20 Interesting And Fun Facts About Latvia

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Latvia is located in Eastern Europe, and at least two million people live here. Out of these, 1/3rd of the people live in the capital city, Riga. As an often underrated destination, there are many fascinating facts about Latvia that will pique your interest.

As a traveler, these Latvia facts can really help you to better appreciate your trip to the Baltic country. Here are all the fun and interesting facts about Latvia to know.

Common Latvia Facts

Every country has some important things everyone should know before they decide to visit. Here are some common Latvia facts that you might be familiar with.

One Of The Oldest Languages In Europe Is Latvian

Europe has many old and ancient languages that have been there for hundreds or thousands of years. Latvian is one of them because it has conserved and used a lot of features from the five-thousand-year-old ancestral Proto-Indo-European language. In addition, you will find a great similarity between some words in Latvian and Sanskrit.

1/5th Of Latvia Includes Protected Nature Areas


Here is any exciting fact about Latvia for any nature lover. Many travelers love to come to Latvia and enjoy the greenery it has to offer. At least 1/5th of the country is covered in protected nature areas.

You will find 42 nature parks, 4 national parks, almost 300 nature reserves, 2,000 lakes, over 12,000 rivers, and much more.

Ice Hockey Is The Most Popular Sport In Latvia


One of the top facts about Latvia you must know is that people are passionate about ice hockey here. Every small town has an ice rink so that everyone can enjoy this sport from a young age. The people also love watching ice hockey games, as they are the biggest fans.

There Are More Than 800 Free WiFi Connection Points In Riga


Many people love to stay connected throughout the day, even when they are on vacation. If that is the case with you, then Latvia is the ideal place because it is a paradise for WiFi. There are more than 800 free points in Riga where you can connect your devices and enjoy fast internet speeds.

Latvia Has One Of The Oldest Flags Worldwide


The flag of Latvia is perhaps the oldest one in the world. That is because the flag goes back to the thirteenth century. There is also a legend behind the flag that states the flag came from a blood-stained sheet of a tribal battle back in the day.

Fun Facts About Latvia That Will Wow You

Latvia is an interesting country with many interesting people that will keep surprising you. Here are some fun facts about Latvia that you should know if you plan on visiting the country.

The Country Holds The Largest Dance And Song Festivals Worldwide


Even UNESCO recognizes the song and dance festival of Latvia as a cultural phenomenon. There are more than 40,000 participants in the festival, and it is a sight you should not miss to understand the culture of the country. Even the conductors are choir singers treated like celebrities here.

It’s one of the biggest events and things Latvia is famous for.

The Biggest Celebration Of The Year Is The Summer Solstice


During midsummer, Latvia gets at least twenty hours of daylight, and they make the most of it. The summer solstice celebration is the biggest one of the year. There are bonfires, singing, dancing, drinking, and many other traditions that make this celebration unique.

You Can Spend A Night In Jail As Accommodation


One of the top fun facts about Latvia is that you can spend a night in jail voluntarily. There is an attraction in the city of Liepaja where you can find accommodation in an old military lockup. You will get a tour of the place as a prisoner and receive complete Soviet-style treatment.

You Will Find The Widest Waterfall In Europe Here


The widest waterfall in Europe, Ventas Rumba, resides in Latvia. You can also find flying fish jumping above the water when you come here. The waterfall is located in Kuldiga, a small town that you must visit during your trip to Latvia.

There Are Endless Beaches For You To Explore


One of the seasonal fun Latvia facts is that you will find endless beaches here. The coastline stretches to more than 500 kilometers, so you can relax here during the summer and enjoy your day. The Latvian beaches have beautiful white sand and crystal clear waters for you to enjoy.


Interesting Facts About Latvia Many Don’t Know

As a foreigner, you may not know much about Latvia. Don’t worry because we are here to change that. Here are the top interesting facts about Latvia that most people don’t know about.

Latvia Is Known For Having The World’s Tallest Women


If there is one thing you will look up to in Latvia, it is the women. They have the tallest women in the world, as the average woman is at least over 170cm tall. Of course, the men are also tall, as they are the fourth-tallest men in the world.

It Is A Nation Of Foragers


People in Latvia love to forage because there is nature all around. You won’t even have to find an organic store to get healthy food. That is because locals like finding ingredients on their own, such as sap juice, mushrooms, and much more.

Riga’s Old Town Is A UNESCO World Heritage Site


One of the top interesting facts about Latvia is that its capital is one of the best places you can visit. The old town of Riga is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site that you need to visit while there. Riga has some of the best Art nouveau architecture that will take your breath away.

The Liqueur Has Many Healing Properties


Don’t forget to have the traditional liqueur, as it is said to have many healing properties. The Riga Black Balsam is created using twenty-four unique plants, roots, berries, flowers, and much more. It is used as a remedy for colds.

You Will Find Fashion Models All Around You


Latvia has the highest rate of female models per capita worldwide. You will find tall and beautiful women with long legs and sharp cheekbones wherever you go. The nation is filled with beautiful people on every corner.

Cultural Facts About Latvia

Finally, there are many cultural Latvia facts that will help you understand the people and life better. Here are the best facts you must know about.

People Here Love To Consume Beer


Latvia is a paradise for beer lovers, which is why you must consume it when you are here. Farmers, pagans, the upper class, and everyone else enjoys Latvian beer. The carbonated element is low, which is why you can have a lot of beer.

While you are at it, don’t forget to sink your teeth into the delicious Latvian food available.

The Country Has More Than A Million Folk Songs

People love to party, sing, and dance in Latvia, which is why the country has more than a million folk songs. You will find everyone singing these songs at festivals and other places. Latvian festivals will be a paradise for you if you also love folk music.

It Is The Home Of The 1st Christmas Tree


One of the top facts about Latvia is that it is home to the first Christmas tree. The first decorated Christmas tree on record dates back to Riga’s sixteenth century.

During that time, people used to adorn the tree with weaves, dried flowers, ribbons, ornaments, and more. The people also used to burn the tree after adorning it for good luck.

The People Use A Lot Of Proverbs In Their Daily Conversations

Latvians love to use proverbs, which is why their language has a lot of them that you can use. Some of the most common proverbs include:

·  If you cannot use the eyes, follow the nose

·  Old love doesn’t rust

·  Every sin has a consequence

·  You can’t put the bread together again once you’ve cut it

·  Even the horse is tired on the way to the church

·  Give the devil a small finger, and he will take your hand

People Don’t Express Emotions Openly

The people of Latvia are rather reserved, and you will not find them expressing their emotions openly. This is the truest for any strangers that Latvians meet. Of course, if you are close friends with them or have family, they will not be this reserved with you.

Discovering More Fun Facts About Latvia

These are all the top facts about Latvia that you need to know about to boost your information and learn more about the country. The country is beautiful, has lots of old traditions, and the people love to sing and dance all the time. You will also love the beer and food that they have to offer.

If you are planning to go to Europe, don’t overlook Lativa. It is still a rather hidden gem to create some great memories.



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