21 Famous Utah Landmarks To Visit

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Utah is one of the most beautiful states in America to visit and is brimming with top attractions. Landmarks in Utah are ideal vacation spots for outdoor enthusiasts and cultural lovers. Its nature features impressive sandstone spires, countless naturally eroded arches, and lonely salt flats that closely mimic a lunar landscape.

Utah is a state with several noteworthy sites, many of which are found within its state monuments. Here are some of the famous Utah landmarks to visit when you are in the state.

Most Famous Landmarks In Utah

Chimney Rock Pillar

The Chimney Rock Pillar is one of the most prominent landmarks in Utah. The peak of Chimney Rock Pillar sits at 6420 ft, rising more than 300 ft beyond Highway 24. The Waterpocket Fold contains sandstone strata, steep gorges, arches, and other magnificent rocky outcrops. This famous Utah landmark is also surrounded by a national park.

The park features beautiful sandstone cliffs, sparkling white domes, and contrasting strata of soil and stone. The distance from the park’s tourist center to Chimney Rock is around 4km, making for an enjoyable walk.

Timpanogos Cave

One of the fascinating landmarks in Utah is Timpanogos cave. Prepare to hike across breathtaking views as you discover a secret underground realm. The spectacular cave system at Timpanogos Cave State Reserve is well-known for its colorfully adorned caverns. It is situated along Utah’s crowded Wasatch Front in American Fork Canyon, and as a result, it draws a lot of tourists each year.

To avoid people being trapped in this amazing cave system, visitors can only explore these caves with an instructor. Don’t pass up the opportunity to explore Timpanogos Cave’s interesting and unusual underground environment while in Utah.

Famous Utah Landmarks In Moab

Delicate Arch


Delicate Arch is a 52-foot-tall natural arch that is one of the most famous landmarks in Utah. It is located in Moab’s popular Arches National Park. With more than 2000 natural sandstone arches, Arches National Park is considered by many to be one of Utah’s most beautiful landscapes. Horseback riding, trekking, climbing, and canyoneering are all permitted in the park.

Newspaper Rock

One of the attractions in the Moab region is Newspaper Rock State Historic Monument. It is close to the Needles region of Canyonlands Nature Reserve, and most people stop by on their way there. Newspaper Rock is a public attraction that is free to visit.

The main draw here is the Petroglyphs carved on the rock panel. The site is open throughout the year and is one of the intriguing off-the-beaten-path attractions in the region.

A modest parking garage and a small restroom are the only amenities in the vicinity. The nearest town to Newspaper Rock is Monticello, where you might want to stock up on some refreshments. This is an interesting landmark in Utah that is worth checking out when you are in the area.

Bonneville Salt Flats


This famous landmark in Utah has a covering of saline soil that mimics snow. It spans thirty thousand acres and yet is flawlessly level. No plants can flourish in this 90% typical table salt-based soil, which also has a crust that is nearly five feet thick around the core.

Due to Bonneville’s role in land speed racing, it is included on the National Register of Historic Landmarks. Around 99 million cubic yards of salt are found within the twelve by five-mile salt flats. The Bonneville Salt Flats is one of the things that Utah is known for. It is also a popular day trip destination from Salt Lake City.

Corona Arch, Moab


Corona Arch is a striking Utah landmark that can be found not far from Moab. Unlike many other scenic spots there, it is not situated inside a nature reserve. Corona Arch, which stands at 105 feet tall, is impressive, and trekking the Corona Arch trail is one of the most exciting activities in the Moab area.

The hike is interesting and thrilling, with great vistas of the surrounding area including the Colorado River and a railroad track passage. It is not a particularly difficult trek. Although you’ll see the arch when trekking over, make sure to visit this famous landmark in Utah because the views all around the arch is pretty stunning.

Natural Famous Utah Landmarks

The Hoodoos


One of the famous landmarks of Utah is Hoodoos. Winter skiers, stargazers, and snowshoers love to visit the area near the Hoodoos. These rocks have endured harsh weather, erosion, and molding throughout time to become the stacked columns we now enjoy.

Because of the area’s climate, which features sub-freezing temperatures for the majority of the year. As such, the extreme weather of rain and ice contributes to the formation of these intricate hoodoos. When the frozen water inside a rock expands, it causes ice wedging, which splits the rock.

The most popular place to check out these hoodoos is in Bryce Canyon. The Bryce Canyon Country Visitors Bureau is at 55 South Main Street, Panguitch, Utah.

Big Bend, Zion


Big Bend, a well-known bend of the Virgin River in Zion State Monument, is among the top landmarks of Utah. This famous turn is in the renowned Zion National Park, which needs no introduction. It is one of the most popular national parks in the United States and arguably the best one in Utah.

Tourists can get off the Zion Shuttle at Big Bend and travel down to the stream to take in the scenery. For those who appreciate beautiful scenery, the park offers plenty of opportunities for hiking, canyoneering, and climbing. Zion Nature Reserve is located at 1 Zion Park Boulevard, State Route 9, Springdale.

Landscape Arch


Landscape Arch is a famous landmark in Utah. Similar to the adventure to Delicate Arch is the adventure to Landscape Arch. It’s one of the Arches National Park attractions that you simply must visit. The entire trail is level and double-wide, making it simple to explore. It is renowned for its extremely thin stone span.

It’s difficult to think the arch can support itself because it is so long and narrow. If it weren’t for the three portions of the arch that have fallen off in the past twenty years, the stability of the arch would call the concept of gravitational forces into dispute. Don’t pass up this opportunity to be amazed by the magnificent Landscape Arch.

Coyote Gulch


Coyote Gulch, a sinuous, semi-narrow canyon in the enormous Grand Staircase-Escalante desert, twists its way down via amazing red rock scenery and connects the Escalante River right beyond Lake Powell. It’s one of the Utah landmarks often visited by tourists.

The trail is wide and best completed as an overnight tour, but experienced hikers who prefer a quicker exploration can complete the trail in a single day. In addition to the resilient wetlands that flourish in the shade and humidity of Utah’s desert oases, hikers will also encounter many rock arches along the way.

Coyote Gulch is a hard-won, bucket-list location for hikers looking for adventure in the secluded red rock splendor of Utah.

Angel’s Landing


Angels Landing is one of the most well-known landmarks in Utah for hiking trails and a memorable experience that should be on everyone’s travel list.

Around 1,500 vertical feet of the hike’s ascent are along a slender stone fin that rises to a peak altitude of 5,740 feet. Although a chain railing increases safety, if you get dizzy when you’re near heights, it will take twice as much fortitude to reach the top.

This is one excursion that can cram a lot of emotions into a manageably short yet challenging expedition. Visit Angels Landing because there is no more stunning vista than what you will see while holding onto a chain that has been anchored into a cliff.

Famous Utah Landmarks with Canyon

House on Fire

The Ruins known as Home on Fire are located around the South Fork of Mule Canyon, close to Blanding, Utah. The incredible view of the Ruins makes it stand out among other landmarks of Utah.

The sun’s impact on the alcove’s surrounding sandstone cliff is what gives the ruins their name. The House on Fire ruin draws a lot of enthusiastic tourists because it is close to the main highway and where they can find the trailhead.

Mesa Arch Canyonlands


Mesa Arch, regarded as one of Canyonlands State Monument’s most recognizable views, is an excellent walk for novel hikers, couples with young kids, or even casual hikers. Out of all the fantastic Utah landmarks, don’t forget to check out this one if you are a nature enthusiast.

You have a wonderful perspective of the distant La Sal Mountains from this arch. Take pictures of the sunset beneath the arch from here. The view inside the arch varies based on where you are and the direction in which you are taking photos.

Mesa Arch should therefore not be missed when you are around the area or enjoying the Nature Reserve. It is an iconic destination on a west coast road trip.

Lake Powell


This is a famous landmark in Utah that receives several visitors each year due to its beautiful shoreline stretching over 2000 miles. Diving and boating are popular at Lake Powell, with calm blue water that flows directly into sand beaches. It adds another element to the hiking, picnicking, and sandstone dynamics you’ve come to anticipate from southern Utah.

Since the flooded canyons resemble the federally designated areas that surround them so closely, it has been dubbed “America’s missing state monument.” You can explore the blend of amber, tangerine, and red-rock vistas by canoe. It is a desert but without extreme aridity.

Lake Powell is a wonderful place to stroll and explore since it has limitless sunshine, cool water, an ideal climate, and some of the west’s most breathtaking landscapes. This is also just one of the many beaches in Utah you can spend time at.

Hovenweep Castle

Explore Hovenweep Castle, one of the most visited Utah landmarks. Ancestral Puebloan villages are preserved in the ruins at Hovenweep Castle. The residence of over 2500 individuals who constructed a remarkable variety of buildings, including odd towers, D-shaped homes, and special kivas. Along with its towers, Hovenweep Castle is a well-liked location for photography because of the area’s bright desert scenery and diverse animal and plant species.

Camping is another popular activity you may do close to Hovenweep Castle besides photography. There are more than thirty tents and RV campsites for campers and van life travelers.

Hovenweep Castle offers a contemporary enigma that has endured and continues to pique the interest of tourists visiting the state.

Zion-Mount Carmel Scenic Highway and Tunnel


This destination is spectacular out of the great landmarks in Utah. The huge sandstone canyons of the Virgin River, which were carved out of the park’s rock, are what most fascinate tourists.

However, Zion contains several man-made structures as well as spectacular natural ones.

The Zion-Mount Carmel Scenic Highway is a terrifying 25-mile (40-kilometer) section of road that traverses the wall of the canyon to link Zion with Bryce Nature Reserve and the Grand Canyon. It is a marvel of engineering.

The 1930-built highway is recognized as a historic location by the National Register of Historic Places. It has also been designated as A National Historic Civil Engineering Landmark. You can travel along the Zion-Mount Carmel Highway even if you are only spending a day at the National Park.

Other Famous Landmarks In Utah

Spiral Jetty

The Spiral Jetty is one of the craziest displays of public art on the list of Utah landmarks you’ll encounter. On the northern banks of the Great Salt Lake, Robert Smithson constructed the spiral-shaped Spiral Jetty in 1970 using 6,000 tons of earth and black basalt.

The Spiral Jetty is not just a stunning work of art to admire; it also serves as a discussion starter. The artwork was made by Robert Smithson as a means of self-expression and to conform to the architectural styles of the era, which starkly contradicted the era of vibrant colors. You’ll need a vehicle capable of navigating difficult terrain to get to the Spiral Jetty.

Cassidy Arch, Capitol Reef National Park


One of the top attractions of the road journey through the Utah National Parks is without a doubt Capitol Reef National Park. This lovely park doesn’t receive the appreciation it deserves due to other more popular counterparts in the state.

On their journey to more well-known locations like Arches, Zion, and Bryce National Parks, many travelers take the Scenic Drive. It’s spectacular with its mountains, canyons, spires, and bridges! However, the majesty of the local Cassidy Arch made of natural sandstone should not be missed.

Hiking the Cassidy Arch Trail is one of the best ways to comprehend the size of this natural beauty. Hikers must ascend 666 feet over multiple switchbacks to get this vista.

Natural Bridges National Monument


Among the top sightseeing landmarks of Utah is Natural Bridges National Monument located in Southeast Utah.

When exploring Natural Bridges, plan a minimum of half a day or ideally the whole day. The three natural bridges in the park have gorgeous Hopi names since the Anasazi Native Americans have lived in this location for a very long time.

You can also stay overnight at the Natural Bridges campground (approx $15 each night) if you have more time. Pack some nice foods from Utah, set up a nice base and wait for nightfall.

One of the main purposes of camping over is to enjoy the evening gazing up at the stars. You can admire the unobstructed night sky because the area is an International Dark Sky Park.

Cedar Breaks National Monument


Cedar Breaks is considered a stunning location among the top landmarks of Utah. The spectacular scenery at Cedar Breaks National Monument is magnificent. The auditorium and the high country are the two distinct regions that makeup Cedar Breaks National Monument.

The fir and spruce forests can be found in the high country. During the summertime, the fields are beautiful with vibrant wildflowers. If you’re eager for some fresh crisp air, there are hiking paths in this area as well as a 7.5-mile beautiful journey through it.

As a designated Dark Sky Park, Cedar Breaks allows visitors to observe brilliant nighttime stars without being distracted by city lights. One of the best spots to stargaze is at Sunset Overlook, which can be reached via a 2-mile route that is also accessible for wheelchairs.

If you are visiting in the winter months, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing are just a couple of the many wintertime activities available.

Dead Horse Point


Dead Horse Point National Monument is popular among Utah landmarks and one of the biggest attractions to explore in Moab. The journey from Moab to the monument’s gate takes only 30 minutes. Drive past the tourist center via the main road from there to get to the renowned Dead Horse Point.

You will be welcomed by a 2,000-foot canyon with sweeping vistas of the Colorado River. The park provides camping, mountain climbing, photo opportunities, and breathtaking astronomy.

The East Rim Trail and West Rim Trail both offer breathtaking views of the canyon and river as you hike along the canyon walls. This is a fantastic place representing the natural beauty in Utah and certainly a site that is worthwhile to visit for the scenic landscape.

Discovering Famous Landmarks In Utah

Among the many things Utah is renowned for are the Mormons and the snow. However, the stunning state is also home to many beautiful landmarks. From Capitol Reef National Park to Natural Bridges National Monument, there are plenty of landmarks in Utah to discover and explore.

The gorgeous sights of Utah greatly contribute to the state’s standing as one of America’s top outdoor vacation spots. Utah’s distinctive and breathtaking sights will astound you if you appreciate outdoor tourism.

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