10 Best Pennsylvania Beaches For Vacations

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There’s nothing like a day by the water, and Pennsylvania beaches can be ideal holiday destinations. Whether running along the sand or catching some rays, beaches in Pennsylvania are great places to relax and let loose.

Here are some of the best Pennsylvania beaches where you’ll find sandy shores, crystal-clear waters, and lots of sunshine. Escape from the bustle of the city to have fun and enjoy yourselves.

Best Pennsylvania Beaches For Families 

Traveling with your family can be a rewarding experience, as it allows you to experience new places and cultures together. However, finding the perfect vacation spot with your kids in tow can be challenging. Here are the loveliest Pennsylvania beaches for families.

Kohler Beach – Erie 

Kohler is one of the safest beaches in Pennsylvania for families, especially those with little kids. It is a famous Presque Isle State Park beach and is the only one with a bayside. Since it is calm and protected, it is also one of the safest beaches in the state.

Kohler Beach has a vast, flat shoreline and calm, wave-free seas. It also has shallow waters with no sharp drop-offs; hence you can bring your toddlers. Even though the Beach’s water is shallow, there are always attentive lifeguards on duty. There are no other Pennsylvania beaches better than this lovely, sheltered Beach.

Couldn’t prepare a meal for the kids? No need to worry. You can take advantage of numerous snack stands in the beach area anytime during the day. Additionally, there are several playgrounds along the beach.

Well-Rated Accommodation Near This Beach:
Baymont by Wyndham Erie is the ideal location for families. Their rooms are spacious and comfortable, and children can stay for free. 

Bald Eagle State Park Beach – Centre County 

This state park beach is one of the loveliest beaches in PA during fall. Its stunning stretch of coastline, soft sands, and gorgeous views of Bald Eagle Mountain are only a few of the features that make it exceptional. 

Bald Eagle State Park Beach is also one of the ideal spots for families in the heart of Pennsylvania. There are clean public restrooms, changing areas, concession stands, and a nice playground for the kids. 

Whether you want to go swimming, sunbathing, boating, kayaking, or even fishing, this is the place for you. There are a lot of hiking trails in the neighborhood, and the environment is perfect for birdwatching. Don’t miss out on a great experience at one of the best beaches in Pennsylvania if you’re in the state. 

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Take advantage of the facilities at Country Inn & Suites by Radisson. Excellent location with sumptuous meals and clean rooms. Luxury for you and your kids. 

Beltzville State Park Beach – Lehighton 

A list of excellent Pennsylvania beaches for families would be incomplete without this beach at Beltzville State Park. It has unique features and numerous opportunities for fun and relaxation. 

This park beach has over 500 feet of sandy shoreline and various family activities. The soft sand is mild enough for kids and adults who want to lounge around or have fun in the sand. You can also enjoy boating, paddleboarding, waterskiing, and, of course, swimming. 

One of this Beach’s most well-liked features is its ADA accessibility. Senior citizens don’t have to miss out on a day of chilling on the Beach. It is among the best Pennsylvania beaches for a reason. 

Well-Rated Accommodation Near This Beach:
We recommend Hampton Inn Lehighton for its superb services and friendly staff. You can look forward to complimentary breakfast and other extras. 

Mauch Chunk Lake Park Beach – Jim Thorpe 

As we’re talking about well-liked Pennsylvania beaches, Mauch Chunk Lake Park Beach certainly enjoys its fair share of popularity. The Beach provides one of the best amenities for family camping while on a beach vacation. It is also very famous for its outstanding view of Flagstaff mountain. 

Some features that make it perfect for families include its sandy shoreline, beautiful lakes, and active lifeguards on duty. You can feel assured that your kids will be safe here. 

However, since Mauch Chunk is one of the most famous beaches in Pennsylvania, it can get quite crowded on weekends and holidays. If you don’t mind the crowd, you’re good to go. Otherwise, we recommend visiting on weekdays if possible. 

Well-Rated Accommodation Near This Beach:
Check out Hampton Inn & Suites Stroudsburg for fabulous services only about 57 minutes from the lake park. Great location for families. Pet friendly. 


Most Beautiful Beaches in Pennsylvania

What’s more fun than a weekend getaway? A weekend getaway to one of the most beautiful beaches in Pennsylvania, that’s what. Pennsylvania offers a wide range of beautiful beaches and a beach for everyone.  

Presque Isle State Park – Erie 

With 11 beautiful Pennsylvania beaches, Presque Isle State Park is one of the most outstanding beach locations in the state. This lovely park is located directly on Lake Erie and welcomes locals and visitors all year.

The sandy lakefront is soft and welcoming, and you can enjoy multiple beach activities on any of the 11 beaches in the park. You’ll find dedicated swimming spots, surfing, and scuba diving facilities, and ample space for relaxing, strolling, and tanning. 

Additionally, this location has the best beaches in Pennsylvania for biking, hiking, and fishing. You can explore the area and visit the Presque Isle Lighthouse if you want a different experience. 

Well-Rated Accommodation Near This Beach:
Sheraton Erie Bayfront Hotel is unmatched in beauty, luxury, and style. You’ll also love the view from this beautiful bayfront hotel. 

Gretna Lake Beach – Lebanon County 

Mt. Gretna Lake Beach is a relatively small but beautiful 8-acre beach in Pennsylvania’s south-central region. Some say it’s more like a swimming pool and recreation center. Still, it has a lakefront and offers everyday beach facilities. 

This family-run beach is one of the most well-known beaches in Pennsylvania. You can access a swimming spot, a lawn, and a picnic area for a fee. The beach also has a sandy lakefront for you to chill and soak up the sun. 

Mt Gretna Lake Beach also offers kayak and innertube rentals. You can enjoy different water sports if you’re not in the mood to swim. Additionally, the beach has a kids’ dock and active lifeguards, so your kids can enjoy this location too. If you visit with kids, don’t forget to check out the snack bar near the Beach.

Well-Rated Accommodation Near This Beach:
All the rooms in Holiday Inn Express & Suites Lebanon provide luxury and comfort. Beautiful location with amenities for everyone. Pet friendly. 

Poe Valley State Park – Centre County 

Poe Valley State Park, surrounded by spectacular forest scenery, provides a lovely lake experience for everyone. The lake is a famous artificial lake built during the great depression. It has remained one of the most popular beaches in PA. 

From the end of May to the beginning of September, this swimming beach is open from 8 a.m. to sunset. You can access boat rentals, camping supplies, and various snacks at the concession stand. You can also explore the lake with a canoe, kayak, or paddle boat. 

Additionally, the lake is stocked with trout. Fishing enthusiasts can have a field day. This state park is one of the best Pennsylvania beaches tucked away in the stunning mountain valley of Centre County. You can always visit Bald Eagle State Park Beach since it is nearby.

Well-Rated Accommodation Near This Beach: Consider Wyndham Garden in Boalsburg for a relaxing stay in a refreshing and serene environment. You can come along with your furry buddy too. 

Black Moshannon State Park – Centre County 

This state park is another prominent location near Black Moshannon Lake. If you’re wondering, the lake got its name from the tea-colored waters.

It is among the most charming beaches in PA and is near the most enormous bog in the state. Spend a day on its sandy shores and enjoy various outdoor activities. 

Black Moshannon State Park is perfect for people who want a tranquil beach experience. It also has a lot of biking and hiking trails in case you want to go on an adventure. You can also hire kayaks and pontoon boats for fun on the lake. 

Well-Rated Accommodation Near This Beach:
We’re sure you’ll love Comfort Suites in State College. They’ve got professional staff, excellent room services, and comfortable rooms. And it is only 28 minutes away from Black Moshannon Lake. 

Other Popular Beaches In Pennsylvania

Palmyra Township Public Beach – Pike County

Palmyra Beach is a pleasant township public beach and an excellent spot for a picnic or a short swim. Few other Pennsylvania beaches offer a better experience or a more relaxing atmosphere. 

Palmyra Beach is close to a famous Pennsylvania lake – Lake Wallenpaupack, the state’s second-largest confined lake. It offers opportunities for various water activities, but boating and kayaking are locals’ and tourists’ favorite pastimes. Since it is a famous location, summer can get pretty crowded.

Palmyra Beach is also among the famous fishing beaches in Pennsylvania. You can join many other fishing fans looking for a good catch in the large lake. You can’t go wrong at this amazing public Beach. 

Well-Rated Accommodation Near This Beach:
We recommend Best Western Hunt’s Landing Hotel if you’re looking for luxury near Palmyra Beach. Take a 35-minute drive and discover other notable sites along the way.  

Harveys Lake Beach – Harveys Lake 

We can’t leave out Harveys Lake Beach from our list of famous beaches in PA. Everything about this Beach is beautiful, and it is a well-known beach on the shoreline of the largest natural lake in the state. 

This beautiful Beach is a local favorite and has gorgeous scenery. Motorboating, water skiing, and scuba diving are all great activities to do with your family at this Beach. If swimming isn’t your thing, you can always stick to sunbathing or helping the kids build sandcastles.

It doesn’t end there. If you come with your watercraft, you can take advantage of the boat launch facilities along the shoreline. There are also playgrounds, art exhibits, carnivals, and a variety of snack stands nearby, making it one of the loveliest Pennsylvania beaches for families. 

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Consider a stay at Holiday Inn Wilkes Barre and enjoy luxury, excellent room service, and comfort. 

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Visiting The Best Beaches In Pennsylvania

Whether you’re looking to relax, get a little exercise, or spend some time with the kids, there’s no better way to enjoy the warmer weather than at the beach. Although the coast might not be what Pennsylvania is known for, there are still many nice beaches in Pennsylvania to be explore.

From the stunningly beautiful beaches of Presque Isle, the safety of Kohler Beach, and amazing views of Mauch Chunk to the state’s smaller, more remote beaches, Pennsylvania beaches are certainly worth the visit.



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