20 Interesting And Fun Facts About Lithuania

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Lithuania is the largest Baltic state with the most population in Eastern Europe. The country has a lot to offer to travelers with respect to culture, diversity, and much more. It is good to learn some interesting facts about Lithuania before you embark on this Baltic country.

There are many places you can visit and learn a lot about the history of Lithuania. So, if you want to learn more about this country, you are in the right place. Here are some of the fun Lithuania facts to know.

General Facts About Lithuania

Here are the most common and general facts about Lithuania that forms the soul of the country.

The National Sport Is Basketball

The national sport is basketball, and everyone in the country plays the sport. It became famous during the oppression of the Soviets, and locals played it as a way for them to fight for their independence. Many players from here have even gone to play in the NBA.

People Install Swings Around Vilnius

There is a completely anonymous swing foundation in Vilnius. The members of this foundation generously install swings throughout the city. They also keep changing locations to ensure swings are everywhere.

The Country Has Its Own Scent

Yes, this may sound weird, but the country has a scent known as The Scent of Lithuania. The scent consists of fragrances like sandalwood, ginger, raspberry, musk, wildflowers, and more. Being the very first country to have their own dedicated scent, this is obviously one of the many things Lithuania is famous for!

It is meant to capture the essence of the country and its history. Now that you know what Lithuania smells like, would you want to visit?

Residents Celebrate Two Independence Days

Another common fact about Lithuania is that the country celebrates two independence days. The first one is celebrated on February 16. The other one is celebrated just a month later on March 11, which is also known as the Day of the Restoration of Independence.

It Used To Be The Largest Country In Europe

One of the top Lithuania facts is the country used to be the largest in Europe at one time. In the 15th century, the country used to be known as the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, and it was the largest kingdom in Europe. Of course, ever since then, the country has had a long political history.

Now, it is not the big kingdom that it used to be back in the day. The largest country in Europe is now France.

Lithuania Fun Facts For Travelers

Traveling to Lithuania is incredibly fun because you have a lot to see and explore. Here are some of the top Lithuania fun facts that will make your trip much better:

Forests Cover At Least 1/3rd Of The Total Land

Anyone that enjoys nature will love to visit Lithuania, as forests cover at least one-third of the total land. There are many reserves and national parks that are protected. You can visit these to experience some of the most unique flora and fauna in the region.

The Lithuania Song Festival Is Performed Once In Every Four Years

Lithuania is rich in culture, and they have a traditional folk song and dance festival that takes place once every four years. The iconic event is usually held in the capital city of Vilnius. Dancers from around the country come to participate in this. It is a unique experience in Lithuania that you must witness.

The Curonian Spit Is A UNESCO World Heritage Site

One of the top fun facts about Lithuania is that it has a shifting dune known as the Curonian Spit. The site is endangered, and the dune shifts because of human activity and wind. You must visit this site whenever you come to visit.

The Kernave Archaeological Site Goes Back To Paleolithic Periods

Anyone that loves learning history will enjoy this site the most. Kernave provides evidence that ten millennia ago, Lithuania had human settlements. You will find burial sites, forts, and much more here to explore some rich history.


Interesting Facts About Lithuania Many People Don’t Know

There is a lot about Lithuania that many people don’t know. Here are the top interesting facts about Lithuania that you probably didn’t know before:

The River Vilnia Is Dyed Emerald Green Each Year For St. Patrick’s Day

Yes, this might sound weird, but it happens every year. The locals annually dye the River Vilnia a bright emerald green for St. Patrick’s. It is a harmless way of dyeing the river, which is why it is allowed during the celebration.

Relatively Fast Internet Speeds

Don’t you hate it when you are traveling and the internet is so slow that you can’t post on social media in real-time? Well, you will not have this problem in Lithuania as it has some of the fastest public WiFi internet speeds. There are also many WiFi spots throughout the city that you can use.

It is one of the best Lithuania interesting facts for anyone that visits the country for work. You can take your laptop wherever you like and work from anywhere.

You Will Find One Of The Oldest Tree In Europe Here

The country is incredibly serious about conserving its natural resources. That is why you will find one of the oldest trees in Europe still standing tall in Lithuania. It is the Stelmuze Oak and is at least fifteen hundred years old.

The Discovery Of Making Vodka From Corn Was Discovered Here

Lithuania’s people were the first to discover that you could make vodka using corn. However, one thing you will notice is that the locals love drinking beer in the country. Even the beer is so good that it has won many world awards for its exceptional taste.

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Food And Culture Facts About Lithuania

The food and culture of a place represent its history, people, and much more. That is why you must familiarize yourself with the food and cultural facts about Lithuania. Don’t forget to also indulge in some delicious traditional Lithuanian food.

You Will Find Potatoes In Every Form And Shape

Who doesn’t love some hearty potatoes? If you do, you will love Lithuania’s food because potatoes are available in every form and shape.

You will find potato sausages, puddings, dumplings, and much more. It is the top comfort food available in every variety in the country.

Bread Is One Of The Most Important Components Of Any Meal

One thing you will notice in Lithuania is that every household will have rye bread during all the meals. That is because the crop is flexible, and it grows across the country, which is why it is abundant. Whether you want to have brunch, lunch, breakfast, or dinner, rye bread will be there at every meal with you.

Residents Love Hot Air Balloons

One of the top fun facts about Lithuania is that people love hot air balloons. The country has the most hot air balloons per person worldwide. Even the national dish of Lithuania is named after the cylindrical Zeppelin balloon.

Cepelinai Is The Pride Of Lithuania

That said, Cepelinai is a potato dumpling that closely resembles a Zeppelin airship. It is an important part of the cuisine of the country. These are usually studded with pork and are the size of a fist.

They are also drenched in a heavy sour cream sauce that adds more flavor. These are perhaps some of the heaviest potato dumplings you will consume. So, don’t forget to walk around and burn the calories off.

Lithuanians Love Holidays And Parties

The people in Lithuania love parties and holidays. Because of this, you will notice that the country has the most public holidays in all of Europe. They celebrate two independence days, midsummer, autumn equinoxes, summer equinoxes, and much more.

People Have Unique Superstitions

Here are some unique superstitions that people in the country have:

  • If you are visiting someone’s home and you think of a tune, then don’t whistle it out loud because it summons little devils
  • Having salt and black bread is good luck
  • If a bird poops on you, then you will be rich
  • Shaking hands through a threshold will bring bad luck

No One Is Ever In A Hurry Here

Finally, you find that the pace of life in Lithuania is slow and relaxed because no one is in a hurry over here. People like to take their time and enjoy everything slowly. That is why if you also like traveling at a slow pace, you will love coming here and enjoying what the country has to offer.

Discovering More Fun Facts About Lithuania

These are some of the fun and interesting facts about Lithuania that hopefully piqued your interest in visiting the country. It is one of the most underrated countries you can visit if you want to enjoy nature, food, hot air balloons, and much more. Lithuania is also rich in history and culture with lots to offer.



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