20 Famous Monuments And Landmarks In Dallas, Texas

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Dallas, Texas can be a rather tricky city to navigate. Even if you are a first-time visitor or a seasoned traveler, it can be overwhelming trying to figure out what landmarks in Dallas to visit. But, fear not, because we have got you covered.

The following are some of the most famous Dallas landmarks that need your attention. From extraordinary nature walks to historic monuments in Dallas, these are potential places to round out your itinerary.

Get ready to find out what your next adventure will be in this city Texas is so known for.

Most Famous Landmark In Dallas

Reunion Tower

One of the most famous Dallas landmarks is the Reunion Tower. It is easily one of the more recognizable buildings in the city simply because it soars over 560 feet in the air! This attraction allows you to take an elevator ride to the top and see 360-degree views of the skyline.

Unfortunately, you can no longer eat at Wolfgang Puck’s Five Six at the top. However, it can still be an unforgettable experience with the unbeatable scenery. Make sure you check out the outdoor observation deck and you can even grab a souvenir at the gift shop during your visit.

Historical Sites In Dallas

John F. Kennedy Memorial Plaza

A prominent historical figure known throughout Dallas, Texas is John F. Kennedy (JFK). JFK has his own memorial plaza about a block from Dealey Plaza. It serves as both a memorial and a monument that honors his life and legacy.

When you visit, you will notice that it has an almost modern, minimalistic appearance. It features poignant details such as an open-air square structure with granite blocks that are inscribed with his name. Additionally, it includes a thought-provoking, reflective pool that adds to the quiet atmosphere of this historical place in Dallas.

Famous Landmarks In Dallas – Squares and Avenues

Bishop Arts District

If you are into trendy areas, then the Bishop Arts District might be the perfect place for you. This vibrant neighborhood is full of charming boutiques, galleries, and restaurants that are sure to delight your senses.

But what sets the Bishop Arts District apart is its one-of-a-kind atmosphere. It’s a place where creativity and community collaborate in the most unexpected ways. This is because you never know what you will stumble upon.

You might encounter a street musician or an impromptu art exhibit. Or, you might discover a hidden gem of a restaurant. Leaving you satisfied with the most delectable cuisine you’ve ever tasted.

The bottom line is, the Bishop Art District is a great place to explore your curiosity and try something new.

Pioneer Plaza

Another area in the city to explore is the Pioneer Plaza. This landmark in Dallas is a widely known public park, home to Cattle Drive Sculptures scattered throughout the land. In addition, it is more than just a place known for art.

Pioneer Plaza represents the early settlers that shaped the city into what it is today. As you explore the park, you’ll see how it pays tribute to the Wild West. Thus giving you a newfound appreciation for the courage and tenacity of pioneers that developed the city’s heritage.

Famous Buildings In Dallas

AT&T Stadium

A trip to the AT&T Stadium is will leave you with a breathtaking experience as a sports enthusiast. Arguably the largest stadium in the United States, this iconic Dallas landmark leaves visitors speechless with its size and beautiful facilities. But, its size isn’t the only cool thing about it.

It is also home to the Dallas Cowboys football team and the infamous cheerleading group. So, if you happen to be traveling during football season, AT&T Stadium could be an ideal place for entertainment.

Although, if you can’t catch a game do not worry because the stadium also offers paid tours on off days. Explore behind the scenes and feel the passion of sports fans. This is one of the coolest landmarks in Texas.

Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center

For those into classical music, one of the interesting buildings in Dallas to visit is the Meyerson Symphony Center. The center is home to the world-renowned Dallas Symphony Orchestra. This location offers a timeless experience to visitors looking for a classy nighttime experience in the city.

Aside from providing tourists with entertainment, the venue itself is a work of art. The interior contains sweeping arches and top-notch wooden acoustics that turn sounds into beautiful melodies. So, if you want to combine fine classical music with modern architecture, the Meyerson Symphony Center is for you.

American Airlines Center

An additional opportunity for sports enthusiasts to live out their dream in Dallas is the American Airlines Center. This Dallas landmark is home to both the Dallas Mavericks and Dallas Stars. Needless to say, if you are into basketball or hockey, this place provides both.

Aside from providing sports experiences, the American Airlines Center also hosts many concerts from premier artists. Perhaps, you might want to hop onto their website and see what entertainment options the center has upcoming.

You could choose between a relaxing concert or a thrilling sports game to pass the time during your vacation! With all that options, it is no wonder the American Airlines Center is one of the things Dallas is known for.

Famous Monuments In Dallas

Dallas Cattle Drive Sculptures

If you are looking for some Dallas monuments to explore, then the Dallas Cattle Drive Sculptures are your go-to option. Located in Pioneer Plaza, these bronze sculptures represent the cattle and cowboys that traversed the land in the Wild West.

However, one of the more unique things about this set of sculptures is how they are set up. They are arranged in ways that emulate actionable movements. Thus making it seem like you are watching a cattle drive in real-time.

The details are truly remarkable and definitely something to see in person. Don’t miss this opportunity to see the iconic symbol of the cowboy culture in Dallas.

Natural Landmarks In Dallas

Katy Trail

With respect to outdoor activities in Dallas, you cannot go wrong with any of them. Although, one stand-out opportunity is the Katy Trail. This trail is over 3 miles long and used to be an old railway track.

Meaning, that it offers walkers and runners the chance to see historical scenery along the way. You can view everything from colorful murals to peaceful gardens. So, it is safe to say that there is something for everyone to enjoy during their leisurely stroll.

Klyde Warren Park

Another one of the popular natural landmarks in Dallas to explore is Klyde Warren Park. It is centered in the City Center District right underneath the 366. So, it is definitely accessible if you are staying at a hotel nearby.

A trip to Klyde Warren Park is perfect for every age. You will find families, friend groups, and even individuals going about their preferred activities. This is like the convenient local haunt for some time with greenery.

There are plenty of taco trucks and live entertainment to enjoy, so you won’t be bored or hungry. You can either spend a lazy afternoon here or start your day with a morning walk and watch the sunrise.

Cedar Ridge Preserve

Inside the Cedar Ridge Preserve landmark in Dallas is 600+ acres of sheer beauty. Containing dozens of trails, you will have the opportunity to walk about and view the countryside. Often, people forget that Dallas resides in the Texas Hill Country.

So as you traverse these trails, there will be 9+ miles of wooded areas to explore. You are sure to hop over creeks and see wildlife as you navigate the area. It is a great way to appreciate the Texan outdoors and see the serenity of outside Dallas city.

The Dallas Arboretum And Botanical Garden

For a combined indoor and outdoor environmental experience, visit the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden. This garden will leave you speechless as it showcases over 60+ acres of flowers, plants, and trees.

It is definitely a great place for outdoor enthusiasts and photographers to capture the creation of mother nature. 

Alongside the blooming flowers and multi-color experience, there are additional experiences to enjoy. You can embark on the Paseo de Flores trail or take your children to the Adventure Garden. That said, the Dallas Botanical Garden is a great place for families to spend some time.

Famous Landmarks In Dallas – Museums And Galleries

Old Red Museum

For an authentic museum experience, you cannot miss the Old Red Museum which was constructed in 1892. This old building used to be a County courthouse until it was converted in 1960.

Since then, it has become a home for exhibits detailing the history and heritage of Dallas. It is one of the educational and historic landmarks in Dallas.

Inside the museum, you will find Native American artifacts, maps of the Wild West, and vintage photos. As you wander through the exhibits, you will become acquainted with the rich history of Dallas.

This is actually also one of the few interesting castles in Texas. If interested, you can visit for a general admission price of $10.

Dallas Museum of Art

If you’re a lover of art and culture, then the Dallas Museum of Art has to be on your list.

Possessing over 24,000 works of art from the past 5,000 years in history, there is an immersive collection to explore. There is an opportunity to view paintings from Europe, new contemporary styles, and see seasonal exhibitions.

Art enthusiasts will find lots to indulge in when visiting. If you like to visit, it is best to reserve tickets online in advance. Tickets are free for general admission unless you want to see a special exhibition which starts at $16 per person.

Frontiers Of Flight Museum

If action is more of your thing, avid aviation connoisseurs are bound to have a great time at the Frontiers of Flight Museum. This exciting landmark in Dallas gives parties the chance to see the evolution of flying at its finest.

There will be opportunities to read about the Wright Brothers while seeing life-sized planes in person. Not only that, but you can even hop in a flight simulator to see how well you do at flying! So take a trip and immerse yourself in the fascinating world of flight for $10-12 per individual!

The Dallas World Aquarium

Families can enjoy a wonderful day at the Dallas World Aquarium, one of the essential Dallas landmarks. At the aquarium, you can see sharks, manatees, and exotic fish that are native to different parts of the world.

Better yet, you can even segment your aquarium visit into multiple parts. Meaning, that you can visit different attractions inside ranging from the Amazon Rainforest to the Secrets of the River exhibit.

Regardless of what you decide to see, the Dallas Aquarium is a fun and eye-opening experience. You can get your ticket online to save time. Prices are around $19.95 for children and $29.95 for adults.

Perot Museum Of Nature And Science

The Perot Museum of Nature and Science can be a great way for your kids to stay educated on vacation. It contains dozens of interactive exhibits that will help kids learn about dinosaurs, science, and everything in between.

For children, it is an incredible hands-on learning opportunity that can challenge them. If you are looking to tire your kids out at this insightful landmark in Dallas, admission is around $25.

The Sixth Floor Museum At Dealey Plaza

A premier historic site in Dallas, Texas is the Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza. The plaza and museum are known as the site where Lee Harvey Oswald assassinated JFK during the motorcade. Here you will find a plethora of videos, artifacts, and photos detailing the accounts before and after the event.

You will also get the opportunity to stand where Oswald fired his shot and where JFK died. It is as close to a historical event as you can get. Admission is $18 for adults and $14 for the youth.

Other Famous Landmarks In Dallas

Dallas Zoo

Like the Dallas World Aquarium, the Dallas Zoo is a great way to see animals as well. One of the largest and oldest zoos in the US, it is home to over 2,000 animals. Ranging from giraffes and elephants to hippos and rare birds, this experience is a friendly one.

For family and friends, it is a chance to have some fun riding their monorail and interacting with exotic animals. Admission is $8 per person with a $10 parking pass.

When you visit, remember to wear comfy shoes and bring a camera to capture some exciting moments!

Dallas Farmers Market

To experience the day-to-day lifestyle of locals, the farmers market is one of the best landmarks in Dallas to visit. Located at the corner of Marilla and Hardwood street, this scene has many cuisine options for foodies. Most of the options are artisanal but are sure to leave you full and satisfied.

You can shop and eat everything smoothies, fresh meats, tacos, and more. So, if you need a tasty bite to eat during your vacation, this is your spot.

Discovering Famous Landmarks In Dallas

From the iconic monuments in Dallas to the historical Dealey Plaza, there is nothing short of fun and historic excitement. This Texas city will surely rock your socks when it comes to exploring something outside your comfort zone.

So whether you are new to traveling or a radical nomad, remember that the adventure is out there – all you have to do is go out and find it! There are plenty more interesting Dallas landmarks to uncover and experience.



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