10 Tasty Cypriot Desserts And Sweets To Try

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Traditional Cypriot cuisine has some fantastic foods. Whilst their meze plates, mains, and soups are perhaps the main attraction, we cannot forget the Cypriot desserts and sweets. When planning a trip to Cyrpus, it would be crazy to not try some of their tasty desserts once you arrive.

From pastries to cakes to sweets, there will be something for any time of day and every type of sweet tooth out there. These are just a few of the options you will discover during your time in Cyprus. When you finished your meal, or if you fancy a break at a cafe on your adventures, you will be spoilt for choice.

Cypriot Sweets

The Cypriots have created some delightful sweets which are very unique to Cyprus. They have also tastefully added their own twist on some imports. Most of these sweet treats are travel-friendly, so if you want to treat a loved one back home or just relive memories from your holiday in Cyprus, you can grab some at a supermarket or at the airport.

Pasteli (Carob Syrup Sweet)

Pasteli is a traditional Cypriot sweet, made primarily from carob syrup and with some sesame seeds or ground peanuts added into the mix. The syrup is boiled and left to cool before being cut into thin bars.

This Cypriot sweet tastes quite similar to caramel. Depending on where you buy this treat, it can range from chewy to crispy. If you’re not a fan of sesame seeds or nuts, this treat can be found ‘pure’ as well, without the addition of extra ingredients.

Loukoumi (Turkish Delight)


Outside of the Middle East and the Mediterranean, this sweet is more commonly known as Turkish Delight. In its most traditional form, it is a gel-like square sweet, dusted with powdered sugar. It is a tasty sweet which is regularly enjoyed with a cup of coffee. The sweetness of the Loukoumi balances out the bitterness of the coffee.

You’ll find this Cypriot sweet in cafes, bakeries, and supermarkets. They come in a wide variety of flavors, such as rose, bergamot, almonds and so much more. If you get the time, there is also a Loukoumi factory in Cyprus on the South West part of the island. You can see how they make this sweet, as well as buy some from their shop.

Glyko Tou Koutalio (Sweet Spoon)

Also known as Gliko, this Cypriot sweet is candied preserved vegetables, nuts, or fruits. You will find this served on a small spoon with a small glass of water on the side to help with the sweetness.

This sweet preserve can be made with anything from nuts, cherries, figs, and watermelon rind to almost any sort of fruit or vegetable. It looks like a very colorful and chunky marmalade. Vanilla and cinnamon are commonly used to enhance the flavor; it is tasty yet quite a sweet treat.

You’ll also find this sold in a jar, which is a great gift to take home or keep some for yourself! As long as your store it correctly, your Cypriot souvenir treat can last months, even years!

Pastries In Cypriot Desserts

Cyprus desserts are full of pastry delights, and the options available are so varied. You’ll find plenty of bakeries, cafes, and restaurants selling different flavors of these pastries; you just need to make the hard decision of what to order.

Loukoumades (Fried Honey Dough Balls)


These are the Cypriot versions of a donut, and they look like little balls that have been cut out of the middle of a donut. They are very light and fluffy with a golden and crisp shell. After they have been deep fried, they will be soaked in honey and finished off with a dusting of cinnamon, nuts, or sesame seeds.

Loukoumades are popular amongst food stalls where they will be cooked in front of you. You will also find this tasty Cypriot dessert in plenty of cafes across the island. These moreish little bites are always best served hot and fresh.

Koulourakia (Twisted Wreath Dough)


Koulourakia are little buttery pastries. They are hand formed into various different shapes, from circles, figures of eight, twisted wreaths, circles, and more. These Cypriot desserts are not overly sweet and have a crunchy yet quite a soft texture to them. They go very well with a cup of tea or coffee.

Many places will have their own twist on this Cypriot dessert with some adding some vanilla or orange blossom. It also works well with some sesame seeds drizzled on top before they are baked. Koulourakia is generally eaten around Easter, so if you are traveling to Cyprus at this time of year, definitelygrab some.

Flouna (Cheese Sweet Pastry)


This Cypriot dessert is also known as Flaouna, depending on the region you find it. It is popular amongst locals, especially around Lent. The sweet pastry serves as a replacement for locals during this holy holiday.

Flouna is a layered parcel stuffed with raisins, cheese, and some fresh herbs. Sesame seeds are then sprinkled on top before being cooked to a golden perfection.

If you travel to Cyprus after Easter, they will be made for a few weeks after, so keep an eye out on the bakeries and cafes for these parcels.

Bourekia (Cheese Pastry)


You may think this is similar to Flouna but it differs in the type of pastry used and the flavors contained within. Bourekia is made with flakey phyllo pastry and stuffed with cheese before being deep-fried.

This cheesy parcel will come filled with sugar, cinnamon, and a traditional Cypriot cheese called Anari. This is a relatively soft and slightly sweet whey cheese. Bourekia is quite a cute little pastry sold all year round in bakeries, food stalls, and cafes. Trust us, this sweet cheese pastry is as tasty as it looks.

Whilst popular as a sweet item, this pastry can be turned into a savory dish and eaten as part of a lunch meal or in a meze.

Baklava (Sweet Layered Pastry)


This is a well-known pastry throughout the Middle East, and very popular as a dessert in Cyprus. Baklava comes layered up with phyllo pastry or unleavened dough, with several layers of nuts and honey inside.

Some will say that this dish was invented in the Ottoman Empie, whilst there are some sources saying its history goes back even further back to Persia, with one recipe dating back to the 13th century. This is an ancient dessert that is well loved in the modern era and slowly making its way into bakeries and cafes worldwide.

Cakes In Cyprus Desserts

Coffee and cake is a wonderful combination, or tea if that is your hot drink of choice. Whilst exploring Cyprus, there is nothing quite like discovering a cafe frequented by the locals. Enjoy a classic Cypriot dessert as you watch the world go by. Breathe it all in, eat that cake, and enjoy a well-deserved rest.

Shamali (Semolina Cake)


Of all the delicious Cypriot Desserts, Shamali is one cake you must try while in Cyprus. A variation on the Middle East Basbousa, this cake is primarily made with semolina and the resin matsoni, which helps to add a unique flavor to this dessert.

It is quite a light and spongy cake. Some chefs and bakers will soak Shamali in either orange or lemon syrup once it is baked. You will see this in almost all bakeries, cafes, and some restaurants throughout Cyprus. 

Ekmek Kadayifi (Bread and Cream Cake)

Ekmek Kadayifi is another delicacy that originates in the Ottoman Empire; this well-known Turkish dessert has made the jump to Cyprus. Since then, it has become a firm favorite amongst locals and tourists alike.

As you may have guessed, this cake contains bread, more notably using stale bread or rusks. The bread is soaked in a caramel sherbet before being served with cream. You will also find another version where it is made more like a traditional cake, but with the sherbert soaking.

If you can find both variations, I recommend you give both a taste. Either way, it’s an unusual cake you may not see outside of this corner of the world. Try it on your travels either from a bakery or in a cafe with a cup of delicious Cypriot coffee.

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Sampling The Tasty Cypriot Desserts And Sweets

Cyprus desserts offer a great range of options and varieties for any sweet tooth visiting this country.

With such positive influences from surrounding countries on their desserts, you will find some sweet treats here that you may have tried elsewhere on your travels in the Mediterannean; or even back home on your own shores.

However, there is nothing quite like the traditional Cypriot dessert as well as their unique takes on their neighbors’ imports.

From a mid-afternoon sweet treat of Pasteli to a Shamali in a charming cafe on a back street, there are plenty of options to round off a fabulous Cypriot meal. The smells and tastes from any Cypriot desserts will surely have you back on Cyprus shores, at least in memory.



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