30 Things Dallas Is Known And Famous For

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Dallas is known for being the home base of the Dallas Cowboys, its delectable southern cuisines, major global companies, and its vibrant art and music scene.

Dallas is the third-most populous city in Texas with over a million people calling it home. Nicknamed the β€˜Big D’, Dallas is famous for being the heart of Dallas-Fort Worth, the largest metropolitan area in the Southern United States.

What Is Dallas Known For?

Dallas is known for being the home base of the Dallas Cowboys, its delectable southern cuisines, major global companies, and its vibrant art and music scene. The city has many interesting attractions to explore such as Reunion Tower, Dealey Plaza, The Sixth Floor Museum, and the Dallas Zoo.

Dallas is also known for being the hometown of so many famous people. There are many events β€” including the infamous ones β€” that have shaped the history of the nation. We will dive into some of them.

History, Culture, And Traditions

Site of JFK Assasination

One of the countable infamous events Dallas is famous for is the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. The 35th U.S. president was shot while traveling through Dallas in a convertible.

The location of the shooting, Dealey Plaza, has become a popular tourist destination with thousands of visitors trooping there to pay respects to JFK and also gain first-hand knowledge about his assassination. This is one of the most meaningful and prominent things Texas is known for.

Cowboy Culture

Dallas is known for its strong ties to cowboy culture. This deep-rooted culture is reflected in the multiple rodeos, country music concerts, and western-themed events that are hosted in the city.

There are so many places where visitors can experience the Old West, such as the historic Cowtown Coliseum. Dallas may be a huge metropolis now, but it hasn’t forgotten its western roots. 

State Fair of Texas

One of the biggest events Dallas is known for is the State Fair of Texas, also among the biggest state fairs in the United States. The event was first held in 1886 and has occurred every year since then(except during the World Wars and the COVID-19 pandemic).

Highlights of the event include carnival rides, live music, and a variety of foods. It’s 24 days of fun and enjoyment, which also exposes the city’s rich culture to thousands of visitors.  

Southern Cuisine

Dallas is famous for its vibrant food culture that offers unique and delicious foods that would immediately whet your appetite with their varying flavors.

Some of the best southern cuisines are popular dishes in Dallas. From BBQ to Tex-Mex, and Southern-style comfort food, the city expresses its great hospitality by caring for your stomach.


Sport is an important part of the city’s culture. The locals are some of the most passionate sports fans in the United States.

Dallas boasts some notable sports franchises, including the iconic football team, Dallas Cowboys. Other teams Dallas is famous for include the Dallas Mavericks(basketball), Dallas Stars(hockey), FC Dallas(soccer), and many others.

You can’t visit Dallas without joining the energetic crowd to watch one of the home games of any of these teams.

Art Culture

Dallas is known for having vast collections of artworks from within and outside of the United States. The city has the largest arts district, which is home to numerous art centers and museums.

Some of the places where you can find interesting works of art are the Dallas Museum of Art and the Nasher Sculpture Center, both of which are located in the Arts District in downtown Dallas.

Music Scene

Dallas has a lively music scene that cuts across different genres, including country, jazz, blues, and rock. The city features several prominent music stars, such as Stevie Ray Vaughan, Erykah Badu, and Demi Lovato.

It is also home to many concert venues that serve as stages for live music performances and global music stars. The impressive music scene means that you can find an exciting nightlife experience in Dallas.

Home To Fortune 500 Companies

As the commercial capital of the region, Dallas is a home base to several global companies that are scattered around the Downtown area. This makes the city a thriving environment for startups, and an interesting destination for visiting business enthusiasts to explore.

Some notable companies that have their headquarters here include AT&T, Southwest Airlines, Energy Transfer, CBRE, and many others. Some of the companies even open up their buildings for guided tours, so be sure to take advantage of those!

District And Areas


Downtown Dallas is where you will find the most hustle and bustle. This district offers a rich blend of the city’s cultural heritage, architecture, infamous mid-century history, and the most tangible metropolitan feel.

The area is also home to the headquarters of several fortune 500 companies, world-class museums, and, most importantly, it is the pulse of the city. Downtown Dallas is as much a business district as it is a lively social and historic place that locals frequent.


One of the best neighborhoods Dallas is known for is Prestonwwod, which is located in North Dallas. Prestonwood is packed with luxurious houses, fancy restaurants, and shops, which are great attractions for couples and families.

For many people moving to Dallas, Prestonwood is one of the first neighborhoods they check out. Its ambiance and fitting amenities provide a high quality of life. So you can anticipate quite a local vibe there but still with interesting things to do.

Deep Ellum

Located east of downtown, Deep Ellum is a stunning hipster area that prides itself on its bustling nightlife, delightful eateries, and packed shops. It is another hotspot in Dallas for a fun day out, and features a distinctive atmosphere.

The neighborhood’s prime attractions include the entertainment at Dallas Comedy House and the Undermain Theatre. You should also make sure to try out the special Texas dishes offered by the numerous restaurants in the area.

Design District

Design District, located north of downtown, is an artsy neighborhood that shines with the beauty of different artworks and art forms. The area got its name from the multiple interior design showrooms and art galleries located there. This is the spot to visit if you have an appreciation for beautiful curves and lines, even funky designs.

The district has also become a favorite destination for restaurant hoppers, thanks to the delectable dining springing up all over the neighborhood. It has lots of eye-catching attractions for art lovers and families. 

Klyde Warren Park

This five-acre space is a relaxing spot in downtown Dallas, which removes you from the energetic activities in the main district area. The park is open to the public, free to visit, and has many sitting areas to accommodate the people that come for some green respite.

The scenery is beautiful, plus there are food trucks to try out and public art to check out in the area. Klyde Warren park is a great place to pause and take a break from touring the local attractions downtown.

It is a popular area for locals to chill on the weekends and even during their midday break. Sometimes, you will also find community events held here.

Architecture And Landmarks

Dallas Museum of Art

The Dallas Museum of Art is one of the largest museums in the country, featuring thousands of artworks gathered from within the United States and around the world. The collection of works includes art and artifacts from ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome.

You will find some great paintings by Claude Monet in the European art gallery. The Wendy and Emery Reves Collection showcases more than 1400 artifacts, including Chinese porcelain, lacquered boxes, and 17th-century European furniture.

With all the impressive exhibits on display, you can imagine this is one of the most popular attractions and landmarks in Texas.

Perot Museum Of Nature And Science

Perot Museum of Nature and Science is a world-class museum Dallas is famous for. It is housed in an architectural masterpiece designed by Thom Mayne.

The building is just as fascinating as the museum, with eco-friendly features such as the use of recycled and locally sourced building materials, as well as solar-powered water heaters.

There are different zones in the museum, including engineering and innovation, energy, evolution, earth sciences, and more. These sections have educational stations, high-tech displays, and games. It also has a children’s museum, making it an attractive destination for families.

Dallas Zoo

Another natural landmark Dallas is famous for is the 106-acre Dallas Zoological Park. Established in 1888, this is one of the oldest zoos in the United States.

The park is home to more than 2,000 animals from 406 species. Segments of the park include ZooNorth, the Wilds of Africa, Giants of Savannah, and a children’s zoo. You can get close enough to a giraffe to feed it and kids can ride the T-Rex Express mini-train in ZooNorth.

Dallas Zoo is a family-friendly destination with ample space for picnics and a great natural atmosphere.

Reunion Tower

Reunion Tower is one of the tallest buildings in Dallas, standing 560 feet long. With a unique round top, it is the most recognizable fixture in the city.

The tower was constructed in 1978, displaying a geodesic ball that lights up spectacularly at night. The structure features an observation platform where you can catch stunning views of the Dallas skyline and the stretch of the city. Be sure to head up and take it all in.

The Geo-Deck is also open for dates and other special events that are meant to leave a lasting impression on you and your loved ones.

American Airlines Center

Located in downtown Dallas, the famous American Airlines Center is one of the most sought-after arenas in the United States for live entertainment, sporting events, and concerts.

The arena hosts a lineup of events every other night, making it easy for you to go and have a good time there. It is famous for being the home base for iconic sports teams, such as Dallas Mavericks and Dallas Stars.

The center has great concessions options to satisfy your appetite before or after a game. It also hosts family-friendly events throughout the year. Regardless if you are looking to feel the passion of sports fans, or enjoy a classy music performance, this is the place to be.

Music And Sports

Blues Music

One of the musical genres Dallas is famous for is Blues music. The genre has a long history in the city, which can be traced back to the 20th century. At the time, Dallas was a thriving center for African-American musicians.

Notable musicians like T-Bone Walker and Freddie King would pull crowds in the Deep Ellum neighborhood where they performed live with their guitars.

Today, Dallas continues to be a heavy influence on blues musicians, who often gather during the annual Dallas Guitar Festival to showcase their talent.

Dallas Cowboys

Dallas is known for being the home base of one of the prominent sports teams in the United States, the Dallas Cowboys.

The Cowboys compete in the National Football League(NFL) in which they have won at least twenty-four division championships, five Super Bowls, and several other titles. They play their home games at the AT&T stadium.

The franchise is the most valuable sports team in the United States and the world.

Dallas Mavericks

Established in 1980, the Mavericks has thrived to become a famous sports franchise Dallas is known for since Mark Cuban took over.

The basketball team competes in the National Basketball Association(NBA) under the Western Conference Division. The team’s greatest success came in 2011 when they won their first and only championship. In addition to the championship, they have at least two conference titles and four division titles.

Dallas Stars

Originally named the Minnesota North Stars, Dallas Stars compete in the National Hockey League (NHL). The team plays its home games at the American Airlines Center, which they share with the Dallas Mavericks.

The Stars’ trophy haul consists of at least one Stanley Cup, three conference championships, two presidents’ trophies, and eight division championships.

Famous Food In Dallas

One of the exciting facts about Texas is the diverse culinary scene, and Dallas is no exception as well.

Fried Chicken

Fried chicken is one of the core foods that make up Dallas’s exotic food culture. The city is known for its variety of fried chicken recipes, all of which are finger-licking good. From the classic deep-fried chicken to the crunchy Southern-style fried chicken, you will find plenty to choose from.

After all, who can resist a crispy, juicy piece of chicken? There are numerous fried chicken joints ready to serve you the best chicken you will ever taste. A couple of popular ones are Mike’s Chicken and Babe’s Chicken Dinner House.


This staple Mexican-Texan cuisine is a sweet blend of Mexican and Texan flavors, hence the name Tex-Mex. This fusion cuisine is one of the famous foods in Texas. Therefore, you can find a good selection of them in Dallas as well.

Some of the best combinations in the Tex-Mex variety kitchen are enchiladas, tacos, fajitas, and margaritas. You just have to surprise your taste bud with a chunk of this dish. Some regular spots to indulge in some Mexican flavors are Las Palmas in Uptown or E Bar Tex-Mex in East Dallas.

Dallas-style Barbecue

Another iconic food Dallas is famous for is its variety of barbecues, which is actually the deal! Dallas BBQ is a staple food in almost all the restaurants and BBQ spots in the city.

The barbecue is characterized by its tender, meat, well-mixed sauce, and smoky flavors. Some of the popular dishes include brisket, pork ribs, and pulled pork. This is one of the foods in Dallas you don’t want to miss during your visit.

Some of the popular joints in Dallas include Big Al’s Smokehouse, Back Country, and Ferris Wheelers Backyard.


Famous People From Dallas

Robin Wright

House of Cards star, Robin Wright was born in Dallas but relocated to California at the age of two. Growing up in San Diego, California, exposed her to the performing arts, which sparked her interest to become an actress.

Wright drew the Hollywood spotlight with her role as Princess Buttercup in the Princess Bride. Her role as Jenny Curran in Forrest Gump gained critical acclaim, earning her nominations for Best Supporting Actress from Golden Globe Award and Screen Actors Guild.

She has received several awards, including a Golden Globe Award β€” a recognition that puts her up on the list of famous people from Dallas.

Jensen Ackles

Ackles is one of the biggest Hollywood celebrities from Dallas. Ackles grew up in Richardson, Dallas, and attended Lloyd V. Berkner High School.

He moved to Los Angeles to pursue his acting career in 1996. 9 years later, Ackles joined the cast of the horror series Supernatural, for which he has gained critical acclaim and popularity.

Stephen Ray Vaughan

One of the greatest guitarists of all time, Stephen Ray Vaughan was born and brought up in Dallas.

Ray began playing the guitar at age 7 and slowly gained mastery of the instrument through practice and listening to legends like Jimi Hendrix. He dropped out of high school and moved to Austin, where he formed a band with Tommy Shannon and Chris Layton.

As the foreman of the band, Double Trouble, Ray and his group gained popularity in Texas and soon in the entire United States and Europe.

Ray passed on at the age of 35 and his body rests at the Laurel Land Memorial park in Dallas.

Erykah Badu

Erykah Badu was born in Dallas, where she had an early experience in showbiz as a singer and dancer at the Dallas Theater Center at age 4.

Erykah’s 1997 debut album ‘Baduizm’ brought her into the limelight, putting her at the forefront of the neo-soul movement. She is widely considered the Queen of Neo Soul.

Troy Aikman

Troy Aikman is a former football player who played in the National Football League(NFL) as a quarterback. All of Aikman’s 12 seasons as a player were spent with the Dallas Cowboys, where he was drafted from UCLA.

He won three Super Bowl titles with the Cowboys and scooped plenty of individual honors, including one Super Bowl MVP, NFL Man of The Year, and many others.

In 2006, Troy was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. He may originally come from Oklahoma but Aikman considers Dallas his home now.

Discovering More Things Dallas Is Known For

With its long history and diverse cultural heritage, there are interesting things, places, and facts about Dallas that cannot be experienced or known unless you are physically in the city.

The Southern city is famous for its many interesting attractions and professional sports team. In addition to its impressive sports culture, Dallas is also known for its southern-style cooking. Mouthwatering dishes like steak, chicken fried steak with gravy, and pecan pie are local favorites.

The nightlife in Dallas is also buzzing with live music venues featuring a variety of genres. The city has plenty on offer; it’s completely up to you to explore and uncover all that Dallas is known for.



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