20 Best Beaches In Virginia To Visit

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Virginia is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the country, and many can be found in the state’s coastal regions. While these beaches in Virginia are undoubtedly beautiful, they’re also fun for all adventures.

With year-round sunshine, beautiful weather, and a wealth of local activities, Virginia beaches are the perfect places to visit all year. However, it can be hard to know which beaches in Virginia are the best.

Whether you’re looking for a day of relaxation, thrilling watersports, or a night of partying, here are some of the best beaches in Virginia to visit.

Best Beaches In Virginia Beach, VA

Virginia Beach is one of the most scenic places to visit in the United States, and for a good reason. It has beautiful beaches, delicious seafood, and a wide range of fun activities. In addition to its gorgeous coastline, the town also offers many activities for visitors of all ages.

Chesapeake Beach

Chesapeake Beach, also called Chic’s Beach, is one of the top beaches in Virginia for a day of fun in the sun and sand. With two miles of magnificent shoreline bordering the Chesapeake Bay, this beach has a variety of amenities that you can enjoy.

You can go swimming, paddle boarding, or kiteboarding. If you’re not in the mood for watersports, you can relax on the shoreline and enjoy the beautiful views. You can see the Chesapeake Bay Bridge from the beachfront or enjoy the most renowned seafood eateries and bars.

Another thing you’ll love is the Beach’s pet-friendliness. You can bring your four-legged buddy to explore the seashore from Labour Day to Memorial Day. Keep an eye on them if they’re off-leash, and you’ll have a great time at one of the best Virginia Beaches.

Virginia Beach Oceanfront

For good reasons, the Oceanfront is at the top of well-known beaches in Virginia. It is a lively location that offers almost everything you can look for on a beach. From water activities to live entertainment, year-round events, and exciting nightlife, never a dull moment.

The Oceanfront’s three-mile boardwalk is another thing that makes the beach famous. You can take a surrey ride and take some pictures with King Neptune’s statue. You can also stick with typical activities like building a sandcastle, skiing or surfing, or taking a beach cruiser.

Apart from the exciting nightlife and lovely amenities, the Oceanfront is ideal for sunbathing and jogging. You’ll also find several shops on Atlantic Avenue where you can get different snacks and meals. This location has everything you can find on the most superb Virginia beaches.


First Landing State Park Beach

First Landing Beach is a sandy beach on a remote section of the Chesapeake Bay with 1.5 miles of coastline. The state park is a popular location because it was the first developed state park in Virginia.

First Landing Beach offers amenities you can only find on lovely beaches in Virginia. Recognized as a Historic District, this location has miles of hiking trails, beautiful lagoons, and unique plants that you will find if you explore the area. You can learn about the state park’s history from Chesapeake Bay Centre displays.

Of course, you can also go swimming and enjoy other water-related activities. It is a terrific spot to unwind, take a dip, or soak up the sun. You’ll have access to various beach amenities for fun and relaxation.

Sandbridge Beach

Located in the southernmost part of Virginia Beach, this peaceful beach retreat features one of Virginia’s most beautiful sea oats and sand dunes. Additionally, it allows you to experience Virginia Beach’s natural environment better than many other beaches in Virginia.

Sandbridge Beach is one of the region’s most beautiful beaches. You’ll likely enjoy the area’s lovely sand dunes and relative seclusion.

You can also get breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean from the beach. Due to its outstanding views and beautiful environment, Sandbridge Beach is the perfect spot for couples to take pictures. But whether you’re with your family, spouse, or friends, you won’t miss out on any fun at one of the most incredible beaches in Virginia.

North End Beach

North End Beach is a lovely beach tucked away in a suburban area on the northern end of Virginia Beach’s shorelines. There are numerous beautiful things about North End Beach, but locals love the quiet more than anything else.

North End beach offers a quieter beach experience away from the buzz of Atlantic Avenue and is a terrific site for biking and walking close to the Atlantic Ocean. It is among the top Virginia beaches with a quiet environment where you can relax and unwind for the entire day.

Furthermore, there are many biking and hiking routes around the beach area. When you’re not enjoying the peace and breathtaking views, you can explore the area and discover the beautiful nature park near the beach. Certainly one of the more outstanding beaches in Virginia.

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Best Richmond, Virginia Beaches

Richmond is a great city to visit if you want to get away for the weekend. It’s right on the banks of the James River and a gorgeous place to spend a day at the beach. There are also plenty of beaches near Richmond, and they are all gorgeous. Here are the best beaches near Richmond, VA.

Ocean View Beach

Ocean view Beach is simply one of the most amazing beaches in Virginia. Its shallow, calm waters make it ideal for swimming. You’ll also love the beach’s beautiful 7.5-mile stretch for tanning and many other beach activities.

Apart from the usual swimming and tanning, there are many other fun activities for everyone. You can go kayaking, paddle boarding, or enjoy tasty Mexican meals and fresh fish at nearby restaurants.

Additionally, the beach park features a sizable band shell for various performances. You can participate in themed parties every Friday from July through August and enjoy movie nights and live music from several bands.

Ocean View has many amenities for singles, couples, and families. It’s undoubtedly one of the most outstanding Virginia beaches for anyone, any time of the year.

Buckroe Beach

While Buckroe Beach is as magnificent as many other beaches in Virginia, it still has dazzling sights of the ocean and the Chesapeake Bay. Only 80 miles away from Richmond, you’ll find this tranquil and relaxed mile beach with an ambiance similar to other great beaches in the area.

Buckroe Beach offers amenities for picnicking, barbecuing, and a playground. Furthermore, its mild waves and shallow water make it perfect for kids. Even on-duty lifeguards make the beach one of the safest Virginia beaches near Richmond.

When you’re not swimming or tanning, take a stroll, discover marine life and ships, and watch the beautiful sunset. If you visit the beach in the summer, you can attend live concerts for free every Sunday.

Colonial Beach

Many people put Colonial Beach at the top of the beaches in Virginia. Even though it isn’t as famous as the Virginia Beach Oceanfront, it draws numerous tourists annually.

It was voted the Best Virginia Beach by USA Today in 2018 and Virginia’s Nicest Place by Reader’s Digest in 2019. You can take advantage of the beach’s marinas, fishing pier, and beach promenade or enjoy water sports.

This Beach is the best option for low-key, undiscovered weekend beach getaways close to Richmond. Its breathtaking white sands, scenic views, and spectacular sunsets make it all the more beautiful.

If you tour the area, you’ll find a bird sanctuary that houses Bald Eagles, Heron, Ospreys, and Terns. You can enjoy beautiful sights of wildlife and take pictures at one of the unforgettable Virginia beaches.

Twin Lakes State Park

Twin Lakes State Park is a 548-acre park with a serene, family-friendly environment in Prince Edward County. It has a lovely beach and many facilities for recreation.

The state park’s cool lake water, fine sand, and picturesque surroundings make it one of the most stunning lake water beaches in Virginia. Of course, there are many opportunities for recreation for people of all ages at the beach. You can learn bowing, go fishing, or enjoy a guided canoe tour with a park ranger.

The park’s primary attractions are the lakes Prince Edward and Goodwin, both managed by the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation. You and your family can take advantage of the park’s boat ramps, cabins, and campgrounds.

Yorktown Beach

Yorktown Beach is a 2-acre public beach in historic Yorktown, about an hour from Richmond using Interstate 64, Virginia. It is one of the best family-friendly Virginia beaches; a trip to this beach will show you why.

One thing you’re sure to love is a refreshing swim in the beach’s waters. Even if you choose not to swim, you can enjoy other thrilling experiences like kayaking and paddleboarding. You can also go sailing or touring on a boat along the York River.

Along with a stunning coastline, the beach also offers amenities like restaurants and public restrooms. There are also a few quaint picnic spots and a fishing dock for families and fishing enthusiasts.

Accommodation in Richmond

Hampton Inn & Suites Richmond is a superb location for you, your family, and your pets. You’ll love how clean it is. Quirk Hotel Richmond is equally fabulous and offers excellent services. Travelers also love Hyatt House Richmond; we’re sure you’ll love their bedrooms and friendly staff.

Best Norfolk, Virginia Beaches

Norfolk, VA, is a beautiful coastal city rich in history. With gorgeous beaches, plenty of museums, and charming restaurants, it’s the perfect place to spend a weekend. If you’re considering visiting Norfolk, here are our picks for the best beaches in Norfolk, VA.

Sarah Constant Beach Park

Sarah Constant Beach is one of the most unique Virginia beaches along the state’s shores. The beach park got its name from the Flagship Sarah Constant, which arrived in the town centuries ago alongside The Godspeed and The Discovery.

While the park is accessible, it feels like you’re miles away from other beaches or structures. You can also enjoy a stunning view of the entire Chesapeake Bay and Virginia’s shoreline width. Additionally, it is among the well-known beaches in Virginia with a peaceful environment and beautiful seashells.

Sarah Constant Beach Park has one of the best swimming spots, but that’s not all. You can enjoy a gorgeous view of a small forest of low-hanging trees, which gives you a beautiful view of the beach.

Community Beach Park

A list of the best Norfolk, Virginia beaches would be incomplete without this beach. Whatever you need for a day of beach fun or relaxation, Community Beach has it all.

You can enjoy some lovely shade trees, use the public restrooms and barbecue grills, and the kids can have fun in the well-equipped beach playground. There’s also plenty of parking space and an ocean views golf course.

Additionally, there is a 7-11 nearby, so food and drink are always accessible. Since Community Beach Park is one of the most popular beaches in Virginia, be prepared for a crowd if you visit on weekends or holidays.

East Beach

The East Beach region in Virginia has many beach access locations. It is a very famous spot for sun and sand. The thriving community and abundance of businesses close by make it a favorite for locals and visitors.

Since this is one of the best Virginia Beach beaches, it may be challenging to find parking space, especially during the summer. You will mostly find public walkways every few blocks, so make sure to come early and secure a good spot.

While East Beach doesn’t have many on-street parking spots or public restrooms, you can still enjoy excellent boating, fishing, sunbathing, and swimming experiences.

Sturgis Street Beach

Sturgis Street Beach is one of the less-known beaches in Virginia. Its existence has long gone unnoticed, but it offers a lovely swimming beach.

Most locals prefer to use this location as a getaway whenever other nearby beaches are crowded. You can have a splash, soak up some sun, or simply relax and unwind while taking in a calm natural breeze.

Unlike other beaches in Virginia, Sturgis lacks substantial beach amenities like restrooms, picnic areas, and parking spaces. But you can find ample parking spots in the Sturgis neighborhood. It’s also suitable for biking or taking a stroll. Make sure you come prepared.

Oak Grove Lake Park

Oak Grove Lake Park is a beautiful open space park close to Volvo Pkwy in Chesapeake, VA. In this location, you’ll find acres of lovely marshes and hardwood forest trees that add to the overall aesthetic of the park.

Additionally, the park offers panoramic views of the lake from different points. This location is among the loveliest Virginia beaches for couples because of its scenic views and picnic facilities. You can also enjoy views of wildlife around the state park.

Unfortunately, Oak Grove does not allow swimming or boating without pre-approved permission. But it has excellent trails for jogging and biking, and you can go fishing. You can catch bluegill, channel catfish, and largemouth bass.

Accommodation in Norfolk

Delta Hotels by Marriott is well rated for clean, luxurious rooms. They also offer free round-trip airport shuttles. Hilton Norfolk and Norfolk Waterside have professional staff and modern bedrooms with exceptional facilities.

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Other Famous Beaches In Virginia

Assateague Island National Seashore – Chincoteague

Assateague Island National Seashore is on a 37-mile barrier island located partly in Virginia and Maryland. Without a doubt, this national park is among the top beaches in Virginia for the right reasons.

It is a wonderfully stunning beach and wildlife area that attracts many tourists yearly. You’ll love everything, from its white-sand beaches to the mile-long stretch and famous wild horses in the Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge.

You can spend a whole day splashing around or tanning on the beachfront or tour the area and see other wildlife like seagulls and bald eagles. Don’t forget to also check out the Assateague lighthouse, one of Virginia’s most stunning lighthouses.

In any case, Assateague Island simply can’t be left out of the best beaches in Virginia!

Waterside Inn is a beautiful location in Chincoteague with the right amenities to make you comfortable. You’ll love the view from the property as well.

Croatan Beach – Virginia Beach

Croatan Beach is a lovely beach in Virginia Beach renowned for surfing and water sports. For decades, this beach has been used for the famous East Coast Surfing Championships and attracts various surfers and tourists.

There are two designated surfing areas on Croatan Beach. One is on the Northernmost part of the beach, beginning at Rudee Inlet. The other is to the South, close to Pendleton. All year long, surfers from far and near enjoy one of the best surfing beaches in Virginia, during or before the surfing championship.

Additionally, this beach is ideal for surfing enthusiasts and campers. Numerous lifeguards sprawled out along the beachfront, making it one of the safest Virginia beaches. You can enjoy many things about Croatan beach, but the water sports are better than any other beach in the state.

Consider Hilton Vacation Club for a relaxing stay in Virginia Beach. This location has exceptional amenities and a great environment. Plus, it’s close to many beautiful sights and Virginia beaches. 

Willoughby Beach – Norfolk

Willoughby Beach is among the less-known beaches in Virginia. Most of its visitors are people who want a private day at the beach. While many people prefer to visit Ocean View Beach in the same region. But we think there is much to love about this underrated beach.

Willoughby Beach has over 7 miles of shoreline for relaxation and recreational activities. It’s great for swimming and fishing, and you can explore the area to discover different bird species. You may enjoy it as much as other top beaches in Virginia.

Every room at Courtyard by Marriott provides facilities for exquisite taste and luxury. Additionally, the entire property is clean and refreshing.

Cape Charles Beach – Cape Charles

Cape Charles may not be as famous as many outstanding beaches in Virginia, but it’s just as gorgeous. Its white sands and pristine waters make it a lovely sight to behold.

Even if you don’t want to spend the whole day on the beachfront, there are many other things to do. There are a few piers and locations around the beach to explore. You can also go birdwatching.

Furthermore, Cape Charles Beach is the only beach on Virginia’s Eastern Shore that offers free entrance and parking. If you’re in the area, check out this beautiful beach. It’ll be worth your time.

Shore Stay Suites is a good option, only 10 minutes away from Cape Charles Beach. It has beautiful, sizable rooms and is comfortable overall.

Belle Isle Historic Park Beach – Richmond

If you want a unique experience on one of the best Virginia beaches, Belle Isle Beach is the best place to go. The beach is located in the heart of the historic park. It is an urban beach because of its flat, naturally occurring rocks.

This location was once a famous Native American fishing community. You’ll find hiking trails and many beautiful historical sites near the beach. Suppose you want something different from a day at the oceanfront. In that case, Belle Isle is the perfect alternative with calm waters like many other Virginia beaches.

However, while experienced swimmers may have a go in the beach’s waters, it is not encouraged due to the fast-moving rapids. You can still enjoy the small pools and cliffs around the beach area.

Check out Four Points by Sheraton in Richmond. Their customer service is superb, and their facilities are worth every penny. 

Visiting The Best Beaches In Virginia

There’s no doubt that Virginia is a beautiful state with plenty to offer. Virginia is known for many things that make it a popular destination. From the beaches to the mountains and everything in between, you’re sure to find something you love. And what’s not to love about the beaches? With so many great options, it’s hard to choose which ones to visit.

Whether you’re looking for a quiet place to relax or a beach that’s buzzing with activity, Virginia is full of beautiful beaches to visit. Most Virginia beaches are the total package.



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