20 Best Beaches In Texas To Visit

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When you think of Texas, you probably have images of cowboys and oil rigs. But there’s another side to the Lone Star State. Texas beaches are superb, with sunny skies and waters great for swimming.

These beaches are ideal for spending a weekend or even an entire week. If you’re looking for a fun and relaxing activity in Texas, you can’t go wrong with a trip to the beach.

Texas has long been a popular destination for those looking to change scenery. From gorgeous beaches in Houston to the beautiful shores of The Gulf Coast, here are 20 of the most amazing beaches in Texas!

Most Popular Beach In Texas

The beach is one of the most popular activities in the United States. It’s a place to relax, have fun, and go swimming. There are plenty of beaches in Texas, but these are the most popular.

East Beach – Galveston Island

Galveston island is home to one of the best beaches in Texas and a well-known beach in the United States. East beach is on the eastern side of the island and is one of the most amazing beaches in the state to view the sunrise and sunset.

East Beach is famous for many different reasons, but the fact that it’s the only beach on the island that permits alcoholic beverages is what makes it stand out. For this reason, parties are frequently hosted here, and various events are held annually.

This beach’s popularity is reflected in the design of the 80-acre beach park, which has plenty of parking and more picnic pavilions than many other Texas beaches. You can get everything you need and have a refreshing dip in its waters.

In addition to an annual sandcastle competition, concerts and festivals are held throughout the summer. Numerous facilities are available at this beach, including a pavilion, restrooms, showers, beach rental, and even a playground for kids.

You’ll find many suitable suites in/around Galveston Island. But only 100 ft away from East Beach, The Galvestonian offers one of the best facilities and services in the area.

Best San Antonio, Texas Beaches

San Antonio’s beaches are not only authentic but also wholly breathtaking, which may surprise you considering that it is a landlocked city in Central Texas.

San Antonio is surrounded by many water bodies, even though the coast is miles away. Get the inside scoop on the best beaches in Texas in and around the city.

Comal Park Beach

Comal Park Beach has magnificent blue waves and sandy beaches to welcome you. It is one of Texas’s most excellent swimming beaches, close to San Antonio. You can find it on the south shore of Canyon Lake.

Aside from the long stretch of beachfront ideal for relaxing, the park also features a playground, restrooms, two boat ramps, pea gravel, and picnic areas. There are four washing pits, a sand volleyball field, and soccer goals at the park, among other recreational amenities.

Comal Park is open from March through October, and each non-county car must pay a $10 fee. Like many other Texas beaches, this small beach attracts lots of people, particularly in the summer.

Since the beach area isn’t shaded, we advise arriving early with beach umbrellas if you want to get the perfect spot close to the sea.

North Beach

North Beach is one of the best beaches in Texas around Canyon Lake. It is ideal for thrill-seekers and adrenaline junkies who love a good adventure.

There are 19 rustic campsites with picnic tables, fire pits, and breathtaking lake views if you don’t mind spending days on the beach.

This beach is also well-known for its superb scuba diving, which may seem surprising for Central Texas. The waves of North Park Beach are crystal clear and soothing, and there are sunken ships and other fascinating artifacts to be found below the surface.

You also have access to vault toilets and drinking faucets in the campground. North Beach is one of the coziest Texas beaches with abundant shade trees. It’s also an excellent choice for a weekend family outing outside the city.

Guadalupe River State Park Beach

San Antonio’s Guadalupe State Park Beach is undoubtedly one of the best beaches in Texas for those who enjoy exploring new places.

You can swim, fish, canoe, and enjoy more than four miles of river frontage. Or, you can go camping, horse riding, and bird watching. There are also more than 13 kilometers of hiking and bike routes to enjoy.

The park offers an exhibit-filled Discovery Center if you appreciate learning about the natural world. Even the amenities like souvenirs, ice, firewood, and convenience products can be found in the park store.

Only about 45 mins away from San Antonio, you can visit one of the best beaches in Texas. Whether you go alone or with a spouse, you will have a fun-filled day.

Mustang Island State Park 

Some of the most beautiful views of the Gulf can be seen from Mustang Island. Having a 5-mile beachfront, the park spreads out over 3,954 acres.

Your choices are your own at Mustang Island State Park. You may camp, picnic, fish, and kayak, at one of the best beaches in Texas. There are also plenty of beach activities, including swimming, surfing, and sandcastle building (especially during spring and fall).

You can choose between 50 primary drive-up sites or 48 campsites with water and electricity. There is a water-electric campground, portable restrooms, and hot water showers. 

Unlike most Texas beaches, you can float along the paddling trail in Mustang Island State Park. The three trail sections encircle an island in Corpus Christi Bay and travel through some of Texas’ top shallow-water fishing spots.

Jacob’s Well Beach 

Anyone who enjoys the outdoors or swimming will love this location. A spring called Jacob’s Well supplies the pristine, transparent water to the beach area.

Jacob’s Well, Texas’ second-largest fully submerged cave, is outstanding. Its natural areas cover more than 81 acres. It is one of the top swimming beaches in Texas, without a doubt.

There is a 60-person maximum swimming capacity from May through September. But accessing the swimming area can be difficult for kids and the disabled because of the jagged and slippery rocks.

The pathways make for pleasant hiking because visitors may see various sights, including waterways, caves, and a lot of greenery. You can join many others in leaping down the limestone cliffs surrounding the well if you’re in the mood for some adrenaline.

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Best Dallas, Texas Beaches

There’s no place like Dallas to spend a sunny day at the beach. And you don’t have to travel far to get to one of the best beaches in Texas. If you’re looking for a quick weekend getaway to enjoy the sun, sand, and surf, you’re in luck.

Cedar Hill State Park

Cedar Hill State Park in Cedar Hill, Texas, is a beautiful area to get away from the congested city life. You can enjoy a glimpse of Joe Lake Pool while relaxing in Cedar Hill State Park, fish in Joe Pool Lake, camp, observe birds, or have a cookout in the afternoon.

This location has one of the best beaches in Texas for hikers and mountain bikers who can unwind by traveling the park’s trails. The state park offers various amenities, z including natural habitats supporting diverse flora and fauna, 300+ campsites, the Joe Pool Marina, and numerous picnic tables and barbecue grills.

Cedar Hill State Park is one of the best Texas beaches near Dallas. It is an excellent destination for a short half-day trip.

There are many things to do on land and water on the nearly 2,000 available acres. You can enjoy the water and many shady places to put a blanket around the gravel swimming beach.

Lynn Creek Park

Lynn Creek Park is among the most fabulous Dallas, Texas beaches. Just 30 minutes from Dallas, you can find this lovely, gorgeous white sand beach.

Joe Pool Lake’s clear waters are ever so inviting for those who love a deep dive. There are also two boat ramps and a marina in the area.

Overall, it’s an excellent spot for families to spend a warm day because it’s so cozy and welcoming. You can easily spend the whole day here while relishing one of the best beaches in Texas.

Additionally, Lynn Creek Park has facilities like a playground, a beach volleyball field, grassy picnic areas, BBQ pits, and a concession shop. The site also has a long sandy stretch for you to spend the day swimming or sunbathing.

Pebble Beach Park

Pebble Beach Park may not be among the most extensive beaches in Texas, but it is worth mentioning. This charming little park is the ideal hideaway for a picnic or boat launch.

Pebble Beach is just what you need if you want a simple and peaceful beach getaway with calm water and ample natural shades. You can enjoy a picnic beneath the tall trees flanking the sandy coastline and play on the beachfront.

You can also launch your kayaks, canoes, or larger boats at the boat ramps, which are available for free use. However, remember to bring your food or snacks since there are no rentals or snack shops in the beach park.


Collin Park

One of the most famous North Texas beaches is Lake Lavon, about 40 minutes from the town.

The park marina is available for those who are eager to jump into the sea straight away. If you’d instead soak up some sun from the land, Collin Park Marina has a park and campground for you.

You can go hiking, boating, camping, and enjoy other activities here. You can also play beach volleyball, take a dip, or sunbathe. There is a casual restaurant with live music frequently on the port and the marina.

The main perk of this beach may be how much calmer it is than other beaches in Texas, making it ideal for a peaceful vacation.

Little Elm Park

This location, on the shores of Lake Lewisville, is only 45 minutes from Dallas and provides all you need for exciting outdoor recreation.

At Little Elm, you’ll find one of the most extensive swimming beaches in Texas. What’s even better? You can rent a life jacket for any water sports.

Additionally, there are several beach volleyball courts, kayak and paddleboard rentals, public fire pits, and a sizable playground for kids.

You can also visit the nearby Little Elm town for events like July Jubilee, Autumn Fest, Pumpkin Hollow, and Christmas held throughout the year at the Beach. You can’t run out of fun activities on one of the best beaches in Texas.

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Best Austin, Texas Beaches

Maybe you’ve been to Austin before, and if you haven’t, the city is a great place to spend a long weekend. There are many incredible beaches in/near the city to relax and soak up the sun. Here are our top five Austin, Texas beaches.

Hamilton Pool Preserve

About 40 mins away from the city center, you will find Hamilton Pool Preserve, the perfect location for all beach activities.

Beyond being one of the best beaches in Texas, this location is one of the most amazing natural wonders of the Lone Star State. Its lush flora, blue waters, and the beautiful sky above give it an otherworldly appearance, almost like you’re in a far-off paradise. 

Hamilton Pool is a lovely swimming spot and has a beautiful site to go trekking. You can also go on a guided hike and discover more about its distinctive geological characteristics.

Its small pebble beach is among the most excellent Texas beaches for sunbathing. There is a 50-foot waterfall that cascades from the limestone cliffs surrounding Hamilton Pool.

However, you must make reservations before visiting. Entry fees are $12 per vehicle; when you arrive, they are $8 per passenger. Children under 12 are admitted free.

McKinney Falls State Park

McKinney Falls State Park features some of the most easily accessible Austin, Texas beaches and is about 15 minutes from the city center.

With over 80 campsites, including constructed (RV) and hike-in sites, McKinney Falls is an excellent location for a day of outdoor fun. Bicycling, birdwatching, hiking, swimming, and wildlife viewing are all examples of outdoor recreational activities.

The Onion Creek runs through the park and provides swimming and fishing opportunities. The park has group shelters, screened shelters, and a group dining hall. Its facilities quickly make it one of the best beaches in Texas.

McKinney Falls is a must-see sight and offers excellent swimming spots where you can unwind or soak up the sun on the rocks. If you’re in the mood for an adrenaline pump, there are some points where you can jump from the falls into the swimming hole below.

Boca Chica State Park

Boca Chica is undoubtedly among the top beaches in Texas along the Gulf Coast. With over 10,000 acres of white sand beaches and dunes, it is one of the best beach getaways from Austin.

When visiting this park, you can enjoy beach activities, including kiteboarding, surfing, swimming, and snorkeling. In the park, you may watch birds or simply unwind by the water.

However, this state park doesn’t have a lot of amenities. Remember to bring any equipment you may need for outdoor activities, like bug repellent or sunscreen. Additionally, Boca Chica is a 5-hour drive from Austin. Thus visiting this state park for the day isn’t recommended.

Despite these shortcomings, Boca Chica is still one of the best beaches in Texas.

Volente Beach Water Park

This vibrant beach park, tucked around Lake Travis, offers acres of splashy enjoyment. There are tons of fun-filled activities in this location, in addition to one of the best sandy beaches in Texas.

Its buzzing little water park has many slides, a kids’ play area with a pirate theme, a volleyball court, and a café. The waterpark is not exactly close to the authorized parking lot, so you would stop at the entry and unload some of your belongings.

This public facility lake makes for the ideal summertime escape for kids and adults. But you can enjoy one of the best beaches in Texas any time of the year.

Barton Springs Pool

No Austin beach is more practical than Barton Springs Pool in terms of accessibility. This location is conveniently in the center of Austin City. Unsurprisingly, it is one of the famous landmarks in Texas.

The Barton Springs Pool has one of the most refreshing beaches in Texas, and it stays that way all year since natural spring water fills the outdoor pools.

Furthermore, you can also explore other attractions around Barton Springs since it is a part of Zilker Park, a famous outdoor recreation center in Austin. Adults must pay a $ 9-day entry fee. With kids? You will have to pay an extra $5 for those between 12 and 17 years old and $4 for those under 12.

This place was used as a temporary mission site by Spanish settlers after being revered by Native American tribes who performed purification rites in the area’s waters. Today, it is one of the best Austin, Texas beaches for swimming, sunbathing, and picnicking.

Accommodation In Austin

Check out Fairmont Austin if you’re going to be in the city for a while. It has excellent amenities, and it’s perfect for families and pets. If you want something different, The Stephen F Austin Royal or Sonesta Bee Cave can give you just what you need.

Other Popular Beaches in Texas

Canyon Park Beach – Canyon Lake

Canyon Park Beach is on the north end of Canyon Lake, about an hour’s drive from San Antonio.

The activities at Canyon Park are available from April to September. Swimmers, tanners, bikers, anglers, and hikers can enjoy the area. Kayaking, paddle boarding, and canoeing are also available to everyone. It is undoubtedly one of the best beaches in Texas.

Canyon Park offers lovely camping facilities a mile away from the beach. There are picnic tables and fire pits on a first-come, first-served basis.

Check out Lazy H Lodge in Canyon Lake for their exceptional service and overall comfort. 

Rockport Beach – Rockport

Rockport Beach is famous for many reasons, but mostly because it was the first blue wave beach in Texas. While it doesn’t spread as wide as other top Texas beaches, it is just as stunning.

Although access to Rockport Beach is free, you would have to pay the daily admission fee for the Beach Park. The park offers a large swimming area, playgrounds, toilets, shade cabanas, a saltwater lagoon, and parking spots.

This beach is charming whether you intend to sunbathe there, take pictures of it, or engage in other beachside activities.

Consider Hampton Inn & Suites Rockport-Futon for a beautiful vacation experience. Travelers love their comfortable beds and friendly staff.

Whitecap Beach – Corpus Christi

Whitecap Beach is at the top of the list of great Texas beaches because of its beauty and famous pristine white sand.

There are many fun activities to enjoy when you’re not swimming. You can watch surfers try to beat the mighty waves, or you can enjoy bonfires. You can’t run out of entertaining options at this colonial beach.

Additionally, beach activities like kiteboarding and horseback riding are frequent here. You can even camp overnight with friends or your significant other.

One of the best hotels in Corpus Christi is Best Western. You can relax and enjoy your trip no matter how long you plan to stay.

Padre Island National Seashore – Padre Island

This list would be incomplete with this famous beach. Padre Island National Seashore is one of the best beaches in Texas. It is the world’s most extended unspoiled barrier island. Its entire area is bordered by imposing sand dunes and endangered species.

Even on a busy day, this location still has enough space for you and your loved ones. This beach is ideal for swimming, shell hunting, camping overnight, viewing birds, and simply unwinding under a beach umbrella.

You can watch sea turtles hatch if you visit Padre Island between June and August. It is among the top Texas beaches with good entertainment for everyone.

Check out Courtyard by Marriott on Padre Island. Comfortable rooms. Great restaurant. Excellent staff.

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Enjoying The Best Beaches In Texas

Did you know there are more than 3,000 miles of coastline in Texas? There are many things that Texas is known for but the exciting beaches should not be forgotten. These are just some of the best beaches in Texas where you can get away for a relaxing vacation by the water.

Texas beaches are among the best in the country. It’s hard to choose a favorite with so many options available. But whatever the time of year, Texas has the perfect beach for you



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