20 Interesting And Fun Facts About Kansas [Explained]

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Visiting Kansas and wondering about its culture? We’ve got you covered. Here are some interesting and fun facts about Kansas to know about.

Kansas is located in the midwestern United States and ranks as the 36th largest state. The state shares borders with Colorado, Nebraska, Missouri, Oklahoma, Wyoming, New Mexico, Texas, Iowa, Arkansas, Louisiana, Colorado, and Missouri.

Quick Facts And Statistics About Kansas

  • Capital: Topeka
  • Population: 2.91 Million (35th Populous State in the U.S)
  • Land Area: 82,277 sq mi / 213,096 kmĀ² (15th Largest in U.S)
  • Nickname: The Sunflower State
  • Abbreviation: KS
  • Statehood: January 29, 1861 (34th U.S State)
  • State Bird: Western Meadowlark
  • State Flower: Wild Sunflower

Historical Facts About Kansas State

Here are some historical Kansas state facts that set the foundation of society today.

Many Tribes Before The Europeans dominated Kansas

The Arapaho, Cheyenne, Comanche, Kansa, Kiowa, Osage, Pawnee, Sioux, and Wichita were among the Native American groups already living in Kansas when the Europeans came.

War Ensued Between Northern and Southern Settlers in Kansas Over Slavery Authorization

Northern and southern Kansas settlers disagreed on whether slavery should be authorized in the region. The Civil War was sparked in part by the 1854 Kansas-Nebraska Act, which was intended to stop the movement.

The First Female Mayor In The United States

In 1887, Susan Madora Salter became the first woman in the United States to be elected mayor in Argonia, Kansas.

Brown vs. Board of Education started as a lawsuit in Topeka

Brown vs. Board of Education, the Supreme Court decision that finally ended racial segregation in public schools, originated in a complaint filed in Topeka. This is one of the iconic cases that set precedence in US history.

Francisco de Vasquez Coronado was the first European in Kansas

Francisco de Vasquez Coronado was the first European to set foot in Kansas. In 1541, he set off from Spain in search of these fabled cities of wealth.

Interesting Facts About Kansas For Travelers

If you are a traveler planning to visit the state soon, these interesting Kansas facts are for you.

Kansas Is Home To Different Marine Life, Fossil Fuels, Shells, And Corals

Although Kansas is currently arid and dusty, it was once completely submerged in water millions of years ago. Scientists continue to unearth fossils of shells, corals, and other marine life in Kansas because the majority of the state once served as the floor of an ancient sea.

Kansas Is nicknamed the ‘Wheat Capital of the World”

The state of Kansas produces the most wheat in the United States, enough for 36 billion loaves of bread per year. Since so much wheat is grown there, Sumner County, Kansas, has earned the nickname “Wheat Capital of the World.”

The superior wheat production capacity is one of the things that Kansas is well known for.

Kansas Civil Slavery War Fighters Were Named Jawhawkers

Many Kansans fought against slavery in the Civil War, and now some proudly refer to themselves as “Jayhawkers,” an old term for roving gangs of criminals.

Wichita State University Students in Kansas Founded The First Pizza Hut In The State

The first Pizza Hut opened in Kansas. It was founded in 1958 by two undergraduates at Wichita State University.

Kansas Is Home To the Largest Group Of Wild Grouse in North America

Kansas is the best place in the Americas to see prairie chickens. It is home to the largest wild grouse population in North America.


Second Tallest State Capitol

It comes as no surprise that the State Capitol building is one of the most important landmarks in Kansas. However, did you know that is the second-tallest out of all the 38 dome capitols in the United States? The iconic building in downtown Topeka rises to 306 feet (94m) and is also the tallest structure in the city.

Famous Facts About The People Of Kansas

Below are some cool facts about Kansas state you may not know before.

The Man Responsible For The Peace in Dodge City During The Conflict,

Wyatt Earp, a well-known lawman from Kansas, was responsible for ensuring that Dodge City remained peaceful during his tenure there. Before any shots were fired, he could mediate the conflict between the opposing parties.

Martha McBride Was Born In Sharon Kansas

Martina McBride, a legendary figure in country music, was born in Sharon, Kansas.

Kansas Was The Backdrop Of Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Little House

The state of Kansas serves as the backdrop for Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Little House on the Prairie novel series, which chronicles the author’s upbringing on the plains.

The ‘Dust In The Wind’ Rock Bands Was Formed In Kansas.

The legendary rock band Kansas, whose classics include “Dust in the Wind” and “Carry on Wayward Son,” was formed in Kansas. They first got together in Topeka in 1970.

Harrison Ford Travel To Wichita Every Year To Service His Plane

Harrison Ford, the actor, may have been born in Kansas City, Missouri; but he travels to Wichita, Kansas, each year to maintain his plane.

Other Fun Facts About Kansas

Here are some fun and partly weird facts about Kansas that you may not know before.

Graham Crackers Got Their Name From Rev. Sylvester Crackers From Kansas

Graham crackers get their name from Reverend Sylvester Graham, a Kansas clergyman, who popularized the use of the term to describe crackers made from whole wheat.

Kansas Has Largest Ball Of Twine Between Kansas And Minnesota

Whether or not Darwin, Minnesota, or Cawker City, Kansas, can lay claim to having the largest ball of twine has become a source of contention between the two. The one produced in Kansas weighed in at an astounding 5,000 pounds when it was first created in the ’50s.

The World Largest Easel Stand Is Located In Kansas

In Kansas, you can find the largest easel in the world. In keeping with the name of the state it represents, this 8-foot-tall replica of a Van Gogh sunflower painting measures a whopping 32 feet in length.

Kansas Is The Home Of The First Woman To Fly Alone Across The Atlantic Ocean

Atchison, Kansas, is the hometown of Amelia Earhart. She was the first woman to receive a pilot’s license from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration and the first woman to fly alone across the Atlantic Ocean.

Discovering More Fun Facts About Kansas

Kansas has its roots deep within America. The first settlers arrived at the beginning of the 19th century and settled along the Missouri River.

Over time, they built their homes and farms, and today the state boasts over 600 towns and cities, three national parks, and a thriving arts community.

There are lots of fun things to discover about the state, not forgetting the famous Kansas foods on offer to satisfy your inner foodie. There is no doubt that you will uncover more fascinating and fun facts about Kansas once you visit.



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