27 Interesting And Fun Facts About Finland

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As you go east from Sweden and Norway, you will find Finland, one of the top Nordic regions. The people are happy, the coffee is amazing, and the region has a lot to offer to its residents and visitors. One way to learn and appreciate this before visiting is to know the various facts about Finland.

If you want to enhance your knowledge about this country, you are in the right place. Here are some fun and interesting facts about Finland that will blow your mind.

General Facts About Finland

There are some things that everyone must be familiar with before they visit Finland. These tell a lot about the country and will help you boost your understanding. So, here are some of the top facts about Finland.

In 2020, It Was Listed As The Happiest Country In The World

Two years ago, Finland was listed as the happiest country in the world in the World Happiness Report by the UN. The ranking is done after taking into consideration freedom, life expectancy, generosity, economic strength, and much more. Finland is consistently at the top portion of the list.

The Finnish Language Is Different From Scandinavian Languages

Many people think that the language has its roots in Scandinavian. However, this is not true because the Finnish language is part of the language family Uralic. The closest relative of this language family is Hungarian.

Finland Has More Than 187,000 Lakes

One of the top facts about Finland is that it has hundreds of thousands of lakes. That is why the country is also called the land of a thousand lakes. You can enjoy lots of watersports on the lakes or you can visit them to relax and enjoy the serene atmosphere.

There is something for everyone here, which is why you must visit some of the top lakes when here. If you love the water, Finland should be at the top of your bucket list destinations.

Finns Love To Have A Savory Breakfast

Various regions in Europe love a sweet breakfast, but the same is not the case in Finland. People have a simple and savory breakfast here. These include items such as cold cuts, cheese, and butter.

On the other hand, if you want a sweet breakfast, then the closest you will get to it is porridge with some fruits and sweets. So, if you are someone that loves having sugary breakfasts, you might not find a lot of variety in Finland.

Regardless, traditional Finnish food has plenty to offer different tastebuds so be sure to eat your way around the country.

74% Of The Country Has Forests

Finland beats all other European countries when it comes to forests. That is because 74% of the country has forests. The best part is that you can go forage, camp, and do anything you like as long as you keep the place clean.

October 13th Is the National Day Of Failure

Finnish people celebrate their mistakes and learn from them. That is why October 13th is the National Day of Failure. This is when people celebrate setbacks.

It is a great way for people to realize that failure is nothing but redirection that will help you do better in the future. The outlook on setbacks is incredibly positive, which is why even you can visit on this day to celebrate any setback you have had in life.

Helsinki Has The Cleanest Air In The World

The capital of Finland is one of the top ten cities in the world with the cleanest air. The forests also ensure that the air quality is high and clean in Finland.

You will notice this difference as soon as you land. Anyone that is looking to move to a place with great air quality should consider Finland.

Fun Facts About Finland That Make The Place Interesting

There are a lot of things that make Finland an interesting place to be. After all, it has a lot to offer to anyone that comes from different parts of the world. Here are some fun facts about Finland that will make you book a trip.

It Is The Best Place To View The Northern Lights

Everyone wants to witness the Northern lights at least once in their life, and Finland is the place you should go to. The lights appear more than two hundred times in the sky just above Lapland.

You can book a tour guide and visit these lights or you can go on an adventure on your own. Many people come here with their significant others as it is one of the most romantic and serene sights you will see that will make you believe the world is truly a magical place.

The Heavy Metal Music Scene In Finland Is Thriving

Heavy metal is dying around the world, but not in Finland. The country even has a dinosaur heavy metal band for their children that teach them life lessons. That is why even the children love listening to such music in Finland. Of course, if you are an adult, you will find many metal bands in different places in Finland.

It is one of the best places to be if you want to discover great metal music. You will find some strong heavy metal culture here.

You Have The Right To Public Access In Finland

One of the top fun facts about Finland is that you have the freedom to roam and public access. This means you can forage flowers, berries, and mushrooms. Besides that, you can also walk, camp, and take in nature as long as you don’t indulge in littering.

Finland Has Some Of The Best Education In The World

Even at the university level, Finland offers free education to residents and Non-EU nationals. Of course, you will have to learn Swedish or Finnish to gain this opportunity.

Besides that, children don’t go to school till they are 7, and no one receives grades until grade eight. The system works great, and even the students are happy with the education system in the country.

It Offers Excellent Postnatal Care

Postnatal care in Finland is excellent. Mothers can stay home for one year after giving birth while getting their salary and other benefits.

Besides that, when children are born, they sleep in cardboard boxes that are provided by the government along with any other necessities. When the parents need to use public transportation with their newborn in a stroller, they don’t have to pay.


Finland Culture Facts

The culture of a place gives you a glimpse into the land and the people. Here are the top Finland culture facts you need to know about.

People Here Are The Biggest Coffee Drinkers In The World

Most people don’t know this, but the people in Finland consume the most coffee in the world. The average Finn consumes at least twelve kilos of coffee each year.

Yes, that might sound shocking, but it is not a lot for the people of Finland. Even eight cups a day is not thought to be a lot of coffee. So, if you live here, you might be able to justify the coffee addiction with the culture.

Finns Are Completely Comfortable With Silence

One of the top Finland cultural facts is that you don’t have to fill the silence. They are perfectly comfortable with silence and don’t like to fill it with meaningless words.

Most Children Have Two Birthday Celebrations In Finland

The children are also happy in Finland because they get to have two birthday celebrations. One with their family and the other with friends.

The Finnish Sauna Is Part Of The Heritage Of The Country

The people are mad about saunas, as the country has two million. You will find them everywhere, from cabins to apartments to even big companies.

The country can get incredibly cold, and a sauna can provide some much-needed comfort. Whenever you feel cold in Finland, just find a sauna near you and relax. That is what everyone else does too.

Even The Parliament Has A Sauna

Yes, the parliament has a sauna, and officials can even debate there. The sauna is an important part of the culture that will never go away.

Weird Facts About Finland

There are some things every country does that might seem odd to others. So, here are the weird facts about Finland.

The Country Hosts Many Odd Competitions

You will find some of the oddest sports and competitions here. These include air guitar, wife-carrying championship, swamp football, mobile phone throwing, mosquito-hunting competition, and more.

During June And July, The Sun Will Not Drop Below The Horizon

The country is known for the midnight sun. In June and July, the sun will stay above the horizon. This is a unique phenomenon up north and one of the things Finland is famous for.

You Can Hire Igloos For Your Stay

If you don’t want to stay in a hotel in Finland, you can always book your stay in an igloo. You can stay at a temperature of -3C in these igloos even when it is -30C outside.

You Have To Keep The Car Headlights On Even In The Day

Yes, even during the day, you have to keep your car headlights on in the day. This is done for safety, making it one of the top weird facts about Finland.

The Surface Area Of Finland Continues To Increase Each Year

Each year, Finland keeps on increasing in surface area. That is because it is still recovering from the glaciers during the ice age that was so heavy they sunk the land inside the sea.

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Interesting Facts About Finland

There are many interesting facts about Finland that make this country an interesting place to be. It will make your trip to Finland better too.

Angry Birds Began in Finland

The mobile game Angry Birds started in Finland. Students found the game in 2003. However, it is not the only popular game to originate here, as even Snake on Nokia is Finnish.

The people are known for being innovative and creating some great games. Anyone that loves Snakes or Angry Birds should visit Finland to see what the people and country is all about.

People In Finland Learn Swedish During Their Secondary Education

All people of Finland learn Swedish during their secondary schooling. It is an important language in the country that everyone knows.

Most Of The Foreign Population Of Finland Lives In Helsinki

Most of the foreign population lives in Helsinki. These include people with Somali, Indian, and many other backgrounds from around the world. In 2020, there were more than 420,000 people living in Finland with a foreign background.

The Population Of Finland Is Slightly Higher Than Norway

The population of Finland is a little bigger than the population of Norway, according to the statistics. By the end of Mid-2020, around 5,500,000 people lived in Finland. However, there were more than 5,300,000 people living in Norway at the time.

Lord Of The Rings Language Is Based On Finnish

This is one of the best interesting facts about Finland for all The Lord of The Rings fans. The author based the High Elvish Language on Finnish. That is because he was going through a myth story known as The Kalevala in Finland, and this inspired him to create the language.

Discovering More Fun Facts About Finland

These are some of the top facts about Finland that hopefully encourage you visit this country. It is the happiest country in the world, you can roam freely and forage, and there is a lot that the culture and people have to offer.

So, what are you waiting for? One of the happiest countries in the world is just a plane ticket away. Be sure to visit and check out some of the famous landmarks in Finland.



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