20 Interesting And Fun Facts About Ukraine

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Ukraine is not one of the most popular countries for people to visit or learn more about. However, it is perhaps the most interesting country to visit. Here are some interesting and fun facts about Ukraine to help you learn more about this underrated destination.

Common Facts About Ukraine

Here are some of the common Ukraine facts that will help you see this country in a great light.

The Country Has The Third-Most Beautiful Language Worldwide

There are many languages in the world that are beautiful, but people don’t think about Ukrainian in this way. The two most beautiful languages in the world are often said to be Persian and French. Ukrainian actually comes in third at a linguistic contest in 1934 held in Paris.

It Is The 2nd-Largest Country In Europe


The second-largest country in Europe is Ukraine, as it goes on from Russia from the east towards Poland on the west side. It is more than 603,000 square kilometers. France is the largest country in Europe, and Ukraine comes on number two.

It Has Some Of The Most Beautiful Women In The World


Many people may not know these Ukrainian facts, but the country is also known for beautiful women. The Traveller’s Digest voted Ukrainian women as the third-most beautiful women in the world. When you visit the country, you will know why that is true.

Ukraine Is Home To The Largest Plane In The World


Ukraine has built the largest plane in the world. Antonov Design Bureau designed this plane, and it is known as the Antonov An-225 Mriya. It has six turbofan engines, and it is the only plane made of its kind.

Fun Facts About Ukraine For Travelers

Are you planning to visit Ukraine anytime soon? Here are some fun facts about Ukraine you should know to make your trip better.

You Will Find Seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites Here


Ukraine is home to seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites. These include Monastic Buildings in Kyiv, Chersonesus, Saint-Sophia Cathedral, and many others. Don’t forget to visit these famous landmarks in Ukraine.

The Tunnel Of Love Is One Of The Most Popular Tourist Attractions


A popular attraction in Ukraine is the Tunnel of Love. It is a section of an industrial railway that has lush greenery all around it. Regardless if you are visiting Ukraine with your significant other, this is a beautiful and serene place to check out.

The Tallest Peak In Ukraine Is Mount Hoverla


Here is an exciting Ukrainian fact for people that love extreme sports. The tallest peak in Ukraine is Mount Hoverla, and it is perhaps the most famous spot for adventure sports too. The peak is a part of the Carpathian Mountains that travelers can visit.

Chornobyl Is Here


Travelers can visit the site of Chornobyl, but they will have to apply for a permit to get into the Exclusion Zone. It will enable you to visit the site and take a tour of this infamous location.

This is a site of a nuclear power plant disaster that happened in 1986. The city of Prypiat was also abandoned because of this incident.

The Deepest Metro Station Worldwide Is In Ukraine


Arsenalna is the deepest metro station worldwide, as it is more than 105 meters below ground level. The construction happened during the cold war, as it was meant to protect the people from any threat.

Atlas Weekend Festival Takes Place Here


One of the fun facts about Ukraine is that the Atlas Weekend Festival takes place annually. It is a popular music and arts festival that has many local and international artists performing. The event attracts more than 500,000 people from around the world each year.


Interesting Facts About Ukraine That You Didn’t Know Before

Here are some of the most interesting facts about Ukraine.

The Country Has A National Soup


The national soup of Ukraine is Borscht. It is made of beets, beef, cabbage, and some other vegetables. Everything from the color to the taste of this dish is a delight for the eyes and mouth. Ukrainian food and cuisine are one of the highlights of the country.

It Is Known As The Bread Basket Of Europe


One of the interesting Ukraine facts is that some call it the bread basket of Europe. That is because the country has perfect conditions for growing wheat. In fact, about 40% of the wheat in the World Food Program comes from Ukraine. The country is also a major grain producer with big exports of barley and corn.

Ukraine Is The Largest Producer Of Sunflower Seeds


In addition, the country produces the most sunflower seeds in the world. As you travel the country, you will find yellow beauties everywhere.

Chicken Kiev Is Not From Kyiv


Contrary to the name, this dish is not from Kyiv. The dish was probably not invented in the country of Ukraine at all. Many believe that the dish was invented in Paris, France. It was, however, created by a Ukrainian chef who was born in Kiev, thus explaining the name.

It Is One Of The Youngest Countries Worldwide

The country gained independence in 1991 after the Soviet Union fell apart. That makes Ukraine one of the youngest countries in the world. The people are also some of the friendliest that you will find. It is a young country that is progressing in IT and agriculture.

Ukraine Culture Facts

Here are some Ukraine culture facts that will offer you a glimpse into the people.

People Wear Wedding Rings On The Right Hand


An interesting fact about Ukraine is that all Ukrainians wear their wedding rings on the right hand. This is in alignment with Christian Orthodox beliefs. 

The Country Consumers 13.9 Liters Of Alcohol Per Capita Annually


The people in Ukraine consume more than 13 liters of alcohol per capita annually, according to the WHO. The country comes in the sixth rank of consuming alcohol.

The National Drink Is Horilka


Horilka is the national drink, which means burning water. Adventurous drinkers can try it out in Ukraine. The drink is made of a strong concentration of ethyl alcohol and can be infused with different flavors like pepper, honey, or ginger.

Most Of The People Have Not Travelled Abroad

At least 88% of the locals have never gone abroad. Besides that, 36% of people have not gone outside their local region.

Vyshyvanka Is The National Costume


The national costume of the country is Vyshyvanla. The embroidery work on it is beautiful, and it is sewn using hands. The costume is worn by women and men alike.

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Discovering More Fun Facts About Ukraine

These are some of the most interesting facts about Ukraine. The country is filled with culture, food, and drinks. Amongst the friendly people, beautiful scenery, and black sea beaches, there are plenty more Ukrainian facts waiting for visitors to discover and experience.



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