22 Fun Facts Of Croatia To Discover

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When it comes to the summer months, there is no place people travel more to than Croatia. There are many fun facts about Croatia that makes it an attractive destination.

With its breathtaking coast, delicious food, and rich culture, there is a good reason for Croatia’s fame. However, there is so much more to the country than just its gorgeous scenery. These facts of Croatia are interesting to learn and helps you appreciate the country even more.

Fun Facts About Croatia

Croatia’s Town Of Hum, The Smallest Town In The World

Croatia is quite a small country, so this fact on Croatia may not surprise you. The country is home to the smallest town in the world! 

The tiny town is called “Hum,” and only has 23 residents currently residing there. Hum has city walls, a church, and even a mayor. The parish gets together each year to vote for the town’s mayor. However, their voting style is a little unique. The parish carves their choice into a wooden stick to vote for the new mayor. 

Croatia Has The Highest Number Of UNESCO Intangible Goods In Europe


The country may have the smallest town in the world, but they have the most UNESCO Intangible Goods in Europe. They have 14, including crafts, festivals, music customs, etc. 

The country of Croatia is full of incredible culture and history. This is one of the facts about Croatia you should explore if you visit.

Their Old Currency Is Named After A Rodent

Fun fact on Croatia currency: The kuna actually comes from ancient trade practices

The currency in Croatia before joining the Schengen area is called the “kuna,” which is a local rodent. Definitely one of the more unique facts on Croatia. 

A kuna is a ferret-like animal that played an important role in Croatia’s history. The rodent’s skin was used in the past to pay taxes, and the kuna eventually showed up on medieval coins. In 1994, Croatia decided to give the currency the name “kuna.” 

Croatia uses the EURO since 2023.

The Origins Of Dalmatians Stem From Croatia


If you are a dog-lover, you’ll love this fact of Croatia. The tall, spotted Dalmatian dog comes from Croatia. 

The dog breed comes from the Dalmatian coast, which in the region known as “Dalmatia.” Based on historical illustrations, Dalmatians date back as far as the 17th century. 

For all “101 Dalmation,” fans, don’t forget to thank Croatia for bringing the dog into the world.

Furthermore, many famous landmarks in Croatia are located in this region. It is definitely one of the most popular regions for travelers.

The Dalmatian coast is not just beautiful but also where the Dalmatian dogs originates from

The Largest Collection of Neanderthal Remains Was Found In Croatia

One fact about Croatia people do not know about is their collection of historical remains. In Kaprina, the largest collection of Neanderthal remains was found. 

It was discovered by Professor Dragutin Gorjanovic Kramberger. There are museums where you can look at the remains and learn about evolution. 

This Tall Lighthouse Was Possibly Painted With Egg Yolks

This fact on Croatia sounds a bit suspicious. There is a tall lighthouse on the island of Dugi Otok. It is the tallest lighthouse in the Adriatic; that part is true. 

The lighthouse is bright yellow, and locals say that the color does not come from paint. It supposedly comes from 100,000 egg yolks that were mixed into the paint. This might be hard to believel, but it is still quite the fun fact about Croatia. 

The Mechanical Pencil Was Created By A Croatian


If you have ever used a mechanical pencil, then you should thank Croatia. The inventor, Slavoljub Penkala created a mechanical pencil in 1906.

It was patented in 35 countries, and his company still exists today. Definitely one of the more practical facts of Croatia. 


Cultural Facts Of Croatia

Croatia Has A Plethora Of Different Dialects

Despite its small size, Croatia has so many dialects that we do not know how many there are. This unique fact on Croatia is quite interesting, because most Croatians cannot understand every dialect that exists in the country. 

Medieval Easter Traditions Are Still Going On Today

To see an interesting site in Croatia, you should definitely go during Easter. In the island of Hvar, there is a Passion procession that goes through multiple churches. 

The tradition has been going on since the Middle Ages, and continues to go on today. It is a great historical fact of Croatia. 

Picigin Is A Traditional Croatian Sport

Get into the sporty spirit, by playing the game of picigin. This is a traditional Croatian game that is played in the water. Players work together to prevent a ball from touching the water. 

It’s a fact about Croatia you should definitely try out when you go. Don’t worry, picigin is played in shallow waters, so you don’t have to be a professional swimmer to play. 

Croatian’s Say Blue Hair Instead Of Blonde Hair

Croatia’s language is very unique, especially when it comes to colors. This fact on Croatia comes from their history, where there were fewer words for colors. 

If you travel to Croatia and have blonde hair, they will say your hair is blue! It may be confusing, but it is definitely interesting and fun. 

Interesting Croatia Facts For Travelers

Croatia’s Colosseum That Was Used For Fighting

The Colosseum in Pula is also very impressive

Rome is not the only city with a colosseum, Croatia has one as well. The historical architecture is called Pula Arena. 

It may not be as known as Rome’s Colosseum, but it is just as spectacular. Even though it is over 2,000 years old, Pula Arena’s condition is spectacular. This fact of Croatia is a bit upsetting, but the amphitheater was once used to put criminals to fight against animals. 

Truffle Hunting Is Huge In Croatia


This fun fact about Croatia is perfect for foodies. Croatia has the world’s largest truffle at 1.31 kg! It is the best country to go truffle hunting, so it is a unique experience you should try while visiting Croatia. 

Many traditional Croatian food can be enhanced with truffles, so you will get to taste the luxurious truffle when there. If you want to try these truffles, then visit Buzet in Istria. 

Some Art Pieces In Croatia Take Energy From The Sun

Croatia is an incredibly sunny country. It receives, on average, over 2,715 hours of sunshine every year. There is so much sunshine that a modern art structure was created.

The Sun Salutation installation collects light during the daytime but lights up at night. These bright lights are neon colors, so it becomes a gorgeous art installation at night. Even if you do not see this art installation, you can enjoy all the sun at one of Croatia’s many stunning beaches.

Numerous Films Were Shot In Croatia’s Gorgeous Landscapes

With scenic landscapes like this, it is no surprise that Croatia has been the setting for various films

One of the facts of Croatia that most people know about has to be about “Game of Thrones.” This incredible show was filmed in multiple spots in Croatia. 

However, did you know that many other famous movies and shows were filmed there? The famous “King’s Landing” and “Meereen” were filmed there. With its gorgeous medieval walls and bright blue waters, it’s no wonder the film industry loves Croatia.

Island Hopping Is A Well-loved Activity In Croatia


With its location by the coast, Croatia has 1,244 islands, islets, and reefs. There are so many islands that people love to go island-hopping in the country. 

Some islands have less than 50 people living on them! There are plenty of island-hopping tours, so choose the best for you and get to exploring.

Croatia Uses The Same Sewer System From 800 Years Ago 

This fact on Croatia is impressive but a little gross. The sewage system in Croatia is 800 years old! The Croatians created a perfect sewage system and have been untouched since. 

Though it is an old system, it works incredibly well without major issues. Croatia truly keeps its structures intact, even the underground ones. 

Facts About Croatians

Checkerboard Print Is Everywhere


This fact about Croatians is something you should know before going there. Croatia and red-white checkerboard designs are linked together.

From sports jerseys to flags, you will see this design everywhere. It’s called šahovnica (chessboard) and has symbolized Croatia for a very long time – the 10th century, in fact. 

Soccer Is Everything For Croatians

Croatia fun fact: The checkered blue, red and white pattern is iconic for Croatia

Croatians absolutely love soccer. The game is a huge part of Croatian culture, and all walks of life love it. 

The national team that Croatia is known for, has also been relatively successful with their highest achievement being a runner up in the 2018 World Cup.

You should join the Croatians and watch a local soccer match if you visit Croatia. They would be glad to have you join their love for soccer! Mind you, it can get pretty intense, so make sure to bring your soccer passion to the table as well. 

Croatians Take Their Fashion Seriously


This may be one of the most essential facts about Croatians you need to know. The country’s architecture isn’t the only beautiful thing in Croatia. Croatians are known for their impressive fashion sense. 

If you are “going out” in Croatia, make sure to dress decently. The people in Croatia will be dressed beautifully.

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Style Of Talking In Croatia Can Be Assertive

Croatians are thought to be assertive when talking, but they are not trying to be rude. Their language and culture are all about getting to the point. They don’t do much small talk in Croatia, so try not to get offended by this fact about Croatians. 

Family Is First For Many Croatians


Family is a number one priority for Croatians. Many families live together until their children get married. This may seem strange to some cultures, but it is common in Croatia. Families are at the center of life in Croatia. 

Discover More Fun Facts About Croatia

Croatia is an incredible country with so much history and culture. These are just some of the fun facts about Croatia, but there is so much more to explore. When you visit Croatia and get to know the locals, see what else you can learn about this amazing country. 



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