18 Best Beaches In Lake Tahoe To Visit

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Lake Tahoe is an incredible place to visit in the winter but also a great place in the summer. With so many beaches at Lake Tahoe, there are many options to choose from.

While California is known for its sunny beaches, you might be surprised to find out that beaches on Lake Tahoe are just as pristine. From the high-end to the casual, there is something for everyone. We compiled a list with tips on where they are and what to expect when you get there. 

Whether you are looking to go skiing, hiking, camping, or just spending a relaxing day at the beach, there is something for everyone to enjoy. So grab a sunscreen, throw on your swimsuit, and get ready to soak up some sun! Here are some of the best beaches in Lake Tahoe.

Most Popular Beaches On Lake Tahoe

Sand Harbor

Sand Harbor is one of the most popular beaches on Lake Tahoe. It is located on the Eastern shore of Lake Tahoe (Nevada). This location has everything you would expect, including picnic tables, trees, a visitor center, and large stretches of sunny sand. 

Sand Harbor also has the perfect Swimming area and cove specifically for SCUBA divers. Along with parking for tow trucks, the park has a boat launch. The outdoor theater at Sand Harbor offers a sublime lakeside setting for shows that get presented on warm summer nights.

Every July and August, Sand Harbor hosts the Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival. The festival allows you to enjoy moments from Shakespeare’s most well-known plays while admiring one of the most beautiful sceneries of all Lake Tahoe beaches. 

The Cedar House Sport Hotel is a great place to lodge if you plan to visit Sand Harbor. While it is not too close to the beach (about 4 miles from Sand Harbor), it has the luxury and comfort that is perfect for your needs.

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Crystal blue waters are a big attraction for lake tahoe beaches

Kings Beach

Kings Beach is one of the most outstanding beaches of Lake Tahoe. It attracts many people during the summer and has the perfect landscape, recreational activities, and facilities for people of all ages and from all walks of life. 

Its large expanse of sandy beachfront creates room for you to erect sunshades and spread out your beach towels. Kings Beach is one of the warmest beaches on Lake Tahoe, which makes it great for tanning or soaking up some sunlight during the summer months. 

Even during the off-season, Kings Beach is just as relaxing and peaceful. While it may be too cold for most people to swim during this period, its beautiful landscape and expansive shoreline are perfect for different recreational activities. 

The beach recreation area is accessible from sunrise to sunset every day. You also have access to parking space (which has a 24-hour fee), public restrooms, and a beachside path. 

If you want to visit Kings Beach, consider staying at Firelite Lodge for the duration of your visit. It has excellent features for a great experience and is only about 1.1 miles from the beach.

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Commons Beach

Commons Beach Park is one of the best Lake Tahoe beaches in Tahoe City for a relaxing vacation, located in the heart of the city. 

This 4-acre beach has a playground, picnic tables, and a grassy area that allows children to have a good time while parents relax. Additionally, it is one of many locations where North Lake Tahoe’s Summer Music is played.

Commons Beach has a seaside park with everything you need for tanning, swimming, and grilling. Its waterside slopes make it one of the best beaches at Lake Tahoe for sledding during sunny days in the winter season. 

Numerous other events are held here, such as Sunday afternoon concerts and Wednesday night movie premieres. Individuals, couples, and families can enjoy weekly live music from an outdoor stage after soaking up some sun. 

Visitors at Commons Beach enjoyed the excellent service at Mother Nature’s Inn for numerous reasons. You should consider it if you’re swinging by.

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Best Dog-Friendly Beaches Of Lake Tahoe

Kiva Beach

Kiva Beachfront, also called Visitor Center Beach or Tallac Point, is situated on National Forest land. It features about 200 yards of sandy shores and is one of the best beaches at Lake Tahoe for dogs; you are allowed to let your dog off the leash. 

The sunrise there is beautiful, and it offers a fantastic view. The entrance to Kiva Beach and Tallac Historic Site is restricted from late fall through early spring. The only parking spots available are on the side of the road, so you must walk in from there.

There are portable restrooms along the parking area of Kiva Beach. In addition, you can see the surrounding shoreline and peaks to the north, east, and west from this location at the southern end of Lake Tahoe. 

Lakeland Village at Heavenly is one of the best hotels for you. Many guests like their services and facilities. It is also closer to the beach than other luxury lodges.

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Zephyr Cove Beach

Zephyr Cove is a family-friendly beach in Lake Tahoe that is conveniently situated on Highway 50 in the heart of South Tahoe. The mile-long sandy beach at Zephyr Cove provides endless opportunities for outdoor recreation. You can board the paddlewheel boat M.S. Dixie II. You can also let your dog run free in a dog-friendly area along the North side of the beach. 

The Sunset Bar & Grille offers beach drinks, chair, and umbrella rentals, and the best volleyball courts on the beaches of Lake Tahoe. The beach resort is the only enjoyment spot, although there are various ways to enjoy the water there. You can find anything you require on the beach at their gift shop. 

Check out Station House Inn if you need accommodation during your stay in Zephyr Cove.

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Many beaches at lake tahoe also offer stunning views the sunset

Nevada Beach

Nevada Beach has a half-mile stretch of sand and gives sweeping views of the Sierra Nevada mountains and Lake Tahoe. Even though dogs are allowed, only a minor area of the beach, next to the Tahoe Beach Club, is dog-friendly. The section where dogs are allowed has a notice and painted dog prints on the asphalt.

On Nevada Beach, you can swim, picnic, and take in the scenery. There are on-site kayak rentals and dining services. You also have access to public restrooms, ramps for boats, and trailheads. 

In addition, you must pay an entry fee to use Nevada beach, and access is available from Memorial Day Weekend until mid-October. Unlike any other beach in Lake Tahoe, the entry fee usually rises over the weekend of the first week of July. 

Since numerous hotels are around Nevada Beach, choosing the perfect lodge may be confusing. But you can try Woodsong Meadows. It’s less than 2 miles from the beach and may be just what you need.

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Thomas F. Regan Memorial City Beach

Regan Beach is the oldest beach in the southern region of Tahoe City. The beach allows dogs off leashes, but you must always keep them under constant voice control. Only the dog water area next to the park’s entrance is open to your four-legged pet.

Regan Beach Aldo has beautiful vistas, a playground, and shallow water.

Would you like to stay in Tahoe City a little longer? Hotel Azure is a good choice of accommodation. You can enjoy the natural sights of Regan Beach and maybe other dog-friendly beaches of Lake Tahoe.

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Best Nudist Beaches At Lake Tahoe

Secret Cove Beach

Another breath-taking location worth visiting is Secret Cove Beach in North Lake Tahoe. It is one of the most remote beaches in Lake Tahoe and is accessible from Highway 28.

Among the three nudist beaches of Lake Tahoe, Secret Cove is the most popular. Finding this beach takes a little effort, hence the name ”Secret Cove”. During the off-season, you may miss this famous beach because there are hardly any vehicles parked on the road nearby. But it is worth the search in the end.

The Hyatt Regency Lake Tahoe Resort, Spa & Casino offers accommodations for those who intend to visit Secret Cove. After a long day at the beach, this lovely hotel’s comforts are ideal.

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Chimney Beach

Chimney Beach is another well-known nudist beach at Lake Tahoe. It is about two miles down the road to Sand Harbor State Park and is protected by the National Forest Service.

Chimney beach got its name from a stone chimney on the beach that was previously part of the caretaker’s cabin. It is a small, sandy lakeside spot and has a year-round on-street parking area on one side of Highway 28.

Despite its size, Chimney Beach’s beautiful scenery of Lake Tahoe attracts many visitors. The East bank of Lake Tahoe’s Chimney Beach is easy to locate but a bit along an unusual path.

In addition, Chimney Beach is one of the beaches on Lake Tahoe that allows dogs. You can bring your dog along for a splash.

There are different fantastic accommodations to choose from in this area. You should consider Angora Mountain Lodge. They have exceptional service and are only 1.05 miles from Chimney Beach.

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Hidden Beach

Hidden Beach is easy to miss if you aren’t parked somewhere along Highway 28 close to Incline Village. The beach earned this name from its seclusion and has a private and peaceful location for you.

Most of the time, Hidden Beach is deserted but for a small group of locals who park on the side of the road and hike down one of the numerous trails above the shore. You’ll frequently have the majority of the area to yourself, so you and your partner can relax in peace.

This beach is notable for its privacy, but you must find parking early in the day. Hidden Beach is one of the top freshwater snorkeling beaches of Lake Tahoe. It is the perfect place to unwind from the stress of the city and enjoy some leisure activities with family and loved ones.  

Sunnyside Resort and Lodge is a good lodging option for everyone who plans to stay around Hidden Beach for a while.

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Whale Beach

Whale Beach is a well-known 100-yard nudist beach south of Sand Harbor. Its name refers to a jutting rock in the harbor that looks like a sperm whale breaching the water. Its picturesque scenery is one of its most attractive features. 

Whale Beach is open from Memorial Day through October, but it may depend on the weather. It has facilities like public restrooms and shades and allows portable gas grills instead of charcoal. In addition, you are allowed to bring pets, but there are restrictions.

Whale Beach is one of the beaches on Lake Tahoe, situated on a territory owned by the National Forest. Due to the sand’s black hue, this location is also called Black Sand Beach.

Consider staying at the Sleek Modern Condo in the Heart of Incline village. While it isn’t the closest hotel to Whale Beach, this lodge will allow you to enjoy the lovely region surrounding one of the best nudist beaches of Lake Tahoe.

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One thing lake tahoe beaches have in common are beautiful views of the lake

Best Beaches Of Lake Tahoe For Swimming

Angora Lakes Resort

Angora Lakes is a crystal-clear and lush swimming spot well-known for its high cliffs. It is the perfect spot for regular swimmers and daredevils who wish to practice their jumps and dives. Angora Lakes Resort has two of the best beaches of Lake Tahoe for swimming.

During the day, you can savor their renowned freshly squeezed lemonade and other mouthwatering snacks like ice cream and sandwiches. Angora Lakes offers canoe, kayak, and paddleboard rentals. You can also enjoy a beautiful view of the mountains while you make a splash with your loved ones. 

Angora Lakes is a beach in Lake Tahoe that allows pets, but they must be leashed and kept away from the lake. It costs $10 to use their parking space.

There are many different cabins and lodges around Angora Lakes. If the Angora Mountain Lodge isn’t your style, you can consider Bear Pause. It has great facilities and is only 1.8 miles from Angora Lakes.

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Pope Beach

Pope Beach is one of the best beaches on Lake Tahoe for families. It is a small, peaceful beachfront surrounded by local pine trees, and the water is safe for everyone. The beach is also great for kids since it has no rocks or stones.

However, pets are not allowed on Pope Beach. It has provisions for boating, swimming, windsurfing, and a public restroom. The beach also has various shaded spaces, beautiful views of Mount Tallac and the South Shore, and great terrain for mountain biking and road cycling.

Pope Beach is on Highway 89, three miles northwest of the city of South Lake Tahoe. While there is an entry fee, this is one beach on Lake Tahoe that allows you to ride a bike in for free.

Bear Crossing is a good option if you plan to stay around Pope Beach for some time. They even allow pets!

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Meeks Bay Beach

Meeks Bay is renowned for its crystal clear water, lovely shore, and a thick stand of pine trees lining its waterside. It is a fantastic location with breathtaking sights for water sports like windsurfing and kayaking.

Meeks Bay Beach is well-suited for tourists. It also has a picnic area and public facilities for hiking, boating, swimming, and cycling. There is also a campground close to the beach and fishing spots.

Like most beaches in Lake Tahoe, Meek Bay Beach gets crowded in the summer. However, you should be aware that there are no services for food and drinks nearby.

The Landing Resort & Spa is a good spot for tourists and visitors who plan to stay close to Meek Bay Beach. It offers excellent services and facilities to every guest.

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Lester Beach

Lester Beach, one of the top beaches at Lake Tahoe, is found in the D.L. Bliss State Park on the lake’s west shore. Its soft white sand and Caribbean blue water make it a beautiful sight.

Lester Beach provides amenities for swimming, fishing, camping, hiking, and kayaking. It also has public restrooms, showers, shades, and picnic tables. You will have to secure a parking space and a spot on the beach early because it fills up quickly, especially during the summer months. 

Lester Beach is smaller than many other beaches at Lake Tahoe. However, it has more secluded coves with breathtaking views and several camping areas.

After a long day of swimming or hiking, you don’t have to go too far away. Waters Edge Vista is one of the closest hotels to Lester Beach. Since the area fills up during summer, you’ll probably have to reserve a room on time.

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Some of the beaches at lake tahoe are great for camping

Best Picnic Beaches On Lake Tahoe

William Kent Shoreline Beach

The William Kent Beach is located on Highway 89, two miles south of Tahoe City. It provides picnic tables, barbecue grills, and scenic views of the Eastern shoreline across the lake.

The beach has natural trees that provide shade, a water trailhead, and public restrooms. It is one of the beaches of Lake Tahoe that doesn’t have an entry fee and is open all year round. 

There aren’t too many hotels around William Kent Beach. So, if you’re planning to hang around for a while, you should consider Sugar Bear Lodge Estate. It is comfortable and is only a mile away.

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Secline Beach

Secline Beach offers a small slice of nature in the heart of the city near Kings Beach. 

The beach has comfortable picnic tables, grills, and shades on its forested hillside. These facilities make it one of the best beaches at Lake Tahoe for outdoor meals and picnics.

From sunup to sundown, Secline Beach is accessible. It offers facilities for garbage collection and temporary portable restrooms. However, the only parking space is on the nearby streets.

The California Tahoe Conservancy owns Secline Beach, while California State Parks handles maintenance and law enforcement.

The Beaver Lodge is one of the closest housing facilities to Secline Beach. It is pet friendly and will give you a relaxing feel throughout your stay.

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64 Acres Beach

Located in the National Forest not far from Tahoe City’s center, 64 Acres Beach is a well-liked beach with a paved walkway for cycling and hiking. It also has beautiful picnic tables and grills for outdoor meals by the waterside.

The 64 Acres leisure hub spans Highway 89 to the Truckee River. It offers temporary restrooms and some parking spaces by the lakeside. Like many other beaches of Lake Tahoe, you can also use canoes, kayaks, and rafts on this beach.

If you want to spend some time near 64 Acres, you might want to try The Inn at Boatworks out. While it may not be the most luxurious lodge or cabin in downtown Tahoe City, it has exceptional facilities.

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Discovering The Best Beaches Of Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is well-known for its wide variety of beaches and ski resorts. The beaches at Lake Tahoe provide numerous vacation possibilities for everyone, including locals and tourists. 

These are different locations with excellent natural resources and magnificent views of Lake Tahoe and its borders. There is a beach in Lake Tahoe that is ideal for you, regardless of your needs, tastes, or preferences. You can choose from a variety of exciting activities in Lake Tahoe. Never a dull moment!



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