious seafood. And clam chowder is one of those dishes that you simply can’t miss while visiting the Granite State. 

The chowder has a smooth and luxurious texture. It is so hearty and filling, that some find it perfect as a full meal; particularly if you get it served with a bread bowl for dipping.

You’ll find New England clam chowder served in all sorts of places here – from upscale restaurants to roadside diners. It’s a regular dish on restaurant menus across New Hampshire, and you will even see some variations.

Whether you like your clam chowder thick or thin, chunky or smooth, one thing is for sure – this soup is a beloved part of the New Hampshire food scene. You will very likely find yourself going back for seconds like we did.

So don’t miss out on this New England staple!

Granite Beauty Apples


Granite Beauty Apples are New Hampshire’s own special variety of apples. They are one of the unsung heroes of the New Hampshire food scene!

One of the things that sets Granite Beauty Apples apart is their crispness. These apples have a satisfying crunch that’s hard to find in other varieties. Plus, they have a mild flavor that blends notes of tartness and sweetness together perfectly.  

Today, while visitors may not know them by name, Granite Beauty Apples are one of the most versatile and famous foods of New Hampshire.

These apples make great snacks on their own, but they can also be used to make delicious pies, cakes, and other desserts. They’re even popularly used as an ingredient in New Hampshire-style hard cider: a smooth beverage with a hint of sweetness that goes perfectly with a New England summer.

Granite Beauty Apples first originated in the 1800s in Weare, New Hampshire. They quickly gained a reputation for their exceptional flavor and texture. As time passed, they have become part of New Hampshire’s culture and identity.

For foodies and apple lovers, one of the most exciting facts about New Hampshire is all the quality apple-based dishes and treats you can find in the state.

Desserts And Sweets Foods In New Hampshire

Apple Pie


New Hampshire is known for its apple orchards, where visitors can pick their own apples and enjoy the crisp autumn air. And what better way to use those fresh apples than in a scrumptious apple pie?

Made with local apples, New Hampshire apple pies are some of the best around. The combination of sweet and tart flavors with a perfectly flaky and buttery crust creates a simply divine experience. 

Some bakers like to add cinnamon and nutmeg for a warm and cozy tingle, while others let the apples speak for themselves with just a hint of sugar. It’s definitely worth trying out at least once during your stay in New Hampshire. 

Apple pies have a traditional and nostalgic feeling to it, as they are a common part of family gatherings and community events. Of course, you can find this famous food of New Hampshire favorite on most restaurant dessert menus.

Enjoy a freshly baked apple pie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, or pair it with a cup of coffee. There is no bad way to indulge in this delicious dessert.

Apple Cider Cinnamon Donuts


As a state known for its orchards and farms, Apple cider donuts are unsurprisingly one of the most popular foods in New Hampshire. These sugary delights are superb for satisfying your sweet tooth.

These donuts are made with a sweet apple cider batter that is deep-fried then rolled in a mixture of sugar and cinnamon. The result is a crunchy yet fluffy snack that goes great with a cup of hot coffee. 

New Hampshire has a long history of apple orchards, and the state produces some of the best apple cider in the country. The donuts are made with this delicious produce, which gives them a sweet and slightly tangy flavor that’s just heavenly.

Cinnamon is the perfect addition to this New Hampshire food. The warm, comforting spice is sprinkled generously over the donuts, giving them a cozy, fall-like flavor.

You can find Apple cider cinnamon donuts all over the state from donut shops to farmers’ markets and roadside stands. They’re the best treat to enjoy while picking apples at a local orchard, hiking through the colorful autumn foliage, or simply snuggled up with a warm blanket and a good book. 

So if you’re in the area during the fall months, make sure to grab one (or two!) and enjoy the flavors this unique region has to offer. It’s one of the main reasons to visit New England in the fall.

Iconic Drinks Of New Hampshire

Spiked Apple Cider


Where else can you find a hot beverage that’s actually cool? Spiked apple cider is the perfect drink for anyone looking to add some extra sweetness and spice to their New England experience.

We already know the quality of Apple Cider in New Hampshire. But when you add a little bit of booze to the mix, things get even more exciting. 

This New Hampshire favorite is made with apple cider, cinnamon sticks, cloves, and sugar. Then it all gets mixed together in one big pot and heated until steaming hot. Finally, a few shots of rum or bourbon are added to kick things up a notch. 

The result is an incredibly flavorful drink that will warm your soul on chilly fall days. It has a unique taste combination – sweet yet tangy from the apples; spicy from the spices, and a secret punch from whatever alcohol you choose to put in.

Picture yourself sitting by a cozy fire, wrapped up in a blanket, sipping on a steaming mug of spiked cider while the leaves outside turn fiery shades of red and gold. It’s a quintessential fall experience that’s hard to beat.

You can find this famous New Hampshire drink all over the state in bars, restaurants, and cafes. Be sure to give it a try, otherwise, you’re missing out on one of the most delicious and cozy drinks out there!



For those who love a little bit of history with their libations, Mead, or honey wine, is a New Hampshire favorite. Although maple syrup is the sweet nectar of New Hampshire, Mead is known as the nectar of the gods.

It is a sweet and special drink made from fermented honey and water, with various spices and fruits added for flavor. It’s believed to be the oldest alcoholic beverage in the world, dating back thousands of years.

New Hampshire is home to amazing meaderies that produce some of the purest mead you’ll ever taste. The unique flavor of New Hampshire mead comes from its main ingredient – local honey. New Hampshire beekeepers work hard to create top-quality honey.

You can find many different types of New Hampshire meads on store shelves, ranging from sweet and fruity to dry and savory. Some feature adventurous flavors like blueberry, lavender, and even pumpkin.

If you’re looking for something truly unique, you can visit some of New Hampshire’s many meaderies to sample their special creations. Some of them even organize tours and tastings, bringing people together to celebrate this ancient and beloved beverage.

Another fun way to enjoy mead is by pairing it with different New Hampshire foods. The sweet and complex flavor profile makes it a great match for dishes like spicy Thai cuisine or rich, savory meats like venison or pork.

Discovering Delicious New Hampshire Food

Sure, New Hampshire is known for its stunning natural beauty and vibrant culture. But don’t sleep on all the famous foods in New Hampshire as well. ? From classic New England favorites to unique local dishes, the state has some really delicious cuisine to sink your teeth into.

While you explore all the landmarks in New Hampshire, remember to take a break and check out the gastronomic scene. Visit hungry and leave fully satisfied!



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