11 Best Things To Do Traveling In Malta

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Malta is a majestic country filled with mystical online caverns, lush green landscapes, and architecture heavily influenced by Mediterranean cultures as well as British architecture. Traveling in Malta can be an immersive, travel-back-in-time experience.

This small but mighty and highly sought-after tourist destination is composed of several smaller islands. The archipelago is located in the Mediterranean Sea between Sicily and just east of Tunisia. It is home to a little over 500,000 islanders, making it one of the world’s tenth smallest countries.

Traveling in Malta is best during the Spring and early Summer seasons, April – June, when the weather is not too hot or too cold.

Best Things To Do In Malta

Malta is a stunning travel hotspot to explore with plenty of sightseeing and festive activities to partake. Known for its UNESCO World Heritage Sites, breathtaking fishing villages, crystal blue waters, and more, here are some of the best things to do when traveling in Malta.

Visit The Blue Grotto

Overlooking the Blue Grotto that looks like an elephant trunk

The Blue Grotto is a popular tourist attraction located on the island of Capri and is indeed what one might expect, a blue cave. It is perfect for nature sightseeing in Malta. The cave is situated on the side of a mountain and can only be reached by a boat slipping through a narrow opening.

The Blue Grotto is roughly 60 meters long and at least 25 meters wide. The boat must squeeze in through a small space that causes guests to duck as low as possible to avoid bumping into the cave walls.

But once you are in, it’s hard to want to leave. Upon entry, guests are greeted by stunning blue waters that emit a mystical and peaceful ambiance. The blue waters are created from the sunlight passing through underwater, creating a blue reflection that illuminates the water and casts a blue glow throughout the cavern walls.

Due to its immense popularity among tourists, it can get pretty crowded, so visitors are limited to the amount of time while in the cave. Depending on the number of boats ahead of you, the wait time can vary. On average, entry and travel fees can range from 15 EURO to 65 EURO.

Additionally, swimming in the blue cave is considered illegal and dangerous, so it is not permitted in Blue Grotto.

Marsaxlokk Traditional Fishing Village

Drone Shot at Marsaxlokk. Beautiful fishing boats and yacht

The scenic fishing village of Marsaxlokk features some of the finest fish restaurants available on the island and is known for its history and lifestyle.

On Sundays, the Marsaxlokk Market offers large fish fresh from the early morning’s catch, making for a tasty Sunday lunch. Here you can try a bunch of traditional Maltese food as well. This is a must-do weekend trip when you travel in Malta.

Marsaxlokk is the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle from town when traveling in Malta. With plenty of beaches, bays, and more, this is the second latest port in Malta.

One of the most amazing view in Marsaxlokk is a top down view of all the fishing boats in the harbor. This is a good place for some drone shots but make sure you aren’t disturbing any one.

Marsaxlokk is an extremely popular Sunday spot for locals and tourists. If you are going by bus, it is advisable to go early or board at the bus at the starting terminal, because the buses will be so full that you might not get a space if you are waiting in a midway bus stop. I had to wait for 5 buses to pass by before finally squeezing into one.

Explore The Old Capital Of Mdina

Mdina, the settings for some Game of Thrones scenes

Mdina is an excellent place for sightseeing in Malta and is also one of the oldest cities on the island, dating back at least 4,000 years. In 1091, Mdina was deemed the capital of Malta because of its fortifications.

Once one of the Three Cities in Grand Harbour, Vittoriosa, was declared the new capital of Malta, Mdina earned its new title as “the silent city” because it became a ghost town. The city has strict noise regulations in place, and not many cars are allowed to enter.

This small town, rich in history, largely overlooks Malta and is a short 15-minute drive from Valletta. Mdina is quite touristic for good reason, the architecture and structures in the place is amazing to look at.

Game Of Thrones Excursion

Take a day trip to King’s Landing and explore the many filming locations of the notorious television show, Game of Thrones. Many scenes from season one took place all over the islands.

Game of Thrones fans worldwide makes the trip to Malta to see these unique filming locations, making this a prominent attraction for travel in Malta. With around nine notable filming locations, a few include St. Dominic’s Convent, The Gate of the Mdina, and Mesquita Square, among several others.

You can certainly visit each location yourself. If you want a more relaxing time when traveling in Malta, there are guided tours available to your satisfy your inner Game of Thrones geek.

One of the fun facts about Malta is that the country is a popular filming locations for many movies, not just the Game of Thrones. The mixture of architecture and scenic landscapes make it almost like a versatile movie set.

Hike Up To Dingli Cliffs

Dingli Cliffs offer a nice view of the ocean and greenery in Malta

The Dingli Cliffs are located on Malta’s Western coast in Dingli village and have the highest peak of the islands, reaching over 250 meters above sea level. The cliffs feature a breathtaking views of the Mediterranean sea, welcoming visitors to partake in hours of relaxation in a natural setting.

You can get a bus there, or the cliffs also provide a tranquil hiking experience. At the base of the cliffs rests a small church sacred to St. Mary Magdalene and is one of the highest point on the islands.

The Dingli Cliffs extend from Bahrija to Munqar, surpassing Blue Grotto. The best time to visit is when the sun is setting. The location offer stellar sunset views that can’t be seen anywhere else in Malta.

Marvel At The Tarxien Temples

Originally built between 3600 and 2500 BC, the Tarxien Temples include four megalithic temples, the oldest temples in the world. The temples are constructed of elaborate and detailed stonework with drawn and carved narratives of domestic animals and decorated with intricate patterns and designs.

These beautiful temples are a reminder of the pre-dated ancestry that used to walk the land many centuries ago and serve as one of Malta’s historical treasures. The Tarxien Temples are open only on Tuesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays, any time between 10 am to 4:30 pm.

St. Joseph’s Church

St. Joseph’s Church is a Roman Catholic church located in the small harbour town of Msida, just shy of the center of Valletta. Built-in the 16th century, this incredible church embraces the Baroque style.

The true appreciation of this church stems from its intricate architecture both inside and outside. In July, the local communities get together to celebrate the feast of St. Joseph. It is free to visit the cathedral and an influential part of Malta’s history. Surrounding the cathedral are shops that offer various goods and services, making it a prime stop for travel in Malta.

Things To Do In Valletta, Malta

The impressive triton fountain in front of Valletta’s City Gates

Valletta is the capital city of Malta, and a World Heritage City recognized for its phenomenal museums, palaces, and churches. Valletta is also one of the smallest capital cities in all of Europe, spanning roughly 600 meters wide.

Don’t let its size fool you, as Valletta offers some of the best things to do in Malta. The limestone brick streets fill the small city with some of the country’s most popular restaurants, bars, rich historical landmarks, including the Barrakka Gardens and some of the filming locations for Game of Thrones.

This impressive historic capital is one of the main destinations and areas Malta is famous for.

Barrakka Gardens (Upper & Lower)


The Barrakka Gardens make for one of the most peaceful things to do in Valletta. The gardens include an upper and lower portion. Both offer impressive panoramic views of the natural harbour when you travel in Malta.

Situated at the top of Grand Harbour, these gardens were initially privately funded and owned in the mid-1600s. It wasn’t until 1824 when these gardens became accessible to the public.

The Upper Barrakka provides the best views out of the two gardens and is positioned near Castille Place. A short 15-minute walk will take you to The Lower Barrakka, located more north at the top of Valletta bastions. This garden is less crowded, which promotes more of a relaxing and serene environment. Both gardens are free to the public and open daily from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm.

Remember to catch the cannon firing ceremony towards the grand harbor on midday

The Basilica Of Our Lady Of Mount Carmel

The island of Malta has over 300 beautifully preserved churches and can often be discovered in the center of town or a nearby village. However, one church in particular is exceedingly popular and one of the most famous churches in Valletta – The Basilica of Our Lady of Mount Carmel.

This Roman Catholic church has become an essential piece of Malta’s history and is a prominent tourist destination in the capital. The church dates back to the late 1500s, making it one of the oldest churches in the country. At the peak of the church sits an intricate oval dome reaching at least 42 meters high and provides some of the best city skyline views.

Inside is an ancient painting of Our Lady of Mount Carmel that dates back to the early 17th century. Visitors can appreciate the striking architecture any day of the week from 7:30 am to 6:30 pm. The Basilica is located on one of the quieter streets in town, promoting a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere.

Valletta Grand Harbour

Looking out towards the grand harbour

Located in the Maltese capital Valletta, The grand harbour is composed of three unique and stunning cities, Senglea, Cospicua, and Vittoriosa. Whether the goal is to catch a sun-kissed sunset in Senglea, learn Maltese history in Cospicua, get an authentic taste of Malta’s beauty and lifestyle in Vittoriosa, the grand harbour is the place to be.

Each of the cities offers a fascinating glimpse into Malta and its charm. The locals love to celebrate holy holidays and throw exciting celebrations, especially Easter gatherings. Grand harbour embodies all that the country stands for and is perfect for sightseeing in Malta.

Cruises and boat tours are one of the most relaxing ways to see the harbor when traveling in Malta, and you can find these at the docks.

Comino And Blue Lagoon


That being said, one of the most popular water activity is taking a boat or yacht tour to the amazing bays and beaches with crystal blue water. These spots include the St Paul Bay, Comino and the Blue Lagoon amongst other small islands and caves.

There are many options to choose from to suit your preference and budget. You can book these online or in Malta. Most of these will also include activities like snorkeling and lunch.

Traveling In Malta

There is plenty to see and do in this country littered with beautiful structures and architecture. If you travel to Malta, don’t forget to allocate time for the sister island of Gozo. Join the email list to get notified when I put up my experiences on Gozo!



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