20 Best Beaches In Maryland To Visit

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Seaside vacations are the best. The sound of the surf, sand in your toes, and a good book. It’s all for the taking in Maryland. There are beaches in Maryland that are family-friendly, others that are secluded, and a few that are better for surfing.

Whether you are visiting for the first time or a local, Maryland beaches are some of the best in the nation. With a variety of shorelines, you are sure to find a beach that is perfect for you. If you’re looking for a secluded beach or a popular destination, here are 20 of the state’s best beaches.

Best Baltimore, Maryland Beaches

The great thing about living in Maryland is that some of the best beaches on the East Coast are located within an hour’s drive of Baltimore. Check out these lovely Maryland beaches in and around Baltimore.

North Point State Park

In addition to a calm seaside environment, North Point State Park offers a wide range of recreational pursuits. The 1,300-acre park was once a famous amusement park in the early 20th century. Right now, it is the closest natural state park to Baltimore. 

Only 30 minutes from Baltimore, you will find a fantastic view of the calm Chesapeake Bay. The state park’s calm shallow waters offer one of the best swimming beaches in Maryland. But you will need to bring beach chairs or parasols for a better experience.

You can also use the biking and hiking trails, fishing, or birdwatching if swimming isn’t your thing. No matter your taste, you can have one of the best beach experiences at this lovely state park that Baltimore is known for.

Rocky Point Beach Park

Rocky Point Beach Park is one of the most well-liked Maryland beaches near Baltimore. Apart from the stunning ocean views of Hart-Miller Island and Craighill Light, the beach has a lot of unique wildlife in its surroundings.

Visit Rocky Point and take advantage of 300 feet of Chesapeake Bay shoreline. You can have all the fun with amenities like boat ramps, playgrounds, sailing centers, and a fishing pier.

It’s also among the top beaches in Maryland for land and water sports, like beach volleyball, swimming, kayaking, and much more. 

Hammerman Beach

Hammerman Beach is a small beach about 30 minutes northeast of Baltimore. This beach isn’t as big as other Maryland beaches, with only half a mile. Still, it provides rich opportunities for leisure and relaxation.

Hammerman Beach is a lovely beach with a dense forest with numerous trees that serve as shade from the sweltering summer. There are also several snack stands and picnic shelters for rent if you want to have a meal with your loved ones.

If you want to enjoy a half-day of river cruising, you can rent a kayak or stand-up paddleboard from a local vendor in the area. You can also bring your own boat if you’d prefer that. Come early for a special treat and witness a stunning sunrise at one of the best beaches in Maryland.

Baltimore Beach

There are many beaches in Baltimore City, and Baltimore Beach is one of them. However, this beach isn’t your everyday beach, and you can say it isn’t even an actual beach. But it is famous mainly for locals and presents a fantastic opportunity for a tremendous beach-like experience.

Baltimore Beach is actually a hub for sports like volleyball and netball. It is located directly on the Inner Harbor and hosts the most significant beach volleyball leagues on the East Coast.

Like most beaches in Maryland, visitors love to lounge in the sand at this beach, so you’re always welcome to join. It’s the perfect sunbathing spot and a great location to hang out with friends.

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Best Chesapeake Bay Beaches In Maryland

No matter what time of year, Maryland is full of beautiful beaches perfect for spending a day at the shore. There’s nothing like these great Maryland beaches, from the Chesapeake Bay to the Atlantic Ocean.

Assateague State Park – Berlin, Worcester County

Assateague State Park is the only beachfront park in Maryland, making it one of the most famous beaches in Maryland. This state park is a stunning barrier island with two miles of fine sand and excellent swimming, tanning, and fishing opportunities.

Assateague State Park has a wide variety of birds and wild horses that add to its overall beauty. You also have access to exceptional beachcombing and surfing opportunities and can explore the island using several shaded trails.  

Furthermore, there are few isolated bays to kayak or canoe through. Visit Assateague State Park, and discover it is among the best Maryland beaches for wildlife. Different animals call this pristine environment home, including deer and many species of water birds.

Sandy Point Beach

Sandy Point Beach is the spot for you if you’re looking for one of the best Maryland beaches for picnicking with loved ones. It is yet another beach with amazing views of the Chesapeake Bay and lovely sand that has drawn locals and visitors since the 50s.

Sandy Point is also excellent for a quick swim, and its features and amenities make it perfect for families. You can build sandcastles with the kids, enjoy a relaxing tan on the beach, or search the beachfront for crabs. Like many other beaches in Maryland, you can also enjoy various water sports.

Explore the area, sail on a boat and look at Chesapeake Bay Bridge and Sandy Point Lighthouse. Or, stay on the beach all day with friends and family. You’ll love the experience no matter what you choose to do.

Chesapeake Beach – Calvert County

In addition to being a portion of the premium beaches in Maryland, Chesapeake Beach is a lovely bayside town. The town is renowned for its beachfront eateries providing local fresh seafood, its pleasant water park, and abundant water-related activities.

If you’re planning to visit in the summer, be prepared to pay a small entrance fee and meet a crowd. Also, there won’t be any lifeguards on duty, so keep an eye on the kids if you have any.

You can also explore the southern part of town where Brownie’s Beach is located. The area is a famous spot in Maryland to seek fossils.

One thing that makes Chesapeake Beach one of the best beaches in Maryland is the 1.9-mile railway track that hikers and bikers use to showcase their skills. You can join in or enjoy the view if you prefer.

Ocean City Beach – Ocean City

Ocean City is arguably the most outstanding beach in Maryland. The beach attracts thousands yearly and is also among the well-liked family beaches in Maryland. But there’s more.

This 10-mile beach city is filled with a wide variety of beautiful sights and recreational activities. It is also famous for its three-mile boardwalk and vast, breathtaking coastline. Additionally, it is popularly known as the White Marlin Capital because it attracts hundreds of fishermen yearly.

Ocean City offers one of the best beaches in Maryland for fun and adventure. You can go for a ride at Jolly Roger, go paddle boarding, rent a jet ski, or have fun playing miniature golf.

Also, try out the local delicacies at one of the 200 restaurants near the beach. Don’t miss out on any of the enjoyment at one of the destinations that Maryland is known for.

Matoaka Beach and Campground

Matoaka Beach is one of Maryland’s well-kept secrets. You won’t find many unknown beaches in Maryland, but this is one of them.

This beach and campground was once a Girl Scout camp, so you’ll find rustic cabins for rent or day use in the area. Since it isn’t as famous as other Maryland beaches, it will be far less busy than most beaches on the Chesapeake Bay. Its most outstanding feature is the availability of shark teeth on different parts of the beach.

However, swimming here during the summer may not be too safe. Jellyfish will be an issue here because there is no netting to stop them.

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Beautiful Beaches In Maryland

Cherry Beach – Sharptown

There are many famous Maryland beaches on the state’s Atlantic coast. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find other lovely beaches elsewhere. If you want a lovely beach where you can spend time in the sun and sand, you will love Cherry Beach.

This fantastic beach is found on the Nanticoke River and is a great place to hang out with friends and loved ones. This famous beach park offers a clean, quiet beach with a boat ramp and fishing pier. It’s one of the loveliest beaches in Maryland to relax, unwind, and enjoy a picnic with the family.

Pets are welcome at this beach, and trails leading to Cope Bennett Park are nearby for more exploration.

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Cunningham Falls State Park – Frederick

Cunningham Falls State Park is a favorite destination for city dwellers to spend a weekend in the great outdoors in Thurmont, close to Washington, D.C.

The park is split into two independent parts, one with amenities for swimming and camping. The other is with the Scales and Tales Aviary, a historic iron furnace, and some campsites.

This small artificial lake offers one of the most excellent Maryland beaches. It is ideal for fishing and taking a refreshing dip. Might even be a good spot to break out your kids’ fishing kit and give them some exposure to both nature and the sport.

You can explore the stunning Cunningham Falls, the biggest cascading waterfall in Maryland, or the ruins of the old iron furnace. You can also explore the shady hiking routes leading in every direction.

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Calvert Cliffs State Park – Calvert County

With almost 10 miles of hiking paths, Calvert Hills State Park is one of the top beaches in Maryland to explore. Many high cliffs are flanking this 25-mile section of Chesapeake Bay shoreline, and the name gives it away.

Even with high cliffs, this state park has one of the state’s sandy beaches. It is excellent for swimming and sunbathing, has a small playground area, and offers much more. You can hunt for fossils on its shores or take advantage of the marsh and freshwater area for fishing.

This gorgeous sandy beach sits at the end of a 1.8-mile walk that extends over miles of hiking trails. In addition to fossil hunting, it is also among the best beaches in Maryland for bird watching because there are over 160 different bird species in the area.

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Deep Creek Lake – Garrett County

Deep Creek Lake offers one of the most amazing Maryland beaches on the state’s largest inland lake with approximately nine miles of explorable shoreline. Deep Creek Lake is the perfect substitute for you if you can’t make it to Maryland’s coast.

However, you have a variety of options at Deep Creek. It is a well-known spot for go-karting and many other water sports. You can access canoe, kayak, or sailboat rentals which are perfect for exploring the area. The lake is a popular fishing spot for small and largemouth bass.

As an additional bonus, you go hiking, biking, or taking a stroll around the nearby town. You will find many stores and eateries that offer different snacks and foods for you to try out. Visit Deep Creek Lake for a fun and tranquil experience on one of the most incredible beaches in Maryland. 

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Janes Island State Park – Somerset County

Janes Island State Park is a remote and sheltered beach on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, not far from Crisfield. Though secluded, the beach offers impressive facilities like other top Maryland beaches. You can access picnic spaces, pavilions, a conference center, and a sizable campground.

A saltmarsh-dominated 2,900 acres make up Janes Island, a park section. There are more than 30 kilometers of clearly maintained water pathways for kayaking or canoeing across the marshes.

The island, which is tranquil and remote, seems to be far away from society. Water birds will be in heaven here. Numerous sandy beaches on the island are nearly uninhabited. Only the side of Tangier Sound, where beaches are only reachable by boat, is allowed for swimming.

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Matapeake Beach – Queen Anne’s County

Matapeake Beach is one of the lesser-known Maryland beaches that offers an excellent opportunity to enjoy the outdoors.

The beach is a famous dog beach and one of the few locations where dogs can run free in the state. But if you want to keep them close while sunbathing, simply use a dog leash stake.

Additionally, the shallow waters make it ideal for anyone to have a swim. The sandy beachfront is perfect for playing or relaxing and soaking up the sun. This stunning beach can be found on the east side of Chesapeake Bay. The beach is a component of Matapeake State Park, which also features a pet-free public beach for everyone.

Furthermore, a famous century-old clubhouse on the island provides unique fun opportunities. You’ll find a theater, a fishing pier, a lovely picnic spot, and miles of hiking trails close to one of the most beautiful beaches in Maryland.

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Point Lookout State Park – Scotland

Point Lookout State Park is a historical location between the Chesapeake Bay and the Potomac River. Thousands of Confederate troops were imprisoned at an infamous prison camp in the park during the Civil War.

Today, the state park provides one of the best Maryland beaches. This state park is a vacation favorite, especially for families in Washington, D.C.

In addition to a boat launch and various campsites in the park’s shaded forested parts, there are picnic spots, playgrounds for kids, and an excellent swimming beach.

Additionally, you can use three excellent fishing spots in the park, including a 710-foot fishing pier. You can also explore the Marshland Nature Center and various hiking trails on one of the loveliest beaches in Maryland.

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Other Top-Rated Beaches In Maryland

Betterton Beach Waterfront Park – Betterton, Kent County

Betterton was a well-known beach resort town from the late 1800s to the early 1900s. Residents and visitors love this location, especially during the sweltering summers. While this hamlet is now primarily a retirement community, it still offers one of the most beautiful, quiet Maryland beaches.

Betterton Beach stretches out along the shoreline for 5 miles when the Sassafras River empties into the sea. This waterfront beach park may be one of the smaller beaches in Maryland. However, it still has some pretty good facilities to enjoy.

Visit this tranquil beach and take advantage of a bathhouse, benches under large shade-providing trees, and a picnic pavilion to have great meals with loved ones.

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Hart-Miller Island State Park – Essex, Baltimore County

Hart-Miller Island is a famous location home to Hart-Miller Island State Park. The park is an excellent spot for everyday beachgoers and a favorite for fishermen and hikers.

The fact that access is by boat ups the adventure factor. And the 3,000-foot stretch of sandy beach puts it among ideal Maryland beaches for sunbathing and fishing. Set up your beach mat/tent and just relax. You can benefit from one of the well-liked campgrounds on the island or the eight miles of hiking paths.

This 1,100-acre island rewards hikers with breathtaking vistas of Chesapeake Bay. There is also educational signage on the route that provides information for individuals who want to learn more about the local plants and animals.

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Breezy Point Beach and Campground – Calvert County

There are many amazing Maryland beaches, and Breezy Point Beach is yet another one in Calvert County. This beach welcomes numerous tourists annually and is an excellent day or weekend trip spot. It is also a favorite family beach in the state.

The campground along the beach is perfect for camping over the weekend, and there are multiple grills for day use. Additionally, the beach offers several picnic tables if you want to have a meal with your family and friends during the day.

Breezy Point provides many other amenities to keep you relaxed all day. The kids can have fun at the beach playground, while fishing dads will love the 200-foot pier on the beach’s grounds. The netted swimming area makes it safer for everyone.

Since it is among the well-known beaches in Maryland, summertime holidays and weekends are frequently highly crowded. Access may be limited, so come early to get the best spots.

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Elk Neck State Park – Cecil County

Elk Neck State Park spans 2,370 acres and features a diverse terrain. It is situated on a peninsula that juts out into the Elk River and the Chesapeake Bay on opposite sides.

The sandy shoreline is complemented by marshes, woodlands, and cliffs made of white clay, making it one of the most beautiful Maryland beaches. The park’s south end is home to the well-known tourist destination Turkey Point Lighthouse.

Along with picnic shelters that have tables and grills, the beach area has several amenities. Young water babies love having a distinct swimming space. Elk River access and fishing piers are made possible by separate boating infrastructure.

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Enjoying The Best Beaches In Maryland

The best beaches in Maryland are a perfect way to spend the day. It’s relaxing, fun and entertaining. Each of these Maryland beaches has something unique to offer. You can learn about the land, the people, and the history that makes these beaches a special part of the great state of Maryland.

There are many beaches in the state, and we know you may not have time to visit all the best ones. But whether you’re looking for the best spot for a day trip or a weekend away, these Maryland beaches are sure to impress.



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