20 Best Rhode Island Beaches To Visit

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When it comes to the shorelines, Rhode Island beaches are some of the best in America. You can find quiet, secluded spots to relax with your toes in the sand or a party scene, with plenty of places to enjoy music and fun in the sun. Best of all, it’s usually only a short drive to get there.

Here are some of the best Rhode Island beaches you should check out if you’re ever in the Ocean State.

Best Newport, Rhode Island Beaches 

The beautiful beaches in Rhode Island will leave a lasting impression on you. Whether you’re looking for an intimate day trip or a week-long vacation, here are the best beaches in Newport, RI.

Gooseberry Beach 

Gooseberry Beach, situated in a small cove along the 10-mile Ocean Drive, is the perfect spot for a lovely beach getaway. This beautiful harbor offers tranquil waters for various water activities and a stunning beachfront for tanning or building sandcastles.

Gooseberry Beach is one of the best family-friendly Rhode Island beaches. Despite having the appearance of a minor, exclusive beach, the beach area is large enough to accommodate various beach activities and games.

It is even accessible to non-foot traffic, and you can reserve a day pass in advance to secure a parking spot.

Swimming is a favorite pastime in the protected cove’s tranquil waters. At the same time, you can rock climb and tide-pool on the cove’s rocky barrier. Gooseberry Beach also has changing rooms, showers, restrooms, and a full-service snack shop with delectable delights.

Easton’s Beach 

Easton’s beach is one of the top beaches in Rhode Island for families and kids. The beach has a colorful vintage carousel, an intriguing interactive exploration center, and an aquarium for kids and adults. 

Easton’s beach, also known as First Beach, has the ideal combination of mild waters and soft sands. You can enjoy body surfing, swimming, paddleboarding, or kayaking. However, ensure you pay attention to any water-quality advisories since this is one of RI state beaches known for solid red algae.

Easton’s beach is also ideal for beach exploration. You can stroll along the lovely Cliff Walk or visit any of the numerous dining alternatives in the beach area. The beach can get pretty crowded during the holidays, so come early to secure the best spot and parking space.


Collins Beach

If you’re looking for Rhode Island beaches with the best views, Collins Beach should be on the top of your list. This beach has different amenities and attractions, but it is primarily famous for its dazzling sunset views and scenic vistas. 

Of course, you can swim and enjoy other water sports in Collins Beach. The shores on this beach may not have the soft sands of Easton’s Beach, but it’s just as impressive. You can head to the Castle Hill Lighthouse in the beach area for an even better view.

There aren’t any beach chairs or shades on Collins beach, so you must bring your own beach mats/tents, lawn chairs, and beach umbrellas for the best experience. But with such majestic views, this beach remains one of the best beaches in Rhode Island. 

Sachuest Beach

Sachuest Beach, also known as Second Beach, is a beautiful surfing beach with great sand and lovely views. But those features aren’t what it’s most famous for. 

This beach is at the top of the list of Rhode Island beaches for Wildlife viewing. Just south of Sachuest beach is the Sachuest National Refuge, a stopover location and wintering ground for numerous migrating bird species. Birdwatchers and wildlife lovers will love exploring this modest beach.

Sachuest Beach is also a great hiking spot with over three miles of trails. In addition to various bird species, you might see foxes, deer, or cottontail rabbits. Like many other Rhode Island beaches, you’ll also have access to amenities like barbecue grills, picnic tables, restrooms, and showers. 

Additionally, there is a snack stand in the beach area, surfboard rentals, and lessons on the beach’s west end (surfer’s end).

Reject’s Beach 

You’re in luck if you’re looking for private, tranquil RI state beaches. Reject’s beach is a small, uncrowded beach at Newport’s Cliff Walk eastern end. The beach is a great swimming location, but since there are no lifeguards, it isn’t a good spot for kids. 

Furthermore, Reject’s Beach doesn’t have the amenities found on other beaches in Rhode Island. Yet, you can have a whole day of beach fun. There won’t be too many people since there’s no parking space near the beach. 

Young romantic partners may love this secluded beach. Hikers and bikers can also rest and swim quickly at this spot. 

Third Beach 

Third beach is one of the lesser known RI beaches ticked away in a tranquil cove. This beach has few facilities because it is used mainly by locals. However, you’ll still find amenities for an excellent beach day. 

Third beach’s tranquil waters make it a good swimming and windsurfing spot. You can also come with your kids since the water is calm most of the time. Additionally, there are grills and picnic tables for the family to enjoy meals together. 

Stroll along the shoreline or explore the surroundings if you’re tired of swimming or tanning. Even though this beach is not as famous as beaches in the state, you can have a great experience like other beaches in Rhode Island. 

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Best Warwick, Rhode Island Beaches 

Warwick, RI, is a beautiful beachfront town and the perfect place to come to for quality R&R. The number of things to do here is endless. But if you’re looking for the best beaches in Warwick, check out some of the following.

Oakland Beach

Oakland Beach is one of the most famous beaches in Rhode Island, with a rich history and lovely sand that many still enjoy. 

This beach was once referred to as “The Modern Paradise” and “The Eden of Narragansett Bay.” It may not be as glorious as it was in the 19th century, but it still has beautiful waters and gorgeous views. You can enjoy beach activities like swimming and tanning or explore nearby popular locations. 

Oakland Beach is also close to many places to grab a quick bite. It’s perfect for families, couples, and just about everyone else. Kids can have a lot of fun here too. Even today, Oakland Beach is one of the most visited Rhode Island beaches.

Cedar Tree Point Beach 

Another famous beach in Warwick is Cedar Tree Point beach. You can enjoy all your favorite beach activities and some extras at this beach.

Visit Cedar Tree Point Beach for a day of swimming, tanning, canoeing, and paddleboarding. There are also archery, hunting, shooting, and motorsports opportunities if you want something new. it is one of the best beaches in Rhode Island for all-around activities and unique features.

Warwick City Park/Buttonwoods Beach

This city park and beach are among the most outstanding Rhode Island beaches. It is a 126-acre beach park in Warwick, RI, with excellent services and features. There are picnic areas, shelters, miles of hiking and biking trails, and three baseball fields in the beach area. 

Additionally, this park beach has one of the most lovely sceneries in the city. The beach is expansive and sandy and offers playgrounds for kids. Anyone can have a field day here. There’s also a demarcated swimming area in case you want a dip. 

While dogs are allowed on Buttonwoods beach, they aren’t permitted in the park (there’s a dog park in a separate area from the beach). You can also go birdwatching if you are bored of regular activities. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to enjoy one of the loveliest beaches in Rhode Island.   

Gaspee Point Beach

The sandy Beach at Gaspee Point is one of Warwick’s best-kept gems. It is one of the best hidden Rhode Island beaches with a gorgeous view and beautiful features to cater to any taste. 

You can find this small peninsula on the western bank of Providence River and access the Beach through Warwick’s Namquid Drive. Locating the beach is a bit tricky, and you may feel like trespassing. But it’ll be worth the effort when you do find it. 

Gaspee point is a public beach in a somewhat private community. Its water is ideal for swimming, and the beachfront is excellent for tanning. It’s the perfect spot for a weekend getaway with your significant other. It remains one of the best beaches in Rhode Island for a peaceful and lovely beach day. 

Goddard Memorial State Park Beach

This state park beach is among the most popular Rhode Island beaches. Goddard Park is the most visited Metropolitan park in the state. Beachgoers, including visitors, enjoy the Park and the Beach. 

You can enjoy a range of outdoor pursuits at this captivating beach, including sunbathing and beachcombing and a stunning view of the Atlantic Ocean. In addition to a snack shop, the beach includes plenty of parking, barbecues, picnic tables, and restrooms. 

During the busiest times, lifeguards are on duty, so you can take your kids swimming without worry. Like many other Rhode Island beaches, this location is ideal for families. It has expansive lawns, a variety of beautiful trees, and an excellent golf course suitable for several special events. 

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Best Westerly, Rhode Island Beaches 

Beaches in Westerly are some of the most enchanting, relaxing places in the world. There’s nothing quite like stretching out your towel and watching the waves glide back and forth. If you want to take a trip to beautiful Westerly, Rhode Island, you’ve got to check out these four beaches.

Misquamicut Beach 

Few Rhode Island beaches are as famous as Misquamicut State Beach in Westerly. It is extraordinarily long and wide and is arguably the most well-known and adored of all the beaches in Westerly. 

From Watch Hill to Weekapaug, this gorgeous beach extends for a distance of about three miles along the Misquamicut barrier island. Even during the holidays or weekends when the beach gets busy, there is enough room for everyone to relax and have fun. 

You can enjoy all kinds of beach activities here. Additionally, the beach pavilion area has plenty of amenities, including restrooms, gazebos, and even food stands where you can grab some popular delicacies of Rhode Island.

This beach is among the best Rhode Island beaches to check out. There are always new and fascinating activities because this beach hosts yearly special events.

Westerly Town Beach 

Locals in Westerly adore this beautiful beach for all the right reasons. It provides the most straightforward and highly entertaining set of all the beautiful beaches in Rhode Island. And that’s not everything. 

Westerly Town Beach also has a peaceful and tranquil feel. You’ll find the most amazing Rhode Island Coast and Atlantic ocean views, soft sands, and clear waters for swimming or chilling. 

This fantastic beach tops our list of romantic RI beaches. The view and atmosphere have a romantic ring, and the surroundings are perfect for an evening stroll with your partner. You can’t afford to miss this location if you’re ever in Rhode Island.

Weekapaug Beach 

Weekapaug Beach is an excellent spot with a quiet and serene atmosphere and is practically unmatched in terms of beauty. The beach gets its unique name from the Native American phrase “end of the pond.” It is close to several big saltwater ponds near the Atlantic. 

This beach is pretty secluded, and you may even get a good portion of the beach to yourself on some days. There are a few other Rhode Island beaches that are so perfect for sunbathing and relaxing. You’ll also love a swim in the peaceful waters. 

The environment at Weekapaug Beach is so inviting; picture perfect. Take a couple of photos (or as many as you want) to immortalize your trip.  

Watch Hill Beach 

Watch Hill is a famous natural landmark and a lovely coastal community in Westerly, Rhode Island, situated on the city’s southernmost point. While you can go for a swim at this beach, it won’t be the first thing on your mind when you arrive. 

There are no other beaches in Rhode Island with such a splendid view. This location compels you to stop and gaze in awe of the breathtaking natural surroundings and the distinctive old-fashioned cottages scattered around the area. 

Access to Watch Hill used to be limited to the wealthy and famous. However, the neighborhood has become a more open, friendly environment that is a dreamy summer escape for everyone to enjoy. We’d say it’s one of the best family beaches in Rhode Island, but it’s also perfect for everyone else.

Napatree Point Beach 

Napatree Point Beach is one of the secret Westerly, Rhode Island beaches. Finding a parking spot on Bay Street can be challenging because parking is typically allowed for a couple of hours. The beach is also tricky to find, but it’s worth your while. 

This beach is excellent for kids with calm waves and a friendly beachfront. You can also scale the lovely dunes in the beach area and view the beautiful surroundings.

You may need to move around to discover this stunning hidden beach a bit. But once you find out about the Watch Hill Yacht Club, you’re close to this hidden gem. 

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Other Famous RI Beaches 

Fort Adams State Park – Newport

Fort Adams State Park offers one of the most affordable beaches in Rhode Island. While many beaches in the state require between $15 and $30 for parking space or day entry fee, this state park offers free beach access and parking. 

Fort Adams may not have the soft sands of Easton’s Beach or the size of other Rhode Island beaches. Still, it offers breathtaking views of the park’s marina, Narragansett Bay, and Newport Pell Bridge. You can also enjoy tanning and unique exploration possibilities. 

Take a guided tour of the historical fort in the area, charter a sailboat, and explore even more areas near the beach. 

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Goosewing Beach – Little Compton 

Goosewing is excellent and is also one of the few Little Compton. These Rhode Island beaches are accessible to the general public.

This lovely beach is a pristine harbor with grassy dunes and a variety of shorebirds that you can’t find anywhere else in Rhode Island. The beach has nice tidal pools and is protected by the Nature Conservancy. 

Although the beach is quiet most of the time, it attracts many families and couples and is famous for its night campfires. The nearby area is beautiful and worth exploring. Stroll around the area and discover why it is one of the best beaches in Rhode Island. 

East Matunuck Beach – South Kingston 

This beach is one of the most prominent Rhode Island beaches on Hazard Island in South Kingstown. You can find this sizable beach park on the Atlantic shore. 

Visit East Matunuck for all the outstanding facilities and lively atmosphere. You’ll have access to public restrooms, showers, changing areas, and concessions from Salty’s Burgers. East Matunuck Beach is an excellent location for boogie boarding and bodysurfing. Due to its giant waves, it is among the well-liked surfing beaches in Rhode Island.

However, this surfing advantage makes it a less-than-ideal choice for kids and amateur swimmers. Remember to come early if you want to secure a good parking spot. 

South Kingston’s Hampton Inn is loved by many. They offer premium services and a lovely view. We’re sure you’ll love this location. 

Ballard’s Beach – Block Island 

Ballard’s beach is arguably the most famous Beach on Block Island. The beachfront has kid-friendly sands, and the water is perfect for swimming. It may not be as expansive as other lovely Rhode Island beaches, but it has features that attract people all year round. 

You will not only love the beach for its amenities and also for the occasional fun events. Live music performances and late-night bonfires are staples of the summertime celebration. You also have access to chairs, beach umbrellas, and premium cabanas for your satisfaction. 

Check out Atlantic House in Narragansett for great views and complimentary breakfast. It’s just a 1 hr 20 mins drive from Block Island and close to Narragansett Beach. 

Enjoying The Best Rhode Island Beaches

There are over 95,000 miles of coastline in the United States, but something makes the states along the Atlantic coast some of the best in the world. It is one of the things that Rhode Island is known for.

Rhode Island beaches are particularly well-suited for anyone who enjoys the coast. This small state has a wide variety of beaches and waterfront towns. Whether you want to explore the islands, hit the beach, or hang out in a cozy seaside town, these beaches in Rhode island are worth considering.




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