15 Best Mississippi Beaches To Visit

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Mississippi is a state in the south of the United States, bordered to the west by the Mississippi River, to the east by the state of Alabama, and to the south by the Gulf of Mexico. Mississippi beaches are among the warmest and most ideal for swimming.

They continue to be among the best public leisure areas in the state today, providing a variety of activities for locals and visitors alike, including watersports, hiking trails, sunbathing areas, nightlife options, and gastronomic delights. Here are some of the best beaches in Mississippi to visit.

Gulfport, Mississippi Beaches

One of the top beach vacation destinations in the United States is Gulfport. The beaches here exude a serene and relaxing atmosphere and provide lots of options for activities like sunbathing, strolling, and watching sunrises and sunsets.

Gulfport Beach

Gulfport Beach is one of the top beaches in Mississippi that is known for its serenity. The beach is situated directly on Boca Ciega Bay. Between Long Beach and Biloxi Beach are Gulfport’s beaches. There are many relaxing activities you may enjoy at this beach, like kite flying, sunbathing, viewing sunrises and sunsets, strolling down the shore, and reading a book while listening to the waves. While dogs are prohibited, you are still welcome to stroll your pet on the path next to the beach.

The beach offers a serene setting for unwinding in the midst of nature. When visiting Gulfport, you can make the most of the lovely and lengthy white sand beach. Bring your chairs or rent a vibrant beach lounger and enjoy sunbathing, reading, or sleeping. The stark white sand is perfect for strolls or building sandcastles.

The Gulf of Mexico will have winter temperatures of about 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Along with parasailing and jet ski rentals, this beach also features a promenade for strolling. Really, you don’t want to miss out on any of these funs. This beach is exciting, mentally stimulating, and provides relaxation.

Ship Island Public Beach

Off the coast of Biloxi, on Ship Island, is where you can find Ship Island Public Beach. It is one of the best Mississippi Beaches as it ranks among the top beaches on the East Coast. Camping is permitted on the island if you want to stay over.

Ship Island is a terrific area to unwind or play beach activities because it has miles of gorgeous sand. Along with taking in the stunning surroundings, you can learn about the wildlife on the island, which is home to numerous native animals. A snack bar and picnic tents are among the island’s few facilities.

Where To Stay In Gulfport, Mississippi Beaches

If you want to spend some time exploring Gulfport Beaches, Oasis Resort and Grand Centennial Hotel are fantastic accommodations. These hotels include excellent amenities including lounges, parking lots, and swimming pools. Additionally, they offer excellent customer service.


Ocean Springs, Mississippi Beaches

The beaches in Ocean Springs are well-liked for strolling and watching the sunset. Take a walk or take a nap on the fine, white sands of this Mississippi beach.

Front Beach

One of Mississippi’s most well-known beaches that abuts the Gulf of Mexico is Front Beach. This beach in Mississippi is among the most picturesque for taking ocean photographs as a result of this jaw-dropping sight. It is one of the nicest places to swim because the water is shallow and incredibly peaceful.

In addition, there are areas to make campfires, fishing piers, and volleyball nets. It is simple to enjoy a beach vacation here because of the warm waves and fine white sand. The ocean is open to all swimmers, and shallow water areas are great for children to explore.

Many people are fishing at the pier and shore of Front Beach. Even dogs enjoy this place. Both boats and marine research vessels are a common sight in the area.

East Beach

In Ocean Springs, near Gulfport, you will also find East Beach. People enjoy going to this Mississippi beach since it is one of the more sedate ones. Having said that, there are no tourist destinations.

Due to its seclusion, you can enjoy the longshore with little to no interruption. There are several vacation rentals by the water if you wish to spend your trip lounging in the sunshine. It’s ideal for a revitalizing and relaxing day There are fishing piers, volleyball courts, a children’s splash park, adorable eateries, and cafes nearby.

Ocean Springs Beach

Ocean Springs is the place to go if you’re seeking something genuinely special. Due to its various features, this beach is among the best beaches in Mississippi and draws visitors from near and far. Ideal for just lounging on the beach on a pleasant day.

Both families and others wishing to relax will love it. Visit around dusk for the greatest sights. There are lots of lodging options and dining establishments nearby if you want to stay for a few days.

Waveland Beach is your best pick if you’re looking for a beach that exudes a homey and pleasant vibe. A regulation prohibiting the establishment of commercial structures is one of the factors that contribute to Waveland Beach’s cozy atmosphere. Consequently, Waveland Beach’s shoreline is lovely and unencumbered.

Gulf Islands National Seashore

A short distance from the Alabama-Mississippi border is the Gulf Island National Seashore. It offers some of the finest white sand, spotless shorelines, and emerald-colored waterways. There are six old forts on the beach as well.

A great path network connecting to picturesque observation decks is available at the national seashore and is ideal for running or walking.

This magnificent natural beauty can be admired from a distance. If you enjoy the outdoors, you’ll enjoy exploring these stunning beaches. And the range of avian species you can see here will delight birdwatchers. This closeness to nature makes it one of the best beaches in Mississippi.

Lake Mars Beach

 Lake Mars Beach is another great beach to visit in Mississippi. It has a natural shoreline with low-lying dunes and a tidal marsh. Although swimming is not recommended at Lake Mars, there are plenty of other enjoyable activities. You can use the boat launch that is sheltered by a rock jetty or the Lake Mars Pier for walking.

The pier attracts lots of tourists because it offers excellent chances for birdwatching. Lake Mars Beach is the ideal option if you prefer fishing from the pier, boating, photography, and seeing wildlife. Additionally, it is close to Ocean Springs.

Where To Stay In Ocean Springs, Mississippi Beaches

Close to Ocean Springs Beaches are several upscale hotels. The three hotels listed below are well rated by holiday makers. Along with being welcoming and homey, they are renowned for their enormous rooms, welcoming personnel, parking garages, and first-rate room service. The Inn of Ocean Springs, Palace Casino Resort, and Hotel Legends all offer excellent lodging options that will make your time spent near the beaches enjoyable.

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Bay St. Louis, Mississippi Beaches

Bay St. Louis is the ideal beach town for those seeking a fantastic beach atmosphere without a lot of tourists. Beaches in Bay St. Louis offer a tranquil setting perfect for a stroll at dusk.

Waveland Beach

Waveland Beach is situated in the sleepy village of Waveland on South Beach Boulevard. This is the place to go if you want to avoid the throng. Relatively deep waters border the shore. Therefore, it is preferred by those who enjoy aquatic sports.

In spite of this, you can enjoy kayaking, swimming, and more. Children can safely explore the ocean in some of its shallower sections. This beach features Buccaneer State Park, a lovely park in addition to the typical sea and sand. The park offers both constructed and undeveloped camping options, as well as nature walks, a water park, and, of course, access to the beach.

This beach is among the best beaches in Mississippi when it comes to deep waters and water sports.

Bay St. Louis Beach

Many Mississippi residents and visitors rank Bay St. Louis Beach as one of the top Mississippi beaches. This is partly because there is plenty of entertainment at the beach, which is only 25 minutes away from New Orleans.

It is a good place for fishing and there are regional seafood eateries to satisfy your hunger. In addition, the beach offers some of the most beautiful sunset views around. If you’re driving, there is a parking area which is usually sufficient for the visiting crowd.

Along with water sports, you can explore the historical Fort Coburn near the bay or go shopping at one of the town’s many brand-new boutiques and art galleries. If you enjoy taking pictures, there are many photo opportunities nearby, you’d undoubtedly get the best.

Where To Stay In Bay St. Louis, Mississippi Beaches

Amazing lodging options for travelers to Bay St. Louis Beaches include BayTown Inn and Hollywood Casino & Resort Gulf Coast. Your vacation will be memorable and delightful thanks to their fantastic facilities.

Pass Christian, Mississippi Beaches

Beach sand in Pass Christian beaches is renowned for being among the softest and cleanest.

Dogwood Beach

Only a few miles west of Gulfport, you’ll find Dogwood Beach in Pass Christian, Mississippi. There are many facilities and activities available at the beach for everyone to enjoy, along with lovely white sand and crystal-clear waves.

Aside from kayaks, visitors can hire chairs and umbrellas. Showers are accessible for use once you’ve finished lounging on the beach. Playing volleyball, constructing sandcastles, and surfing are just a few of the activities available at this Mississippi beach.

The beach strip and Pass Christian’s downtown are great places to chill out if you’re on vacation or seeking things to do nearby. The retail and dining options are plentiful in both regions. Both residents and tourists frequent this beach.

Long Beach

Long Beach is positioned halfway between Gulfport and Pass Christian. Due to its popularity and relative quietness compared to other Mississippi beaches, Long Beach is a city with a beach that both residents and visitors love.

A number of family-friendly activities may be found here. Take pleasure in a quiet section of a stunning beach while sunbathing and having fun in the water. There are showers for cleaning off after a day at the beach.

The observation tower, which provides a picturesque view of the coastline is an additional attraction for you. Also located straight on the shore are a number of neighborhood parks. Want to try something more engaging? A 500-year-old oak tree called “The Friendship Oak Tree” that has survived numerous hurricanes is worth seeing!

Where To Stay In Pass Christian, Mississippi Beaches

With stunning Gulf views just a few steps away, The Inn at Long Beach is a fantastic place to stay. This beachfront hotel is great for people looking for a tranquil hideaway that is close to the stores and eateries.

After spending all day at the beach, guests can unwind at Hotel Whiskey or Beau Rivage. Amazing features include a pool and a parking spot that is free. Additionally, they have a wonderful staff and spotless, peaceful accommodations.

Other Famous Mississippi Beaches

Biloxi Beach

Biloxi Beach is a very popular tourist destination and is situated in Biloxi, Mississippi, one of the oldest cities in the nation. For a weekend or weeklong excursion to the beach, there is a ton of lot to do.

By the water, you may discover hotels, eateries, casinos, and playgrounds. Go shell-hunting, sunbathing, or taking excursions while spending the day by the ocean. A well-liked shrimp boat cruise from Biloxi Beach lets you see the dark seas. If you wish to discover more about the fascinating history of this ancient city, it also houses the Beauvoir historical site.

There are many different social activities available in Biloxi Beach, including fishing charters, boat trips, and kayaking. In order to give you a place to unwind after a lovely, exciting day, this beach also has motels nearby, just a short distance away.

The Star Inn Biloxi features excellent amenities, including free parking space, free Wi-Fi, and a pool, making it the ideal place to stay when visiting Biloxi Beach. They provide excellent service and a comfortable room at a reasonable cost.

Horn Island

Horn Island is the spot to go if you want to visit a beach with a tranquil atmosphere. On the Gulf Coast, it is one of the few barrier islands without development. Horn Island is normally fairly empty because it is situated in Gautier, a place without hotels, giving you plenty of peace for your beach day. A few days of camping here would be a wonderful way to unplug. Just make certain you carry anything you require.

One of the state’s barrier islands, this tropical beauty is ideal for camping as well as lounging with your feet in the sand. This is one of the quieter Mississippi beaches to enjoy some time in nature.

When visiting Horn Island Beach, the Hampton Inn Biloxi is the ideal spot to stay. Popular amenities including a pool, free parking, and air conditioning are available, along with a complimentary breakfast.

Ross Barnett Reservoir

There are several man-made beaches around the Ross Barnett Reservoir, however, they are not oceanfront ones. The water is relatively shallow, which should be noted. However, you can take pleasure in swimming, boating, and fishing at the reservoir. There are docks along the shore where you can moor your boat and visit eateries, campers, rental businesses, and corner stores.

Additionally, the area offers trails for biking and hiking. Old Trace Park and Lakeshore Park are a couple of the most well-liked beaches near the Rez. Picnics and aquatic activities are ideal at these locations.

A highly regarded hotel close to Ross Barnette Reservoir is Embassy Suites. It’s a full-service hotel with incredible amenities like a heated indoor pool, a 24-hour fitness center, a complimentary breakfast, free WiFi, and free parking.

Old Bridge Beach

Bay Springs Lake’s southernmost point is where Old Bridge Beach is located. Old Bridge Beach, which is not far from the Tennessee border and not far from the Alabama coast, punctuates its stunning natural surroundings with amenities including picnic areas, grills, playgrounds, volleyball courts, restrooms, and outdoor showers.

In addition to being lovely, the beach is also very accessible. Its water is incredibly clear, making it ideal for relaxing and cooling down.

If you’re going to Old Bridge Beach, the Holiday Inn Express Biloxi is a good place to stay nearby. They provide incredible facilities and features to make you feel cozy and at home.

There are also a great number of niceĀ beaches in Tennessee, as well as Alabama for you to enjoy.

Enjoying The Best Mississippi Beaches

The beaches in Mississippi are excellent for sunbathing and ocean activities. A few of them are also great for sailing, fishing, and surfing.

Amongst many things that Mississippi is known for, the beaches above are some of the greatest for your upcoming beach vacation. From secluded and natural beauty to bustling and full of activities, there are many Mississippi beaches that you’ll love.



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