20 Best Oregon Beaches To Visit

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The Pacific Northwest is a beautiful part of the world, and the Oregon coast is no exception. When you think of Oregon, the first thing that comes to mind is probably Oregon’s rugged coastline. But there are dozens of stunning Oregon beaches to explore in the state. 

Some of them are every bit as beautiful and as inviting as those found elsewhere. Many people think otherwise because they haven’t taken a trip to see them for themselves. These fun, inspiring beaches in Oregon will get you out and exploring.

Here are the 20 best Oregon beaches to visit if you plan a vacation.

Most Famous Oregon Beach

There are numerous beautiful sandy and rocky beaches in Oregon. Many locals and visitors enjoy visiting beaches in the state, so it may be tricky to decide which is the most popular one. You’ve probably heard of Cannon Beach, but others are equally as beautiful.

Cannon Beach

The most famous Oregon beach is Cannon Beach. It is a small community of around 1,600 people located on the Pacific coast in Clatsop County, Oregon.

This beach community is about three hours away from Portland and Seattle on the I-5 North. It is home to the famous Haystack Rock, which attracts locals and beach visitors alike. The sandy beach is also a lovely addition you don’t want to miss.

The streets are lined with various eateries, art galleries, and community events that can satisfy anyone’s preferences. You’ll have access to features found at virtually every other Oregon beach.

From early spring until mid-summer, you can visit Cannon beach and enjoy beautiful views unlike other beaches in Oregon. There are gracious puffins, crabs, anemones, and colorful sea stars in the beach area. You can marvel at the beach surroundings all day long.

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Best Portland, Oregon Beaches

The best beaches in the Portland, Oregon area offer everything from large, sandy expanses to hidden, rocky paradises. The beach is perfect for any outdoor activity, including swimming, sunbathing, and sightseeing.

Each of these amazing Portland, Oregon beaches has something to offer, so plan your visit soon and enjoy!

Poet’s Beach

Poet’s Beach is a relatively small Oregon beach near the Marquam Bridge along the Willamette River. But despite its size, it’s a lovely swimming location for many residents.

In the summer, you’ll find a sandy shore with an in-water swimming area marked off with a swim line and floating objects. The beach region has shallow waters, so you can choose to have a splash or go boating or paddleboarding. But be careful as there are no lifeguards on duty.

If you are wondering how Poet’s Beach got its name, the stones in the beach area have poems on them written by schoolchildren. It also has a trail that is wheelchair accessible. Anyone can have a day of beach fun at one of the most magnificent Oregon beaches.

Collins Beach

One of the most excellent beaches in Oregon is a nudist area called Collins Beach, located on Sauvie Island. This beach has been famous since the 70s, especially for people who want to visit the beach in the buff. It is also one of the two official nudist Oregon Beaches.

Aside from being a nudist beach, Collins Beach is perfect for swimming and tanning. You can also check out the 12K-acre fish and game reserve if you want something different.

However, if you want to explore the area, take note of the 10-acre privately owned piece of land towards the North of Collins Beach. We recommend visiting the beach with a friend or romantic partner for the best experience. 

Kelly Point Park

Kelly Point Park is an excellent location for beachgoers who want to witness beautiful vistas and spectacular sunsets. You also have the opportunity to view two rivers in one place; the Columbia River to the East and the Willamette River to the West.

While you will find a sandy beachfront with lovely rivers, swimming isn’t an option due to strong currents. There are also two busy ports and a lot of maritime activity. However, it’s still among the wonderful, well-facilitated Oregon beaches.

The park provides amenities, such as picnic areas, public restrooms, and paved walking pathways for a beautiful outing. You can also enjoy the view, hiking trails, and shade when the sun rises.

Sellwood Riverfront Park

Sellwood Riverfront Park is among the best beaches in Oregon to take your animal pals. It is a local’s favorite for a day of leisure in the sun and a great location to spend time with family or friends near the river.

With over 6 acres of land, there is plenty of space for different recreational activities. Even though it may not be the best swimming spot since it’s by the Willamette River, your family and pets can still have a splash near the shoreline. Don’t forget to bring sea shoes (especially for the kids) since there are many pebbles on the beach.

Additionally, it has open, grassy fields where dogs can run free, nature trails, and more. During the summer, the beach attracts more visitors. You can also enjoy alcohol on the beach and use the picnic areas anytime. Visit Sellwood Park for a day at one of the best Oregon beaches.

Oswald West State Park

Oswald West State Park is a stunning stretch of white sand encircled by many beautiful green landscapes. We highly recommend this magnificent beach close to Portland to anyone seeking the perfect beach excursion.

The state park has one of the most beautiful Oregon beaches near the famous Cannon beach. But it may not be as easy to locate. You’ll have to cross a bridge and go along the creek before arriving at the breathtaking beauty of this remote sandy beach.

Oswald West State Park is the ideal spot for you if you love to surf. It has one of the giant waves among coastal beaches in Oregon. However, this attractive feature may make it unsafe for kids, so keep an eye on them if at all you bring them with you.

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Best Newport, Oregon Beaches

Newport, Oregon, has an abundance of beaches. There’s no doubt about it. And there are countless ways to enjoy them. But which ones should you hit up when you’re in the area? Here are the top Oregon beaches in the Newport area.

South Beach State Park

South Beach State Park is among famous Oregon beaches just South of Newport’s Yaquina Bay South Jetty. With miles of beautiful shoreline, this in-land state park attracts many people, especially during the summer.

South Beach is ideal for outings aside from the usual swimming and water activities. You can also go hiking or enjoy a gorgeous view of horseback riders on one of the top beaches in Oregon.

Visit South Beach State Park for a lovely crabbing, fishing, or sunbathing experience. You can also take long sandy walks along the shore alone or with a romantic partner.

It has over 200 campsites that fill up pretty quickly and are bustling most during the tear. But you can still find the perfect spot for your friends or family.

Nye Beach

One of the top Oregon beaches along the state’s coastline is Nye beach. The beach is among Oregon’s most compelling tourist draws and is also bursting at the seams with shops, eateries, and numerous art pieces.

The expansive and welcoming shoreline is perfect for traditional beach activities like swimming, sunbathing, and long strolls along the coastline. The NW Beach Drive entry point also offers many benches to enjoy the magnificent coastline vista.

When you aren’t having fun on the shoreline, you can access Yaquina Head and many other attractions from the beach’s northern end. Stroll a bit further to Yaquina Bay’s North Jetty and discover zoom lenses to capture beautiful images of the bay’s bridge and other beauties. It is undoubtedly among the best beaches in Oregon.

Don & Ann Davis Park

Don & Ann Davis is another beach park in the Bye Beach Area. The park offers a breathtaking vista of the water. You can see the Yaquina Head Lighthouse from this location.

Like many other Oregon beaches, you’ll get spectacular vistas in this park. You will have a commanding view of the coastline in every direction, plus a flaming sunset view due to the expansive ocean.

Furthermore, Don & Ann Davis Park is a popular location for whale watching annually because of its vantage point. Bring a pair of binoculars and get the best view of grey whales, sea lions, and other marine life from the park’s gazebo. There is also a distinctive collection of whale bones that you can’t miss.

Otter Crest Beach

Otter Crest Beach is a little cove beach north of Devil’s Punchbowl, a massive rock formation on Oregon’s central coast. While this Oregon Beach is small, it is fun and adventure filled.

There are several beautiful places to set down a beach towel in the region, along with tide pools and sea caves for the curious beachgoer. However, you may not find Otter Crest sometimes since it usually disappears when the tides are high.

Otter Crest Beach is typically a more sedate location to explore. A little trail that leads from C Avenue is the best way to reach the beach. In any case, you can have fun just like other famous beaches in Oregon.

Agate Beach

Agate Beach gets its name from the abundance of iron oxide-colored agates found along the beach. It is another expansive sand beach around the Yaquina Head area to the south.

Agate Beach is a famous Newport, Oregon beach because it offers traditional and unique beach features. This picturesque site is a popular place for clamming and fishing.

Additionally, you can enjoy Agate beach even in the winter because it is wide enough to endure most winter storms. If you want to surf or enjoy beach waves, the northernmost part of Agate beach, close to Yaquina Head, is the perfect spot.

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Best Lincoln, Oregon Beaches

As if the great outdoors weren’t exciting enough for you, Lincoln, Oregon, is one of the best places for a quick beach getaway. The nearby Pacific Ocean has excellent swimming, surfing, and fishing spots. In the evening, you can set your camp up and enjoy amazing sunsets over the ocean.

Siletz Bay

If you’re in Lincoln City, Siletz Bay is one of the best Oregon beaches in the southernmost part of the city. Remove all the conventional beach activities from this location, and you’ll still have a prime spot.

Siletz Bay is one of the top family Lincoln, Oregon beaches. The kids can play in the sand and collect driftwood, and you can relax and view lovely seals. You can also enjoy a beach bonfire many times during the year.

Additionally, you don’t have to worry about meals or snacks. There are several spots in the area to get a quick bite. For instance, Mo’s famous clam chowder and Eleanor’s Undertow offer tasty Oregon foods, including numerous types of toffee and Umpqua ice cream.

Furthermore, you can also get fishing and crabbing rentals and licenses. No matter your taste, Siletz Bay is among the best beaches in Oregon for overall leisure.

Roads End State Park

If you’re looking for a lovely spot for a relaxing family picnic away from the town, Roads End State Park is ideal. Here you’ll find a soft, broad sandy beach and beautiful views of the ocean hillside homes.

Roads End is a peaceful and quiet neighborhood that’s perfect for all kinds of outdoor activities. You’ll catch stunning views found only on the most fantastic beaches in Oregon. Since there aren’t many business establishments in the area, you won’t meet a crowd. But you’ll have to bring whatever you need for your outing.

The Roads End State Recreation site is excellent for you if you only intend to stay for the day. There is sufficient parking space and public restrooms, and you can easily access the beach and different hiking paths.

D River State Recreation Area

D River plunges just 120 feet into the raging ocean from Devils Lake. This Oregon beach is in the center of Lincoln City, just west of Highway 101.

It may not be Lincoln’s largest beach, but it offers different activities we believe you’ll love. The largest kite festival in the world is held at D River Wayside every June and October. This beach can be ranked among the loveliest Oregon beaches thanks to paved parking lots, clean bathrooms, and convenient beach access.

However, the beach can get quite crowded and consistently experiences strong winds. Due to the strong wind and kite festivals, Lincoln City has dubbed itself the “Kite Capital of the World.”

Grace Hammond Beach Access

Grace Hammond Access is between NW 34th and 35th streets and grants access to a beautiful Oregon beach in the state’s coastal region.

Most people visit this beach for a quiet and relaxing day in the sun. You can sit on the bench located on a small concrete platform near the beach. An additional advantage is that this beach is ideal for the Disabled or the elderly since it has a handicapped-accessible ramp at the Grace Hammond Wayside.

Like many other Lincoln, Oregon beaches, this beach has stormy waters and high tides. But this large, sandy beach offers more than enough space and safety from the raging tides. There is also a memorial for deceased dogs. We’re sure you will enjoy the soothing beach atmosphere to the fullest.

Nelscott Beach

Nearly three miles long and bounded to the south by Siletz Bay and the north by the D River, Nelscott Beach spans along the southern part of Lincoln City.

The expansive and nearly level Nelscott Beach is among the beautiful beaches in Oregon to engage in your favorite outdoor pursuits, like beachcombing, discovering tide pools, hiking, and surfing.

Additionally, you can spot various ocean animals at Nelscott Beach. At the entrance of the Siletz River, seals are some of the most intriguing creatures on the beach. You can use binoculars to observe them hunting for fish or just relaxing in the water.

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Other Popular Beaches In Oregon

Secret Beach – Brookings

Secret Beach may or may not be secret, but there is no denying the breathtaking surroundings of this little beach. You’ll find this Oregon beach on the southern coast, and it is part of the Samuel H. Boardman Scenic Corridor.

Secret Beach welcomes you with the Miller Creek terminal, which cascades into a lovely waterfall. The sea stacks and towering sea walls you’ll see after crossing Miller Creek also contribute to the overall beauty of the beach.

Furthermore, Secret Beach is reachable by a short, steep three-quarter-mile slope and a small gravel parking area. We recommend visiting the beach when the tides are low for the best experience. That way, you can cross an intertidal zone to discover one of the truly private beaches in Oregon.

Check out Beachfront Inn in Brookings for superb services and a gorgeous ocean view.

Carl G Washburne Memorial State Park – Florence

This memorial state park is one of the most outstanding Oregon beaches on US Highway 101. Carl G Washburne is perfect for camping as it offers numerous tent and RV camping spots.

Carl G Washburne is separated from the highway by lush vegetation and trees. Besides convenient camping, it’s also great for picnicking, beachcombing, and whale viewing. It offers showers, public restrooms, and a good view of the Heceta Head Lighthouse. 

You’ll enjoy this location more if you come with friends or romantic partners. It’s one of the best-isolated beaches in Oregon.

Driftwood Shores Resort is the ideal location for singles, couples, or families visiting Florence. The rooms are comfortable, and kid-friendly. It even has an indoor pool for kids.

Seaside Beach – Seaside

Seaside Beach is one of the most popular vacation beaches in Oregon and has been so for decades. The beach’s vast sandy coastline and proximity to Oregon’s capital city, Portland, are the main reasons for its fame.

Many families pick this as a favorite beach location due to its amenities and popular cultural attractions like the Seaside Aquarium and Promenade. Seaside Beach is the real deal, from surfing to tanning or participating in the most prominent beach volleyball event on Oregon’s coast every year.

Along the shoreline are also hiking routes, picturesque golf courses, a plethora of seafood restaurants, and small-town shops. It has everything to put it among the best Oregon beaches.

Rivertide Suites Hotel is a superb family-friendly hotel with the right resources to make you and the kids comfortable. But it’s not just for families. It’s great for everyone.

Horsfall Beach – North Bend

Horsfall Beach is a 47-mile stretch of rolling dunes and picturesque wetland regions with a seemingly unending stretch of white sand. It is an underrated Oregon beach that is a part of the Oregon National Recreation Area.

Visit Horsfall Beach for a day of hiking, horse riding, off-road, and surf fishing. Additionally, you can set up camp tents in the designated area and have fun with loved ones.

Want to stick to conventional activities? Horsfall Beach is ideal for sunbathing and swimming, especially in the summer. In the winter, storms reveal historic shipwrecks that have lain undiscovered on the coast for many years. Horsfall Beach is among the best beaches in Oregon, and this list would be incomplete without it.

Visiting The Best Beaches In Oregon

With over a thousand miles of coastline, Oregon beaches are the places for a getaway by the water. Oregon has some of the best beaches in the country. With sand, sun, and water, these beaches are perfect for relaxing, swimming, and more.

There are dozens of beaches in Oregon, each with its unique ambiance. Whether looking for an active day on the sand or a relaxing day in the sun, Oregon has something to offer you.



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