21 Things Lithuania Is Known and Famous For

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Lithuania is the largest of the three Baltic states situated in northeastern Europe. From the lush green landscapes to sandy beaches, there are many things that Lithuania is famous for which attract tourists from all over the world to visit and experience the uniqueness of this country.

What Is Lithuania Known For?

Lithuania is famous for its rich ancient history, historical language, and cultural heritage. There are impressive archaeological sites and castles which provide amazing insights into the country’s storied past. Lithuania is also known for its rare birds, amber, and hot air balloon experiences.

While the Baltic nation is not as popular as other European tourist hotspots, that is what makes it special. It leaves plenty to explore, so be sure to check out some of the iconic things in Lithuania when you visit.

History, Culture, And Traditions Lithuania Is Famous For

Varied History

At one point in time, Lithuania was part of the largest country in Europe with a border as far as the Black Sea, and boasted one of the most powerful empires. It consisted of territories including present-day Belarus, Ukraine, parts of Russia, and Poland.

Throughout its history, Lithuania has been occupied a lot of times, with Russians, Germans, and the USSR all playing a part in its rule. Lithuania and Poland also became a Dual United State in 1569 for a brief period.

That said, Lithuanians are known for overcoming hard times as they struggled hard to regain and maintain their freedom.

Baltic Mythology 

Lithuania is famous for preserving its cultural heritage which is linked to Baltic mythology. The Lithuanians believed in various gods and goddesses that controlled different aspects of life.

Perkunas was one such god who was highly worshipped by the Lithuanian people. Baltic mythology consists of many stories that explain the struggle between good and evil. These myths are passed down through various generations and are still found in Lithuanian folklore.

Cultural Festivals 

Vibrant, joyous celebrations are the beating heart of Lithuania’s rich heritage and traditions. These festivals that Lithuania is famous for are like a kaleidoscope of colors, sounds, and flavors.

The Luthanians celebrate a variety of festivals throughout the year in different cities and towns. On their state day, they host a festival of “Live Archaeology Days” in which they show their crafts, perform ancient music, and display combat demonstrations. 

From the Trakai Middle Age Festival to the Feast of Saint John, you will find a tapestry of customs, stories, and art forms that have been passed through generations. These traditions and crafts are proudly showcased during the festivities.

Of course, the country also hosts a bunch of timeless and modern festivals such as the Vilnius International Film Festival, and Mama Jazz Festival which is still a lively celebration of passions and culture.

Traditional Musical Instruments

When you think of Lithuanian tunes, you might not immediately picture a wild and whimsical jam session, but Lithuania is known for preserving its quirky and culturally deep musical instruments. 

The Baltic country still has original musical instruments that cannot be found anywhere in the world. 

The Kankles have a distinct trapezoidal shape producing a rich, melodic sound that’ll make you feel like you’ve stepped back in time to medieval times. While the bagpipe-like Birbyne generates a playful, bubbly sound that just makes your feet tap.

Another real star of the Lithuanian musical instrument lineup has to be the Skrabalai – a set of wooden bells that look like they were designed by a whimsical wood elf with a penchant for percussion. These instruments are part of their identity and they are highly valued. 

Ancient Language

A fun fact about Lithuania is that its language is one of the world’s oldest; it was used long before the formation of Latin languages.

With several terms dating back to 3500 B.C., this language that Lithuania is known for is linked to Sanskrit which is an Indian language. The words in the Lithuanian language have remained unchanged for many years, and the people are proud of it.

The longest word in Lithuanian is around 37 letters long. It continued to exist as one of the two Baltic languages currently spoken in the modern world.

Despite the fact that more than 80% of Lithuanians understand the language, it is one of the least spoken languages in Europe, with approximately 3 million people speaking it.

Late Adoption Of Christianity

Lithuania is known for being the last country in Europe to adopt Christianity as its religion. Nevertheless, the majority of the local population today believes in Christianity, and it plays an important role in the society and culture of Lithuania.

The two major Christian groups in Lithuania are Roman Catholic Church and Eastern Orthodox Church. Many Lithuanians participate actively in religious traditions and practices. The churches have influenced and shaped the artistic, architectural, and cultural history of Lithuania.

Cities And Travel Destinations Lithuania Is Known For 


Vilnius is the capital city of Lithuania and one of the largest surviving areas from the middle ages in Europe. Specifically, the old town of Vilnius almost takes you back in time with its terracotta-roofed houses, intricate churches, and cobblestone streets.

The entrance to the district is the Gate of Dawn, built way back in the 16th century. With its charming vibes, this is the main tourist area where you will find some of the best things to do in Vilnius.

Other popular attractions around the city include the Palace of the Grand Dukes, Vilnius University, and the National Museum. Be sure to check out the different neighborhoods beyond the old town. If you want to get a mesmerizing view of the city, head to the Red Tower in the Upper Castle.


Kaunas is the second largest city Lithuania is known for, and is a popular travel destination. You can find impressive buildings such as Vytautas Church, Christ’s Resurrection Basilica, and the House of Perkunas here. This city is surrounded by green hills and you can only reach it by funiculars which is a unique kind of transport.

Along with its rich color, Kaunas is also known as the city of Lithuanian basketball. Lithuania’s most successful team Zalgiris plays in Euroleague and its arena is one of the most visited sports avenues in Europe.


When it comes to Lithuania, there’s no shortage of incredible destinations to explore. But if you’re looking for a unique and unforgettable experience, then you simply must visit the historic port city of Klaipeda.

Located on the stunning Baltic Sea coast, Klaipeda is famous for its picturesque architecture, rich cultural history, and lively cultural scene. From museums and galleries to bustling nightlife hotspots, this city has something for everyone.

One of the top things to do in Klaipeda is to take a stroll through the city’s historic Old Town. Here, you’ll find stunning examples of Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque architecture, as well as plenty of charming cafes and shops to explore.

All in all, Klaipeda is a destination to experience the best of Lithuania’s coastal culture, be sure to add this incredible city to your travel itinerary. 

Landmarks And Architecture Lithuania Is Famous For

Kernave Archaeological Site

Lithuania is known for its important archaeological sites that have great historical significance. The Kernave archaeological site is one such example that was inhabited over 10,000 years ago. During the medieval period, Kernave was a town situated near the River Neris.

This town with its hill forts had a large defense system, it was destroyed in the late 14th century by the Teutonic Order, but its remnants still stand in this modern times. You can see some remains of homes, forts, burial sites, and even cultural monuments that date back to the Palaeolithic period.

Hill Of Crosses

One of the most famous and photogenic landmarks that Lithuania is famous for is “The Hill of Crosses”. This site has historical and religious importance as many attempts were made to destroy it but it survived as a sign of freedom.

Originally, there was even a castle here before the Teutonic Knights destroyed it. Today, this is both a tourist and pilgrimage destination where people leave their crosses of various shapes and sizes in remembrance of the dead and as a prayer for a long and healthy life.

It is an interesting site that is worth checking out when you visit Lithuania. There are over 100,000 offerings left by visitors from all over the world. This site is situated outside the city of Siauliai in the Northern area of Lithuania, it is easily reachable by car, bus, or even bike.

Curonian Spit

A massive landmark that separates the Balti Sea and Curonian Lagoon, this is a sand dune that spans about 98km long. It is a creation by environmental forces and human efforts in reforestation.

Recognized as a UNESCO Heritage Site, this area has both rich cultural and natural features. It dates back to historic times involving nature formation and human settlement. The Curonian Spit National Park is also home to some incredible biodiversity where you can see some interesting flora and fauna such as Pine trees with funky, twisted trunks (aka the Dancing Forest).

It is a popular spot to visit for nature lovers who want to explore the amazing landscape and wildlife ecosystem in Lithuania; and of course, not forgetting the magnificent ocean view. 

Trakai Castle

Lithuania is known for this European castle built on an island in the center of a lake. Trakai used to be the old capital of Lithuania. This castle is believed to be constructed at the end of the 14th century and was completed at the beginning of the 15th century.

Surrounding the castle today is the Trakai Historical National Park which is the only Historical Park in Europe. The area is home to various wild animals such as foxes, wolves, deer, wild beer, and even various bird species.

It gets particularly crowded during the weekends when local families come for a quick getaway. From boating to picnics and other water activities, there is plenty to do here, particularly on a good weather day. With its popularity, it is easy to find transportation here from Vilnius.

Things Lithuania Is Famous for

Hot Air Balloons

When roaming around Vilnius, you may come across these huge floating balloons in the skies. Lithuania is known for offering the opportunity to observe the country’s scenery from a hot air balloon.

The real magic happens when you’re up in the air yourself, drifting over the Lithuanian countryside. It’s so peaceful and serene like you’re in your own little bubble above the world. It’s like a dream come true.

There are many tour operators that will get you a rare bird’s-eye view of the country’s Trakai Island Castle, Lage Galve, and neighboring Islands. And best of all, many of them conclude with a glass of celebration Champagne after you touch down to the ground.

This is one of the most popular activities in Lithuania and certainly a special thing to do in Vilnius, even for locals!


Some of the best ambers in the world come from the Baltic Sea region of Lithuania. Boasting a long history and an undeniable charm, this little gemstone is the pride of Lithuania.

The development of amber involves a process of thousands of years, and is treated as gold by Lithuanians. They are used for various purposes such as in jewelry, creating decoration pieces, as well as for powder and oil. 

This national gem that Lithuania is known for is also believed to have healing or spiritual properties. That is why you will see some charms made from it, that is meant to protect against evil spirits or give good energy. 

Beyond that, it’s like having a little piece of Lithuanian history with you. There is a reason why Lithuania is often also referred to as the Land of Amber. 

National Scent 

One of the unique things that Lithuania is famous for is it has a national scent. And no, we are not referring to the smell of the local cuisine.

The scent goes by the name of “The Scent of Lithuania” and it was created to represent the essence of this beautiful country. This was developed by Galimard and features a blend of aromas that are all significant to Lithuania.

These include the fragrances of wildflowers, raspberry, ginger, and more, with notes of other bases such as sandalwood and musk. It is meant to capture the nation’s pride and history all through the sense of smell. It is the first scent dedicated to a country.

If you are looking for a souvenir that reminds you of your trip to Lithuania, this might be a nostalgically good option.

Food Lithuania Is Famous For


Lithuania is known for its national dish known as Cepelinai. It is made up of potato dough that’s stuffed with various fillings such as curd cheese, ground pork, and mushrooms. Interestingly, the dumplings are shaped like zeppelins, hence their name, 

They are served with sour cream and bacon bits, making them a rich and hearty meal that will keep you coming back for more. 

This traditional Lithuanian dish is not easy to make but fortunately, you can find them at almost any restaurant and food stall. However, I recommend trying them in a small, family-run restaurant for the full experience.

Locals take their Cepelinai seriously, and each region has its own unique recipe and way of making them. That homemade taste just adds an extra special touch to it.


This dish is a popular soup in Lithuania. This soup is visually distinctive because of its unique bright pink color! This is because of the beets used in the preparation of this traditional soup.

It also consists of boiled eggs, potatoes, cucumbers, dill, and onions. Kefir is added after chopping these ingredients. Some people like to add sour cream to make the soup even creamier.

Not only is Saltibarsciai delicious, but it is also very refreshing on a hot summer’s day. This is actually a chilled soup that is served cold.  

Lithuania Mead

Mead, the legendary drink of the gods that you hear in medieval stories and myths. Well, it actually does exist and is one of the oldest liquor in the world. 

This visually attractive and delicious drink is primarily made up of honey, yeast, and water. Lithuania is known for producing thousands of liters of mead each year.

Mead is a big part of the culture in the Baltic regions and they are sometimes referred to as liquid gold. Historically, this drink has been consumed in rituals and other ceremonies. It continues to be enjoyed during important events like weddings and baptisms. 

Today, many mead makers also use different types of honey and spices to create their own special, secret blend. You will be able to find a good range of creative tastes and textures. 

Some meads are sweet and fruity, while others are dry and complex, with hints of cinnamon, ginger, and other spices. This is definitely one of the drinks in Lithuania to try when you are in the country. 


Famous People From Lithuania

Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis 

Lithuania is known for its art in the world. Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis was a composer and painter who hailed from Druskininkai, Lithuania. He lived from the late 19th century till the early 20th century, he has left a legacy with his art that continues to inspire people all over the world.

Čiurlionis was a modernist artist and is known for his expressive paintings which had various themes from Lithuanian history. His works have been displayed in various art galleries around the world.

Ruta Sepetys

While Ruta Septys was a historical fiction writer born in the USA, her parents were immigrants from Lithuania. She has explored various themes of the occupation period of Lithuanian history in her works. Some of her most famous works include “Between Shades of Gray” and “Salt to the Sea.” Her stories have touched and inspired readers all over the world.

Discovering More Things Lithuania Is Known For

Lithuania has several iconic sights ranging from old cultural heritages to majestic landscapes, lakes, forests, and cities. It has a rich cultural and religious history whose remnants still tells stories of the past. These are just a few things that Lithuania is famous for. If you ever visit Lithuania, take your time to explore every beautiful corner of it.



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