15 Best Beaches In Colorado To Visit

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In Colorado, one of the nicest things to do is to spend time at the beaches. Colorado boasts more than 4,000 lakes and reservoirs. The state undoubtedly offers plenty of opportunities to cool off in cool, refreshing bodies of water during the hot summer months. Colorado beaches are either glacier lakes that formed naturally or artificial reservoirs. Each of them is immaculate and stunning, frequently with the distant Colorado Highlands serving as the background.

The greatest seasons to visit the best beaches in Colorado are spring and summer when the weather is wonderfully warm but not muggy and the water is cool and stimulating. Many Colorado beaches are located inside of larger parks, allowing you to spend the full day taking advantage of everything that these secured regions have to offer.

Here are some of the best Colorado beaches you can visit.

Beaches In Colorado With Large Body of Water

Grand Lake Beach, Grand Lake

This is one of the best beaches in Colorado; in fact one of Colorado’s largest and deepest natural lakes. Grand Lake receives water from the Colorado River and snowmelt that runs down the Continental Divide. It is stunning, deep, and gorgeous.

During the summer, the beach at Grand Lake is without a doubt one of the most popular destinations in the region. With Rocky Mountain National Park as its backdrop and enclosing it on three sides, the tranquil 500-acre lake has one of the nicest vistas in the state.

The beach offers a variety of activities such as swimming, kayaking, and paddleboarding over its crystalline surface. In case you didn’t bring in your equipment, there is also a one-stop store called the Great Lake Marina where you may rent water equipment.

Where To Stay Near Grand Lake, Colorado

Grand Lake Lodge is the perfect location for you and your families to stay near Grand Lake. They have amazing facilities and amenities to give you a memorable experience.

Blue Mesa Reservoir, Gunnison

The largest body of water in Colorado is the Blue Mesa Reservoir. The largest lake that is wholly within Colorado was made possible by the Blue Mesa Dam. This is a roughly 400-foot dam that was built in the 1960s and is situated in Gunnison County close to the Gunnison River. Blue Mesa Reservoir was made possible as a result.

The nicest beaches in Colorado may be found at Blue Mesa Reservoir, which is not unexpected given that it boasts approximately 100 miles of coastline. The reservoir’s length of 29 miles makes it ideal for leisurely boat excursions, kiteboarding, or paddleboarding sessions.

The Curecanti National Recreation Area includes this lake as well as a number of other lakes in the vicinity. This makes it the ideal Colorado location for a summer holiday.

Where To Stay Near Blue Mesa Reservoir, Colorado

The Inn at Tomichi Village is a well rated hotel to stay near Blue Mesa Reservoir. They offer a free parking lot, indoor pools, and many other amenities for a wonderful experience. Another amazing thing about this hotel is that they are pet friendly.

John Martin Reservoir Beach

John Martin State Park & Reservoir is located about 90 miles to the east of Pueblo. By volume, it is the second-largest body of water in Colorado. Water activities on this beach include water skiing, paddle boarding, and boating.

Where To Stay Near John Martin Reservoir, Colorado

Holiday Inn Express Hotel and Suites is a hotel with an indoor pool and lounges. This hotel has other amazing amenities and is also pet friendly. it is a perfect choice for you if you are visiting John Martin Reservoir.


Best Beaches In Colorado For Swimming

Boulder Reservoir, Boulder

The Boulder Reservoir is the place to go if you’re looking for one of the biggest and most picturesque beaches in Colorado. The main purpose of building this 700-acre lake in the 1950s was to provide Boulder with water. The lake has developed into one of the best places in Colorado for summer swimming, even though it still contributes to providing Boulder with a water supply.

In addition to a small area for children, there are floating platforms out in the middle of the lake that is ideal for sunbathing, making it the ideal destination for family outings. Although the lake is technically accessible all year round, the summer months, which run from mid-April to mid-October, are when you’ll find the most visitors.

Where to Stay Near Boulder Reservoir, Colorado

Hyatt Centric Downtown is close to Boulder Reservoir and is an amazing place to stay. They have restaurants, bars, and lounges for premium entertainment and they are also pet friendly.

Twins Lake, Leadville

Twin Lakes, two ice-formed lakes, are located in Leadville and are framed by Mount Elbert, the state’s highest peak. In Colorado, swimming and boating are some of the greatest at Twin Lakes.

Twins Lake was initially created by glacial activity but was later expanded to serve as a reservoir for the Front Range mountains. With two boat ramps and 2,700 acres of the surface area today, the lakes make it quite simple to engage in water-related activities.

When visiting Twin Lakes, swimming at the beach continues to be the most accessible and well-liked activity. This is one of the best beaches in Colorado.

Where Io Stay In Twins Lake, Colorado

Brookstone Forte Dodge has restaurants, lounges, bars, free parking spaces, library with amazing customer service. It is the ideal hotel to stay in while visiting Twins Lake.

Medano Creek, Alamosa

One of the best beaches in Colorado is the beach at Medano Creek. The river’s surge flow occurs when snowmelt is at its greatest, often in the spring, and is the ideal time to visit the beach. By the end of the summer, the river also has a tendency to dry up, so you’ll need to plan your visit carefully.

The water is at its highest during the peak season, which is between May and June in the year. Just keep in mind that since the river is so dependent on snowmelt, you shouldn’t count on experiencing the same thing repeatedly.

Where To Stay Near Medano Creek, Colorado

Great Sand Dunes Lodge is one to consider if you are visiting Medano Creek. Their cleaning and safety practices are top-notch.

Chatfield State Park Beach, Littleton

The 1,500-acre Chatfield Reservoir is a sizable body of water just a short distance from Denver. It is located within the Chatfield state park, one of the core landmarks in Colorado. The reservoir serves as the backdrop for many of the summertime events enjoyed by residents and guests of the nation’s capital.

All year long, the reservoir’s beach section is open to the public and showcases its expansive sandy beach, grills, and picnic tables. A dam was built to prevent flooding, which led to the creation of this reservoir.

It serves as one of Denver’s water sources today and also the hub for Chatfield State Park’s outdoor activities, including swimming, as well. This is a beautiful area to escape the city, go swimming, and be in the middle of nature while still being close to Denver and Littleton’s conveniences.

Where To Stay Near Chatfield Reservoir, Colorado

Monarch Casino Resort Spa Black Hawk is the perfect hotel to stay near Chatfield Reservoir. They have a full-service spa, lounges, restaurants, and an indoor pool for comfortability and peak experience.

Best Beaches In Colorado For Water Activities

Horsetooth Reservoir, Fort Collins

The 6.5-mile Horsetooth Reservoir is located inside the 1,900 acres of public land in Larimer County and offers visitors a top-notch aquatic playground. Swimming, boating, parasailing, rock climbing, camping, and even diving are all possible in this body of water in Colorado.

This is one of the best beaches in Colorado. Scuba divers will actually be able to polish their abilities at this specific Colorado beach because the lake has a depth of 200 feet and visibility of up to 10 feet.

From outdoor showers and boat ramps to fire pits and picnic tables, The Beach has everything you require for the perfect beach day. If you prefer to stay overnight, a neighboring campsite offers a cozy area to set up camp.

Where to stay in Horsetooth Reservoir, Colorado

Hilton, Fort Collins is an incredible hotel with up to 9 indoor pools for entertainment. It has other beautiful amenities which makes this your best bet when visiting Horsetooth Reservoir.

Jackson Lake State Park Beach, Orchard

Jackson Lake is a 2,700-acre reservoir in Jackson Lake State Park. It is bordered by broad, sandy beaches that, during the warmer months, are constantly bustling with swimmers and sunbathers.

Although northeastern Colorado is well recognized for its high desert geography, it also has some of the best beaches in Colorado. More than 200 campsites, as well as amenities including restrooms, showers, electrical hookups, and a marina, are available for park visitors in addition to the reservoir.

These features add to the park’s ease and comfortability for beachgoers. The lake and its beaches are the most well-liked aspect of the park. They offer the ideal aquatic playground for boaters, fishermen, and people who like to unwind and cool down in the summer heat. Residents enjoy the beaches because the water is shallow and the temperatures are pleasant.

Where To Stay In Jackson Lake, Colorado

Jackson Lake Lodge is an amazing hotel to stay near Jackson Lake. It is a family-friendly resort as it offers connecting rooms. It has restaurants and bars to explore while being there. 

Aurora Reservoir, Aurora

The Aurora Reservoir, located about 45 minutes southeast of Denver, is a popular outdoor leisure area for people living in and visiting Colorado. It has a ton of activities available both on and off the sea. You can enjoy the warm waters of the reservoir by swimming, scuba diving, non-motorized boating, wind-surfing, and fishing.

The Aurora Reservoir’s expansive swimming area provides a lot of options for picnics, swimming for both adults and children with an adult-only swim lane, and sunbathing along its sandy shoreline. As the beach might get crowded in the summer, lifeguards are always on duty.

Where To Stay Near Aurora Reservoir, Colorado

Double Tree Hotels is close to Aurora Reservoir and is an ideal hotel to stay in. They offer excellent services and have amazing amenities to give you the comfort you desire.

Steamboat Lake State Park Beach, Clark

The renowned Steamboat Lake sits at the heart of Steamboat Lake State Park. One of the park’s features is the lake, which offers more than a thousand acres of water for sunbathing, boating, and diving.

Spectacular mountain views can be enjoyed in every direction from the lake’s 8,100-foot elevation. The lake is always present, although it is only used for recreational purposes from May until the end of October. The swim beach and full-service marina will be bustling with activities at this time.

There are hiking routes, picnic spots, and even campgrounds close to the lake that are open all year round, regardless of whether the lake is open or not.

Where To Stay Near Steamboat Lake, Colorado

The Steamboat Grand is a hotel you don’t want to miss out on when visiting Steamboat Lake. A few of their amenities are an outdoor pool, spa tubs, fitness center, Ski rentals and storage, and many more.

Rock Canyon Swim Beach, Pueblo

This beach is located in Lake Pueblo State Park. It is an ideal getaway from your daily lives to relax and unwind. If you want to escape from the city and spend time with your loved ones in the outdoors, Rock Canyon Swim Beach is the perfect destination.

The mild waters of the beach provide for a delightful swim, and the soft sand is perfect for relaxing and sunbathing. This is one of the Colorado beaches that offers enjoyable experiences including canoeing, paddling, river tubing, and water skiing.

Aside from the grills and picnic pavilion, this beach also has showers and facilities so you can quickly clean up after a tiring day at the shore.

Where To Stay Near Rock Canyon Swim Beach, Colorado

For lodging when visiting Rock Canyon Swim Beach, choose Hampton Inn & Suites Pueblo/North. The indoor pool is a terrific place for a morning swim, and the fitness facility is a great place to work out.


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Best Beaches In Colorado For Families

Dillon Reservoir Beach, Frisco

This Colorado beach is one of the best family beaches with clear, crystal water. In addition to having clear, sparkling water and a broad beachfront with soft sand, this lovely beach also offers a spot where you may make new memories with your loved ones while participating in a variety of entertaining water activities.

Early June to mid-September is the ideal period for a visit here. Additionally, your family can take guided boat cruises at the marina close to the beach, which is a wonderful experience. To make it even larger and more welcoming for visitors, Dillon Reservoir recently extended its sandy beach.

Sailing, kayaking, rowing, windsurfing, fishing, and canoeing are among the activities that may be enjoyed at this Colorado beach.

Where To Stay Near Dillon Reservoir Beach, Colorado

Homewood Suites is close to Dillon Reservoir Beach and just like its name, it truly feels like home. Some of the amazing highlights of this hotel include parking lots, internet access, a gym, pet friendly, and many more.

Ridgway Reservoir, Ridgway

One of Colorado’s top state parks is Ridgway State Park. For a broad, sandy beach with quiet, warm seas in the summer, visit the Ridgway State Park in the San Juan Mountains. Family vacations are ideal at this beach. There is a children’s playground nearby, as well as a grassy area with grills and picnic tables. Dutch Charlie and Dallas Creek are the two designated swimming beaches at the reservoir.

The Colorado beach is bustling with activities like volleyball, parasailing, sailboarding, paddleboarding, and yachting in addition to having wonderful swimming conditions. However, fishing, hiking, motorcycling, riding horses, and even camping are some of the other water activities available in the park.

Where To Stay Near Ridgway Reservoir, Colorado Beaches

Consider Ridgway Lodge and Star Saloon if you are visiting the Ridgeway Reservoir. It is perfect for families as there are laundry facilities options for them.

Cherry Creek State Park, Aurora

Near downtown Denver, Cherry Creek State Park features a nice Colorado beach. This sandy beach isa great place to relax or go swimming. There are many camping options at Cherry Creek State Park, making it the ideal weekend retreat.

Additionally, there are grills close by and a lot of trees to conceal from the stunning sunshine of Colorado. Renting a boat and taking a tranquil tour on the water are other ways to enjoy the beach.

This beach is the perfect destination for a relaxing holiday with your loved ones because it is secluded from the city, and has lots of vendors, and lots of people. Due to its shallow waves and accessibility to nearby parks for children, this is one of the Colorado beaches that is ideal for weekend trips with family.

Where To Stay Near Cherry Creek State Park, Colorado

Double Tree Hotel is close to Cherry Creek State Park. The hotel amenities give you a cozy and homey feeling.

Enjoying The Best Beaches In Colorado

Colorado beaches are particularly exceptional because they offer spectacular Rocky Mountain views that are uncommon along ocean coastlines. In fact, the stunning nature is one of the things that Colorado is known for. A trip to these beaches in Colorado will undoubtedly rank among your most memorable experiences whether you spend it camping, swimming, or making sand castles.



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