25 Things Ohio is Known and Famous For

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If you’re looking for a fun destination in the United States, be sure to consider Ohio. This Midwest state is often overlooked by tourists, but it has a lot to offer visitors who are interested in history, culture, and nature. Many might wonder what is Ohio known for?

From delicious food to thrilling amusement parks, there’s something for everyone in this great state. Here are some of the things that Ohio is known for that make this Buckeye State unique and worth exploring.  

Famous Food In Ohio

Ohio is known for its delicious food, which ranges from traditional comfort foods to international cuisine. Here are some food and dishes Ohio is known for that you can try.

Cincinnati Chili

No visit to Ohio is complete without trying a Cincinnati chili. This dish was created by Greek immigrants in the early 1900s and has become a staple of the city’s cuisine. It is a thin meat sauce served over spaghetti and topped with shredded cheddar cheese, diced onions, and beans. 

The sauce itself is made with a combination of spices and ingredients, including cinnamon, allspice, cloves, bay leaves, chocolate sauce, garlic salt, cumin, oregano.

It is usually served “five-way” style – which means the spaghetti noodles are covered in sauce and topped with cheese and beans – or in “three-way” style, which omits the beans.

You can find Cincinnati chili at many restaurants throughout the city, but one of the most popular places to try it is at Skyline Chili. This chain was founded in 1949 and now has over 100 locations throughout Ohio.

Cincinnati Chili is one of the most iconic foods that Ohio is known for

Barberton Chicken

Barberton is a small city located about 30 minutes south of Akron. It is home to a large population of Croatian immigrants, who brought their culinary traditions with them when they settled in the area.

One of these traditions is Barberton chicken, a dish made with boneless, skinless chicken that is marinated and then fried.

The chicken is typically served with French fries, along with a side of garlic bread or breadsticks. Some diners will also offer other dipping sauces like ranch dressing or hot sauce for an extra kick.

Barberton chicken can be found at many local restaurants throughout the city, but one of the best places to try it is at Chicken Charlie’s. This restaurant has been serving up its famous chicken since 1978 and now has two locations in Barberton.

Corn and Corn Production

Ohio is one of the top corn-producing states in the United States and is part of the midwestern “Corn Belt” that includes states like Iowa, Illinois, Nebraska, Minnesota, etc. In fact, Ohio produces so much corn that it ranks seventh in the nation for total corn production.

More than half of Ohio is dedicated to farmland and there are over 30000 grain farmers. The majority of the state’s corn crop is used for animal feed, but some of it is also used to make ethanol and corn syrup.

A portion of it is of course, for human consumption and you can grab some tasty corn dishes while in Ohio.

Cheese Coney Hot Dogs

Another favorite dish in Ohio is the cheese coney dog. This is a hot dog covered with a specially-made chili sauce and topped with copious amounts of shredded cheddar cheese. Some variations of this dish also include chopped onions or pickles on top.

Cheese coney dogs are most commonly found at summer festivals and sporting events, but you can find them year-round at restaurants and food trucks throughout the state.

One of the most famous places to try this dish is at Schmidt’s Sausage Haus in Columbus, Ohio. This German deli has been serving cheese coney dogs since 1922 and is known for its large portions and delicious variety of toppings.

Melrose Apples

Ohio is also known for producing some of the best apples in the United States, in particular the Melrose Apple which originated from the state. The Melrose is a dark red apple with sweet white flesh, and it is firm but also juicy to taste.

Some popular varieties of apples grown in Ohio include the Braeburn, Honeycrisp, GoldRush, and Fuji. Each variety has a slightly different flavor profile and is ideal for different uses – whether they are baked into pies or sliced up for snacking.

Ohio is also known for a variety of other local foods, including Buckeye candy (a chocolate and peanut confection), pierogies and sauerkraut (popular in Cleveland’s Polish community), and the famous Dayton-style “Choco Taco.

History, Culture and Traditions

Ohio has a long and proud history, and that generates many interesting cultural elements throughout the years. Here are some history, culture, and traditions Ohio is known for.


Buckeye State ( Buckeye Trees And Candies)

The Buckeye State is aptly named after the official state tree, the buckeye. The buckeye tree is a species of deciduous tree that is native to Ohio and other parts of the Midwest and Great Plains region.

The buckeye tree produces a nut that is similar in appearance to a chestnut, which is where the tree got its name. The nuts are covered in a hard shell that resembles a buck’s eye, and this is where the tree derives its common name.

In addition to being known for its buckeye trees, Ohio is also famous for producing some of the best candies and chocolates in the country. One of the most popular brands of candy originating from Ohio is Buckeye Candies.

Buckeye Candies are made with a peanut butter center that is coated in a chocolate shell. These candies are named after the buckeye nut, and they are a popular treat among both children and adults.

If you are visiting Ohio, be sure to stop by one of the many candy shops and chocolatiers in the state to sample some of the local treats.


Cardinal Birds

Another symbol of Ohio culture and history is the cardinal bird. The cardinal is a bright red songbird that can be found throughout much of Eastern North America, as well as parts of Mexico.

The cardinal is also the state bird of Ohio and has been regarded as a symbol of hope, prosperity, joy, and health.

Whether you are interested in Ohio history or simply enjoy observing beautiful birds, be sure to keep an eye out for the famous red cardinals while visiting this state.

Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame

Ohio is of course known for being the birthplace of rock and roll. And what better way to honor this musical history than by visiting the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland?

The museum opened its doors in 1995 and since then, has welcomed over 9 million visitors. It contains exhibits on a wide range of topics, including the history of rock and roll, famous musicians and their instruments, concert memorabilia, and much more.

If you are a music lover, then a visit to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is a must-do when you’re in Ohio. Whether you are a die-hard fan or just casually interested in rock music, there is something here for everyone to enjoy.

Birthplace of Aviation

Ohio is also known for being the birthplace of aviation. The Wright brothers, Orville and Wilbur, were born in Dayton, Ohio and it was here that they conducted their famous experiments with powered flight.

In recognition of this important historical event, the National Aviation Heritage Area was established in 2006. This area includes several different sites related to the Wright brothers and the history of aviation, such as the Wright-Dunbar Interpretive Center and Huffman Prairie Flying Field.

If you are interested in learning more about the history of aviation or the Wright brothers, then a visit to the National Aviation Heritage Area is a must.

The State of Presidents

Ohio is known as the “birthplace of presidents” because at least seven U.S. presidents were born in the state. These include William Henry Harrison, Ulysses S. Grant, Rutherford B. Hayes amongst others.

Ohio is also the home of many presidential sites and museums, which are great places to learn more about these famous men and their impact on American history.

Some of these sites include the William Henry Harrison Tomb State Memorial, the Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center, and the James A. Garfield National Historic Site.

In addition to being the birthplace of presidents, Ohio is also known as a swing state in presidential elections. This means that the outcome of the election can often be decided by the votes from Ohio, making it a very important state in terms of politics.

Amusement Parks

Ohio is known for being a major hub of the amusement park industry, with many exciting theme parks scattered throughout its cities. These parks often offer thrilling roller coasters, water slides, Ferris wheels, and other fun rides that appeal to both kids and adults.

Some of the most popular amusement parks in Ohio include Cedar Point, Kings Island, and Geauga Lake. These parks attract visitors from all over the Midwest and beyond, and they are a great place to enjoy a day of fun with friends or family.

Sports And Teams In Ohio

Ohio is known for the many sports teams across the state in different cities.

American Football

Ohio is also home to several professional and collegiate sports teams, including the Cincinnati Bengals (NFL), the Cleveland Browns (NFL), the Cleveland Cavaliers (NBA), and the Ohio State Buckeyes (NCAA).

While all of these teams are worth watching, one of Ohio’s most famous sports teams is the Buckeyes. The Ohio State Buckeyes are one of the most successful college football teams in the country, with 8 national championships, 37 conference titles, and over 700 all-time wins.

No matter what your favorite sport is or which Ohio team you support, there is something for everyone in this great state.

 First Professional Baseball Team

The Cincinnati Reds are the first professional baseball team, and they have a long and storied history. The team was founded in 1869, and they played their first game against the Louisville Colonels.

The Reds have won five World Series championships, and they are one of the most successful teams in Major League Baseball history.

The team has also produced some of the greatest players in baseball history, including Babe Ruth, Hank Aaron, and Pete Rose.

Cities And Travel Destinations

Whether you’re a local resident or just visiting for a short time, Ohio has something for everyone and is a great place to experience all the best that the midwest has to offer. Here are some cities and travel destinations Ohio is famous for

Columbus is one of the major cities Ohio is known for


The capital of Ohio is also one of the most vibrant and exciting cities in the state.

With its rich history and cultural attractions, Columbus has something for everyone. Whether you are interested in world-class museums and art galleries, or outdoor recreation like biking and hiking, Columbus has it all.

Some of the most popular attractions in Columbus include the Franklin Park Conservatory, the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, and the Center of Science and Industry.

In addition to its many attractions, Columbus is also home to a variety of professional sports teams including the Columbus Blue Jackets (NHL), the Columbus Crew (MLS), and the Ohio State Buckeyes (NCAA).

So if you are looking for a fun and exciting destination in Ohio, be sure to plan a trip to Columbus!


Cincinnati is another popular destination in Ohio. Like Columbus, Cincinnati has a rich history and many cultural attractions. This city is famous for its Reds baseball team, as well as its chili restaurants.

Some of the most popular attractions in Cincinnati include the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden, the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center, and the Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame and Museum. With all the state parks in the area, it is also home to some of the best beaches in Ohio.

In addition to its museums and art galleries, Cincinnati is also a great place to enjoy outdoor activities like biking, hiking, and boating. Whether you are looking for a relaxing weekend getaway or an exciting city break, Cincinnati is another great city to visit in Ohio.


Ohio is most commonly known for its major city, Cleveland. This metropolis is home to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, as well as the Cleveland Indians baseball team.

Cleveland is famous for its vibrant art and music scenes as well as its numerous professional sports teams.

Other notable things about Ohio include the Ohio State Fair, which is held every summer and attracts visitors from all over the state, and the beautiful Hocking Hills region, known for its rolling hills and abundance of outdoor activities.


Famous People From Ohio

Some renowned personalities were born or have lived in Ohio, here are some famous people from Ohio.

Neil Armstrong

The first man to walk on the moon, Neil Armstrong was born in Wapakoneta, Ohio in 1930. He began his career as a test pilot for the U.S. Air Force and then went on to become an astronaut with NASA. In 1969, he made history when he became the first person to step foot on the moon.

After returning to Earth, Armstrong continued to work as an aerospace engineer and university professor. He died in 2012 at the age of 82.

John Glenn

The first American to orbit the Earth, John Glenn was born in Cambridge, Ohio in 1921. A decorated pilot during World War II and the Korean War, Glenn then joined NASA and flew on the Friendship 7 mission in 1962. After his historic journey into space, Glenn went on to serve as a U.S. Senator from Ohio for over 25 years.

Glenn died in 2016 at the age of 95 and was remembered as one of the greatest figures in American history. His legacy will live on through the books, documentaries, and films inspired by his life.

LeBron James

One of the greatest basketball players of all time, LeBron James was born in Akron, Ohio in 1984. He began playing basketball at a young age and quickly distinguished himself as one of the top athletes in the country.

In 2003, he became the number one overall draft pick and was chosen to play for the Cleveland Cavaliers. James went on to have an illustrious career with the Cavs, leading them to their first NBA championship in 2016.

He has also played for Miami Heat and the Los Angeles Lakers, bringing home three championships with each team. Today, James remains one of the most recognizable sports figures in the world.

Annie Oakley

A famous sharpshooter and wild west performer, Annie Oakley was born in Darke County, Ohio in 1860. She rose to fame after winning a shooting contest against legendary marksman Buffalo Bill Cody. She then joined his Wild West Show, where she amazed audiences with her skillful shooting.

Oakley was one of the first female media superstars and her story has been told in countless books, films, and documentaries. Her legacy lives on as an inspiration to women everywhere who want to succeed in the face of adversity.

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Architecture And Landmarks

There are many fun and interesting landmarks in Ohio that will make for a fun experience in this midwest state. Here are a few of the famous landmarks Ohio is known for.

The World’s Largest Cuckoo Clock

The world’s largest cuckoo clock is located in SugarCreek, Ohio, and is an impressive sight to behold. The clock tower stands at 23 feet tall and is adorned with Swiss-style carvings and decorations.

The clock itself is 24 feet wide and it “chimes” every 30 minutes where you can see the cuckoo bird and band playing traditional music. It was created in 1972 and was moved from its original location in Wilmot to the Little Switzerland of Ohio – SugarCreek

If you find yourself in Ohio, make sure to stop by SugarCreek to see the world’s largest cuckoo clock for yourself.

Cedar Point

Cedar Point is an amusement park located in Sandusky, Ohio. It is known as the ” roller coaster capital of the world” and features over 70 rides, including 17 roller coasters.

Cedar Point has been in operation since 1870 and is the second-oldest operating amusement park in the United States. It is also home to the world’s tallest and fastest roller coaster, the Millennium Force.

If you love thrills and excitement, then Cedar Point is the place to be. Whether you’re a seasoned adrenaline junkie or just looking for a fun day out with friends and family, you’ll find something to keep you entertained at this amazing amusement

Credit: zrfphoto – The National Museum of the US Air Force

National Museum Of The United States Air Force

The National Museum of the United States Air Force is located at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base near Dayton, Ohio. It is the largest and oldest military aviation museum in the world, with over 360 aircraft and missiles on display.

The museum traces the history of aviation from the early days of powered flight to the Space Age. Visitors can also explore interactive exhibits, watch flight demonstrations, and even tour the Presidential aircraft.

If you’re a fan of aviation history or just looking for an exciting day out, be sure to check out the National Museum of the United States Air Force while in Ohio. Whether you’re a seasoned pilot or just interested in planes and helicopters, you’re sure to find something to marvel at in this incredible museum.

Pro Football Hall Of Fame

Located in Canton, Ohio, the Pro Football Hall of Fame is a must-visit destination for sports fans around the world. This iconic institution showcases the history of professional football and honors its greatest players, coaches, and contributors.

Some of the highlights of the museum include a recreation of Vince Lombardi’s office and Super Bowl trophies, interactive exhibits, and a chance to see the Hall of Fame Gallery which features busts of every inductee.

Even if you’re not a die-hard football fan, the Pro Football Hall of Fame is still worth a visit. It’s a unique museum that celebrates an important part of American culture and history.

Cleveland Westside Market

Westside Market is a historic public market in Cleveland. The market dates back to 1840 and is one of the oldest continuously operated public markets in the United States.

Westside Market is home to over 100 vendors selling a variety of goods, including fresh produce, meats, seafood, flowers, baked goods, and more. There are also many restaurants and food stands, offering a wide range of cuisines.

Whether you’re looking for fresh produce or delicious food, Westside Market is the place to be. This iconic public market is a popular local landmark in Cleveland– so be sure to stop by next time you’re in Ohio.

Many More Things Ohio Is Known And Famous For

These are just a few things that Ohio is known for. Ohio is a great state for travelers who want to experience everything America has to offer. From its vibrant cities and charming small towns to its world-famous amusement parks and awe-inspiring museums, Ohio has something for everyone.

Be sure to explore all that the Buckeye State has to offer – and you will discover more things that Ohio is known and famous for! Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or just looking for a fun day out, there are endless sights and attractions to explore in Ohio.



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