20 Interesting And Fun Facts About Cyprus

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Cyprus Island is perhaps one of the most beautiful places you can visit as it has an abundance of animals, plants, charming architecture, and much more. However, it has had a tough history that deterred people from visiting this beautiful island. Because of this, it is crucial to know the facts about Cyprus that make this place majestic.

If you are planning on visiting this island anytime soon, you are in the right place. Here are the important facts about Cyprus to know about.

General Facts About Cyprus

Here are the top Cyprus facts you need to know to understand the history and characteristics of this island.

It Is The Mediterranean Sea’s 3rd Largest Island

Cyprus is located in the Eastern Mediterranean, and it is the third-largest island in this region. The two largest islands that take up first and second place include Sicily and Sardinia. On the other hand, Cyprus is also the most populated island of all.

The Country Gets Around 320 Days Of Sun Annually

Anyone looking for a sunny place to vacation should include Cyprus in their list. That is because the island enjoys the sun for at least 320 days out of the year. Besides that, rainfall is also abundant here, as Cyprus receives more than forty days of rainfall throughout the year.

Nicosia Has Had Continuous Human Inhabitation Since 2500 BCE

Nicosia is the capital of this island, and it has had human inhabitation since the Late Bronze Age. Even though other settlements during this time died out, the one in Nicosia continued to thrive with time. During these times, Nicosia had another name, as people called it, Ledra.

It Is The First Country To Have Their Map On The Flag

An interesting historical fact about Cyprus is that it is the first country to have its map on the flag. The reason for this is to signify the neutrality and peace that exists between the communities that live on the island. It was not always like this, which is why the flag is a powerful symbol for this reminder.

Fun Facts About Cyprus For Tourists

Cyprus is a great destination for anyone who wants to enjoy the island life. Before you visit, it is important to understand Cyprus fun facts that make this place a unique gem to visit.

Paphos Is Listed As A UNESCO World Heritage Site

Paphos is a city, and the entire city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Anyone that is interested in history will love coming here and getting to know more about this wonder. Some of the top highlights of this city include the Paphos Mosaics and Tombs of the Kings that you must witness when you visit.

It Is One Of The Oldest Wine Producing Countries

This is one exciting fact about Cyprus for wine lovers to note. Cyprus is one of the oldest producers of wine because it has been growing on the island for more than 6000 years.

However, when it comes to production quantity, the country is ranked around 50th. Be sure to try out the Commandaria wine when you are here, as its unique flavor comes from sun-dried grapes.

The Cuisine Is Excellent

People in Cyprus love dining, and they can spend many hours with their friends and family during lunch. Cypriot food is some of the most diverse due to its surrounding influence. You should definitely sample some classic dishes from the cuisine when you visit.

We recommend trying out Koupepia, Halloumi, and the variety of grilled meat available. Don’t forget to also sink your teeth into some satisfying Cypriot desserts and sweets after.

It Has Some Of The Cleanest Beaches In Europe

This is one proud fact about Cyprus that will excite all beach lovers. The island holds the title of having some of the cleanest beaches in Europe. So, when you come here, you must visit the beaches and take a dip in the beautiful and clean waters.

Interesting Facts About Cyprus That You Didn’t Know Before

Cyprus has a long history that also makes it one of the most fascinating islands to exist. Here are some interesting facts about Cyprus that highlight its history and much more.

Aphrodite Was Born Here

According to the local legends, Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of love, was born here. Petra tou Romiou is a rock that is known as Aphrodite’s Rock by the locals. That is because the locals say this is where Aphrodite first came out of the sea, and you can visit this at Aphrodite’s Beach, which is an incredible place to soak in the sun in Cyprus.

The Most Popular Folk Dance In Cyprus Is The Syrtos

The Syrtos is the traditional folk dance that you will find in Cyprus. It is performed by women and men in circles. You will see this dance taking place during religious festivals, weddings, and important social festivities and occasions. 

he First Permanent Housing

You will find the first record of permanent housing in Cyprus between the highway of Limassol and Nicosia. These are in the Chirokitia form, and the huts are outlined from the Neolithic periods. Because of this, it is an important prehistoric site that you can visit while you are on the island.

The Oldest Perfumes Were Discovered In Cyprus

One of the lesser-known yet fascinating Cyprus facts is that archaeologists found some of the oldest perfumes in the world here. There was a perfume factory that was located here more than four thousand years ago. This is around the Bronze Age, which is when a lot of skills by the people here were booming.  


Cyprus Facts For Kids

Cyprus is often overlooked in geography, however, kids should know about Cyprus because it is an important Mediterranean Island. Here are some of the interesting Cyprus facts for kids to get them started.

People Here Speak Three Languages

The two official languages of Cyprus include Turkish and Greek. However, people on the island speak three languages. These include Turkish, Greek, and English, as they need the third one to communicate with other people that visit the island.  

The Country Used To Be Governed By The British

Between 1925 and 1960, the British governed Cyprus, and this was the time for a lot of political instability on the island. Finally, on August 16th, 1960, the island became independent, but the people celebrate Independence Day on October 1st. The day includes a military parade and many festivals.

140 Species Of Flowering Plants Exist Nowhere In The World But Cyprus

There are more than 1,900 species of flowering plants around the world. Out of all of these, you will find 140 of these species in Cyprus. The island is filled with natural beauty, such as plants and flowers, that make it one of the most beautiful places to visit.

The Cyprus Mouflon Are Only Found Here

The Cyprus Mouflon is a rare sheep that you will only find on the island and nowhere else. According to researchers, this sheep variety was brought by prehistoric Cypriots around 9000 BC. Their origin is said to come from wild Asian sheep during that time.

Facts About Cyprus Culture And Traditions

Here are some facts about Cyprus culture and traditions to help you understand the people and what to expect from this island.

Taxi Drivers Will Not Give You Change

Yes, you will find that many taxi drivers here will not give you the change because they use it as a tip. That is why we recommend that you offer exact change to your taxi drivers when you visit. Otherwise, make sure that you tip.

People Here Love Food

Cypriots absolutely love food and trying out new places. That is why an average citizen will go to their favorite restaurant on the island at least once a week.

There Is A Tree That Fulfills Wishes

As you enter Paphos, you will find the Christian catacombs, where there will be a tree at the entrance. People believe this tree fulfills the wishes of people. You have to tie something to the tree while wishing for what you want, and the tree will grant it.

People Here Are Known As Turkish Cypriots And Greek Cypriots

There are two types of people you will find on the island: Turkish Cypriots and Greek Cypriots. This will depend on the part of the island where the person lives. Both residents live in peace and harmony after decades of strife during British rule.

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Discovering More Fun Facts About Cyprus

These are some of the interesting facts about Cyprus to learn more about the country and get you planning. Cyprus is a beautiful island with helpful people and great food that will make for a memorable trip.

Take the chance to explore the island and discover even more about the island. You are sure to experience and uncover more cultural and historical facts about Cyprus for yourself.



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