27 Interesting And Fun Facts About Malta To Know

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If there is one tourist destination that many people flock to all year, it’s Malta. That’s because the island provides an incredible climate, beautiful beaches, ancient ruins, and much more for you to explore and enjoy. The many fun facts about Malta will tease you with some of the amazing things you can experience in this beautiful country.

Historical Facts About Malta

As you roam Malta, you will find glimpses of its past throughout the country. Because of this, it’s helpful to know some Malta history facts.

The Sketch Of The Capital Was Created In The 16th Century


In 1565, an artist created a sketch of the capital so the city could be constructed accordingly. It’s the first city in Europe that was planned in this way. Prior to this, there was no concept of planning a city before it was built.

The Island Used To Be Controlled By The Knights Templars

The Knights Templars (previously known as the Knights of St. John) gained control of this country in the 16th century. It was Charles V of Spain who provided these knights with such control. One good thing that came out of it was they fiercely protected Malta against the Ottomans.

Malta Gained Independence After The British Ruled The Island For More Than 150 Years

Malta was one of the many countries colonized by the British throughout their reign. The country remained under British rule for over 150 years, until it finally gained independence in 1964. You’ll still see remnants and influences from the British Empire throughout the country. 

You Can Find The St. Paul’s Shipwreck In Malta

One of the historical landmarks in Malta with a legend is the St. Paul’s shipwreck that took place in 60 A.D. According to the story, St. Paul was on his way to Rome when a storm wrecked the ship. You can now visit the site, and there is also a statue that commemorates the event that took place.

Cultural Facts About Malta

The Maltese culture is unique because it encompasses influences from various different empires that have ruled the place. Here are some interesting facts about Malta’s culture to know!

Stuffat Tal-Fenek Is What You Need To Enjoy From The Local Cuisine


Stuffat Tal-Fenek has been part of the local cuisine, and the people have been enjoying it for more than a few centuries now. It’s a dish that consists of rabbits prepared in a tomato and wine sauce. You can typically find this Maltese food in traditional restaurants, so don’t forget to try it out!

The People Are Incredibly Humble And Helpful

Maltese people love talking to and interacting with new people, so you can easily seek help. If you need help with navigating around, approach the locals and they can point you in the right direction.

In addition, you can sometimes get a good story out of the chatty ones, that will give you insights into the local life. So don’t be shy to strike up a conversation while you’re around the area.

An Important Part Of The Culture Is Opposition

Maltese people are passionate about many things, from religion to sports, bands, and more. You’ll notice that the people can choose one side and stick to it while defending it till their last breath. 

Because of this, you’ll find many heated arguments around these topics, as it’s an important part of their culture.

Seventy-Five Local Feasts Take Place Between June And September

Various religious celebrations take place in the country throughout the year. For example, between June and September, the country hosts at least 75 local feasts that are in honor of the saints. 

The most important highlights of these feasts include the food, marching bands, processions, and fireworks that are undoubtedly fun to experience firsthand.

People Love Enjoying A Kinnie Drink

The Kinnie drink is a beverage locals enjoy the most, and you’ll see people giving themselves a refreshing boost with it on a warm day. 

The soft drink has been created from oranges, and you’ll most commonly find it at various beaches in Malta. We recommend that you drink it chilled because that’s the only way to enjoy it. You can bet a warm Kinnie drink is not as great as a cold one.


Interesting Facts About Malta For Kids

Malta is a great destination for tourists, and it has a lot to offer to the rest of the world.  Here are some simple facts about Malta for the young ones to pique their interest in the country.

Malta Is The Smallest Country In The EU


There are plenty of things to do in Malta, but you’ll be surprised that the country is not that huge. 

In fact, it is the tenth smallest country in the world, and it’s also the smallest country in the EU. However, don’t be fooled by the size because it’s still one of the most densely populated countries.

According to official statistics, Malta is the fifth most densely populated country in the world. Despite the size, there are many people that call this beautiful place home.

Maltese Islands Are Filled With More Tourists Than Inhabitants


Although the country is already densely populated by the residents, you’ll notice that the islands are filled with more tourists than locals. 

That’s because people from around the world come here to escape the cold weather or their monotonous lives. The islands provide a great climate along with many fun things to do.

Brace yourself for the endless tourists as you hop from one Maltese island to another. To avoid massive crowds, try to plan your trip during the shoulder or off seasons instead. There is a different charm to certain areas when it’s not bombarded with travelers. 

Throughout History, Many Empires Have Ruled Malta

Because of the beauty of the country, many empires have ruled this country and tried to get their hands on it. Some of the prominent Empires include the British, French, Spanish, Romans, Byzantines, Knights Templars, and many others. Therefore, you can observe mixed influences of these empires throughout Malta.

Many Movies And Shows Have Been Filmed On The Island

Malta is famous for being one of the top spots to shoot movies and shows. That is because the landscape and terrain can easily be catered to different settings. Some of the top productions include Game of Thrones, WW Z, Gladiator, and much more. 

You can watch these films and try to spot the exact locations while in Malta. Alternatively, there are also tours that take you specifically to the filming locations.

Fun Malta Facts For Travelers

Are you planning on visiting this beautiful country this year? If you are, these are some useful facts about Malta to know that will help you explore this country.

The Blue Lagoon Is The Top Destination You Must Visit


There are many beaches and islands in Malta that you can easily access and enjoy. However, you can only visit the Blue Lagoon by boat, but it is totally worth the trip. The Blue Lagoon features one of the clearest waters around the island. Most tourists visit Malta to check out this marine paradise.

If you want to enjoy the Maltese sun surrounded by incredible scenic nature, this is one place you should not miss. Don’t forget to submerge yourself in the beautiful waters here!

Malta Is Filled With Incredible Architecture


Most people associate Malta with its beaches, but even the architecture is unique and ancient. Empires have come and reigned over Malta, and they have left their glimpses behind. This is why you’ll find intricate and impressive architecture throughout the country.

This includes Baroque cathedrals, Greek temples, and much more that are sure to amaze you. Keep your eyes peeled as you stroll around, and make sure you visit some of the top spots to see the beautiful architecture scattered around this island nation.

There Are All Kinds Of Swimming Spots For You


The country has three main islands you can visit, which include Malta, Gozo, and Comino. Although mainland Malta is filled with many beautiful coastal areas where you can swim, don’t overlook the sister islands of Comino and Gozo.

It is possible to do them as day trips, but many people also stay for more days to really soak in the beauty of these islands. 

You can find some of the best beaches and swimming spots in Gozo and Comino. The islands also tend to also be less crowded so you have more space to enjoy the crystal clear waters.

So, if you have time to check out all that the area has to offer, make sure you add these two destinations to your itinerary. They will give you a deeper taste of Malta. 

There Are Three UNESCO Sites


The islands in Malta consist of three UNESCO sites that you can visit and explore. These include Valletta (the capital), the Hal Saflieni Hypogeum, and the Megalithic Temples. These sites are the best of Malta, and seeing that the place is not that big, you can easily explore all of them.

There’s A Network of Underground Tunnels In The Capital


The City of Valletta is perhaps one of the most beautiful cities on the island, and it also comprises a tunnel network underground. 

The history of this tunnel dates back to 1565 when the Great Siege of Malta was going on. These tunnels were created so that people could seek refuge underneath the city.

The tunnels were incredibly advanced, and so was the drainage system of the city for its time. As such, they were also used as shelters from air raids during World War II.

Common Facts About Malta

l Here are some general facts about Malta that are useful to stay aware of. 

People Drive On The Left-Hand Side


The British used to rule Malta for more than a hundred years, which is why it’s no surprise that people drive on the left-hand side of the road. 

Most of the British colonized countries followed this rule for driving purposes. If you are coming from a country that drives on the right-hand side, like the U.S., take extra note of this when planning to rent a car.

It Is The Only EU Country Where Springtime Hunting Is Legal


Hunting is illegal in EU countries, but the union has still allowed springtime hunting in Malta. However, this approval has limitations and is allowed for certain bird species only.

Hunting rights in Malta has decreased quite significantly after the country joined the EU, but it remains a rather controversial

There Are Fourteen Public Holidays Each Year

The people of Malta enjoy 14 public holidays throughout the year. This is the highest number of annual holidays among EU countries. It also kind of reflects the greater amount of celebrations and festivals that Malta observes.

The Island Enjoys More Than Three Thousand Hours Of Sun Annually

Malta is known for its incredible climate because there is sunshine throughout the year on most days. The country experiences more than 3,000 hours of sunshine annually. 

Because of this, it is a popular summer destination while still attracting plenty of tourism dollars in other seasons. This is one of the destinations to escape bitter cold winters in other parts of Europe as well. 

Other Interesting Facts About Malta

Here are some other fun facts about Malta that will shed more light on the country’s culture and lifestyle. 

The Main Faith Is Roman Catholicism


While the country is an amalgamation of many cultures, 98% of the people in the country are Roman Catholic, as this is the main faith. 

St. Paul was the one who ingrained this faith in the country along with the Knights Templar. If you like visiting religious landmarks, then there are a whopping 365 churches for you to check out in the country.

Each church represents a day of the year. While you are unlikely to visit all of them, make sure to see some of the best ones to admire the architecture and stories behind them.

People Filter The Water They Drink From The Ocean


The people here filter their water from the ocean and drink it without any issues. 

Malta doesn’t have any freshwater sources such as rivers and lakes. Because of this, the country has to rely on the ocean for its drinking water, but not every tourist enjoys this taste.

There Are Various Preserved Structures Throughout The Country

Malta has a long and ancient history, which is why there are a lot of structures and ruins from ancient times. 

The most popular example is the Hagar Qim, which has been preserved for more than 5,000 years. In the same way, there are many such structures you’ll notice throughout the country. 

Public Education Is Free For Citizens

Educated and knowledgeable citizens are the backbone of any country’s cultural preservation and its economy. There are around 8 universities in the small city of Malta, and The University Of Malta is the most esteemed educational institution in the country.

During World War II, The Island Was Heavily Bombed

Unfortunately, WWII wasn’t a good time for Malta because the country was heavily bombed. Many air raids took place, over thirty thousand buildings were destroyed, and the country was bombed for more than 150 consecutive days. It took the country a long time to recover from the destruction of WWII.

Discovering More Fun Facts About Malta

This little island country is packed with history, culture, and some seriously stunning sights. From the ancient Megalithic temples to the picturesque beaches and crystal-clear waters, Malta is a traveler’s paradise.

These are just some of the interesting facts about Malta, but you can’t truly experience the country until you visit yourself! There’s just something about wandering the winding streets of Valletta, sipping on a refreshing Kinnie drink and enjoying the Mediterranean breeze.



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