20 Famous Attractions and Landmarks in Texas to Visit

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If you’re looking for an interesting and diverse travel destination, look no further than Texas. From the wide open plains of the Panhandle to the rocky hills of West Texas, there are plenty of landmarks in Texas that are exciting to visit. And that’s not even mentioning the beaches on the Gulf Coast!

With its diverse landscape and rich history, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. And what better way to experience all that Texas has to offer than by visiting some of its most famous landmarks?

Here are some of the most famous landmarks and attractions in Texas.

Most Famous Landmark In Texas

NASA Johnson Space Center

The Johnson Space Center is the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s (NASA) astronaut training and flight control complex. This is the primary training site for NASA astronauts.

The center in Houston, TX, includes Mission Control Center, where flight controllers monitor and communicate with spacecraft. It is where all American human spaceflights are controlled. You can visit the Houston Space Center to learn more about space exploration.

It is also home to the Christopher C. Kraft Jr. Mission Control Center, named after the former director of the Manned Spacecraft Center; and Building 30, where Flight Control is located. Other landmarks at Johnson Space Center include a replica of the Mercury-Redstone rocket and Apollo 16’s lunar module, “The Eagle.”

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Austin, Texas Landmarks

Texas State Capitol


The Texas State Capitol is the state capitol building of Texas. The building houses the offices and chambers of the Texas Legislature, as well as the offices of the Governor of Texas and Lieutenant Governor of Texas.

The building is located at the north end of downtown Austin, Texas on a site west of the State Capitol grounds and south of the University of Texas at Austin main campus. The cornerstone was laid on March 11, 1885, and construction completed in 1888.

The building was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1977. It is also a recorded Texas Historic Landmark and is designated as a National Historic Landmark.

Congress Avenue Bridge

The Congress Avenue Bridge is a bridge that spans Lady Bird Lake in Austin, Texas. The bridge is notable for the large number of bats that live beneath it.

Every evening at dusk, hordes of Mexican free-tailed bats emerge from under the bridge to hunt for insects. It is estimated that there are 1.5 million bats in the colony.

The spectacle of the bats has made the Congress Avenue Bridge one of the most popular tourist attractions in Austin.

Barton Springs Pool


Barton Springs Pool is a man-made pool fed by natural springs in Austin, Texas. The pool is located within Zilker Park and is open to the public year-round.

The pool is named after William Barton, who owned the land where the springs are located. Barton Springs has been a popular swimming spot since the 1800s.

Barton Springs Pool is one of the most popular attractions in Austin, with over 800,000 visitors each year. You will also find one of the best beaches in Texas here.

The pool is spring-fed and has an average temperature of 68 degrees Fahrenheit (20 degrees Celsius). The pool is also home to a variety of fishes.

Hamilton Pool

Hamilton Pool is a natural pool that was created thousands of years ago when the dome of an underground cave collapsed from erosion.

The pool is about 23 miles west of Austin, Texas. It is one of the most popular Preserves in Travis County.

Hamilton Pool Preserve consists of 232 acres (94 ha) of protected land, including the pool, waterfall, and a diverse array of plant and animal life. The preserve is open to the public year-round for swimming, hiking, picnicking, and bird watching.

San Antonio, Texas Landmark

The Alamo


The Alamo is a former mission and fortress compound in San Antonio, Texas that was the site of the Battle of the Alamo during the Texas Revolution.

It was originally known as Mission San Antonio de Valero and was founded in 1718. The Alamo was the first mission established in present-day Texas.

The Alamo is now a museum and one of the most popular tourist destinations in Texas. Every year, more than two million people visit the Alamo.

San Antonio River Walk

The San Antonio River Walk is a network of walkways along the banks of the San Antonio River in downtown San Antonio, Texas.

The river walk is a major tourist attraction in the city, and it is lined with restaurants, hotels, cafes, shops, and other attractions.

The river walk is also popular for its many events and festivals, such as the Fiesta Noche del Rio, which is held every summer.

San Antonio Missions National Historical Park


The San Antonio Missions National Historical Park consists of four missions: Concepción, San José, San Juan, and Espada.

Established in 1987, the park aims to protect cultural resources and educate visitors about the missions’ role in the history of Texas. The park is a UNESCO heritage site and has a visitor center, which offers exhibits on the history and culture of the missions.

Natural Bridge Cavern

Natural Bridge Caverns is a show cave in the Texas Hill Country near the city of San Antonio. The caverns are the largest known commercial caves in the state of Texas.

The caverns were discovered in 1960 by four university students after theorizing that there were caverns under the limestone bridge. They continued the exploration and finally made a discovery after going through miles of cavern passage.

Natural Bridge Caverns are open to the public for different types of tours, and you can explore the fascinating geographical landscape in the caverns.

Other Famous Landmarks In Texas

USS Lexington Museum

Photo credit: nevskyphoto/Depositphotos.com

The USS Lexington Museum is a maritime museum located in Corpus Christi, Texas. The museum is situated on the site of the World War II aircraft carrier USS Lexington.

The Lexington was commissioned in 1943 and served during World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War. The ship was decommissioned in 1991 and opened as a museum in 1992.

The museum is home to a variety of aircraft, artifacts, and exhibits. The museum also offers tours of the ship, flight simulators, and a theater.

Caddo Mounds State Historic Site

The Caddo Mounds State Historic Site is a state park and archaeological site in East Texas. The site includes the remains of a village that was inhabited by the Caddo people and a ceremonial center.

The site includes a museum with exhibits on the Caddo people, as well as a variety of archaeological artifacts. They also offers tours of the village, campsites, and hiking trails.

Cadillac Ranch

Photo credit: miroslav_1/Depositphotos.com

Cadillac Ranch is a public art installation and sculpture in Amarillo, Texas. The installation involves ten Cadillacs buried nose-down in the ground.

The ranch was created in 1974 by a group of artists (Chip Lord, Hudson Marquez, and Doug Michels) known as Ant Farm. The ranch is open to the public and visitors are welcome to spray paint the cars. It is a unique and artistic landmark in Texas that is definitely worth a visit.

Fort Worth Stockyard Nationals Historic District

The Fort Worth Stockyard National Historic District is a historic district in Fort Worth, Texas.

The district includes the Fort Worth Stockyards, which were established in 1876. The stockyards were a major cattle market for more than 100 years and were once the largest livestock market in the world.

The district also includes the Fort Worth Livestock Exchange Building, which was built in 1902. The building is now home to the Stockyard Museum. The district was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1976.

San Jacinto Battleground Monument


The San Jacinto Monument is a 570-foot (171 m) shaft located on the San Jacinto Battleground State Historic Site in unincorporated Harris County, Texas, United States, near the city of Houston.

The monument commemorates the battle of San Jacinto, which took place on April 21, 1836. The battle was fought between the Texian Army and the Mexican army during the Texas Revolution.

The monument was dedicated on April 21, 1936, the 100th anniversary of the battle. It is the tallest monument in Texas and the tallest stone column in the world.

AT&T Stadium

AT&T Stadium, formerly known as Cowboys Stadium, is a domed stadium located in Arlington, Texas. The stadium serves as the home of the Dallas Cowboys of the National Football League (NFL).

AT&T stadium opened in 2009 and has a capacity of 80,000. The stadium is also used for a variety of other events, including concerts, basketball games, and rodeos.

AT&T stadium is the largest domed stadium in the world and features a retractable roof. The roof is made up of two retractable panels that open in less than 12 minutes.



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Natural Landmarks In Texas

Palo Duro Canyon State Park


Palo Duro Canyon State Park is a state park located in the Texas Panhandle. The park covers more than 30,000 acres (12,140 ha) and is the second-largest canyon in the United States.

The canyon runs for around 120 miles. It is 800 ft deep and has over 15,000 acres of trails for nature lovers to explore.

The park is home to a variety of plants and animals, including endangered wildlife like the Texas horned lizard and Palo Duro mouse.

Big Bend National Park

Big Bend National Park is a national park in southwestern Texas. A big area of the park is made up of the Chihuahuan Desert and the Rio Grande.

The park is home to a variety of plants and animals, including more than 450 species of birds, 75 species of mammals, and 56 species of reptiles.

Big Bend National Park is also home to some of the most popular hot springs in Texas, such as the Langford Hot Springs. The park has several visitor centers, campgrounds, and more than 150 miles (240 km) of hiking trails.

Enchanted Rock


The Enchanted Rock is a large pink granite mountain located in the Llano Uplift, a geological formation in central Texas. The rock is over a billion years old and is the second oldest rock in North America.

The Enchanted Rock is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Texas and receives over 250,000 visitors each year. The rock is popular for hiking, camping, and rock climbing.

Guadalupe Mountains National Park

Guadalupe Mountains National Park is in west Texas. It has the highest mountain range in Texas and four of the highest peaks in the state.

The park includes 135 square miles of wilderness area which protects all of the unmaintained trails and natural areas within the park. It is home to several species of animals and over 300 bird species. The park also has the distinction of being home to the world’s largest protected fossil reef.

Guadalupe Mountains National Park is open all year round and offers a variety of activities for visitors, including hiking, camping, bird watching, and horseback riding. Guided tours of the park are also available.

Devil’s Waterhole


Devil’s Waterhole is a natural pool located in Inks Lake State Park, Texas. The pool is formed by a dam that was created by the collapse of an underground cave.

The waterhole is a popular swimming spot for locals and tourists alike. It is also a great spot for fishing, canoeing, and kayaking. There are also picnic areas and hiking trails nearby.

The Devil’s Waterhole was designated as a National Natural Landmark in 1974.

Discovering Famous Landmarks In Texas

These are some of the famous landmarks in Texas that you should check out if you’re ever in the area! From historical landmarks to stunning natural wonders, Texas has it all.

Apart from the landmarks, there are many other things that Texas is known for that make for an amazing travel experience. If you’re looking for a vacation destination that offers something for everyone, Texas is definitely one state to consider.



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