20 Interesting And Fun Facts About Pennsylvania [Explained]

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Pennsylvania is a state steeped in history and diversity. From the cobblestone streets of Philadelphia, echoing with the birth cries of a nation, to the picturesque landscapes of Amish country, there are so many fun facts about Pennsylvania to learn about.

Quick Statistics And Facts About Pennsylvania

  • Capital: Harrisburg
  • Population: 12.96 million (5th Most Populous State in the U.S) 
  • Land Area: 44,817 sq mi / 116,075 km² (33rd Largest State in the U.S) 
  • Nickname: The Keystone State
  • Abbreviation: PA
  • Statehood: December 12, 1787 (2nd U.S State) 
  • State Bird: Ruffed Grouse
  • State Flower: Mountain-laurel

Historical Facts About Pennsylvania

William Penn, Famous For His Quaker Beliefs, Created Pennsylvania In 1682 As A Haven For Religious Freedom

This is one of the very first Pennsylvania facts that led to the state’s creation. William Penn obtained a charter from King Charles II to establish a colony based on the values of democracy and individual rights in order to protect persecuted Quakers and encourage tolerance among people of different faiths. 

This effort had an enormous impact: Pennsylvania emerged as a safe space for non-conformists, and its legacy continues today with American values such as religious liberty, diversity, and democratic governance all rooted in Penn’s original foundations. 

Pennsylvania Was A Vital Force During The Revolutionary Period And The Founding Of The US

One of the most famous things about Pennsylvania is its role in the country’s founding. Its central location facilitated military movement and communication. 

Philadelphia, the epicenter, hosted the drafting of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitutional Convention, where the Constitution was shaped. The Battle of Brandywine showcased the Continental Army’s resolve. Valley Forge symbolized endurance. 

Influential figures like Benjamin Franklin and James Wilson represented Pennsylvania’s voice. Its pivotal role in debates, strategic significance, and hosting of key events solidified Pennsylvania’s status as a crucial contributor to America’s birth and the formation of its democratic framework.

Gettysburg Became A Key Part Of American History In 1863 


This is one of the key historical facts about Pennsylvania. The Battle of Gettysburg was a major turning point during the Civil War because it stopped Confederate leader General Lee and his army from advancing further. On November 19th, President Abraham Lincoln presented his famous Gettysburg Address at the dedication ceremony of Soldiers’ National Cemetery. 

In this concise yet profound speech, Lincoln emphasized liberty, democracy, and national solidarity, embodying the ideals upon which America was constructed. Our country’s dedication to defending justice and freedom is still evident in the legacy of this conflict and the President’s words.

Because Of Its Natural Resources—Coal, Iron Ore, And timber—Pennsylvania Was Critical To The Industrial Revolution


Its profuse amounts of coal enabled steam-powered engines and factories to operate, while iron ore gave rise to robust iron and steel production. Furthermore, the plentiful forests provided lumber for building projects as well as commercial enterprises, creating a unique trifecta that supercharged industrialization in Pennsylvania. 

Subsequently, metropolitan areas such as Pittsburgh prospered due to their focus on steel fabrication. Pennsylvania’s invaluable contributions in terms of industry-related resources helped fuel America’s economic growth during this crucial period of revolutionary transformation.

Pennsylvania Was A Stronghold Of The Labor Movement


The state witnessed the early establishment of labor unions amid its industrial growth, which is one of the facts about Pennsylvania that isn’t widely known. 

The infamous Homestead Strike of 1892 at the Homestead Steel Works near Pittsburgh underscored labor’s struggles. Steelworkers clashed violently with Pinkerton agents over wage cuts and working conditions. Despite the strike’s failure, it raised national awareness about workers’ rights and corporate influence. 

The Homestead Strike’s legacy shaped the ongoing fight for fair treatment and better labor conditions, making it a pivotal event in Pennsylvania’s labor history and contributing to the broader labor movement’s momentum.

Cultural Facts About Pennsylvania

Amish Culture Thrives In Pennsylvania, Notably In Lancaster County


One of the most well known facts about Pennsylvania is that it has a huge Amish community. Rooted in 16th-century European origins, the Amish prioritize community, family, and simplicity. 

Dressed in plain attire, they use horse-drawn buggies instead of cars, embodying humility and environmental consciousness. Rejecting many modern technologies, their lives revolve around traditional farming and manual labor. Education is practical, and Pennsylvania Dutch is spoken. 

Their faith, centered on the Bible, guides weekly church gatherings in Pennsylvania Dutch. Amish culture, steeped in values of self-sufficiency and devotion, remains a distinct and influential part of the state’s cultural tapestry.

The Steel Industry Shaped The State’s Culture, Economy, And Urban Landscape


Pennsylvania excelled in steel production throughout the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries due to its abundant resources. This made cities like Pittsburgh notorious worldwide, earning them the nickname ‘Steel City.’ 

Labor conflicts that sparked union movements further influenced the culture of the state by adding a vibrant flavor to immigrant communities. 

Unfortunately, the industry’s decline into later decades had dire repercussions on Pennsylvania’s economy and cultural norms. Despite this, industrial remnants remain throughout areas formerly powered by steel, a reminder of its immense impact on Pennsylvania’s past and identity.

Pennsylvania’s Culinary Scene Is A Testament Of Its Culture 


Drawing from a history of immigration and diversity, the Pennsylvania food scene blends Pennsylvania Dutch staples like scrapple and shoofly pie with Italian classics such as hoagies and pasta. Irish influences, exemplified by corned beef and cabbage, and global flavors from ethnic enclaves contribute to the eclectic food scene. 

Modern fusion cuisine further reflects Pennsylvania’s evolving identity, while food festivals showcase the state’s varied flavors. From comfort foods to innovative dishes, Pennsylvania’s diverse cuisine is a flavorful reflection of its multicultural heritage.

To uncover some of the iconic dishes, take advantage of the foodie tours in major cities like Philapdelphia where you can explore specific districts as well.

The PA Historical Sites Are Windows Into Pivotal US History Moments 


Valley Forge National Historical Park commemorates the resilience of the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War. Gettysburg National Military Park marks the Civil War’s turning point and hosts Lincoln’s iconic address.

Independence National Historical Park, with Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell, embodies the birth of American freedom and are two of the most historic landmarks in Pennsylvania. 

These sites forge a tangible link to the past, fostering an appreciation for the nation’s values and sacrifices. Preserved and celebrated, they educate, attract tourists, and embody the enduring spirit that shapes America’s cultural identity. Take a moment and go to the historical sites to learn more facts about Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania Has A Thriving University Culture

Pennsylvania’s university culture thrives with prestigious institutions like UPenn, Carnegie Mellon, and Penn State. These universities excel in education, research, and innovation. They shape diverse fields and contribute significantly to Pennsylvania’s cultural and economic fabric. 

Beyond academic excellence, they offer cultural enrichment through events and collaborations, fostering a deep connection between campuses and communities. 

Graduates become leaders in various industries, amplifying the universities’ impact. The universities’ research advancements extend globally, while community engagement and interdisciplinary studies ensure a dynamic environment. Pennsylvania’s universities are pillars of knowledge, progress, and cultural vitality.

Simple Facts About Pennsylvania For Kids

Hershey, PA, Is The Hershey Capital Of The World

This is one of the interesting facts about Pennsylvania that kids will enjoy. This town is named after the famous candy bar and has attractions like Hersheypark and Hershey’s Chocolate World. This is in no small part due to its renown in connection with Milton S. Hershey’s celebrated chocolate empire. 

Tourists flock here for the immersive experiences this iconic locale offers, while a commitment to social responsibility is exemplified through the impressive Milton Hershey School. 

This unique location is well-known throughout the world for its sweet heritage thanks to Mr. Hershey’s remarkable legacy.

Pennsylvania Has The Oldest Standing State Capitol

Set in Harrisburg for more than 200 years, the Pennsylvania State House, the oldest extant seat of state power in the US, has witnessed many historic events since its foundations were first laid in 1772. 

As tumult about the American Revolution intensified, its cornerstone was placed and eventually outfitted with a lightning rod at the start of the 19th century. This Georgian-style tower serves as a symbolic reminder of democracy’s origins while continuing to be a focal point for visitors seeking to understand and appreciate its deep symbolic role in Pennsylvania’s government.

The Three Mile Island Nuclear Power Plant Achieved Notoriety Due To A Partial Meltdown 

This power plant is located in Londonderry Township, Pennsylvania, and gained notoriety due to a partial meltdown on March 28, 1979. This occurrence sparked debates concerning nuclear safety and policy regulations. Its name is derived from its location, which is three miles from Middletown. 

The accident’s influence on society and the environment made people question the advantages and dangers of nuclear energy. Eventually, both reactor units were shut down. 

Pennsylvania Is The Only State With Two Western Mountain Ranges

The two ranges in Pennsylvania are the Ridge-and-Valley Appalachians and the Appalachian Mountains. 

The Ridge-and-Valley region features alternating ridges and valleys, while the Appalachian Mountains exhibit higher elevations and rugged terrain. This geological diversity, shaped over millions of years, enriches the state’s biodiversity and offers many outdoor recreational opportunities. 

These scenic landscapes have cultural, economic, and touristic significance, serving as habitats, landmarks, and destinations for those who appreciate natural beauty and seek outdoor adventures. This is definitely one of the more interesting facts about Pennsylvania.

A House In PA Is Shaped Like A Shoe

The Haines Shoe House in Pennsylvania is a remarkable and playful structure designed in the shape of a giant shoe. Constructed in 1948 by shoe salesman Mahlon Haines, it served as an inventive advertising tool for his shoe business. With meticulous attention to detail, the exterior resembles a boot, complete with laces. 

While whimsical on the outside, the interior has been creatively utilized for various purposes over the years. This unique landmark has become a local attraction, capturing the imagination of visitors and standing as a testament to the power of creative architecture and unconventional advertising. This odd-shaped house is one of the funny facts about Pennsylvania.

Useful Facts About Pennsylvania For Travelers

Pennsylvania Is Naturally Beautiful 


Pennsylvania’s natural beauty is evident in the Pocono Mountains, the Laurel Highlands, and the Delaware Water Gap. These sites allow nature lovers to explore luxuriant woodlands, pristine lakes, and jagged landscapes. 

In winter, you can ski in The Poconos, while summer brings many activities like trekking, kayaking, and more. Then there are the Laurel Highlands with their cascades, trails for hiking, and white-water rafting fun at Ohiopyle State Park. 

Last but not least, the Delaware Water Gap offers stunning scenery that is perfect for walking tours, bird watching, or organizing river expeditions if you want to go on a nature adventure. Go explore the naturally beautiful sites and learn some more fun Pennsylvania facts.

Pennsylvania Protects And Presents The State’s Natural Wonders 


From Ricketts Glen’s many captivating waterfalls to Ohiopyle’s thrilling whitewater rafting, these parks elevate outdoor recreation by enabling a range of activities, from peaceful strolls to intense aquatic sports. 

Nature lovers and photographers can find awe-inspiring cascades here, while adventurers seek adventure on the Youghiogheny River’s picturesque rapids and kayaking routes. 

Ultimately, these recreational areas symbolize the determination of Pennsylvania to provide an unparalleled connection with the beauty of pristine landscapes.

Pennsylvania Offers Diverse Transportation Options For Travelers


Its expansive highway network facilitates easy city-to-city travel by car. Amtrak provides efficient rail services like the Keystone and Pennsylvanian routes, connecting major cities with scenic journeys. The state’s major cities feature well-equipped airports, including Philadelphia International and Pittsburgh International, offering convenient air travel connections. 

With roadways, railways, and airports, Pennsylvania ensures accessible and flexible travel experiences for visitors, catering to various preferences and making exploration across the state seamless.

Pennsylvania Embraces All 4 Seasons With Distinct Weather Patterns

Spring brings gradual warmth and blossoming nature. Summers are warm and humid, ideal for outdoor activities and events. Fall showcases stunning foliage and comfortable temperatures. Winters, especially in the western regions, bring colder weather and potentially heavy snowfall, perfect for skiing and cozy indoor experiences. 

The state’s diverse geography contributes to climate variations, with milder conditions in the east and colder winters in the west. This seasonal diversity offers travelers a rich range of experiences throughout the year.

In Pennsylvania, Follow General American Etiquette While Respecting Specific Cultural Practices

While visiting Amish communities, always seek permission before taking photos of people or their property due to their beliefs about vanity. Dress modestly and engage in courteous conversations, showing consideration for conservative values. 

Adapting your behavior to local customs, including seeking permission and dressing appropriately, fosters respectful and meaningful interactions, promotes cultural understanding, and enhances your travel experience in the state.

Discovering More Facts About Pennsylvania

As a witness to pivotal moments in American history, from the Constitutional Convention to the industrial revolution, there are so many facts about Pennsylvania that you now know. Pennsylvania surely has everything, from bustling city streets to serene rural landscapes. This state urges us to remember our past while embracing an ever-evolving future. 



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