20 Interesting And Fun Facts About Andorra [Explained]

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Despite being a relatively small European country, one of the top facts about Andorra is that it receives more than 5 million tourists every year. It is a popular destination even during the winter due to the numerous fun activities on offer.

If you are planning a trip, here are some interesting Andorra facts to know about so you can understand more about the country.

Historical Facts About Andorra

Below are some interesting facts about Andorra and its history.

Romanesque Art Is Its Historical Legacy

Andorra is known for its Romanesque art that contributes to the country’s legacy. The nation has more than 40 churches and chapels with unique rural art. Most of these historical sites were famous for social gatherings or religious events in earlier centuries.

This is why the art in these places is considered a gem by many citizens of Andorra. The best thing is that most of the sites and structures are still pretty well-preserved.

Andorra Only Has Four National Holidays

Many people don’t know that Andorra is one of the countries with the fewest national holidays. The country mainly celebrates four events during which the entire business sector is closed. These include the 1st of January, which is New Year’s Day.

Andorra Constitution Day is celebrated on the 14th of March, while the holiday for the feast of Lady of Meritxell happens on the 8th of September. The final national holiday is Christmas.

It Has Never Been In A War In The Last 1,000 Years

One of the interesting facts about Andorra is that it has never been to war in the last 1,000 years. The country also stayed neutral during the Cold War and World War II. It’s one of the most peaceful nations you will come across.

The Country Does Not Have A National Bank Or Unique Currency

Another interesting thing about Andorra is that it does not have a national bank or a local currency at the moment. Although it is not part of the EU, the country has adopted the Euro as its currency. 

Before Euro was introduced to the country, it used the Spanish peseta as its method of transaction.

Cultural Facts About Andorra

Knowing some fun facts about Andorra and its culture will help you blend with the locals better when you visit.

Andorra Is The World’s Only Co-Principality

A state that is ruled by a prince is called a principality. One such example of a principality is Monaco. However, Andorra differs from other countries because it is a co-principality.

This means that the country is ruled by two princes with joint authority. One of them is the President of France, while the other is the Bishop of Urgell.

The Only Country With Catalan As The Official Language

One of the Andorra fun facts is that it’s the only country with Catalan as the official language. This language is spoken in different regions of Spain, such as Catalonia.

However, no other country considers it as their primary or secondary official language. Most people who speak Catalan also know how to speak Spanish or French.

The Largest Natural Park In This Country Is A UNESCO Site

The Madriu-Perafita-Claror Valley is the largest natural park you will find in Andorra. An interesting fact about this place is that it was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2004. Many tourists consider this park a wonder of Andorra due to its high beauty.

This park features wooded valleys, lush green scenery, glaciers, and huge mountains that are amazing settings for pictures.

Escudella Is Considered The Country’s National Dish

One of the top facts about Andorra food to know is that Escudella is widely seen the as the national dish of this country. It is one dish you should definitely try.

This meal is mainly served during cold weather and holidays to warm people up. The stew is made of broth with vegetables, pasta, and pulses.

The traditional version of Escudella may also have meat cuts such as chicken, meatballs, or sausages. You’ll find this dish on the menu of almost every restaurant in Andorra.

Useful Andorra Facts For Travelers

Here are some helpful facts on Andorra to equip yourself with before visiting the country.

Andorra Has The Lowest Taxes On Alcohol And Food

There are many interesting facts about Andorra, but this one piques the curiosity of tourists the most. This country is a tax haven which means foreigners are liable to minimal tax. For example, the tax on food in Andorra is only 1%.

Meanwhile, you will face a 4.5% alcohol tax when buying beer, whiskey, or other beverages in Andorra.

Europe’s Largest Spa Is In Andorra

Traveling for relaxation is one of the top reasons for a trip. Andorra serves this well with its abundant offering of spa places. 

In fact, it is home to Europe’s largest spa. You can visit Caldea Spa Complex to enjoy a royal treatment in Andorra. The place has indoor and outdoor jacuzzis, hydrotherapy rooms, and much more.

Andorra Has No Airport

One of the important Andorra facts to know is that the country does not have an airport. This means you cannot fly in directly. Travelers can only access the country by land through Spain or France. Toulouse in France is one of the closest airports to Andorra.

The Longest Alpine Slide Of This Globe Is In Andorra

Many tourists love riding alpine slides because of the thrill they offer. An exciting fact about Andorra is that world’s longest alpine slide is located here. 

It is called the Tobotronc and stretches 5.3 kilometers long. The NaturLand park in Andorra will offer you the chance to ride this slide while zipping through stunning scenery.


Simple Facts About Andorra For Kids

Here are some fun Andorra facts for kids.

It’s The World’s 16th Smallest Country

Many people do not know about Andorra because it’s a small country tucked between well-known travel destinations. The nation ranks 16th on the list of the world’s smallest countries based on land area.

It’s also the 11th smallest country on Earth by population. Despite that, you’ll find many attractions and tourist opportunities in this country.

Andorra’s Capital Is The Highest Capital City In Europe

Andorra de la Vella is the capital city of this country, featuring some breathtaking, unique scenery. 

Sitting 3,356 feet above sea level, one of the fun facts about Andorra is that it has the highest capital city in the entire Europe. 

Andorra Does Not Come Under European Union

Some believe that since Andorra is in Europe and uses Euro as its currency, it comes under the EU. However, that is not true. The country is not a part of the European Union. It also does not come under the Schengen Area.

Common Facts About Andorra

Here are some general Andorra facts to know.

Dog-Sleigh Riding Is The Top Winter Activities In Andorra

Dog-sleigh riding is an exciting activity that is dominant in Andorra. This fun experience is mainly offered to tourists and locals during winter. You can enjoy such rides at ski resorts, mountainous places, and much more in Andorra.

Only 1/3rd Of People In This Country Are Andorran

One of the interesting facts about Andorra is that only 1/3rd of the country is actually Andorran. Most of the population consists of Spanish or French people due to their proximity to Spain and France.

Life Expectancy In Andorra Is Significantly High

A fascinating Andorra fact is that people in this country live longer with higher life expectancies. This may be due to the clean environment of Andorra, which leads to fewer health problems. Men live up to the average age of 81, while females live around 84.

Other Interesting Facts About Andorra

Here are some other Andorra facts to understand the country further.

Andorra Joined The United Nations 48 Years Late

The United Nations (UN) was formed right after World War II for peacekeeping between countries. Many nations joined it right away, but Andorra did not. 

Instead, the country joined the UN 48 years later. This is mainly because the nation wanted to maintain its neutral stance on Cold War.

Andorra’s Flag Is Similar To The Flags Of Moldova, Chad, And Romania

Andorra’s flag is similar to other Moldova, Chad, and Romania because all of them have vertical blue, yellow, and red stripes. The main way to distinguish these flags is by the presence of national crest on the flags of Andorra and Moldova.

Discovering More Fun Facts About Andorra

These are some of the interesting facts about Andorra, but there is plenty more to discover The small country is easy to explore because of the convenient transportation system. You can get from one of the countries to another end within an hour or less. You are sure to learn more about the country yourself when you visit!



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